Is Sam a dick since he’s become human?

I have read this thought around quite a bit lately, and wondered if my fellow bloggers noticed or felt that Sam has changed personality wise? Is this the real Sam now without any supernatural influences? Can Sam be so cold, and callous without any real feeling towards Dean that he almost wants to really hurt his brother to the point where he doesn’t no he’s doing it? Sam has wanted to die, and wanted to not even exist as he can’t find anything on earth worth living for. Is he so cold, that he can barely look at Dean and engage in a polite conversation, and longer. Are these brothers so estranged that they want to lead separate lives, is this what its come to?

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I have asked this question before about the demon blood whether that had any control over Sam’s emotions and well being to the point that it altered him as a human being. Some have said that Ruby’s blood in particular had tainted him even after Dean detox him. Now we are looking at the opposite side of the spectrum and notice a complete u-turn in his conversation how blunt he is, and how direct he has become. Okay we have something supernatural at work within Dean. But this certainly cannot be acting on Sam’s behavior too, can it? Sam during the trials was being purified. But what really did happen to Sam during this process, as its made me think a lot… Can some one on demon blood change? Can those trials really mold Sam into someone else entirely?  We also notice that Crowley a demon now becoming human, is also going off the wagon. Is there something in the air? Dean is now human possibly going dark and even turning into a demon? The cards are changing among our characters and there are physical and emotional changes afoot.

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Have you noticed any irregularities within our characters to a point where you begin to wonder about their subtle changes. What is this Mark of Cain really all about, and what did those trials really do to Sam? What have we unearthed about our boys that are any different? Can we sense is this the real Sam, that he is a dick and this is what we’ve ended up with? Can this Sam be any more cruel and emotionless to his own flesh and blood? What are the writers trying to put across here, that one brother is dark than the other that we have got to the point where we don’t really recognize Sam any longer? Or is this just a spit in the bucket and you think he’s hunky dory that you haven’t noticed a thread of difference within Sam of late? Watching season 8 even Sam was lovey dovey with Amelia than his own brother. So is there anything going on?

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  1. Dean is currently getting more black and white in his kills while Sam still moderates and emphasizes that he, Sam, still has a heart (re Pishtaciko disposition). It appears to be true only to anyone but Dean as Sam slices and dices into the core of their relationship. This slicing is based on Sam’s perception of Dean being selfish, yet the viewer knows otherwise. The relationship used to keep them human.. now even though living under one roof, they are separate from each other in a very fundamental way. MoC, Sam changing from near death experience. Both Jensen and Jared have characterized “Sam” as a selfish bastard and dick in interviews. Of course, they had only read up to episode 20 during that interview. All I know is that it is very difficult to stop being brothers and that seeps in whether Sam has Dean wipe his face from donuts, or Dean tells Sam how weird he is with girls, or both remember fondly childhood moments that encapsulate their relationship. Is it a transformative year or just other facets of personality caused by both supernatural and human events? Being human and alive demands shifts. Maybe Sam is also reacting to Dean’s MoC but he also has his own crap to process. Neither is all wrong or right. No bashing here.
    So we here this word Perception again, is it being woven in again this season? I think in the real world they would find it extremely hard to be apart from one another, we’ve seen them in action and its not been successful. How this relationship expands from now on will be interesting as so much has happened in this betrayal that how does it fix itself? They love each other so much that it does hurt them to be estranged. We see little signs of it healing here and there, Sam wanting to go back and talk to Dean. The boys talking when they were younger. Little hints have been thrown in our direction to make us think that they’ve been through so much and survived they can do it again, their the friggin Winchesters’. Of course they will break the ice and be brothers again, its on the horizon we can almost touch it. I have thought this about the MoC working on Sam’s mojo as well as Dean’s. Is the mark that powerful that it can influence more than one person into its scheme. Maybe Sam is hypnotized and can’t react nicely to Dean. Spooky!!

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to notice all those little gestures they make towards each other. I’ve gone back to watch the last few episodes and tried to watch things dispassionately (which is impossible ,btw) , as just two people ,not related to each other ,just working together. That’s impossible too.

