Jensen Ackles on the Winchester podcast radio – Interview

Some of you may have already seen this, but seeing it in print makes it easier to understand what was initially said. Some interesting stuff about the mark of Cain, the relationship and how its affecting Dean himself and Sam. Other stuff has cropped up, so let me know your thoughts. Its a long, long read over an hour on the podcast but well worth it. If you want to listen to the podcast itself with Jensen’s lovely voice in person the link is below, enjoy!! lusive-interview-with-supernaturals-jensen-ackles 

Winchester Radio: We’re excited to welcome Jensen Ackles to our podcast. Welcome Jensen! Thank you. Is he still there? Hello? Did we lose Jensen?

Jensen: No, I’m here, I can hear you. Hello? Hey! Aw, I got muted! That sucks.

Winchester Radio: (laughs) No! Something happened to the crossover onto air. Sorry about that.

Jensen: That’s alright. Everybody’s here. Thanks for having me.

Winchester Radio: So, this is a new format for you. Welcome to podcast format.

Jensen: (chuckles) Yeah, usually I just sit in a room with people shoving mikes in my face. So this is uh – this is nice. I actually just made my bed while I was talking to you guys.

Winchester Radio: (muffled) You could scratch the back of your knee and we’d never know.

Jensen: That’s right.

Winchester Radio: It’s just like talking to a bunch of friends on the phone. Um-

Jensen: (wheezy laugh) Except how many people – how many people are actually gonna be listening to this?

Winchester Radio: Um well our biggest pod cast listening audience was about…10,000?

Jensen: Nice!

Winchester Radio: No…we’re forgetting Misha. Oh that’s right, Misha’s was higher. Jim Michael’s was about 2,000. Misha’s was 35,000.

Jensen: Wow. So basically 35,000 is the number to beat is that what you’re telling me?

Winchester Radio: Exactly. Yeah.

Jensen: (laughs) Alright, then I’m gonna need feedback from you guys, make sure…(laughs more) Uh, alright, so what’s going on? What’s new?

Winchester Radio: So, we are gonna interview you a bit. So fair warning – there are, there will be some questions.

Jensen: Are there some scandalous questions?

Winchester Radio: You can make them as scandalous as you like.

Jensen: Not with 35,000 people listening.

Winchester Radio: (laughs) Minimum, that’s a minimum.

Jensen: Alright, alright. Well, fire away.

Winchester Radio: Okay, so – Firstly, let’s get into one of the big things…Cain, that’s the big thing right now, and how he warned Dean that the mark would come with some potential side effects, can you kinda tease us a little about what will happen to Dean as a result of the mark?

Jensen: Um, yeah. It’s – imagine Dean taking like a low-dose steroid. It’s starting to affect his emotional state, it’s starting to affect his physical state, he’s getting a lot more short-tempered and he’s feeling a lot more strength – he’s getting a lot less emotional about situations and becoming more of a – more of a tool, of you know – uh – of hunting. And it’s starting to take it’s toll on him. And you’ll see that as the season starts to wrap up. Kinda where that is going…where that’s going I don’t know how it’s gonna end up, I’m not sure, I’ve only read up until episode 20 so we still got three more episodes to be on that, but obviously waiting to see how that all plays out, but uh – as of right now, it’s just kinda building up.

Winchester Radio: Ah, okay, cool, next question-

Jensen: It also means that I’m personally having to do a lot more push-ups throughout the day.

Winchester Radio: Oh! They’re actually making you work out.

Jensen: (huffed laugh) I know. It’s a tragedy, but it happens.

Winchester Radio: Have they given you a diet to follow – high protein, any of that?

Jensen: Oh, they don’t – tell us any of that stuff. They tried to get us in shape before season one when we were in our mid-twenties, and since then, they’ve just left us alone. But no – it’s uh kinda up to us if we want to do that to our physicality, it’s really up to us, I mean obviously you’ve seen transformations that Jared has gone through. I’m not sure if that was for the show or if it was just personal, um but uh it’s – they don’t – nutrition and workout programs and stuff like you hear on movie sets and stuff like that (laughs) they’re too busy down south writing scripts and we’re too busy up here shooting ‘em so there’s no time for that. If we get an opportunity – if Jared and i get an opportunity to keep ourselves in shape, then that’s on our time.

Winchester Radio: Um, this is not the first time we’ve seen the brothers fight. Do you think this time the estrangement is different? Could this be make or break for them? Are we going to see changes in their relationship? And if so, where will that take the viewers, and will that change the show?

Jensen: It’s definitely um – kinda charting new waters as far as the subject of the fights. Before it was kinda this like sibling bickering and now it’s getting into uh – really the sacrifices these two are willing to make for each other. Obviously, Dean is willing to go all-in and keep the family together and keep the brothers moving down the road and it kinda seems more and more like Sam is willing to cash-out. And he’s not willing to throw his life on the line the way that Dean is and so that’s a tough pill for Dean to swallow. And I think that the only way he’s dealing with it is by not dealing with it. The Mark of Cain has given him a simplicity in his thoughts that’s allowed him to kinda ignore the complexity of their relationship right now – and focus on the prize which is Abaddon at this point. Um, so, I think it’s kind of put in the back of his mind and he’s not having to deal with it. Sam is obviously dealing with his issues. And I don’t know where that’s gonna lead, I don’t know how they are gonna make up uh – I don’t know if it’ll be something that gets addressed in the upcoming episodes because it hasn’t yet so I assume it will – to what extent, I don’t know.

