Is it all about the souls AGAIN!

Sam had flashbacks if you recall in this episode and he found evidence of souls being used on a mass scale. It was interesting to see a call back to the past and is this for a reason? Are the writers re-visiting old plots again to re-design them into something else entirely for Season 9?

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What was going through Sam’s mind when he released that soul?

Death said to Dean before he went back into retrieved Sam’s soul he  firmly emphasized to Dean that it was all about ‘The SOULS’. Souls are untapped energy steeped in power at their disposal.  This week the show re-visits this story line in a new twist. But what could this twist actually be. Sam released the souls into the atmosphere so they could be returned to their rightful owners. So what is Abaddon really up to under the surface? And could Abaddon and Crowley be working together as Cas and Crowley did during season 6. Cas wanted the souls for his own ego to defeat Raphael and be king of Heaven. Crowley isn’t befriending Dean out of the kindness of his soft nature, almost humanish heart. So if souls are the theme for this season, how does this tie up Abaddon, Crowley Cain and Dean’s involvement? Dean isn’t stupid, he’s aware something is bubbling under his radar but doesn’t know the full extent of Crowley’s wroth, so what is our King really up to with Dean?

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So what is our King really up to with Dean?


Is the blade and killing Abbadon a smoke screen? As we’ve seen demon armies before on this show with Azazel and using Sam to do his bidding. So if the souls are the focus of this season into season 10 again, what are they ciphering that energy for? Is it more than just creating a demon Army. But why is Abaddon wanting to create that army. Are demons trying to take over Earth and rid it of humans for their own inhabitation? We saw also in season 7 that the Leviathan boss Dick wanted to use all humanity for his own power hungry games and push us humans out for his bigger picture? So what is really going on under the surface? We no this show likes to look back into its history, but how are these loose ends really all tying together?

Why is Abaddon wanting to create that army.

So Bella would love to know how much you know about human souls, and why Abaddon is trying to multiply her asset and tap into human life, for what real gain? Is she working with Crowley, not trying to bring him down? If she is working with him as Cas clearly did in season 6, why would working with Crowley be of real benefit to her? Is she wiser than him, more in tune with her own crowd than Crowley ever was? But my biggest question has to be Dean’s use in all this saga, why has he been bought into this shady mix. He is the tool after all to defeat Abaddon. So is Crowley keeping Dean at arms length and keeping him as back up in case it all goes wrong with Abaddon. Or is Dean going to be part of their army in leading their powered up demons. But why?

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  1. i thought those where angel graces at first but then few seconds later on revealed that they where souls i was like how lame i didnt mind the whole souls thing first time around but i dont think they really need to use it again at least its to make an army this time i guess……..


    1. “I was like how lame I didn’t mind the whole souls thing first time around but I don’t think they really need to use it again at least its to make an army this time I guess……..”
      I think the whole soul thing was the shows way of getting Sam as invested in killing Abaddon as Dean. JMHO

      I so agree with this. I thought the way they weaved the past story into this one was rather clever, even though the material had been used before.

      Love Aunty B xxx


  2. ” Cas wanted the souls for his own ego to defeat Raphael and be king of Heaven.”

    I dont think he started out wanting the souls for his ego,or for becoming king of Heaven. That all happened when he ingested the souls.


    1. You’re correct. Crowley gave Cas the idea about the souls and brokered a deal with Cas for their useage. Cas needed the souls because Raphael had the majority of angels on his side. Cas did not want to defeat Raphael because of his ego. If Raphael had won the war, he would have restarted the Apocalypse. Cas wanted to win to avoid the destruction of mankind.


  3. Good morning!
    I am glad the writers are taking us back to the past to twist this plot. I do not think that Crowley is working with Abbadon. There can only be one King/Queen of Hell so this is a winner takes all fight. However, I believe that Crowley wants Dean to take Abbadon’s place as “the” Knight of Hell. Remember, Dean left the rack and began to torture souls himself during his stint in Hell and was a favorite of the demon responsible for teaching him the tricks of the trade (I forget his name). Crowley knows that Dean is a BAMF and will make a great addition to his leadership council, as long as Dean can be controlled. The MoC is going to work against Dean’s humanity making it easier for Crowley to swoop in and twist Dean even more.

