The relationship is broken, according to Sam!

This is my article which I wrote for SPN join in with their comments too. Devoted. its taken me four days to compile with nights where I’ve tossed and turned over Sam’s harsh words to Dean. This is what I have come up with looking at it from Sam’s point of view.  You may not agree with my findings but hope some of you will. – Bella …

I have to admit for the first time in a long time, I am very torn and frayed around the edges. Loving both brothers is always SO hard, as I can see BOTH sides. The core of the relationship is broken, but we have to ask ourselves, why? When we begin to research the past what do we really discover? Why are these boys so at odds with each other and one is finding it hard to forgive? But is willing to help the OTHER put it right. Sam is TRYING to get DEAN to break his cycle? He is desperate to have Dean back as a BROTHER not his FATHER.

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Dean in the past has always made these way out supernatural deals which have often resulted in Sam being at the core of that ‘SAVE’ Sam is TIRED of Dean’s deals because he is the pawn in the deal. It’s not entirely Dean’s fault. John is at the back of Dean’s shady deals and is holy responsible for planting these seeds in Dean’s mind in the first place. John new about Sam and kept it from him. He put a terrible burden on Dean’s shoulders. ‘If you can’t save your brother then kill him’. Now it’s engraved in Dean’s head forever and he can’t get out of this obsession!  Dean has OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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I began to search for past evidence and I came up with ‘All hell breaks loose’ – season 2, when Sam died. Dean is impulsive, what did Dean jump in and automatically do. He thought at the time it was wrong, but went ahead and did it anyway. Sam found out and was naturally mad as hell once he found out how long Dean got, he replied you shouldn’t have done that. Bobby new before Sam and throw a fit at Dean wanting to know how long he’d got. His natural instinct was to save his brother without thinking. His brother whom is a FAMILY member.’ He went and made a deal with the devil, signed a deal with his demon to save his own brother by trading in his own SOUL. Dean gets stressed in these situations and I think that Sam is right that he thinks he’s his white charger, his hero, his savior? Dean loses it WITHOUT REALLY THINKING ABOUT ITS CONSEQUENCES. What implications it might at the end of the day have on Sam, and maybe others who might be involved with these deals … Kevin! He’s already done it twice this season with Sam and over the mark of Cain. Neither of these characters are perfect and BOTH have FLAWS. But we love them because of their flaws. Dean wouldn’t be Dean if he didn’t do this things/or Sam. I understand why Dean is robotic in saving Sam; his head is built this way from the beginning he doesn’t know ANY different. We know the boys natural instinct is to save a life, it’s in their genes, and it’s what they do for a living. He wouldn’t do it any differently.Which was why Dean said I’d do it again, and again …. He meant it.  Sam is his brother and he would cross heaven and earth to save his little bro, again its instinct. Dean doesn’t know any different. It’s like he’s programmed, when Sam is in danger Dean kicks in. But it was the and I’d do it again that infuriated Sam to say even more words. But it’s how Dean goes about the SAVE that upsets Sam. Allowing a physio angel to possess me.

Click to view full size imageUnderstanding the brothers is hard enough at the best of times, but when I really looked at what happened to Sam I can totally get why he’s royally pissed, and is extremely bruised and fragile. If we re-wind back to Season 8 in the chapel during Sacrifice. The scene in the chapel when Sam was preparing to cure Crowley and turn him human.  Sam was ready to die, he was prepared to die and was about to sacrifice himself for the greater good. If his life meant keeping those bastards penned in forever! Dean finds out from Naomi that Gods wishes were for the person to die whilst performing the final trial.Now what we will never know is was Naomi telling the truth. She could have been lying? Sam may have not died. But Sam had resigned himself and signed himself off from life and the outside world in his own mind. Which I can assume took a great deal for Sam. Dean charged into the church persuading his brother to not go through with the spell. I did wonder at the time knock my head thinking what did Sam mean by his nonchalant ‘SO’ To him at this point he wasn’t bothered if he died. As he’d signed his own death warrant. Then Dean talks him out of it. As Sam was ‘preparing’ to die. He believed Dean. Because he thought Dean had a plan. After he felt conned out of this because it wasn’t what he wanted. Had Dean taken away that choice?