Winchester Radio: Kind of along the same line there – this season, we’re seeing a colder versions of the brothers. Dean, in particular, with his reaction to Sam and Sam’s curtness…we also saw Dean really coldly kill a guy in the last episode, Thin-man, and also Dean’s room looks less homey now, which on twitter Jerry Wanek hinted at – it was a deliberate choice. So, are these actions related to the Mark of Cain, you think, or just the brother’s problems, or everything all-together?

Jensen: Yeah, that’s all kind of a nod to the Mark of Cain and what it’s doing inside Dean and what it’s doing to his psyche and his emotional and physical self, he’s becoming less uh – what’s the word – he cares a lot less about the humanity aspect of what he does, which is why he was able to take an actual human life as opposed to knocking the guy out and dropping him to the police station to be tried for his crime as…I think past Dean would have. Instead, he was just like, hey he’s a bad guy, he’s got to go. So I think the line between black and white is becoming…almost dangerously clear. The grey areas are becoming less and less, as far as Dean is concerned. Dean’s always kinda been a black and white kind of guy – but there’s always been a touch of civility as far as what to do with humans who are bad. Um, and I think, because of the Mark of Cain, because of where this season is heading, and the tension between the brothers, all kind of leads to Dean going ‘you know what, if you’re on the wrong side of my gun, then I don’t care if you’re a monster or a bad guy, you’re gonna die.’

Winchester Radio: I think (muffled) that change in Dean is really interesting to watch.

Jensen: Yeah it’s – you know, for a long time there was a lot of different storylines going on, mostly revolving around Sam and what the story was doing to Sam. Although a lot of it was – could be said that it was being seen through Dean’s perspective, the story was always kind of about Sam and what was going on internally with him. So it’s an interesting kind of switch to now have Dean really fighting the demons inside and having a Mark or whatever with Sam it was (muffled) it was Lucifer it was all these things that the demons inside him, well now it’s Dean struggling – or maybe he’s not struggling, maybe he’s embracing it, i don’t think we’ve come to a conclusion of just how bad it is yet. But, I am enjoying the fact that it’s something different for him to do.

Winchester Radio: Hmm. Last season ended with a really heart-wrenching moment of honesty from both brothers inside the church during that scene-

Jensen: Mmmhm.

Winchester Radio: Can you kind of talk about what that scene meant for Sam and Dean not just as a unit but individually. And what does it mean now that they are on the outs with each other?

Jensen: Um, well you had two different, you know, perspectives from two different people. You know, I think Dean was uh…avoid losing his brother at all costs, even if that means opening up heaven and closing the – gates of heaven all the stuff that happened in the season finale and all the stuff that we picked up with at the season premiere – beginning of the season. Dean was kind of clear on his objective – to – keep his brother alive no matter what the cost. Where obviously we saw Sam, basically saying ‘No – I’m ready to lay myself down, I’ve done enough, I’ve sacrificed enough, I’ve killed enough, I’ve done everything, I’m ready to walk away.’ And that was a really and has been a very a jagged pill for Dean to swallow, because he doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as, you know, as long as they’re together, there is always a choice to be made. And once they give up that choice, then they’re gonna allow themselves to be possibly be ruled by demons, or angels, or whatever, utter chaos, not that it’s not utter chaos anyway, but it’s – at least they’re still free to drive down the road and do what they do. So, it’s a different end of the spectrum as far as as (muffled) goes for either brother and that’s been the underlying and the common denominator of tension throughout the whole season. Dean wants it one way, and Sam wants it the other way, and it all started with that church and what happened there. So, yeah – it’s interesting. Even though the brothers are together, they’re not truly together.

Winchester Radio: (long pause) Kay, um, speaking of Dean being affected by the Mark of Cain and maybe doing things he would not ordinarily do, he’s chosen to work with Crowley this season. And I think, Dean and Crowley have great chemistry, you and Mark Sheppard have great chemistry, do you feel like Dean made the right decision to trust Crowley? Any thoughts? What does Sam think about it? And…do you kind of know what’s coming down the road for Dean and Crowley?

Jensen: Yeah, the decision to go off with Crowley was on the heels of hearing – uh – or of Dean basically coming to the realization that everything he does, everything he touches (muffled but sounds like ‘gets broken’), and he can’t save people because even when he saves people it’s the wrong thing to do apparently – according to Sam, and when he can save people he loses people who he should have been protecting like Kevin for example. So his guilt, I think, really kind of drove him to extreme measures – that being working with whoever to accomplish the mission that he’s set out to accomplish, which is find Abaddon and kill her. So, as far as his moral compass goes, that might have been shattered after Kevin and then after the conversations with Sam. So he just – he doesn’t care who he works with, he’s just getting the job done. And as far as working with Mark, that’s always been a lot of fun, cause you know, it’s always been Sam and Dean (muffled) you know, Mark’s a great actor, I think we all know that, and working with good actors is a lot of fun. So we had a really good time doing that. But, as far as story goes, Dean is not above scraping the bottom of the barrel to do what he can – or to get what he needs. And unfortunately, that – you know that’s – not going to sit well with Sam. Uh, so again, you know, you’ve got conflict there.

Winchester Radio: Again, kind of along the same lines about Sam would think about Dean working with Crowley…Dean has made a lot of big gestures to save Sam in the past, like he’s brought him back from the dead in Season 2 and he let Gadreel possess him this season, but Sam hasn’t…he wasn’t able to save Dean from hell, Sam wasn’t able to get Dean out of purgatory…do you think it’s time for Sam to save Dean from something big like that, like maybe the Mark of Cain effects and do you think that might give Sam perspective on why Dean does what he does?

