The influence of Cains mark OVER Dean?

  • This mark was given to Cain by Lucifer. There are only two possible scenarios in which Cain could receive this mark; either Lucifer touched him using a vessel or in his true form, somehow.
  • The mark of Cain can only be worn by someone worthy, as explained by Cain. The conditions required to be considered such are unknown although Cain stated that Dean is very similar to him as both brothers sacrificed themselves in order to save Sam and Abel respectively. Dean inquired as to whether he needed to be a killer like Cain, to which he replied he did: It’s possible that the mark can only be worn by people who have killed, as well as other requirements.

On Supernatural, it wasn’t God that Abel was all cozy with, it was Lucifer, and Cain killed his brother to save him from the devil. The mark wasn’t a punishment from God, but rather a “gift” (sort of?) from Luci, enabling Cain to wield the First Blade—the one he used to off Abel—to train Knights and slaughter those Knights later on when Cain fell in love and renounced his super-demon ways.


This mark of Cain is still making me think, that this is the big myth arc for the season and where it is pushing the boys, and in that I mean in particular Dean. Already Dean is showing us signs that the mark is making him much more powerful in his knife throwing skills in ‘Sharp Teeth’ killing the werewolf. His aim is much more magnified, and so horrifyingly accurate in its delivery. He’s so sharp. But his facial expressions are what concern me. We have the knowledge now that the Mark of Cain isolates the bearer. And in our case, this is Dean from Sam.

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If you look at Dean in the end clip, how abandoned and defeated  he looks. Its already working its mojo on Dean working from the inside of his body, like controlling him. Sam this season had Gadreel inside him controlling him, now Dean is suffering a similar fate. Sam lately has been sending Dean not so nice words not to hurt Dean. But to help we think their current problems within the relationship. What I think might be happening is that Sam’s harsh words are being produced in a way in Dean’s mind to force him in to a black hole of despair, abandonment and loneliness. If we read up on those notes of Cain, Cain is eventually abandoned by his family. Because of the mark. So the same story is beginning to pan out with Dean. Dean will eventually spiral out of control.  Because of the problem the boys are currently in. Maybe the mark is playing tricks with him thinking did I really here Sam say that. Distorting the truth.  

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What I also learnt from my Google search on the Mark of Cain was that it wasn’t God that Abel was all cozy with, it was Lucifer, and Cain killed his brother to save him from the devil. The mark wasn’t a punishment from God, but rather a “gift” (sort of?) from Luci, enabling Cain to wield the First Blade—the one he used to off Abel—to train Knights and slaughter those Knights later on when Cain fell in love and renounced his super-demon ways. So if this story is going where I think it might and this could flow through into season 10 which many already assume. I have also read the blade is protection for Cain and Cain can not be killed if he obtains that mark. So where the hell does this leave DEAN? This is spooky. Some are saying Sam will die as Abel did via Cain’s hands. Sam won’t be able to kill Dean because he’s protected. So who is going to die at the hands of Cain’s mark?  Sam can’t kill Dean for reasons above so is Dean going to kill Sam and not bring him back this time? Could Cas bring back Sam as Sam’s redemption arc. I don’t know what to think as this myth arc will be amazing if they are following this story?

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Have you all any thoughts on this mark, what do you think it will entail? Is Dean caught in a trap he can’t so easily get out of, and where will it leave the both of them. Abaddon is the main piece in this arc and the main reason for Dean to take on the mark of Cain in the first place. What happens if they don’t kill her? What happens to Dean if he does kill Cain in the end? Where does this leave this retched mark? Its all ready taking on one of our heroes were by the end of the season will it leave them both?

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  1. From season 1, Dean has been very skilled at throwing darts, and his eye/hand coordination has always been on point. I think the mark is just amplifying what skills Dean has already. I know that darts and knives are different, but you must be able to aim and reach your target. I hope the remaining story arc shows Dean going dark side and Sam regretting the unkind things he said to Dean. Sam has not been the same since season 8. He is mean. He wasn’t like that during season 7 at all. Perhaps he is just fed up with all the tragedy but why take it out on Dean?
    Oh I grant this, but the speed in which it flew into the monster was like OMG where did that come from. It just caught you by surprise. But these boys are pretty good throwers any way it was just the speed that caught my eye. There is something ahead for Sam as I think we’ve not fully seen his point of view for a while. Whether being more humanized has had some drastic effect on Sam or not I couldn’t tell. Maybe this cold mature Sam is Carver’s new hero. I hope not as I miss my soft, kind Sammy with that gorgeous smile. I just hate it when they are at odds with each other. Carver I don’t like mean Sam!!

