Dean’s past and present deals?

I recall Dean during season 2 when Sam had died and Dean is riddled with grief over loosing his brother, and how totally isolated and alone he felt. What am I supposed to do echoes through his mind forcing him to act on his feet. We don’t know at this point what he was actually thinking, whether he was thinking of his Dads deal and history was about to repeat its self. But one thing was for certain Dean was about to do something rather stupid. This was about to build the very foundations of Dean’s deals. The past had some affect as we were about to learn on Dean’s shoulders. Had his fathers thoughts transferred across to Dean. Had Dean picked up on some unhealthy plot to continue on the family tradition, making a deal with the devil.

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‘I blew it!

Dean’s love, loyalty and devotion have never wavered despite Sam’s past Dean has always protected Sam, and been that father he never had. So if we really look at Dean’s options in hindsight what could he have done any differently. Would you have expected him to do something this crazy? In the real world a death is just this, but having supernatural influences brings up a whole host of possibilities including resurrections.  Creepy as they may be but Dean was willing to trade his own life so his brother could continue on living. But of course there were conditions as we know when the deal was signed and sealed. And our Dean took it, hock, line and sinker. So we know what happens next. 

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Dean took it hock, line and sinker!

What am I supposed to do has replaced, I did what I had to do. A brother once again caught in the spot light tensed up not really sure how to deal this time. We sensed what might be on offer and in a round about way, not signed and sealed Dean had silently performed a similar stunt. So fear is always behind Dean’s actions with love mixed in between there some where too, but how someone must actually feel to do what he did really makes me curious as to what pushes him, and motivates his mind. Family is Dean’s weakness and he will do anything and go any where to protect the ones he loves, and takes on that guilt momentarily and it stays with him years later. But history does have a habit of repeating its self.

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Dean stuck in the middle,
contemplating I did what I had to do,

So how is this turn of events any different to that of season 2? Sam is his trigger, his strength, determination and loyalty but how far will Dean actually go? What will push him to the limit and say no, enough is enough I can’t do this again it just gets messy and complicated. ‘What is dead, should stay dead’. But then I think about his line during season 2 ‘I blew it’ I couldn’t even do this one thing and I let you down and I’m sorry. The co-dependency on these two boys has always been so tough, but death on this show rarely means it. So when does that deal, stop being a deal and that harsh reality kicks in. I can’t do it again. I can’t bring myself to do it again. If the writers were thinking of a directional change could it be an ending where Dean has simply beaten it and can’t do the deal? Dark Dean is looming and those thoughts could possibly surround him as he begins to wonder did I do the right thing this time. Did I perhaps fool heartedly do something and regret it later? How could he break this cycle knowing its not the first time he’s got himself into these sticky situations. What happens the next time, and the time after that? 


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  1. Old habits are hard to break. Dean will go even darker with his alliances this time because Kevin’s death is an extra layer of guilt beyond the Sam “mistake” with Gadreel. IMHO I think the writers want to take Dean down that guilt ridden path but go even darker since Dean has experienced so much more since season 2 and yes, the natural order lesson has gone unheeded once again by Dean. Alliances that are so dark we might all be surprised! January cometh!
    Yes, I think we can all agree with this. So am I assuming POSSESSED Dark DEAN or just DARK Dean? If its guilt ridden I presume the latter. Did you also here about the fight sequence that took Jensen nine hours to film. I think as far as I know in episode 11 with Cain. I’m really looking forward to this. He said he was knackered after doing it. I think so many still want to see Dean possessed by Abaddon.

    Thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I don’t think the natural order has been disregarded, as we have established that Death wasn’t really there to collect Sam’s soul. I wrote on another board about how it was funny that Death didn’t have a chat with the boys already for mucking the works. Someone said it was imagined. That all of that went on in Sams head. Sam was hashing it out internally with himself, more like do I go on living, or do I accept dying.
      I was actually one of the ones that thought this. Julian Richings did say it wasn’t him in a tweet ages ago. He said the key was if he was eating something. In that scene he wasn’t. So this was why many of us thought it was all in Sam’s head. Its in Sam’s dream whilst he’s out of it he’s thinking stuff subconsciously which was why Zeke wanted Dean to see what was really going on in Sam’s head.

      Dean KNOWS not to mess with the natural order of things, as he flubbed it all horribly that day when Death made him wear his ring for a day, in payment to retrieve Sams soul. Deans lesson was to realize that Deaths job was never easy, maybe the toughest job in creation but there was never any free passes, no get out of death free cards. When you mucked the works, there was a steep price he had to pay for the mucking. Dean learned that day that because he refused to take the little girl’s soul, he was made to collect several others in her stead, several that were not suppose to die. That his choice to not collect the ordered natural soul, he had changed the world, the future and everyone’s lives in it.
      Yeap I agree totally.

      Thank you,
      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. So in one way Kevin’s death could be seen as a life for a life. Its in keeping with the cannon of the show, I guess. When John made a deal for Deans life, he gave up his own. When Dean made a deal for Sam, he gave up his own and bargaining for Sam’s life this season, cost him Kevin. Every time a bargain for a life gets made, another life somewhere has to be forfeit?
        I never thought of it like this actually. So Kevin’s death is part of the natural order any way?