Jensen: Yeah, Sam’s a real selfish asshole is what it basically boils down to-

Winchester Radio: (laughs)

Jensen: Um, (laughs) it is true, Sam seems to be a little preoccupied. I don’t know, maybe it’s a ‘little brother’ thing like, maybe he’s like, ‘hey, you’re my big brother. You can figure it out yourself.’ Uh, but you know (muffled) in contrast to the way Dean thinks is, ‘I’m the big brother. And I gotta always look after my little brother and protect him and keep him from, you know, harm, and that’s kind of been his creed for, you know, as long as he can remember…so, um, I think that they both kind of come at it from different angles. Sam is, he’s more willing to kind of, allow for things to just happen the way they happen. And, you know, he is a – it’s a Sam-centric world in his mind. And I think it always has been, and it’s also been more of a Sam-centric show for a long time, and it was originally based around that, and Dean was kind of the guy who was the protector and there to kinda keep him going along and make sure that nothing happens to him. And it’s always kind of been that way, and I’m not surprised that it’s turning out the way it’s turning. It seems to still be around the same vein as what we’ve been doing for the past nine years.

Winchester Radio: (pause) Sam and Dean, as well as Cas, have been very busy this season with so many various antagonists, we’ve got Gadreel, Crowley, Metatron, Abaddon, not to mention various anngels and demons…um, will we see these separate storylines come together more or is it very much everyone’s busy fighting their own battles?

Jensen: Yeah, you know, I would like it to kind of all gel together and it probably will, they usually kind of bring it all back around, and it all comes to a head and together, and it’s funny because there are people on the show that I’ve never even met because our storylines are so opposite, so they’ve really compartmentalized the show this year to the point where the stories are very separate, we’re like ships passing in the night as far as actors go. So, I think that at some point it does have to all fall in together and all relate to each other, and we’re getting close to the end of the season so I’d assume that’s coming up pretty soon.

Winchester Radio: Sounds good. We just found out – the description was released for 9×17 where the episode will be going back to the history of the Men of Letters and the return of Henry/Grandpa Winchester? Can you talk about that a little bit?

Jensen: Yeah that’s kind of another one of those things…(muffled) came back to reprise his role as Henry Winchester, which is great, I think he did a great job the first time and uh so we were happy to have him back. Unfortunately, I never worked with him because all of it was like flashback stuff as to what like happened back in the day so we never had a chance to be on set together. But it’s nice to get a little hindsight into the history of what happened there and what happened with him and it does have…shed a little light on the Abaddon story.

Winchester Radio: Cool. Look foward to seeing that. Loved Henry in the episode last year, that was great.

Jensen: Mhmm.

Winchester Radio: Now, um, Sam really harshly told Dean that Dean makes his sacrifices for selfish reasons because he doesn’t want to be alone…but we’ve seen both brothers really go to extremes for each other, do you think there is any validity to Sam’s statement? And does Dean only do what he does because of a fear of being alone, or is it, Sam specifically?

Jensen: Say the question one more time.

Winchester Radio: Sam accused Dean of making the sacrifices for selfish reasons because Dean is afraid to be alone – do you think that is right? Is it true? Is he afraid of being alone? Or is he afraid of losing Sam specifically?

Jensen: That’s a good question. I – I don’t think Dean thinks about it like that…I don’t think he sits down and goes ‘Okay, why did I do what I did?’ I think it’s just an instinctual thing – he’s always been protective, it’s kind of been his self-imposed mission in life to protect his brother, and he dragged him away from college 9 years ago and he blames himself probably a lot for pulling Sam back into this life, and I don’t know whether Dean feels like he needs to keep him alive out of guilt or protect him out of a fear of loneliness, I don’t know, whatever the case actually is, I don’t think Dean sits in his bed and psychoanalyzes himself too much and I think he just goes with his gut feeling and whatever the reason he’s not too concerned about it – he feels like it’s the right thing to do, so he does it. I think uh obviously, Sam’s character is the more analytical one, and maybe he makes Dean think about a few things, but whatever it is, I think Dean would rather not be psychoanalyzed by his younger brother but yeah, who knows?

Winchester Radio: Along the lines of Henry Winchester coming back, since the end of last season and now throughout this entire season, we’ve seen several of our beloved guest stars come back from the vault in a way, is this something that we can continue to expect, can you tease us about who else we might see?

Jensen: Well, we’ve definitely got some upcoming surprises, which obviously I can’t talk about. Um, although I’m sure you guys know, so there’s probably no secret. I’m going to pretend you guys don’t.

Winchester Radio: There’s been some rumors flying around-

Jensen: What?

Winchester Radio: There’s some rumors flying around the internet, but they’re not confirmed.

Jensen: (huffed laughter) Well, I don’t even want to know the rumors. Don’t believe everything you read or hear but um at the same time I’ll say there’ll be some nice surprises in the future.

Winchester Radio: Who would you really like to see come back? If you could pick anyone out of, you know 8 and three-quarters seasons of doing the show…if you could bring anyone back, who would it be?

Jensen: Ahh, that’s really tough, there are a lot –

Winchester Radio: (muffled)

Jensen: (laughing voice) What’s that?