      Anyone who didnt know either of these two people and met them on the street somewhere ,would just know they were related or much closer than they say they are. Its in everything they do, from the little gestures like mirroring each others poses, to the donut powder-face, to Sam;s reactions to Dean in danger. Apparently declaring it to be just a partnership is much more easily claimed than done.


  2. Sam said some very hurtful stuff to Dean that to some came off “dick-ish”. Yes he’s hurt and has every right to be but to tell Dean he’s done more bad than good and that he only saves Sam for selfish reason’s was a very low blow. Haven’t we all been “dicks” at times?
    I no he did. Sam is just lashing out, we all new this fall out was going to be dire, it was going to drag out and it sure has. I think the writing has shocked many of us in the way that those scenes were presented. I just wished they’d approached it in a different way. They love to use this word ‘Mature’ or some would see this as ‘childish’. We also sense that these words maybe for a reason to distance Dean from Sam because of the MOC later down the line. It was a cruel blow, but we also sense how hurt Sam must feel inside to lash out that blow. His anger has always got the better of him, and hope they find a way back from this.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  3. I have always believed and will always believe that Sam was a bigger dick when he was full of demon blood. Now that he’s completely human I think it’s just the Sam haters, once again, looking for ANY excuse to vilify Sam and a reason to hate him.
    I don’t see Sam as a dick so much as I still believe he was trying to help people and do the right thing. He wanted to kill Lilith and had one goal, and was so driven. We all do things when we’re desperate. I hated what Ruby turned him into and what he didn’t want to be. I think its the haters too, but there is so much negativity and I find it hard to struggle through the crap at times that its always a downer on Sam. Sam does so many good things yet is pulled from pillar to post.

    Sam is being a dick right now for a reason. HE’S HURT! AND ANGRY! He’s in pain and these fans? seem to be constantly forgetting that BOTH of the brothers are in a lot of pain and hurting right now. Sam is angry about what Dean did and has a right to be mad about it. Dean is feeling guilt about how he did it and is upset that Sam is angry with him and he’s upset with himself for Kevin’s death. Just because Dean feels hurt by the things Sam has said doesn’t make Sam’s feelings wrong. They both have some growing up to do and their feelings are not right or wrong. They just are.
    I know and not many are prepared to say that Sam has been hurt and is angry, all they see is Dean’s side, that Sam is being nasty to him. Sam went through hell with Gad even down to kicking Gad out the trauma Sam must have endured all those weeks. The weeks of being lied too, and being in the dark doesn’t bare thinking about. I agree he has every right to be hurt and very, very angry. Its a violation of privacy and a life lost. That takes time to heal it just doesn’t go away over night. But what sympathy has been shown for Sam, its just been what he’s chucking back at Dean. It feels a short straw to me, when Sam has been the victim in all this.

    Forgive my rant but all the Sam bashing has been seriously pissing me off. Except for here and the WFB, I don’t engage with the fandom anymore. I’ve become very disappointed in the increasing levels of stupidity within the fandom. They’re all bashing Sam or saying he said things he didn’t say and it’s become thoroughly exasperating. This site and the WFB seem to be the only places on the inter webs that are NOT inundated with levels of deeply hysterical and just plain dumb fanwankery.
    I never hardly ever bash a character well I don’t think I have intentionally. The fandom is a very wild, active place and very, very vocal. This is why I keep going back and going over words as I keep thinking did he say this, did he really, really mean what they are saying. Why are they twisting it. Why do they always find horrible views in Sam. I’ve been lucky since we’ve started I think I am so proud of this little community, that you all get along so well, I think it feels like were almost family and we’ve never had a crossed word. Heated words, but never anger. We seem to curb our anger and am proud of you all for getting on well together and communicating so freely. Its wonderful to see.

    This season is the worst I’ve ever seen the fandom behave. Honestly, these people act like they don’t have siblings or family members and act like they have no idea how people behave when family members do something wrong.
    I think it is me. I’ve not been in the fandom since the beginning only since mid-season 4. Its like hey Sam does something wrong moan and groan. But the minute Dean steps out of line the barriers go up. They are in protection mode. Does Dean need kid gloves or something. He’s messed up big time and actions have consequences and this has bitten Dean up the bum. He knows he’s done wrong, he did from the jump. But do the fans associate this or are they digging their heels in?