        Thank you,
        Love Aunty B xxx


    2. I don’t think as bad as Dean feels that he will go dark. He may have tiptoed the shady side of the things, but he hasn’t ever showed anything but disdain and loathing for the inhuman monsters, demons and the like. To go dark would compromise everything that he has ever stood for, which is saving families from the things that go bump, slither or creep in the night. I said families because that is why he became a hunter, to save families from going through the heartache, anger and the total destruction of the family unit, like he and Sam did. Also did anyone notice that Dean never does the same exact thing to save Sam. Season 2 He traded his soul, and later found he was the first seal broken to let Luci out of his cage. Season 6 He asked Death to retrieve Sams soul, and form a wall to protect him from all the torturous memories of being Michael’s and Luci only toy in hell’s cage. This go around he asked for Angel intervention
      Dean’s deals have been very different, but they’ve still come back to the same thing, saving Sam more or less.

      Let’s just clarify some facts, Sam was not dead, he may have been laying at deaths door but he was not dead. So Dean was never in danger of messing with the natural order. Sam was fair game till the very moment his heart stopped beating. I don’t think Dean will go dark, IT GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING he is or stood for.
      But he was still in talks with the reaper Death! I have a feeling that when Gad is banished I think Sam will go back almost to his original state, I think he will consider dying again as that was where his head space was before Zeke jumped in. It will be interesting to see if they do go back to the beginning. I would like as I’ve said to see a depressed Dean over his trauma with Sam, if it all kicks off. Just to see Jensen be in that space.

      Thank you,
      Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Deans obsessive need to protect, or save Sam, is deeply seeded in his very core. It pertains to the occasion when John was hunting that Shtriga and had left the boys alone in a hotel room. Dean was maybe 11 or there abouts, he got bored sitting there, & leaving Sam to fend for himself, he left. When Dean came back, he found the Shtriga attacking Sam. Luckily John returned just in time to scare the Shtriga off, but since that time Dean has been haunted by this failure to defend or protect his brother. Since that day he will do anything to protect or save Sam. Dean was more parent to Sam than a brother, as we know John was never a real parent. He was hell bent on finding Azazel, and avenging Mary’s death. He admitted to it in the hospital when he talked to Dean just before he surrendered himself and the colt.
    This is one point I do remember yes, but what about John telling him later in life to KILL Sam or SAVE him I think it was a mixture of the two incidents that really almost catapulted Dean into the position he’s in now. I really did feel for Dean on both those occasions as it was irresponsible of John. I know John gets a hard press these days. But Dean was only a young boy and he shouldn’t have been put in charge of Sam it was too much for him, no wonder he carry’s so much baggage.

    John gave his soul/life to save Dean, his child. I can say with confidence if it was my child dying that I would do anything to save my child, including trading my life for theirs. As I imagine most parents would, as I said Sam is not just a brother to Dean, he is quite literally his child. He raised Sam, he fed him, he clothed him and he was the one that nurtured and loved him. His love for Sam is the only essential thing in Deans heart, Sam is his everything. Oh he has others that he has claimed as family. He had Bobby, & Kevin{?} he has Cas, & Charlie. He can’t have the Apple Pie life, or a family, he can’t have children. Why? Because his past can and will kill them to get to him. He had to give up everything, because of who he is and what he has done. But Sam.. He will not let him go. Sam is the one thing he refuses to let go, not without a fight.
    This is what I really love about Dean is his loyalty and devotion. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t fret or think what’s gonna happen next. Its who he is. Its in his make-up, his DNA whatever you want to call it. There are not many out there who are in his position and he was virtually a single father. Dean’s life is Sam and we know he would win that coveted father of the year trophy. Dean wouldn’t have it any other way. His stubbornness is his warmness that he needs Sam close by, and if he’s not he freaks. But then the boys have separated so we know they can cope without each other, but not for long.

    Thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Yes. He seems able to let others go though. For example, he said about Bobby that he should move on and that the dead should stay dead. He never attempted to resurrect Jo and Ellen and was willing to sacrifice their existence to save others.
      With respect to Jo and Ellen they were not blood, and I think Sam being Dean’s nearest and dearest is what fuels him on to keep protecting him, there all they’ve got now and that is a real concern for him.

      I still think that Lisa is the one who saved Dean from swirling down into his own Hell of suicidal alcoholism after Sam went into the pit. Something I will always cherish her for. She helped him choose life.
      I loved Lisa and not many did, she got Dean through some of his worst days, and got him. She a was very special person in his life when he needed someone the most.

      And when he was in Purgatory he was willing to make a deal with a vampire he barely knew or trusted to get back to Earth (and Sam).
      I think when their in those impossible situations they would do anything any way to get back home. But getting back to see that Sam was okay was his main concern, yes. It took a lot of courage to trust a vamp, but it was the right call, and could have gone the other way too. I am pleased Benny turned out to be a good guy.

      You’re right, that this does seem rooted in that particular incident. He’s been carrying that incident around for decades.
      This is Dean all over he buries stuff so deep and never really learns to let those inner demons go, and he should. I think back to that brotherly moment when Sam got Dean to open up about the deal John made to save him, it really ate him up inside.

      When people mention how attached they are to each other some forget about that parent/child connection and that hes been sacrificing his needs and desires to keep Sam happy and nurtured since they were children and you don’t just get over such a habit. Its just such a part of him now that he can’t ever be whole unless he has Sam alive. (We say we would never do such a thing for a family member and in this world that’s the correct decision, but these are extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances with very specific traumas that are unique to them and we’re not them, so I try not to begrudge whatever choices they make. The kind of world they live in would make anybody crazy.)
      No they don’t! I think Dean’s in an impossible situation, and I can see what the writers have tried to do with Dean’s character over the years. They have stayed true and built on his foundations and stuck with the parent/guardian theme. I would have hated to have been Dean a go what he’s been threw, but one things for certain Sam knows Dean’s his rock and the one solid thing in life he’s got to keep hold of. Dean’s had one tough job, and a very unique job.

      Thank you,
      Love Aunty B xxx


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