Heading towards the finale.

Here’s my list – What else do you think might happen? 

Dean going dark = tick
Sam saving Dean = tick
Cas saving Dean = tick
Dean killing Abaddon without doubt = tick
Dean killing Crowley = tick
Crowley surviving = tick
Metatron dying = tick
Sam and Dean killing Gadreel together = tick
Kevin going to heaven = tick
Angels back in heaven = tick
Sam and Dean making up = tick
Brotherly hug = tick (I hope so)

Cas getting his grace back = tick




4 thoughts on “Heading towards the finale.

Add yours

  1. Not so sure anything will be resolved at the end of season 9. Let’s reverse season 4 and have Sam realize what Dean went thru when Sam was on demon blood. Doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons.It would make interesting acting switcheroo.
    Debbab your on my wavelength ….. This will be a big change around for Sam, and it will be interesting to see how he handles Dean being on the wagon so to speak. How will Sam get Dean out of this drama and back to normal. Sam was off the wagon for a long time. I read some where that Jensen said Dean found that season tough to deal with and was very challenging as an actor. So I can’t wait to see what is down the line.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. “I agree, but I think it might carryover into next season. At least I think the Angel stuff will. I think the demon stuff may get handled this season.”
    I agree-unless they get a lot done these last episodes, there’s too many loose ends to tie them all up this season.
    I think Dean will kill Abaddon-I think Crowley will live-other than that I have no idea!

    I think there are a few now who want Crowley out of the picture, they are getting bored with him. I hope they don’t. I think the boys need others to bounce off and Mark Sheppard is perfect. I am with you about Abaddon, I think that will be a finale moment as its all heading this way. That would wrap that project up nicely in a bow. Please lets not leave the angel stuff hanging on a thread. Those poor angels need to be back home, enough is enough now. There are a number of loose ends and agree with this point.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. Dean becomes a monster and Sam is forced to put his brother down–unless Sam take a dreadful risk that matched Dean’s own chose to save his brother.
    I think Dean is heading that way, but how dark to the point of being that monster? I don’t think will happen as I hope either Sam or Cas to a push will save him. I think this season is so mirroring season 4. So how dark will Dean actually go?

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I agree, but I think it might carryover into next season. At least I think the Angel stuff will. I think the demon stuff may get handled this season. I would love to see Dean going demonic or become a Knight of Hell or threatening to do that but Sam can’t save him and rather than leave his brother alone decides to join him. I would love to see them trapped in Hell or Purgatory together at the end. That at least has the benefit of being different, at least. But that’s just my wish list.
      I just yesterday read a tweet from Jim Michael’s who said the boys appear to have made up by/before the finale. Which is a big piece of gossip. They may leave it on a cliff hanger like 6 into 7 which appears to be their style these days. So we have the long old summer to wait biting our nails, yikes!! I think they really have neglected the angel stuff, its embarrassing that they are still not back in heaven. And its taken them this long to get to it. I remember you having this thought before Ikeke I do like the sound of this. But can we see them letting Dean go the whole hog. Most Dean fans love the thought of Dean being the human one and Sam the supernatural one. Maybe those roles are reversing as Sam is now totally human. I just want Sam to save Dean in some huge big heroic way, say they can both say sorry and hug. They need to hash this current stuff out as its dragging, I want some action, and the bond back.

      Love Aunty B xxx


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