Do we see a way back from Sam’s words to Dean?

Okay so I am back after being poorly and typing to you on my bed from my laptop. A very bad bout of the winter vomiting bug. I have been disturbed lately by the Sam hate that appears to be spreading since the mini hellatus break. Many are very depressed over the outcome of Sam’s words to Dean. But since coming back to the forum after three days away, I found it was even more depressing than I had feared. I still feel depressed as many report that they feel the relationship between the brothers now doesn’t exist and hasn’t really since season 4. But Sam’s words put the nail in the coffin! So how do you guys really feel. Even though I think I may have mastered it with my early assumptions. Is the relationship broken like a glass once its broken it can’t be fixed as it will never be the same as what it once was. Am I digging myself into a corner here for no reason, as it is really depressing me as I don’t want to believe it. Are these boys so far gone down the road that it can’t ever be that good again? Do the writers really enjoy hurting this relationship to its very core, its heart, its foundation … Both of them have been really hurt in this ordeal and both are suffering but how far are they prepared to go?

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Are the writers royally screwing the brothers, and using their angst as plot devices? Do we sense this to be true? Yes we know the story telling is heading some where. But this show was primarily about two brothers who love each other, unconditionally and new what the other was thinking, has this road trip all been for nothing. Do the lives they save mean nothing any more? Laying it on the line, did Sam really mean it, or was he just lashing out? We ask ourselves time and time again, have the writers gone too far. Is it just too much? Or are you okay with it all in the backs of your minds that you’ve thought more about it, and its full steam ahead ….

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I hate it when the fandom appears so divided, and that the story line has tended to make Sam look the underdog. Dean has done wrong, but did the writers really need to get Sam to kick Dean where it really hurt. Where’s the logic, what’s behind it all? Some think including me its relating to Cain’s mark, which if it is I will be happy once again as its a supernatural influence, but if the season comes to an end without a pin point I will think WTF were they playing at.

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I would love to hear your views now we’ve all had a chance to calm down and rationalize it a bit more. Is your mind any clearer do share …. 

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  1. This writing team certainly seems to enjoy heightened conflict between the brothers more than a lot of fans do. Carver said in S8 that he felt he had to completely break their relationship in order to fix it. Fans thought that happened in Sacrifice, but clearly Carver thought he had break it down further by having Dean betray Sam’s trust this season. The Sam hate is just Dean fans whining imo. Dean did something pretty horrible in tricking Sam Yes, he saved Sam’s life, but Kevin is dead as a result. Here’s the thing, he learned that in Appointment in Samarra. Dean taught Dean what happens when he messes with the natural order. Sam was meant to die and in saving his life, another was taken.
    I agree! When we really think deep about it the whole thing was a complete shambles from start to finish. I think your right about Dean fans. But so many seasons the relationship breaks down and they get back together, so what is so new about this. Its nothing different from what we’ve seen before. Just someone else’s take on it. They’ve both betrayed each other in the past, and what is going to stop them from doing it again, and again. I don’t think Sam’s tough love will help it in the long run. As the next time they hit another hurdle off one of them will go to save the other. Some Dean fans are even saying now that Sam didn’t care about Kevin in season 8 so they don’t buy that he care’s now. Which is so cold and uncaring. I think it was the whole lying for several weeks and the death that was the bottom straw for Sam. He’s tired of Dean’s tricks.

    I do think that their relationship will be mended as dubious a possibility that seems right now. They love each other and always will. It’s just difficult to see where they will find common ground if they can’t do a better job of talking to each other than they have recently.
    Again some see that as one-sided many think that Sam doesn’t love Dean he just wants Dean around. Which I find hard to believe. I think that Dean admitting they have a problem is a huge start, if they can build on that and move forward there might be some hope left. He’s willing to help it and do his bit as much as Sam is prepared too.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Sam and Dean have been solid since season 5 (with the Soulless Sam story line as the exception). Dean forgave Sam for the demon blood, Apocalypse, lying about Ruby, etc. before Swan Song. Dean was willing to do ANYTHING to have Sam’s soul returned. I do not understand how anyone can say that their relationship has been fractured since season 4. Season 8, to me, was really crazy because that is the first time I saw Sam as the “anti-Sam”. He didn’t look for Dean or Kevin, hooked up with Amelia, became holier than thou over Benny and escaped into “normalcy” even though he wasn’t honest with his girlfriend. “Sacrifice” restored that brotherly bond somewhat. I think the current writing team is using a soap-opera style to create angst when it’s not really necessary. I have stated before that nine or ten years after the brothers started hunting together, if Sam does not completely trust and love Dean and know that Dean will do whatever it takes to keep Sam safe, then Sam does not know his brother at all. However, this is not the universe that Kripke created. Sam and Dean should be uniting the hunting community in order to fight supernatural evil instead of fighting each other. They have all this knowledge in the Bunker going to waste. The Winchesters don’t even hunt that much anymore. Instead, the viewers are left to watch contrived turmoil. In true soap-opera fashion, the tension will be resolved because Sam and Dean must reunite because they are the ultimate OTP.
    This is so well put, I believe all of this thank you. I think the whole demon blood era rattled fans and divided the fan base and I don’t think its been the same ever since Sam drinking demon blood. It didn’t bother me. But the whole Sam chocking Dean was a big stumbling block for many fans to over come and they think the core has been broken since this. I think many felt they had to choose between characters because of the writing, and turned a lot of fans off Sam in a big way. I don’t think that Sam has fully got that love back. Season 8 was so hard to watch and I felt we were never given the full story of Sam’s plight his mental struggle in how he was coping after Dean disappeared. I think it was really poorly written and get they only have so many minutes per episode to tell a story but I think Sam got the short straw. It wasn’t fleshed out enough. The writers only have two cast members to write for continuously and tension is always a big part of this relationship and the brothers dynamics and its hard for them to find new ways of entertaining us, and get this. But to completely de-rail a character continuously is a bit wired, without any proper story telling. I hated the soap opera feel and never favor a female coming in the boys lives any way. But I think the writers need to get back to basics. If they are stripping the boys of each other then well and good. We need to see this relationship break before we see the light of day again. But I don’t want them destroying it for ever so there is not coming back. This is what concerns me. Its what’s special about this show and if they destroy the make-up what are we left with?