Winchester Radio: No pressure to be fair or anything, but –

Jensen: Yeah, no kidding. That’s really tough. When you’ve got what – 192 episodes, you’ve got a lot of people that have come and gone through the years that we want to stick around you know, from Sebastian to Rob Benedict to Speight, you know for me, I just specifically for Dean. Let me answer for Dean. Because for Jensen the list is probably a dozen people. I think for Dean, if he could pick anybody to come back, it would be his father. And it’s been kind of a – I’m sure you guys have seen the subtle changes to Dean as the seasons and years have gotten longer, I’m trying to mold Dean into the way that I remember John being…and so I’ve always thought Dean would become his father at some point. Um, and so I think that there is still a massive void left, when his father left, and Dean if anybody, if he could wish anyone back, in their world, it would be his father. But, you know, we know that’s probably not gonna happen.

Winchester Radio: I kind of have a follow-up question to that then – you speaking as Dean. What do you think John would think about the Men of Letters? Since he didn’t know? What do you think his reaction would be?

Jensen: I think it’d probably be similar to the reaction the boys had when they found out. It would be a gamechangeer, it’d be like wow – I wish we had known about this earlier, because this is a wealth of information and knowledge that could be extremely useful in the field that we’re in. I think John would hit the ground running, if he was offered up a batcave like that, filled with endless amounts of knowledge about the supernatural, he would dive right in, which is basically what the boys did when they stumbled upon it. I also think it would shed a lot of light on why he became who he became, he based it all off the fact that he lost his wife to something supernatural, and that kind of set the wheels in motion for the life he’d ended up having, if he had known that he was predisposed to having this life regardless of his wife that would be a very heavy thing to understand and to comprehend. (phone rings) I got it.

Winchester Radio: (laughs) Um, okay, speaking of characters coming back-

Jensen: Mhmm.

Winchester Radio: You talked about having some surprises coming up – hopefully the promo department won’t spoil it as lauren tom, we talked to her last week, about how they went through so much effort to keep her name out of the credits and then the promos featured her in them-

Jensen: Oh, really?

Winchester Radio: The Canadian promo department is…lenient.

Jensen: There are a lot of moving parts in this operation, it’s hard to keep a thumb on every one of them.

Winchester Radio: But everyone was excited to see her and have her back – and we got Mama Tran and Kevin – and now Kevin is bound to her until Heaven is back…and do you think they need to send Kevin to Heaven and will it be followed by – will it help with their drive to deal with Metatron and Gadreel and all that?

Jensen: Do we think that Kevin would-

Winchester Radio: (lmao i don’t even understand what they are asking here whatever)

Jensen: I think that it’s – it’s definitely something that if they can figure out a way to get him to Heaven that’s high priority on their list. But, I don’t think it’s the top priority. Dealing with the situation at hand – Metatron, Abbadon – and all of the stuff surrounding that is obviously the task at hand and once they figure out what’s going on there they can go back and help out the people that mean something to them.

Winchester Radio: Okay, on a completely different subject, for years – Supernatural has been referred to as the ‘little show that could’ and now it’s spawning a spinoff, how do you feel about being a part of something that’s expanding like this and how do you think current Supernatural fans would connect to the spinoff?

Jensen: Yeehh, that’s a good question. You know, I’m always weary of spinoffs. I feel like – you know, I don’t know. It – I always feel like the best version is the original, not to say that it can’t become…something of a … we’ve seen what is it ‘The Originals’ they’re standing on their two feet. So, can it work? Sure. Will it work? Who knows. Um, that’s – the same with any show, any kind of show, any pilot that is being made right now has an 86% failure rate…so I think that they can attach themselves to a show that has been successful to an extent, might give them a slight edge in doing well, but at the same time, they’ve got to – assumingly – tether a lot of the audience we have and they’ve got to deliver, we haven’t gone 9 seasons by phoning it in so and I think they will – they’ve written a good script, they’ve got a decent cast, I’m gonna meet them in a couple hours actually…uh,so it’ll be interesting to see if they can parlay what we’ve spent 9 years creating and parlay that into something slightly different and successful, whether that happens, I don’t know, I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of network television and what makes a show work well and what doesn’t, I just show up to work and know my lines and hit my marks and they leave me alone.

Winchester Radio: Good, I know a lot of the Supernatural fans, we’re gonna be there for it, we’re gonna support it as much as we can, so – we’ll be rooting for it, so-

Jensen: Alright, well that’s good to know. I’ll tell them it’s theirs to lose, when I see them today.

Winchester Radio: (laughs) There you go, that’s right. You guys have set the bar very high on the original, so we’ll see.

Jensen: (laughs) Jared and I were actually kind of joking – should we go into this read-through with big sunglasses on, scotch in hand, ‘Listen kids – you want to know the key to success after nine years is? It’s called day-drinking.’

Winchester Radio: (laughs) You really should.

Jensen: I know, there’s a big part of me that wants to go there and just be a total dick to them all, but I don’t think I can. It’s almost like hazing. It’s like a fraternity and these are the new recruits.

Winchester Radio: Right. So, some hazing maybe might go on?

Jensen: Well, I don’t know – this is basically the only time that we’ll probably work with them, if the show does in fact go to series, they’re gonna try to shoot the show in Chicago I think, and we’ll be shooting our show. So for all intents and purposes, everyone’s benefit, we’ll try and give them some sound advice and hope they listen to it.

Winchester Radio: You’ve played Dean Winchester for nearly a decade – or will be at least a decade coming up – looking back on the character and his evolution, can you maybe touch on some of the storylines that have shaped Dean, as an adult primarily?

