Let me know what happens tomorrow….

I am excited about my show coming back after the slow winter hiatus, so any gossip large or small ‘shout’ it in my direction. As you know by now I won’t see it for a couple of days which is SO annoying, but one does what one has to do. There have been a few bits and pieces of gossip out there links below:

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http://www.screenfad.com/supernatural/supernatural-jeremy-carver-inter view-season-9-spoilers-dean-sam-castiel-11369

http://tvline.com/2014/01/13/supernatural-season-9-spoilers-dean-vs-ga dreel-sam/

See what you think if any of it gets your juices flowing for the remainder of the season. It sounds as though Sam is being mature over Dean’s decision making regarding himself. But we no that could mean other things too, I never know which way its going to go. If mature Sam is for a good reason then I’m all for it.

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Have fun watching the show tonight and report back asap as you know I adore reading your points of view. These current pictures of Crowley banishing Gadreel look really awful, Sam appears to be suffering considerably, I wonder what the outcome will be?


3 thoughts on “Let me know what happens tomorrow….

  1. LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD the episode So many great scenes. Im so happy that Sam was rescued quickly and that Cas thinks he can cure him totally. And Dean-my heart just breaks for him.
    Barb its good to see you back, we were worried about you. 🙂 Me too, it was so good, I told you didn’t I. I still don’t get why Cas thought he couldn’t cure Sam and that Gadreel a lower angel could cure him, that was really odd. I really did feel for Dean this time ….

    Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Okay! No spoilers but last nights episode was totally awesome! It was horrible and sad and occasionally funny (Cas and Crowley in a car together) and I just have to say this:
    Gadreel killed Kevin and that was pretty bad but what I found unforgivable was that he not only stole the tablets but stole BABY. C ‘mon! That’s just wrong and now I’m completely soured on Gadreel. I was trying to be optimistic and hope Gadreel turned out to be a better creature but after tonight…yes, he needed a good punching. Several really. And probably a few more afterwards.

    Didn’t I say he was gonna turn out bad, Aunty B was RIGHT!! 😉 Dean will certainly track him down even more now. This is the first time that anyone has nicked Baby. I can’t wait to see Dean’s face when he does track him down eventually, imagine the words he will pick to say to him when they meet.

    Everybody gets a moment together: Dean and Cas. Dean and Gadreel. Dean Cas and Crowley. Sam and Crowley. Metatron with Gadreel. Abaddon and Crowley. There’s enough snark, arguing and angst for everybody.
    Still no Sam and Cas then, urrh this show. I no they are together next week, so I suppose I can’t win them all. Dean and Cas I heard were amazing. I love this team as a unit, Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley. I hope one day they make Crowley a full-timer. I bet Crowley and Abaddon was a hoot, I loved the way she speaks. That tone in her voice.

    There’s some Abaddon Crowley action (mostly talking) and Metatron sends Gadreel after some more names but… and this is hardly a spoiler… they do manage to save Sam. Or rather Crowley risks his life to save him. (WOW!)
    This I think was the clip I saw on you-tube. Reliving the whole Samandriel torture scene again. I thought that whole mind trip thing was cool two so I managed to get to see two clips. I don’t no if I am doing myself a dis-service by watching bits and pieces and not waiting until I’ve seen the whole thing?

    Sam’s reaction to all of it is interesting and not the usual reaction we get to Dean pissing him off. Yet nevertheless, the same thing occurs at the end, just not for the reasons we think and that’s a good sign actually.
    I think the writers have thought about this, and I think heard our cries too. It is great to think they might actually read our stuff, and take notice. I have read they thought the words from Sam at the end were a bit off and didn’t understand him, or what he was trying to say to Dean. But I think he meant that what your talking about isn’t what I am MAD at!!

    Now whatever you do don’t go reading the comments on IMDB cuz those people are angry jerks who are gonna trash this episode before you get to see it. Go anywhere else but there, please!
    Sorry to disappoint Aunty Ikeke I can’t help myself from clicking onto the board, its my first port of call in the mornings. I will try harder next week I promise 😉

    Okay. Enough gushing. The last poster on here was right though. Something big is gonna happen this season. They’re gonna try to top last season Angel fall and that’s gonna be tough.
    I had a strong feeling that this was where the season was heading. I am disappointed in the lack of trying to put the angels back were they belong. Its taken half a season to get back to it, very slow. Could that mean that all the demons will rise up?

    Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I don’t think the demons are rising anywhere because they’re all too busy fighting among themselves. The angels are too busy fighting the other angels. (Now would be the perfect time for the demons to take out as many angels as possible but I’m not entirely sure how muchthe demons know about what’s happened. None of the demons we’ve seen have mentioned the fall. Are they aware of what happened? Are they afraid of them? Are they just lying low? iDK.) Hopefully they’ll answer this at some point later.

      Next week will have some quality time with Sam and Cas and I’m looking forward to seeing Cas counsel Sam they way he counseed Dean last night. The difference is that Sam might actually listen to him.

      I guess its okay to watch it in bits and pieces cuz the trailers are like that anyway. You only really understand what’s happened from watching the episode. So even though we could give a full synopsis you wouldn’t get the full emotional picture.
      When do you get to watch it? What day?


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