    I am glad that Dean is front and center but I really enjoy the show when both brothers are featured prominently in the story line, ala seasons 3, 4, & 5. However, I am really enjoying season 9 and am super-thrilled that the show is re-newer for season 10. I agree that the viewing numbers should be up. Supernatural is one of the best shows on TV.
    I think Dean fans have been wanting this for so long now that its finally here, I’m not sure if they like it or not. It is darker, but for a reason. If it doesn’t turn out this way I will be cross as they’ve destroyed the characters even further. I love it too when the both brothers have a balanced story and that’s what its all about being balanced which it hasn’t been for the last three seasons. I am so pleased too about the re-newel it was expected deep down but still lovely when its for real. I hope we get an 11 and 12 too.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I agree. This sounds plausible and kind of neat if thats what the Mark is doing. I do love Bamf!Dean. I’d also love to see just how far Sam is willing to go to save him from. .. Whatever. Will he have to do for Dean what Cain did for Abel? That would be very interesting.
      Not too sure about bringing the numbers up because shows that get too popular tend to attract people who want to censor it. Boiling just under the radar like this is the best place for it maybe.


      1. So true about the numbers. Supernatural should receive more recognition from the TV industry. When I compare SPN to other TV dramas, SPN is a superior show. If Jared and Jensen were more famous, or the show were broadcast on NBC or some other network, then the show would receive more accolades. But since SPN gets so much of its source material from the Bible, the holy rollers would be protesting right now possibly trying to get the show cancelled. Yeah, flying under the radar is safer but it is so unfair!


  2. They haven’t made the mark sound that scary to tell the truth. Cain is alive and well and he gave up killing. He’s also very strong BUT he’s a demon and Dean’s human. I really have no idea where this is leading and I’m glad it will be a surprise.
    That is true and a very observant point. Its never over bothered him. Or is he just good at covering it and his pain up? I am wondering now you’ve said about Cain being demon I bet you know what I’m gonna say, is this Dean going dark that he becomes a demon? You know I have wild imagination … 😉

    The CW announced an early pick up for SPN season 10 YAY
    I am so, so pleased for everyone its the best news and its almost on the day of my birthday too. So not quite. I just wish we had better viewing figures as the guys work so hard. But it really is the best news. I did even send Jared a tweet today which is rare these days for me.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Yeah, I’m very much looking forward to how this Mark plays out. But I do believe that no matter what happens, it’s going to center around Dean. This is his season and so far almost all of the first half of this season has revolved around him. (Hey! everyone said they wanted Dean to have a story-line. People should be careful what they wish for.)
      Well most of the board had been moaning about a story arc for him now they have one. Oh yes!! Maybe the writers did hear their cries after all. It feels strange after all that commotion that he ends up with one.

      If this Mark is affecting Dean emotionally, then Sam (who has no idea what’s going on- yet again!) has incredibly bad timing for showing some “tough love”. If it is affecting Dean, then Sam is accomplishing the complete opposite of what he’s trying to do and doesn’t even know it.
      I know I was thinking this I must admit. Its only gonna make the relationship ten times worse again than it already is. This was what I meant that he NEVER thinks ahead of the deal, what it might actually do or affect others. There both in it blind.

      But what I’d like to see is NOBODY dies and Sam saves Dean from becoming a monster. Isn’t that the road to becoming a demon right? Hating yourself and then everyone else by extension.?
      This was what I thought out loud to barb in my previous reply. I thought I wonder if Dean does become a demon. It feels like its going this way, I must admit. I hope Jensen rocks as it will be great to see him deliver this if he does. I think the boys have died a lot lately and that is getting stale I agree, but I would love the BIG Sam save too. It just feels like the time is right some how.

      I have noticed Dean is a little more bloodthirsty and bad-ass than usual. Since he got the Mark he’s won all of his fights very easily (that fight in Sharp Teeth was kind of weird. I noticed that knife throwing and never really seen him do that before.) and he’s a lot more willing to kill.
      He is fast and accurate. Its just the little things that are starting to show and become obvious that something isn’t right with Dean. Sam isn’t picking up on it yet. Your right he is more willing to kill. Mind you he was used to this in purgatory so he knows how. But has it dawned on him yet too?

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. ” (that fight in Sharp Teeth was kind of weird. I noticed that knife throwing and never really seen him do that before.)”

        Yeh that was great!


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