Sam and Dean what would they ask Santa for at Christmas?

This got me thinking a lot since we’ve only ever had one Supernatural Christmas episode. So with a big wish list what would be at the top of the boys list. The one present that Santa would grant? Any thoughts …..

A wish for himself and a wish for Dean!

Sam: I think Sam’s ultimate wish would be to ditch the demon blood and be purified and totally human. We’ve never seen the real SAM and this would go to some way take away all his mis fortunes over the years. The drinking, and the addiction related to the whole demonic blood feeling.

Sam’s WISH for DEAN is a real tough one because they’ve both been domesticated and lived that life and almost had it. Dean lived with Lisa as Sam’s dying wish at the end of season 5 so what could Sam really wish for, for Dean. One thing that does spring to mind an ever ending supply of women on tap. No seriously, do you have any idea’s on this one cause I can’t think of one apart from a family life with the white picket fence and mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon, and waving to his neighbour across the street?

A wish for himself and a wish for Sam!

Dean: I think Dean secretly loved the idea of Purgatory and that it felt ‘pure’. He thrived on being a hunter 24/7 and integrated so well into that life that he almost didn’t want to leave it. Could this be Dean’s wish for himself. Or perhaps that they did close the gates of hell without it having any effects on Sam? Or could you think of something else?

Dean’s wish for Sam: I think for Dean it has to be Sam’s health that he is happy and content. If Sam is happy, then so is Dean. There ain’t no me, if their ain’t no you!!


I also think both boys would love to have their Mum and dad back in one piece if they could since something supernatural (Azazel took them away). Could this be a secret wish they both hold close.


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  1. As for your question about Sam, I think he suspected he was purified before various supernatural creatures started making a stink about what he is. I think it’s the reason he looked so bummed out and upset when he was telling Dean that he thinks something is wrong with him in Dog Dean Afternoon.
    Didn’t he say to Dean he thought the trials were purifying him, or was it before this? Poor Dean felt even worse. Looking from the outside in, this story just gets worse and worse for us the viewer. I bet Dean is really eating up inside. 😦

    When he was going through the trials he seemed really jazzed about the idea of being purified of the demon taint in his blood and I think when he was talking to Dean he felt so disappointed that he wasn’t clean or okay. When he said he thought something was always going to be wrong with him, it just broke my heart because I know he was looking forward to being free of any supernatural influence over his sense of self.
    I know, I think that’s why I felt bad at the time thinking about him becoming an angel. I hope he’s happy at least when he is Sam that the realization has hit home, and he’s okay with it all. His come such a long way, and so far I would hate anything to jeopardize this now, unless of course Gadreel has tainted him again by being in his vessel. What else could go wrong for Sammy? He wants it so badly.

    Well, again, something we need to find out about Sam’s character has been delayed because of the shenanigans of some supernatural creature. (Someone tell the writers to cut that #*%@ out, please. It’s very frustrating to have all these dramatic moments with Sam getting delayed because we have to fix him first. I hope the writers are hearing our complaints about the “what’s wrong with Sam” theme. Somebody give that man a rest.) 😛
    We certainly need a new story line for Sam. So much has forced him into a tight corner these last few seasons. Its tiring also seeing Dean in protective mode all the time worrying about his bro. I hope the writers do here us I think they do. As the Dean saga has gone on for ages, and this year Dean has been at the front and center stage.

    Lastly folks have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have Fun and enjoy the fireworks, I’m counting down with 14 minutes to go in the UK. See you in 2014, now where have I heard that year before!!!! Love you all.

    Thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. I’m going to have to disagree on the demon blood thing. Sam is pure. Hes no longer tainted with the demon blood. If he was then a pure angel like Gadreel wouldn’t be able to inhabit him. One of the reasons Azazel gave the children demon blood was to corrupt their bodies so they could never be used by any other angel but Lucifer since all of them were potential vessels for angels. But since Sam is possessed by a pure and un-corrupted angel from Heaven he is actually clean. Gadreel would never be able to possess an impure vessel.
    You know what I’m still not 100% sure if he is free from the demon blood, as the spell in the chapel wasn’t completed so I don’t know if he was purified or not?

    But I do agree we still haven’t seen much of the real Sam. We did a little bit when the demon blood was dormant in season six and seven and before he started the trials. He would wish for a normal life for both Dean and himself. Or maybe just himself. Dean he just wants to live long and be happy.
    Yeap!! I think if he could drop hunting tomorrow he certainly still would. It wouldn’t be so easy for Dean to walk away he said so to Sam. I think he wants them both to be NORMAL and free. Both have had a glimpse of what it was like, but had it snatched away from them. I think if they’ve got each other and they are healthy I think they would be truly happy. Having a family is so hard in their world they would be in constant danger always looking over their shoulders and protecting their nearest and dearest. I just don’t know if they could manage it.

    Thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. With all due respect the spell was never meant to purify Sam. That was just a side effect of his having demon blood and the spell requiring the person doing it to be pure. The spell was meant to close the gates of Hell and that didn’t happen, surely, but it almost did and in order for the spell to be completed at all, a person had to be purified to accomplish that and so Sam is in fact cured of the demon blood. The final words of the spell would have closed the Gates, not cured Sam. He was already cured and all that was needed to close Hell was his blood and the words.