He didn’t want to die but had geared himself up to it. The brotherly love kicked in and saved the day as Dean talks Sam down off the ledge. Until Sam passes out in pain from his organs being burnt out from the trials. Sam was in terrible pain and Dean naturally takes Sam to the hospital. During this time we begin to notice how distraught, warn down, and scared Dean appears. Dean contemplates thoughts in his mind but we don’t know what they are, but have an incline what he might be up to. Was Dean about to do another deal to ‘SAVE’ Sam ….Dean during the season 9 premier walks into the hospital chapel and sends an open pray to the angels. As we know Ezekiel answers it. They talk over the possibilities of how to heal Sam with interruptions which Dean deals with.

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Zeke shows Dean the state of his brother’s mind by allowing him inside. He shows Dean that they don’t have much time in saving Sam as he is thinking of ending it. In Sam’s mind Sam we notice he is speaking to ‘Death’.  Saying if I do go I want it to be final, no one or anything supernatural can interfere including Dean. As he doesn’t want anyone getting hurt because of him and the position he’s in. So in this statement he’s thinking of Dean. And has worked this out back then and making preventative measures so this doesn’t happen again in the future. So Dean couldn’t bring him back.

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Zeke checks Sam over and realizes he can’t heal from the outside. So possession from the inside is the next course of action. But then comes the crunch, how can Zeke enter Sam’s body an angel requires the humans consent before he can just dive in. So Dean goes in and Dean materializes into Zeke once Dean gets the YES from Sam.  Zeke new what he was doing all along? I did wonder looking at that picture if Sam actually did see Zeke’s face as he morphed from Dean.

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So from this possession begins a trail of lies and cover-ups as Dean makes excuses for Zeke so Sam is none the wiser. Weeks pass and Zeke is still holding Sam’s vessel captive. Sam begins to sense all is not quite right in Sam’s head space. He frequently passes out, heals people and here’s Dean calling out Zeke’s name. We then notice that Sam has clocked on about chunks of miles missing whilst they are driving. Unexplained memory loss. How long did Zeke and Dean have cozy little chats when Sam was in the land of nod, working on a case of his own? As time passes Dean is losing his grip and feeling very guilty over the whole issue taking on more and more guilt. He eventually thinks he’s owning up but on several occasions Zeke pops out, and says I wouldn’t do that Dean as Sam could die. I think emotional blackmail was Zeke’s new toy. In the store room Dean sets a trap but Zeke beats him to it and disables it as he overheard Dean and Kevin talking. Dean thinks he’s spilling all to Sam and it’s really Zeke. So Sam is still none the wiser. In the meantime Zeke nips out for cozy little chats with Metatron who signs him up to be his hit-man. Zeke’s first task to show loyalty to Metatron is to kill Kevin. Again Dean feels more guilt stacking upon his shoulders. He totally blames himself. Zeke then walks off with the tablets and Sam in toe as a hostage. Cas in the meantime as we know works out that Zeke died in the fall, and it’s Gadreel in Sam not Zeke.

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This spooks Dean talks to Cas eventually about getting Gadreel out of Sam. Cas says that Crowley is their only answer. They decided on various plans of action and Crowley offers to step into Sam’s mind and get him to boat out Gadreel. Eventually this happens and Sam shouts out Gadreel and ejects him. Dean is relieved it’s all over and the boys escape from Abaddon’s clutches Crowley seems to be mellowing in his old age. I wonder why?

Cas begins to heal Sam and the boys talk about the possession. Dean openly admits to Sam that he is poison around anyone. And he swears to hunt down Gadreel and kill him himself. Sam tells him to go but don’t think that’s the problem cause it’s not …..

Children shouldn’t play with dead things 2×4

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Sam Final Confession 8×23

Dean & Sam Supernatural S09E10 — Let me hear it

SPN 9×12 Dean & Sam : “If you wanna be brothers…

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SPN 9×13 Sam Confronts Dean About Not Letting Him Die

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Sam thinks the relationship is broken because …..

I have got so many thoughts going on in my head and thoughts in note form on paper. My head hurts from the knowledge I’ve put together so this is my take on those four clips above on where Sam is coming from.

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Dean continues to make deals to save Sam which end up hurting him most of the time. Sam is tired of Dean’s deals and wants him to stop. Want I would like fans to realize is that Sam is NOT BLAMING DEAN he is in fact blaming John for brainwashing Dean. As the father he knows that DEAN has picked up on their own father’s bad habits of making deals. You seem to think that FAMILY is a cure-all Sam was not being disrespectful to the family name he was trying to help it. It’s because were family that gets us into this mess in the first place. Sam wants that cycle to be broken as this is driving a wedge between them and Dean can’t see it. Dean’s co-dependency on him is destroying them. Sam this time can’t ignore the lies. As its unhealthy this is why Sam gave Dean the ultimatum if you want to be brothers because he allowed Dean back in but under his terms. He wasn’t prepared to allow Dean to hurt him again. Dean admitted himself he knew they had problems but didn’t admit what he was doing was destroying them as a team. Sam couldn’t work with Dean as a brother because he couldn’t trust Dean to do the right thing, what Dean thinks is his right thing, isn’t Sam’s. Sam saying we see our roles differently in this mess.