    Sam is completely and entirely normal. His reactions to what Dean did is completely normal and in character and most of Dean’s behavior is in character for him too.

    Sam loves Dean.
    Sam just loves him.
    That hasn’t changed and ain’t never going to change no matter what Dean does. It’s possible to love a person deeply and still be angry with them but then you work it out, talk it over and move forward. That’s what family does. They are still brothers, will always be brothers. That hasn’t changed. It ain’t gonna change. Sorry about the rant. I’m not even mad at the characters or the show. I’m upset about the massive amounts of stupid fanwank about this show. I’ve pretty much stopped visiting all other websites because I have absolutely zero patience for it. I understand why you do it Bella, because you have to remain informed. You run a site and need to know what the fans are thinking but I’ve very much decided that I don’t need and would rather not know what a lot of them think.

    Many think Sam doesn’t love Dean now. And they find it hard to think that he does. Some even assume the bond was broken a while back and may never be fixed. The fandom get things way out of proportion and never relax about this show at all, they never let their guard down. Your not on your own, I only have two sites I look through too. IMDb and TWFB. I picked it back up again after you mentioned it. I hope my writing is in their league? I am a one man band and all my own work. Not a team here. I feed off area’s of the fandom, to primarily find inspiration for my articles. If I didn’t have any source how can I write. My own head only contains so much inspiration, and of late its dried up really badly. This season has been so hard to write about from a creative point of view. Its not fueled me and driven me like last season. So I have to get my juices from some where else. Don’t be too mad just try and relax about the fandom, as its always going to be here and we can try and shut the door on it, but occasionally it bites. Sorry if its got to you.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. May I ask, what was it about last season that really captured you? I know for me it was the Bunker and the Men of Letters but what is it about this season that’s not intriguing to you? The Closing the Gates of Hell thing turned out to be a bust which I thought was disappointing, but it made up for that with the Angel fall. So far nothing has been resolved and the writers keep adding new stuff.
      Of course you can. Last season I think the whole perception feel gripped me a lot. Understanding what was and wasn’t right. It got us all into a tizz. I also seem to remember being upset over Sam not looking for Dean and working out of ways to get him off the hook. For me there was or seemed to be more action. The portal, Benny, Naomi, Metatron, The boys wondering how Cas got out of purgatory. And of course the whole purgatory feel. We’d seen nothing like this before, and rugged Dean was superb. Amelia was a huge turn off and disappointment, even now I have a job to really warm to her. I loved the introduction of the men of letters and the bunker I think is a huge success, and I hope it will last. I think it was a perfect fit for the boys. Yes the gates were a disappointment but it felt like a finale last ever sort of ending and I think it was written too early. I think there have only been five major episodes which have me on the edge of my seat. Gadreel was a huge hit for me, wondering who he was, and what his end game was. But other than this nothing much has turned me on. The fallout between the brothers is driving me insane wanting to slap them and say snap out of it Sam. He’s your brother. But after Gadreel’s expulsion I have found it flat again. Too many MOTW’s for me. But its beginning to hot up now, once Dean holds that blade and kills someone with it, WOW the smoke will hit that pan. I am also beginning to work out what is going to happen and am 90% certain it will go the way I hope it will. So I am excited but not necessarily inspired I guess I no what may happen and am happy with it.

      Also I think the surest way to calm down is just stay away from most forums, which I have been doing. And just watching and loving the show. Tonight has a MoC moment. I’m totally psyched about that. I can’t wait.
      I did read today that they are delving into the Men of Letters more and Henry Winchester is coming back in a flashback episode. Which sounds great I think next week. The writers are really going to be bringing us a few more men of letters characters in which is cool too!

      Also tonight the second episode of From Dusk Til Dawn will be showing. Maybe we’ll get to see the vampires in this episode, so I’m very excited about that, too.
      Not seen this show, never heard of it sorry. If its all about Vampires it doesn’t over interest me. I prefer a show with variety in the monsters so to speak. Hope its a good one.

      Love Aunty B xxx


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