Jensen: Umm, well I mean, the hunt for Dad was integral in telling me personally what the character – who the character was and where he came from – and that gave me an idea of the direction emotionally he would be going, so for the first couple years, those were the growing years, so as for more recent…the purgatory story was very heavy-handed in shaping the way Dean thinks about his life and other peoples’ lives and about the whole kind of situation heaven, purgatory, hell, it helped clarify a lot of the questions he had as to his purpose. I just really enjoyed that storyline. I enjoyed the characters that were brought in by it. I enjoyed the sets that we filmed in and the way that they shot it – I thought that was a really cool thing. But, I think more importantly, Dean was really affected by that. Another one that is probably high on the list is when Sam was drinking the demon blood and he was having to basically having to watch his brother go it alone in this situation that he was dealing with and he felt helpless and I think that really lit a fire in Dean as in ‘I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and watch my brother go down in flames’ I think that was very telling of his character of who he is and who he will be in the season as we saw last season and in this one….they’re have definitely been things along the way that have helped shaped who he is and it’s continuing, as most humans are, we’re ever-evolving, so these guys are no different.

Winchester Radio: And to that end – are there any decisions that Dean has made over the years that you could revisit ad possibly alter in some way – what would they be if you were to do so?

Jensen: Uh, yeah, not invite (laughs) Gadreel into my brother. I think, that’s number one on the list. That was one of the reasons that Dean just kinda felt the way he did – everything he touches turns to crap, that put him in a mental space where he was able to go off and work with Crowley, because he didn’t care who – well that’s not true, he didn’t care who he could affect, he just didn’t want it to be people he loved. So if he had an opportunity to go back and revisit the situation he would have maybe altered a few things.

Winchester Radio: There have been times where you’ve had to play Dean up against Jared as Sam, as Gadreel, Ezekiel, many different incarnations – and you’ve always seemed to keep Dean very steadily as Dean, and that’s not easy – so what’s the toughest part of working with Jared as a Sam as a different character and is there a most difficult one?

Jensen: The most difficult one was Soulless!Sam, I think, because it was almost a role-reversal, now all of a sudden Soulless!sam was as cut and dry and white and black and…not heartless, but more emotionless…like Dean, Soulless!Sam to me was kind of like Dean, and so in contrast I wasn’t really able to play Dean…that gruff, kind of devil-may-care attitude, because that was basically the same thing Jared was doing as Sam, which makes sense because if you don’t have a soul then you give two shits about what anybody wants or thinks or anything like that, so it was even moreso than the way I play Dean and so I really had to dial that back and it was really difficult for me – I don’t know – I felt like I turned Dean into a whiny bitch that season. And I was really – that was really difficult for me because I don’t like playing that character personally and I didn’t like him being like that either. So what Soulless!Sam did to Dean in that particular season, that was tough – it was like the whiny bitch side of Dean that I don’t like to see or like to play but was unfortunately kind of necessary to contrast with what Jared was doing as Sam. That being said – there’s been other incarnations of Sam that have come along, that I – I just try to keep Dean, after playing the guy for 9 years, and being dropped into a lot of different situations, as long as I’m able to ask myself ‘How would this guy handle this situation?’ and then that’s the way I play – so I always go back to how I always see Dean and how he has handled situations in the past and that kind of helps shape my thoughts of who I am, you know, and I remember when they came to us with the idea of The French Mistake and I was like, ‘Listen you guys can do whatever the hell you want to do, as long as you’re not asking me to do something other than play Dean, I’m fine’ and at this point I know know how to portray him in just about every situation – well not every -I don’t want to say 100%, but I think I know the different aspects of how to play him no matter what he’s dealing with – that’s no different when it comes to what’s going on with Sam, whether he’s Gadreel or Ezekiel or Soulless!sam or Lucifer or whatever many faces of Sam they’ve created over the years – there’s always a piece of Dean that’s there. It might just be tweaked to contrast what’s going on with Sam – but there’s always a common denominator there, and I feel like I’m in safe space.

Winchester Radio: Now, I have two completely different questions: the first one, can you confirm for us here that you don’t have any social media – you’re not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Sykpe..

Jensen: I do not have any social media. I didn’t sign up for Myspace when that came up. I have never signed up for anything. Never signed up for anything. And I know I apparently have tons of accounts. And you know, there were even times when I thought maybe I’d sign up for a private one or something so that I can enjoy like Instagram with my friends or I can just Facebook with my friends – nope, I didn’t even do do that. So I don’t even know what happens out there in the world of in social media.

Winchester Radio: Even if you wanted to sign up for something, your name is taken, you can’t even be you, there are way too many variations for you to have an account.

Jensen: I know, that’s one of the reasons why like – it’s too late at this point. Whoever is pretending to be me has ruined it for me – so screw it.

Winchester Radio: It’s true, it’s true. I’m glad to – you would not believe how many people still believe you’re out there.

Jensen: That’s crazy. Listen if hell freezes over and it does happen and for some reason I decide to join whatever it is – I’m sure it will be public knowledge. In fact, you have my word that it will be public knowledge, if I join, I will not join privately, I will join publicly for all to know and understand ‘Okay, I’ve sold my soul to the devil and now I’m on twitter.’

Winchester Radio: (laughs) Now my other question, completely different, we’re soon going to be seeing Misha’s big Supernatural directorial debut – how was it to work with him as a first-time director, did he ask you for any advice, and, the most important question, can you tell us more about the pie-in-the-face pranks?

