Lets talk Crowley!!

Since Sacrifice I would like us to talk about Crowley’s human side. How much of demonic Crowley remains. We were talking before about Crowley FAKING it. If I go back to Sacrifice it makes me wonder if all of him turning human was fake to make Sam believe he was genuine. He was beginning to turn. Was he being very clever in orchestrating Sam into thinking that he was babbling on about stuff in a nonsensical manner. Anyone could fake babble. After all demons LIE. And no one more so than the king of hell. I wouldn’t have put it past Crowley to rig it all. He was itching to get at the syringe but we never saw him place it in his arm and fully download the blood. Was this a cover to fool the boys? We know how good demons can be, and the magic they can work on humans. How powerful is Crowley, if he can think up these acts and put them into action.

Sam’s blood may have contributed bouts of humanity as we know Crowley is very fond of us humans, and in particular Moose and even Squirrel at times. The boys kept him locked up for over two months so who knows what Crowley was up to in the dark for that length of time. He bit Sam in the chapel to contact demons to rescue him, so what else is he capable of? 

If he was leading Dean up the garden path who’s to say he’s not been faking it all along from Sacrifice. He was worried in Bobbies junk yard when the boys said he was the third trial to cure a demon. He was the guinea pig that went wrong. So had something gone wrong with this process? After all it was never completed. Has Crowley gone more demonic or less demonic? He’s been very touchy feely with Dean over his issues. He so easily wanted to help get Gadreel out of Sam to be freed to kick Abaddon’s but. So all the way along Crowley has been clever, cunning and manipulative. If he’s lying imagine the results if it is all a big fat fake! Being a prisinor what else has he picked up from the boys. What knowledge has he stored away for a rainy day when he needs it. He knows about the bunker, what else does he know?

Ruby manipulated Sam in season 4 and we know that the show loves to travel back to the past and re-cycle old plots. What if Dean is the one being manipulated. Crowley can’t keep away from Dean and allowed him to fall into that trap so what else is he capable of doing. Why do these writers still make the boys look stupid!! Crowley has been a huge part of season 9 and I wonder why? Why am I suspisious of him helping the boys again as always, for what GAIN? He’s always there, always pushing Dean and giving him the ammo to fall into his lap.

So how do you feel about Crowley and what his motives are this season? We know he’s up to something but what? Why does he continue to hang around the boys like a very bad smell, when they’ve locked him up in the dark for two whole months. If the whole story has been fake, why is he faking it!!!




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  1. They seem to have different powers. Maybe its based on when or how they were made. The earlier demons are more powerful than most of the newer demons of the last five hundred years. As one of the first demons, created by Lucy himself, he’d be incredibly powerful and has lot of the same powers as an archangel – like teleportation and smiting. Abaddon is slightly less powerful than him, as his protege. She can be hurt by the demon killing blade and can regenerate a host body and control it from afar but she cant teleport or smite things. She cant give her power to others like Cain either.
    I would imagine he can’t be as powerful as Lucifer as he wouldn’t want any demon ousting him as regards powers. I think who’s gained specific powers is an interesting one. Cain is the top of the pile, so it would stand to reason he has more power at his disposal. Ranking demons all relates back to what powers they have any way.

    Like the angels, the demons seem to come in different species or orders. With demons like Crowley representing a much later, much less powerful species, with a grab bag of talents at their disposal.

    But to me I always thought fallen angels end up as demons any way. So initially demons were angels at one point or other. Which was why I always thought Crowley was something other than the king of hell. As he can teleport.

    Maybe as they age they get more powerful? Like Alistair or the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Or different angel’s in Hell created different kinds of demons (bloodlines) because remember, Lucy wasn’t the only angel to fall that first time. The angel’s would have been the only being’s in Hell until human’s got there and the former angel’s began the process of harrowing – turning them into demon’s.
    Possibly. Sam’s powers did stop when Azazel died, or so he thought. Its a tricky one to get your head around. But it does come back to rank as to how powerful they are.

    Just IMO. Trying to figure out the mythology of how Hell works in the show. It kind of helps me think about what Crowley is or why he is that way.
    I still think he’s a fallen angel which is what my head canon tells me continuously. I think he’s more than a human turned demon. I still think he was an archangel or something as powerful. Mark S teased yonks ago we’ve never seen Crowley’s eye colour. Then season 8 we see red eyes and red smoke. And in last weeks episode. Unless this is fake too. A smoke screen!!

    Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Its possible he is but I wouldn’t say he was an archangel. More of a garden variety workaday angel who became a demon. After all he claimed to know Naomi in a city that was destroyed thousands of years ago. Either he was there or he time traveled. So the possibility that he is actually some guy named Fergus could be a deception. If it turns out he really was some type of angel, I will laud you copiously! 😀
      That was the word I was thinking of deception!! I will laud you copiously! Trouble is how will you do this over the internet? I would LOVE to see this 😉 I know we have our divisions of angels and demons. But lore tells me fallen angels end up as demons any way. So who’s to say Crowley couldn’t be something more …. The red smoke could be just a deliberate smoke screen to fool us. 🙂 I guess I desperately want to believe is something more than a punk ass Crossroads demon.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
      Love Aunty B xxx


    2. I don’t think Cain is a Demon. I think that Brand on his arm that Luci put on him was Luci’s way to demoralize and corrupt Cain’s soul. The Brand is Luci’s way of a shackle to tether or anchor him to Hell. Why? I’ll get to that in a moment… Also the reason WHY Dean was worthy of the Brand, other than him being related to Cain, is Dean like his forebear Cain was willing to barter his soul to save his younger brother. It’s a selfless sacrifice if you ask me, an act worthy of ascending straight to Heaven. The Brand is Luci’s way of keeping Cain, it has a bit of Luci in it. Enough of Luci that having that stain made Cain unworthy of ascending to Heaven.
      Lucifer is a fallen angel any way, so would make sense that Cain possibly was too, they may tell us later. Good point, sacrifice is often the order for this show. So Lucifer deliberately kept Cain out of heaven? interesting. I just hope this show doesn’t end with Dean killing Sam, would hate this. Or even Dean dying to save Sam. Oh these boys what they get us into. Welcome back by the way Jenks, good to see you.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
      Love Aunty B xxx


  2. I thought that Crowley might have been faking it as well before this season started. However, there was the scene of him alone in the basement having a flashback when Sam was curing him. Specifically, where he said that he deserved to be loved. Then he tried to shake it off and that’s when Kevin entered the basement and Crowley started antagonizing him.
    It is making us all very suspicious at least it will be interesting to see if they drop that bomb shell on us or not. I love how they’ve weaved Crowley in this season. He really is playing a good part. I think it was that deserved to be loved line made me think about it even more. If he was pretending. Demons do lie, its canon but its trying to figure out why he’s lying.

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    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I think Crowley has some humanity earlier in the season he helped out the Winchester’s when it didnt really benefit him maybe we are seeing how Crowley was when he was Fergus McLeod
    I think this was what the writers were trying to show us. There were glimpse’s of it but as the show has developed it appears his demonic side is on the return, he’s not as human as he was. I always had hoped that Crowley did have a soft spot for the boys as I am sure he would have killed them long ago.

    Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
    Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I love Crowley-Mark S does a great job making him a villain you love to hate. I really really believe in Sacrifice he was being cured. However maybe if the cure isn’t completed after time it wears off?
    This was what I was thinking all the way along the line. That it begins to wear off and he goes back to who he was before. But there has been no mention of this what so ever. This is why sometimes the writers let us down. We don’t know if he’s up to his old tricks or not. I take it from face value he is, cause he can teleport. If he was more human he wouldn’t have been able to do that, as it would have weakened him…

    Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. That sounds good.
      Was it just me or did anyone notice Crowley kept sniffing things all through that episode. When he meets Dean in the bar, he’s sniffing on a flower and I didn’t think anything of it until they went to John’s storage space and Crowley was wandering about sniffing at all the vials and bottles. Is he perhaps reveling in some new sensory emotions or something?

      Yes I did. I put a thread up on the board asking about the red carnation as there is something about this flower. If you look in the promo posters Crowley is sniffing the carnation just as he did in the bar. There was also a vase of them on the bar. Whether he’s a hopeless romantic, but think its more significant than this. It could be a human thing. But if he’s faking all this to me it feels as though he’s more demonic now and its wearing off. The boys held him for over two months hostage, maybe its a reaction from this.

      I don’t know. There are some things Crowley faked, but I still see some remnants of humanity left in him. His jibes at the brothers are usually a lot sharper and meaner than they were last episode. He’s almost gentle towards Dean. And not once since the trials have we seen him angry or yelling, the way we used to when he got frustrated.
      That’s because he’s not fully restored yet. Traces still remain. It will take a while I guess to be fully demon again. At least the writers are being consistent…

      I wouldn’t think he’d want any more of Sam’s blood. That he wanted Kevin’s blood doesn’t mean anything to me. I think he wanted it because it’s not Sam’s blood and he had enough of that. (Are we sure that was Kevin’s blood in the syringe? How do we know this, now?)
      We’re not certain I think many were just thinking that it was. I had thought a while back that he wanted Kevin’s blood as he was a prophet which had more juice in it so he could escape. Sam’s blood was hybrid not full demon so it might not have worked.

      And this is off-topic – but what kind of demon is Cain? I’ve never seen any other demon smite another demon before. Even Abaddon can’t do that and she has a bunch of powers I’d never seen before either. Just how powerful is he and can he compete with an angel? Abaddon got hurt by the demon blade a little bit but Cain acted like he didn’t even feel it. And he was able to control Crowley just by waving his finger at him. Is Crowley some other species of demon, too (only less powerful than Cain?) He’s pretty powerful, not as strong as Lucifer. He also has unusual powers as well like muting humans and being able to kill them with a single touch. No wonder Crowley was spooked by him. Crowley was for once lost for words.
      I’ve put a link up on barb’s comment Ikeke from wiki …

      Thanks for leaving a comment, appreciated.
      Love Aunty B xxx


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