Is Crowley faking it?

Ever since that scene with Abaddon in ‘Road Trip’ and he let the boys escape out the kindness of his heart I thought did he teleport? Then in the clip for ‘Blade Runners’ we see Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine. Is this a deliberate front? We know the man is always ten steps ahead of the boys but why would he really be faking being human, or is he playing it for real?

I keep thinking why would he want to fake it if he is faking it. What would be his reason behind why he’s faking it. We know Sam virtually made him human during the trials but how much of his demonicness did he actually loose?  Or did he actually loose ANY? Did the spell retract itself back to his former self in a few weeks after the ordeal? Or has it gone so far the other way that it did actually go the whole hog and he is more human than we originally thought? But then how come Crowley can still teleport. If he is human the first things to go would be his demonic powers, would it not? 

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We can sense now that Dean is becoming Crowley’s bitch more and more as the weeks pass, so what’s in store for these two on the horizon. Is it a front, a smoke screen to play Dean that it blinds him into thinking that Crowley isn’t a threat any longer when he still is? Is Crowley playing with fire, but for what reason? Is it just to see that Dean carries out the task of killing Abaddon or is it something deeper than this. We know Dean’s only focus is killing Abbadon but will Crowley ditch Dean like a  hot potato once the job is successful. Will Dean truly be in Crowley’s pocket once he kills Abaddon?

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  1. I don’t think he’s Crowley’s bitch so much as the Mark of Cains. He is depending on Crowley to find the First Blade and that’s a mistake, because Crowley is notoriously unreliable.
    Crowley has a responsibility to see that Dean does the job of killing Abaddon. They are both tied to each other and Crowley is desperate to see Dean pass the test, as it appears to be happening in an up and coming episode. Crowley wants to see Abaddon out of the way once and for all. Dean is that meal ticket which he’s pinning all his hopes on. He’s using Dean left right and center. But is Dean wising up to him?

    I think Crowley’s pretty human. He’s been mainlining human blood since after the trials. I think it’s probably one of the first things he did after leaving Dean. Sam’s blood was very pure at the time and it would be difficult to find an adult human being whose blood is so morally clean. (Crowley would only be able to get morally compromised blood and who knows what that would do to him.)
    What do you mean by mainlining, storing it? Keeping it for his needy fix? So basically we have Crowley a la Sam season 4 will the boys throw him in the cellar again and detox him just like Dean did with Sam?

    I think he’s for real. I think he enjoyed being human and having those feelings again. Like any other drug it made him feel good but unlike normal drugs it’s doing the opposite of what demon blood would do to a human being.
    I think your right the more I think about this he so reminds me of Sam wanting to nip out and drink Ruby’s blood from a flask. But I thought all this would have affected his powers even more so. If he’s not faking it. So I wonder how he will get back to his original state? Cas got back to being an angel by unsavory means, so how will Crowley work his way back?

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Oh sorry. I think this is an American word.
      Mainlining, means shooting it into his veins with a needle, like when he was in the bunker or what Sam was doing to him during the trial. Yeah, if Crowley intends to be the King of Hell, he can’t do it as a human. I think the real question is, does he want to stay a demon or be human?

      That’s okay, some american words us foreigners don’t get. Not heard that before 😉 One thought just struck me about all this. That Crowley has invested so much time in Dean. Is Crowley wanting Dean to take his place. Does Crowley love being human too much and wants Dean to do his job. Why latch onto Dean just to make sure he kills Abaddon. He knows Dean is a hunter. Why go to all this trouble just to see Dean takes on the mark and everything that goes with it. Doesn’t make sense. There has to be more to why Crowley is befriending Dean. But then look at Gadreel he didn’t appear to have any motif when we all thought he might have.

      I also meant that he can’t be trusted because he knows something about the Mark of Cain and what it’s doing to Dean. He must know what the price for having it is. Or maybe killing Abaddon with the first blade could really mess Dean up like turning him into a demon or making him insane or something. We don’t know but I bet Crowley does. He lies like he breathes.
      This is why I think Crowley is hanging around like a bad smell. He knows more than he’s letting on. He’s invested in Dean way to much for it to be just to kill Abaddon. He would know Dean as a hunter would see it through no matter what got in his way. Something has got to be at the back of Crowley ensuring that Dean kills Abaddon. After effects is a possiblity. As Dean has been to hell before, and has already been corrupted. How far will it go before Dean goes totally demonic, how far of that is he? Jared said in that clip that this is Dean’s season 4 that Sam basically went through. And Sam went pretty dark before Dean stepped in after the angels told him. So how far will Dean actually go?

      Love Aunty B xxx


  2. He may have some humanity Crowley wasn’t exactly a nice guy when he was living. I think Dean is getting pretty fed up with Crowley as we saw at the end of the episode when he first got the mark think Crowley better watch out Dean may go on a full out road rage and shank him.
    I think he’s more or less back to his old self now. I think he’s taking people for a right mug and laying them off the scent. He is holding back on something surrounding Dean but what? Your right I think Crowley might get more than he bargained for if this deal goes pear shaped on him. Can he really control Dean when Dean is fully engaged with the mark. I can’t wait to see Dean get one over on Crowley. Bring it on!!

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Crowley is really taking a gamble here. He knows what’s happening to Dean with the Mark. I’m going to say he maneuvered Dean into position to get the Mark in the first place. I also think he’s relying on some past relationship with Dean to help him if something demonic or evil happens to Dean and he turns on him.
      He set Dean up, Crowley new about the blade and was looking for it for ages before the boys even new about it. He told Dean that much in the diner. Something big is going down that Crowley is behind its just not this simple. Sure of it!

      Love Aunty B xxx


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