Jensen: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Winchester Radio: (laughs)

Jensen: As far as advice, he and I sat down to dinner, this was maybe a couple of weeks before he was supposed to stop prepping, and I unloaded on him as much advice as I could think of that I would have wanted someone to tell me and some advice I did actually get before I shot “Weekend at Bobby’s” and Misha promptly whipped out his phone and writing notes, so I don’t know if any of those things helped him, or whether he was just writing an email to someone and not listening to me, I don’t know. So yeah I just tried to tell him as much as possible, give him kind of an idea of what to expect, but the thing is, you can give someone as much advice as you can possibly give them, and it seems to all either get washed away or be pushed aside because either instinct or personality take over. Luckily, Misha’s a smart guy and he’s also surrounded by people who really know the show and the crew who love him, and the support system he had going, which is the same support system I had going, helped him navigate any treacherous turns. Um, and fortunate and unfortunate for him, Jared and I didn’t work together much for that episode. I think we only worked together three days for that episode – who was it? (muffled) i don’t know, i wasn’t working so i wasn’t there. So we had to get in some hazing like Day One, unfortunately for him, we didn’t even get to stretch it out over an eight-day shoot, it was like ‘Oh we’re only in today and tomorrow – sorry buddy, you’re gonna get hazed pretty bad.’ He took in stride. I actually blame it on you guys. Because there was so much buildup on what we were going to do to him – that we it wasn’t – we couldn’t not do anything. So it’s really the fault of the fans that whatever happened to him happened – and I don’t take responsibility for it all.

Winchester Radio: (laughs) It’s his fault – he’s the one who said he was terrified of what you guys were going to do to him.

Jensen: Exactly. We were just fulfilling prophecy.

Winchester Radio: Who came up with the idea of the pie?

Jensen: (muffled)

Winchester Radio: So we saw the pie in the face twice – but was there anything else we didn’t see on video?

Jensen: Weelll, there was a lot that didn’t get done. I actually had a list of ideas. And the list was extensive and we didn’t get to do a whole lot, because he, after Day One, he took some intense precautionary measures, so we, you know, there were some good ones that we unfortunately that – really the only one that paid off was pie in the face twice and I think Jared got his script and some of the more extensive ones unfortunately we had to abort because A) we weren’t going to be there to do it B) he had taken some precautionary measures we couldn’t circumvent.

And then pleasantries/goodbyes were exchanged. The eeendd.


19 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles on the Winchester podcast radio – Interview

  1. Thanks for re-posting the interview. I wish the interviewers had asked if season 10 was going to be the finale for the show. I need to get emotionally ready if Sam and Dean are going to leave my TV set in the near future!
    Your welcome! I no exactly what you mean. Cause when that day comes I will be a total wreck I no I will. I am dreading it, and the finale brotherly moment. If its a year away or 2 or three years away you may find a bit of a wait. As its a real waiting tender game 😦

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Yeah that’s right. We need to prepare for that kind of thing at least a year in advance. Preferably with copious amounts of alcohol.:-(
      I said to Supernatural_Forever I will be a wreck, can you imagine that final moment between the brothers if its on the Impala OMG, I have invested so much time and love into this show. How will we cope. We need to be together in a bar or something and hug each other. Oh I’m going all gooey!! I can’t bare the thought of it ….. 😦

      Love Aunty B xxx


    2. I do not think the powers that be know if season 10 is going to be the last one. It depends on ratings, renegotiation of actors’ contracts and whether anyone has the creative desire to continue. It certainly feels like we are being set up for a departure as season 9 is wrapping up secondary characters quicker than I can count.
      There was a interview a while back with the main guy, who said as long as the boys want to play Sam and Dean its more or less given that they want more. It does make me suspisious also of the spin-off coming in, is this a sign that the show god for-bid might be coming to an end. I so hope not. I no it feels like an ending, but look how it picked up after season five. There appears to never be an end to this show, it could literally go on for years. There is always hope.

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “I do not think the powers that be know if season 10 is going to be the last one. It depends on ratings, renegotiation of actors’ contracts and whether anyone has the creative desire to continue. It certainly feels like we are being set up for a departure as season 9 is wrapping up secondary characters quicker than I can count.”
        I think season 11 will be the last. It could go on forever as far as I am concerned LOL

        I have a hunch in my tummy that 12 seems to be a good strong number. I don’t no why. Jensen wanted to beat Tom Welling and Smallville as their mates. So just to prove that point still exists I bet the boys are determined to beat this just to poke fun at this show. We did it, we beat you. Ha!!

        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. “carry on my wayward son… there’ll be peace when you are done” yet I feel that the show will end bloody as Dean has often predicted unless the powers that be want to keep the door open for movie option.
          I’m so with you on that one. But then if they did die they could always, always be bought back by supernatural means. So if they die would this affect me now that I would hate the thought of either or both of them dying. It depends totally I think on how they bring them back. Bobby has been cheapened way to many times. It has to be right.