In The Purge we saw Sam rescue Dean he was distraught when he picked up that phone call from Dean and searched under every rock to locate him. This save was for a reason. It was to show us that Sam was prepared to  save Dean, but he would never betray him, as he has done over the angel possession.

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Firstly, this has really made me think about our writers and the home work they have done over this. I think its brilliant even though at first a shock and a kick in the gut. It was meant to shock us. But I can see why now this has been planned out. Dean already has gone down a dark road and has obtained the Mark of Cain, again gone into a deal blind, which Sam hasn’t fully understood. He’s shattered by this point and isn’t easily on Dean’s side. But his fear will kick in by the end of the season as Dean will get into DEEP water because of this deal. We hope that Sam will save Dean as he too can’t live without his brother.  I think in the grand scheme of things that Sam will save Dean from Abaddon over Cain’s blade. I hope Sam’s rescue doesn’t end in a dodgy deal. Because it would have not solved anything very much within the relationship.

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I am so proud of our writers for steering the brothers on the right path even, if some fans can’t see it. For once its moving forward and progressing our characters for the better. Which is deep down what we all want for our boys, our heroes. I am proud, so proud of Sam for realizing their own short-comings even if it appears as though he’s hurting his brother in the process. He’s stood up to Dean and not walked away from their problems for once, he faced their demons head on.  If Dean can get past this I will be so proud of him too! Sam is showing tough love to Dean and trying to get them back on track. His words were meant to be harsh for Dean to hear them; in Dean’s case love is blind. They both love each other and Sam is helping Dean not making it worse. I truly believe in my heart that these boys need to see a professional. Most hunters go this way it’s in their genes. But if something doesn’t change now it will destroy this relationship forever!!

Sorry for such a long post, but thought you might all like to see what maybe going on with Sam and what’s been behind his harsh words to Dean. Its hiatus so enjoy …


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  1. Oh, I love this post. Its so positive and it lays out your arguments well. 😀
    I’m the kind of person who likes to look to the past to anticipate what the future will be like and I agree. The relationship is broken now, they’ve both done some rather horrible things to one another but they’ve also done some wonderful things for each other too. Sometimes something needs to be re-broken before it can be fixed. This relationship is being broken down into its base elements and regrown and that can be very painful to watch for some people and I respect that, but…

    I am so pleased. I was so nervous about posting it but people appear to be embracing it so far. I get a stronger feeling of where this season is going now. Exactly Ikeke you’ve thought about this 😉 I don’t know how others will feel though. Its partly what Dean is doing in how he goes about the deal that Sam wants to change. As Kevin lost his life. Sam is really depressed about this fact. That he feels totally responsible even though he’s not. The whole possession was a huge deal for him I think more than fans have realized. I put another clip up on the article about a scene from season 2 where Dean talks to Sam about John doing the deal to save him, so the evidence is clearly there. Dean says what is dead should stay dead. It really did shock him. But not long after end of season 2 he does the same thing in saving Sam. I really was so down about Sam’s words but now I feel in a better place to deal with it all. He’s not OOC this time he’s spilling his guts telling Dean how he feels.

    I trust Carver. I hold out hope that the writers know where they are going with all this and I trust Carver. He has said he’s taking the brothers to a mature and better place and I believe him. I believe him because so far he has never lied about what he said he was going to do. Not last season and not this season either. He’s been confusing about how he gets there but he hasn’t lied, as far as I can tell. Both he and Jared said that in a couple more episodes good things would come out of this so, Instead of seeing these conversations as something bad to be held against either brother, I’m choosing to see these two minute convos as the foundation for some future event.
    I trust him now. I wasn’t so sure as you know how I feel about Sam not looking for Dean, but do feel better since again I talked about it this week on the board. My head is in a better place about this. Sam basically had two meltdowns, when Dean went to purgatory and when he came back. This is about maturing them and making them aware of their problems. If Dean can walk past this they both will be in a better position and work better as brothers too, I am sure of this. It needed saying even though its hurting Dean right now. I hate to think though what that mark is doing to him, as I don’t think he’s taking this well. I just wish sometimes the writers wouldn’t make it so difficult for us to understand its like they send us these little cryptic messages. Now work this lot out.