    Love Aunty B xxx

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    1. Hi,B! I was wondering what happened. I hope you’re feeling better. 😀
      Much, thank you Ikeke. Not eating full dinners still really off my food but getting there.

      Now, let’s get to typing and figuring this mess out. Once again, two lines of dialogue or something gets said on the show and all the hysterics come out of the woodwork to lament the fall of Rome and the Supernaturopocalypse! They are right on schedule.

      I agree. I’m not greatly invested in the angst and turmoil this season, although it’s been a great essay/meta season so far. I’m really liking season nine and I like the last two episodes too. I know there’s going to be some kind of emotional payoff for it but I don’t want to see this next season, though. I want this to be fixed and done with and for most of the concentration to be on the story next season. They need to get to solving these problems becasue so far nothing has been accomplished on any of them.

      Let’s get them back to to the love level of season two or three but with the air mostly clear. I trust Carver is going somewhere with all this too so I’m eagerly looking forward to what the end is going to be I bet it’s going to involve the Mark of Cain somehow…

      I still really enjoyed watching the last two epeisodes. Unlike some people, I can see that the love is till there. It’s in the little side actions and body language. It only lasts a few seconds at a time but it’s still there, so once agian I just don’t get what all the hysteria is about and once again I’m not watching the same show as everybody else seems to be watching. I’m not worried about the brother’s relationship. That’s going to be solid no matter what happens or what’s said between them because it’s the entire basis of the show and the CW is not going to mess around too much with its formula. That’s what the new show is for. This is just a temporary hiccup to me.Not a reason to smear my face with ashes and wear a sack-cloth.

      I would like to tell these people to just buck up ,be optimistic and just be logical but the ones who are yelling the loudest aren’t doing too much listening. For a more balanced view of what’s going on Bella, please go check The Winchester Family Business Site. There’s a whole lot less screaming and crying over there and people are a lot more bi-bro.
      I do. Not as much as I used to. I find I need a Dean heavy and a Sam heavy place to find some common fan ground. IMDb is Dean heavy and TWFB is so Sam friendly its a dream to read such lovely thoughts. I never thought they existed until I went on there. I also noticed they have come to the same conclusion about me regarding the saves. But I found it first!! I like the authors take too, some are a bit airy fairy but I enjoy their imaginations and that they make you think. But boy those articles are so long. The comments are way to many to read, but skirt through them. Maybe I should write for them, do you think they’d like my style? 😉

      Love Aunty B xxx


  3. Please don’t worry so much. I believe everything will turn out okay. I am starting to see what kind of effect the reading of the forums has on fans and it is very definitely keeping me away from them. I HAVE enjoyed reading the thoughts on this site and the reviews on WBFB. Most everything I have read I have felt is fair and thought provoking. There are also some interesting fanfics related to what is happening that I have found entertaining. And that IS what I watch for–to be entertained –and that includes being made to think about character motivation and plot. SPN has done a great job of entertaining me and making me think. It is special that way to all it’s fans. What I have found out since sticking a couple of toes into the fandom, is that the writers and actors on the show CARE about the show and the characters. They use the word “protective” in their characterization of their feelings towards the show. I don’t believe for a second that the brothers relationship, the central element of the show, will be irreparably harmed EVER. I am pretty certain Sam and Dean will find their way back to each other in a big way. Have faith fans !!!! Carry on Wayward Sons!!!! –AB/C
    I am sure too but the way the threads were woven in last week really had me in knots. I felt for both of them yet Sam was still coming off worse in the fandom that he was being cold and mean to Dean. I don’t read as much these days as every ones opinions are so vast and different that after a while it clouds your own judgement a bit. I only tend to follow IMDb my daily fix and TWFB as it is more Sam heavy and I can see a balance between Dean and Sam fans. So were are about the same in terms of where we go and look for information. I don’t know what it is about fan fic’s that I can’t bring myself to read. Its like its not the real thing and there for fake. Its make believe and to me diluted. They are very clever don’t get me wrong but I want to fill my head with reality not fantasy if you get my drift. I sometimes feel with fan-fic I’m short-changed. You know what I sometimes think that Jeremy doesn’t care, particularly about Sam and what comes out of Sam. He really was shocking to so many of us, that it left me numb. Come the finale if its settled and we can make head or tail of it then I will be fine with it all. And think what was I getting so depressed about. But if not I will scream at Jeremy. I keep thinking I want to write him a letter, but what’s the point. They know where the show is heading, will it change his opinion probably not. I do have faith and hope that it turns out. I won’t give up on my boys I’ve invested too much in them to give up the ghost now.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. “I am pretty certain Sam and Dean will find their way back to each other in a big way. Have faith fans !!!! Carry on Wayward Sons!!!!”
      I truly hope you are right.


      1. There’s no hope about it. Trust us barb, we KNOW this for an absolute certtainty. It’s one of the immutable laws of the universe, like the sun rising, bugs falling into your soup and taxes.
        Like the motto states: It gets better.


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