          Love Aunty B xxx


  2. I found listening to the interview better than reading it. Nuances.The writers have purposefully turned Sam so that Dean can stand a bit. Jensen was hired as the second lead but now it is pretty equal as far as salary per episode and being friends, they probably shoot for equality. Still not sure Jensen was kidding about Sam’s status as a selfish a- hole as Jared has said similar remarks. What I thought I noticed was that Jensen is excited to dig into the character in a new way as he seems to express boredom at the same ole Dean. It was curious to hear how he shapes his approach to Dean depending on what is happening to the Sam character: re: Soulless Sam. Was it also a hint that he is a bit bored creatively as he shows up, says his lines, hits his marks…. Hoping that it was not a negative but could understand why a creative guy like this might want to expand his role and better yet his career. Be careful what you wish for as 86% of pilots fail. I too feel that the brothers angst has grown the show in a different direction and that is a source of some discomfort but may be necessary for the arc to work. And while the actors have contracts threw season 10, who knows what anyone might want to do after that, so that might determine where J. Carver takes the MoC arc. Assuming Jensen used his real voice and not the Dean voice in this interview- it is getting difficult to tell the difference.
    Yes I always prefer listening, but sometimes you miss what was said, so its great to have a hard copy too. I love hearing him laugh, and he felt relaxed and not tensed up which was good to hear. I wondered if this was the case. I think they are mucking about. I can imagine them off set saying what shall we say on camera, they have these interviews off to a tee now, and I think they occasionally love to spill a yarn to the fans. I would hate to think the opposite that they do chuck a wobbly in there. As it doesn’t sound like them to me. I wasn’t surprised about his remark about the pilot. I have always had my doubts but hearing that from him was like yeah Jensen. I think he speaks as he finds, and is more open these days I think to what he use to be. He was shy, but I think he’s really grown in front of the media and makes us believe in him. He has this knack of leading you in, and holding you there so he can speak. Yes the angst is important to the story-telling. They’ve said its still not sorted out when he read the script for episode 20 😦 So make of that what you will!! Yeah it could be Jensen’s stunt double, but we’ve never heard the guy talk. Could Jensen be a clone, a skin-walker. I’m jabbering now …. His accent is different off camera it has more of a tang to it and feels a higher pitch. I heard he tones it down deeper for Dean?

    Love Aunty B xx


    1. Good catch. I listened to the interview and was struck by how he says he approaches Dean. He knows his character so well that he simply adapts the character to the situation and that’s a great approach. I didn’t consider the difficulty that would occur when both characters have the same demeanor, ie. Soulless!Sam/Regular Dean. I liked how he mentioned he thought Dean was especially whiny in season six. I didn’t see it at the time but looking back I can see that Jensen would think so. He prefers a challenge and seasons 6 and 7 were not very challenging for him overall, as far as getting things to do. This may explain why these are my least favorite seasons, and why I’m loving this one so much. It’s very Dean-centric this season. Instead of Dean just reacting to things, his decisions are really pushing the direction of the narrative as it did in the earlier seasons, so the writers really are paying attention, I think.
      I think this is so spot on Ikeke, I think something was lacking during seasons 6 and 7 and maybe the fans persisting about Dean getting a story-line did work after all. It was boring watching him watch out for Sam and be his butler. Jensen needs something solid to work with, and as an actor I think this is what drives them when they are challenged. I don’t think the scales were balanced in the fact that Sam appeared to have most of the creative area’s. This season is so reminding me of season 4. In this clip on the board just now Jared gives us a spoiler. So enjoy. I love him giving us a wink at the end. I found the season very dull at first, and you may have noticed I haven’t posted as much because it wasn’t sparking me creatively. Now its beginning to bubble and come to the boil, yes I am feeling my feet again. I need something to inspire me and it wasn’t. It was so slow and so many fillers that were not pushing the story forward enough. Dean is just as important to the story as Sam, and both brothers need to be doing something to be allowed to grow. And it was like Dean was stagnate and wasn’t moving any where.

      Love Aunty B xxx


  3. For those of you searching for a similar fix tonight on The El Ray channel by Robert Rodriguez is the premiere episode of From Dusk Til Dawn the TV show. I watched the making of it and it bears some smiliarities to Supernatural in that it’s about two brothers, they’re bank robbers, one just got out of prison and is the bold and brash one. The other one is extremely intelligent but suffers from psychotic hallucinations and both of them run afoul of the supernatural in the form of Mexican/Mayan vampires, demons, and witches, which sounds pretty cool.
    I’ve not heard of this. Not even seen a mention of the title. Will check it out on you-tube and see.

    As far as I can tell this show is action and drama oriented and isn’t played for laughs. There’s a family of hostages and a cop with a dead partner who is chasing after the brothers. It looks great, kind of like Supernatural in the Southwest, but with more magic, less angels, and some extremely attractive Hispanic people in it. It looks like there’s some money behind it too. El Ray is Rodriguez’ new channel. I’m going to watch it tonight in lieu of Supernatural and let y’all know how it is.
    Are the leads good looking, have to ask 😉

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “For those of you searching for a similar fix tonight on The El Ray channel by Robert Rodriguez is the premiere episode of From Dusk Til Dawn the TV show”
      Im dvring it!


  4. I had listened to the podcast just before you posted this. I agree with Ikeke that the comment about Sam being a selfish asshole seemed to be more of a joke. I thought it was a good interview but it actually depressed me. It seems clear that the resolution of the rift between the brothers is many episodes away at best, and might not even occur until next season. That’s something I didn’t bargain for. Bummer. — AB/C
    I think many of us have picked up on this point also, its not what any of us were anticipating or wanting to see. Yes, I also think Jensen was joking too. Its his humor coming through.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. “I had listened to the podcast just before you posted this. I agree with Ikeke that the comment about Sam being a selfish asshole seemed to be more of a joke. I thought it was a good interview but it actually depressed me. It seems clear that the resolution of the rift between the brothers is many episodes away at best, and might not even occur until next season. That’s something I didn’t bargain for. Bummer. — AB/C”

      I dont think they will wait till next season but I do think the fight will end with a very dramatic gesture from either Sam or Dean!
      This appears to be the case and I think it will be Sam’s turn or at least I hope it will. I think Sam needs to save Dean for his own sanity and peace of mind. He admits he wouldn’t do the same if the situation were reversed but was he being truthful? I am not sure if JC is planning this to go through into 10 or he’ll have a new story. But this really is dragging now which makes me think!!

      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Do you think the fight will be centered around the MoC?
        I think so without doubt its feeding off them and making matters far worse than what they appear to be. Cain was isolated from his family. The same is happening with Dean.