    In rushing to blame either brother for making everyone feel bad, a lot of people have forgotten that this episode consists of more than just one painful conversation..Just as in Sharp Teeth you have one of the characters illustrating Sam’s argument through their behavior. In Sharp Teeth, Dean lied about Garth’s whereabouts in an effort to keep Sam out of that hunt and Sam caught him red-handed. Dean lying to Sam, to keep him safe, yet again. If Sam didn’t care about Dean, he would never have gotten back into the car, he wouldn’t have gone looking for him when Dean was in danger. The feelings are there. They do love each other but love doesn’t conquer every problem. Sometimes love is the problem. And it is the ways in which they show their love to each other that have caused most of their troubles. I’m NOT saying that their love is bad. It’s the way they’ve been willing to show that love that allows supernatural creatures to take advantage of that.
    When I first saw that I thought what’s he up to again, and for a minute it took me a while to think what. Your getting it Ikeke. The feelings are certainly there. I think Sam wanting to die has bought all this to ahead. Its because we are family that got us into this mess in the first place. Dean continues on in this mode but I think he would possibly do this for a close friend but even more so for his own brother. This was why Sam gave him the ultimatum about being brothers. He couldn’t trust Dean that he wouldn’t go off and do it all over again. Yes they do love one another but they need to restore that trust for it to work again. Dean has admitted they have a problem at least the working relationship hasn’t broken. So I am certain they will work past this.

    And some people need to go back and watch again. What Sam said was he wouldn’t do the same for Dean. He didn’t say all of the things people are inferring from what he said. What Dean asked was “Would you do THE SAME for me?” and what Sam said was, “No, he wouldn’t.” He did NOT say he didn’t love Dean or wouldn’t try to save his life or have his back. He said he wouldn’t do the same thing Dean did to him and given the violation that Dean committed to save his life, that’s entirely understandable.
    Your right. I am feeling hopeful once again… It wasn’t until Dean said I’d do it again that infuriated Sam he was really mad. I have never seen that look in his eyes before. He looked so sad and like a little lost puppy. I hope Jeremy excites me again as this feels good now. I was dreading this fallout, but I think its happened in a good positive way, and not a negative one. I really had a headache working this one out. They didn’t make it easy for us. I hope this goes to some way in restoring Sam’s love to the audience again. I really want this more than anything. The brothers bicker, but they never stray far from each other. Home is where the heart is. It is tough love and took a lot for Sam to say it. It had impact and it was meant to shock.

    This was a wonderful post. It really got me thinking, Bella!
    Thank you. I worked so hard on this trying to show that Dean isn’t to blame. I leave this at John’s door entirely he made the first deal and Dean followed in his fathers footsteps. Sam is trying his damnedest to rectify the damage he caused.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. “So proud of Sam for realizing their own short-comings even if it appears as though he’s hurting his brother in the process. ”
    Firstly I don’t agree that wanting to save your brother is a shortcoming. Also blaming Dean for Sams choice to stop in the church is not fair at all. I didnt hear Sam seeing HIS shortcomings. It was a onesided bash of Dean. Especially since the last time Dean had seen Sam in the church he had decided to live-so how was Dean to know he wanted to die?

    Firstly Barb the last thing I ever wanted to do was upset you or others. That was not the intention of this post. Last week I had my very first supernatural MELTDOWN. I could not think, I was so hurt like you. I don’t know how I came back from this but instead of going on IMDb because I knew it would sway me and didn’t want it to. So I went else where. I found my old haunt The Winchester Family business and read a couple of articles which got my feelers going. It wasn’t until I began to read others comments that it began to put blood in my veins again. I knew I wasn’t the only one hurting. I knew I had to pen this article as I follow Sam’s journey for the other blog. It was still raw but I new I had to brave it. It wasn’t until I read one note that really made me think. Since that note I made and notes myself and just counted them 28 pages. So I really have thought about this. Some are half way there but no one yet, has come to the conclusion I have. I hate it still has hurt feelings. But Dean isn’t to blame and Sam is trying to change and sort out the mess there in. It will get better.

    I cant wait for a new episode because this one made me so angry and sad.
    I know, I am still mad because if you remember I said a while back I dread the fallout from this possession once Sam does find out. I just thought the writers might have written it better and more clearly than they have. But the signs are sadly there. Hope your okay 🙂

    Love Aunty B xxx


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