      One of the sure signs that his blood is pure is that Gadreel would never have been able to possess him if he still had demon blood in him. Demons and angels are like fire and water to each other. They absolutely do not mix. They can’t mix. At least that’s the mythology the show has set up and who knows I could be saying this and they’ll change the mythology in the next episode, so take my blabbing as you will but I harbor no doubts that he’s clean.

      Now if we could just get him to a state where he’s not sick or possessed or crazy or something, we will get to see the real Sam maybe. Keep your fingers crossed for season ten. (YAY!!!) 😀
      So at this point Sam doesn’t know this that he is purified. So for the first time in his real life if you don’t include those first six months Sam is human Sam before the possession. I hope the writers change tack now and leave the guy in peace and don’t throw any more hurdles at him for at least another season. I think many fans are getting tired of what’s wrong with Sam. The poor sod needs a cooling of period at least. I am pleased for him that he’s at last free of this pain in the but that he’s carried for years. Good on the writers, that’s come full circle now.

      Oh, I wanted to show you a link to a rather lovely meta I read about Dean and Sam’s relationship. It was a very interesting look at how the show is constructed and how the writers approach the depiction of their relationship and I believe it touched on something you once said but that I should have paid closer attention to. That Dean is Sam’s fuel. At the time I had no idea what you meant by that. Sam is a rather passive intellectual person that is motivated by Dean’s emotional fire and without it he seems to go into a depressed and static state (see, he needs Dean in order for him to be happy) or search around for someone to replace that emotional fire he usually gets from Dean (usually it’s been a woman.)
      I’ll get that link to you if I can.

      I think that credit went to Barb, if my memory serves me correctly. Which I thought was a fantastic thought process and really suited the pair. I think it was something like a car that Dean is the engine and Sam is the fuel that keeps it going. So Dean is the main rock the one that keeps it working and Sam is the heart and soul. Barb will probably remember now and explain better than me. But yes I would love a read!!

      Thank you,
      Love Aunty B xxx


          1. Okay! Here it is . it’s a very compelling meta about how Sam is always possessed and it’s Dean who possesses him:
            This one really interested me.
            Possession then, whether angelic or demonic, is inherently invasive. The premise that angelic possession is less intrusive or polluting because people consent to it is a fallacy. But so is the concept that human beings are somehow inviolate barring possession by a foreign spirit. Humans, Supernatural reminds us in painful and consistent ways, have souls. Those souls are the anima or élan vital which are the expression our moral awareness and give spiritual breath to the blood and bones of a human being. The soul is the immortal essence of a being that can, without the body, transcend earth to find peace in heaven or torment in hell. The human body, its intellect intact, can still function without a soul — Sam in S6 is a testament to this — but it is lacking that fundamental spark which makes emotional connection possible and humans human.

            The soul is, in effect, an ethereal being that takes possession of a human vessel. It is presented as part of a whole rather than a metaphysical gatecrasher, but Sam’s soul was no more essential to his beating heart or critical mind in S6 than Ezekiel seems to be in S9. In fact, Sam’s soul and Ezekiel’s celestial presence seem to co-exist in a way that is making them both stronger, allowing them to recover from trauma of a physical and spiritual nature. We obviously don’t know how this relationship will end up, whether Ezekiel is a parasite or a symbiotic, but we have certainly been witness to at least the possibility of mutually-beneficial possession and shared/rotating consciousness.
            Will Sam have been affected by this whole experience. I wonder if the writers will go thus far.

            Possession, which began as a solid reason for a monster hunt and long drives in a black Impala, has shifted into a more nuanced parley about the relationship among autonomy, emotion, and influence. Unlike a lot of stories, Supernatural does not give us an easy, “Love conquers all” tagline. The central characters have all been wrecked and saved and wrecked and saved again by love: it is Castiel’s downfall, Sam’s resurrection, and Dean’s Achilles’ heel, but it is, fundamentally, humanizing. In the world Supernatural presents to us, where humans are at constant risk of attack from monsters both angelic and malevolent, it makes a beautiful sort of sense that the most elegant battle is against the monsters within.
            This so reminds me of Sam always being that monster inside him hating it, loathing it, fearing what it would make him become. This if is the case Sam will be human they’ve all reached that point of being human. Dean’s the only one who’s remained human throughout the shows history.

            That was a really interesting read, thanks!!

            Thank you,
            Love Aunty B xxx


              1. Also be sure to visit Bardicvoice’s analysis of the theme of this season on Winchester Family
                I love Bardicvoices blog!

                I’ve not read much of her stuff, I have a feeling she links to this blog occasionally to see what we are saying. I tend to read Alice Jesters work more than anyone else’s. When I get a chance that is.

                Thank you,
                Love Aunty B xxx


  3. That’s a hard question-do they want something for themselves or for the good of the world? I think they would both want the gates to hell closed and heaven open. Dean would want a long boring life for Sam with kids and a wife and Sam would just want Dean to be happy.
    Its a hard question but an interesting one 😉 I think your right on all counts. But they’ve both tried the wife and kids route and were unlucky and both came back to each other. So unless their not fighting the supernatural I could never see that happening again. Which is sad. In the Chrissy episode where the kids were at a hunters home the owner asked Sam if he wanted kids and he didn’t know. This was a tricky one for him to answer.

    Thank you,
    Love Aunty B xxx


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