        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. “Do you think the fight will be centered around the MoC?”

          I think the MoC will actually close the rift between the brothers-eventually


          1. AAGGGHH! I’m getting very impatient to see the next two eps. I heard that the MoC and the Blade play a big part.
            I know especially since we didn’t have an episode last night. And we have the spring break to come yet ….. I am spitting feathers!!

            Love Aunty B xxxx


  5. Jensen doesn’t agree, I think that’s a joke. At least when I listened to the podcast he was laughing about it and it came in the middle of a couple of other jokes abut their characters. I think it’s probably best to listen to it because written down it looks like he says a lot of nasty things, but in the voice interview they are sometimes just joking with him and you get some sense of his attitude and tone.
    He is a humorous guy so I’d forgotten this. But even so half of the board twisted it into something it clearly wasn’t. 😦 He does joke best part of the time and comes across as a professional guy. Which is what I love about Jensen. He’s rarely if ever malicious against Sam/Jared.

    People still didn’t like the interview though. And naturally the hysterics came out of the woodwork and began declaring that Dean hates Sam, the writers hate Sam and Dean and that the show is over and they’ll never be brothers again, which I feel is a ridiculous sentiment but it’s what they’re thinking.
    I know I just said as much in the last paragraph. It gets twisted and distorted into something its not. These two clearly love each other still, and that will never, ever change.

    He did confirm one piece of info, as far as the show being about Sam but from Dean’s POV. I’ve always felt that and I like it that he sees it that way too. And that he’s getting his chance now to be in the middle of something and get rescued by Sam for a change. One of Dean’s biggest issues is that he does think of himself as a hero, but often a failed one. He’s in a very dark place right now (and that really scares me) as he feels he’s not allowed to be a hero anymore and that was his purpose. I’m not upset with him for not trying to talk to Sam or not thinking about it because something really bad is happening inside him right now and he doesn’t even know it but I’ve been seeing little glimpses of it since he got the MoC and it’s very dark and kind of scary to watch this happening to Dean for a change.
    Yes, from the jump I am pleased he agreed with this much. I SO hope Sam does do the rescuing. Imagine if it doesn’t happen this time? Its great to see Dean with a myth arc all to himself after all the months of complaining he finally got there. The writers did here us!! The whole supernatural feel on Dean is so wired as we are so used to see Sam having this crutch. I wanted to see how Dean would handle such a supernatural entity and where it would take him. As with Sam Dean is unaware of anything in his body taking shape. Which makes the fiction more real. He’s oblivious just as Sam was when Gadreel was in him. I think this season is hotting up after all.

    Unlike a lot of people though who immediately began complaining, I’m very good with the interview. It confirmed a lot of stuff about Dean, this season, that I was already thinking and suspecting with the Mark of Cain and his new attitude, and I had noticed Dean’s room looked more spare. In fact, I thought maybe he’d moved to a different room.
    I didn’t notice that the walls were bare it hadn’t sunk in. I think I was concentrating on the plot too much to notice. I have heard others talk of this though. 😉 It did confirm a lot and was fun hearing it from the horses mouth. Did I say I love this story line!!

    Naturally he didn’t mention Sam much. He mostly focused on his own character which is great because that’s where the story is this season. Now if only the writers would move a little faster. I dislike all these hiatus and filler episodes. Tonight is a repeat of a filler episode. It’s getting frustrating because I think the writers are just drawing this out too long. There’s some great myth arc here that needs to get going and they are stalling. The payoff better be good for all this waiting.
    Your finally admitting the filler episodes annoy you 😉 Wow!! Moving a little faster, I no this is peeing a number off right now. I don’t understand why they are stalling. But the clip for next week is really funny. Crowley more human steeling candy from a machine Dean moaning at him so funny.

    Dean: Cut it out man, image! your the king of rotten act like it!!!! laugh

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Also it has just occurred to me that there’s a great irony in all this. He stopped the Demon trials because he was in Save Sam mode and stopping the Trials didn’t save Sam after all. Dean sort of made that decision without thinking through its repercussions and because he didn’t think that first decision through (which I’m glad he didn’t) he jumped right into another decision.
      This story gets more and more complicated. Its amazing how sometimes bits pass us by as we’re concentrating on other area’s. But they both appear to be going into another problem without even realizing it. I thought these boys were smart!! 😉

      He did think the second decision through but he made a judgement call from a very emotionally desperate position. He was caught between one bad decision and a worse one. And the repercussion of that is that he separated himself from Sam and made another rash decision with the MoC. Sam keeps him human, remember. And because he wasn’t with Sam he made another choice that is now leeching his humanity away and he’s not even aware of it, it seems.
      I know I love that line in season 5 its one of my favorites ever!! Its more than that, we keep each other human’. We knock our writers, but the way the plots do fall into place is only credit to their talents. I wasn’t keen on much of season 8 looking back. But this season is molding into something rather special. It has gravitas and moments of madness all woven in. Who will end up dying? who will end up saving whom? The plots thicken!!

      Love Aunty B xxxx


    2. Oh that whole clip was hilarious!
      It was funny, Sam was even so embarrassed about Crowley. Does Crowley actually have any demonic feelings left now? I loved how Dean remembered what Cas was like human, now its Crowley’s turn. 😉

      Love Aunty B xxx


  6. “Yeah, Sam’s a real selfish asshole is what it basically boils down to-”
    That’s what I’ve been thinking-glad Jensen agrees!

    I noticed that line too. They both agree as Jared said on his twitter feed that he thought Sam was a dick this season. 😉

    Love Aunty B xxxx


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