    Abbadon is using souls in order to beef up her demon army just like Cas did during season 6. Souls are power. Abbadon is a fallen angel so she probably hates humans just like Lucifer did and wants to destroy mankind. She wants a reboot of the Apocolypse. Crowley does not hate humans since he was born human and turned demon. Abbadon will never work with Crowley because she detests his human born soul. Same as with Dick Roman. Original creations of God are jealous of mankind and our souls. I think Abbadon underestimates Crowley. Crowley is a politician at heart and knows how to get what he wants by building relationships and coalitions. He has been working with the Winchesters since season 4. Abbadon uses brute force. If the Winchesters have to make a choice between him and Abbadon, he knows that the brothers will choose him. Abbadon also severely underestimates Sam and Dean. Those two defeated Lucifer and Michael, the two highest ranking Archangels in heaven. I think Crowley is using the best weapons in his arsenal, the Winchester brothers. He knows first hand that the number of souls Abbadon collects will be no match against those two once they get their head in the game. Also, Sam is the former boy king in the making. If Crowley can re activate that aspect of Sam, and keep him controlled, he will have two of the most powerful Knights of his making. I know that Sam is not being featured this season to return to his original status as a demonic creature, but it could happen since that transformation was aborted during the writers strike of season 3. I think Carver may try to finish that story before SPN ends. Just my humble opinion!


    1. I like this. I like this very much.

      Crowleys two issues are to get and keep the Winchesters in the game, and keep those weapons from turning on him when it reaches it’s end. I still think the brother bond will reassert itself and Crowley will go that one step too far and lose everything, possibly even his life.

      But how do you know Abaddon is a fallen angel. I know Cain created the Knights and said they were the first Fallen, but I thought he meant the first fallen humans, although I do realize a lot of angels fell with Lucifer, so it’s possible.

      ( I also know that all demons have different powers. Why can’t she teleport like Crowley? Even Lucifer couldn’t teleport ( although he could project his image to people.) Why is Crowley the only, red smoke-teleporting demon in the show?)

      How totally bada**would it be if both brothers marched into Hell and took over? The Firstborn and The Boy King. That would be one helluva cliffhanger!


      1. Oh and, ftr, that demons name was Alastair. If Abaddon was a fallen angel then the other prominent demons might have been angels as well. Just Lucifer’s soldiers from Heaven like Azazel, Lillith, Alastair and even Abaddon, all demons who worked for him directly and had little to no regard for humans at all.


      2. I thought it was stated that Abbadon was an angel. However, I did a Google search and Abbadon is mentioned in the book of Revalations as an angel and the King of Locusts. I thought the Knights of Hell were all fallen angels; demons were humans that went to hell. I may be confused on that but I thought there was some hierarchy based on status: fallen angel vs human born. Meg, Ruby, Crowley, (thanks!) were all human. Lilith too since she was Adam’s first wife (according to texts not included in the current version of the Bible). I think that the yellow-eyed demon was a fallen angel or at least a human personally corrupted by lucifer. Lucifer contacted Yellow-Eyes directly in the season 4 finale and also in the episode the first time Dean time traveled and met his parents. And Didn’t Abbadon teleport during Sacrifice after she was set on fire? I may have to watch that episode again.

        And yes, First Born and Boy King taking over Hell would be the event!!!!!!


        1. I had included Alister as human which is why there is thanks inside the parenthesis but I agree with you that he probably is a fallen angel.


          1. I just went by the idea that if they have a biblical name like Azazel or Abaddon – if you can find their name in the Bible and/or they have an intimate relationship with Lucifer, like Lilith, then maybe they were fallen angels but I haven’t heard it specifically stated about any of them. I just made an assumption.

            I didn’t actually see Abaddon teleport but I did wonder how she got to the church so quickly, without a vehicle. The Impala is still the only vehicle parked outside the church when the brothers leave at the end. She smoked out when Sam lit her up though. On the other hand she has been seen riding in a vehicle, soooo…..?
            Crowley bit Sam’s arm and orchestrated her to be there he spoke in the blood bowl to communicate with her. So maybe he teleported her there. He was asking for help to be freed, so one assumes they were connected.

            Love Aunty B xxx


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