Difference between dark and bad?

An interesting topic came up regarding Dean’s personality how the mark will affect his human traits. How far will it go in changing what Dean really is? Will his humanity be compromised at all? We’ve seen what evil Sam has endured over the seasons, and how dark he became. So I was just wondering how far Dean’s humanity will really change?

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Dean doesn’t want to kill innocent people and is adamant that he won’t let him self go that far. But when it comes to it Dean goals have always been good. Protecting people and saving lives on a massive scale. So this time is very different that with a supernatural influence we know darkness looms and is eating away at Dean as we speak. Bit by bit that mark is taking hold and shaping him into that ultimate killing machine. So how at the end of the day does Dean work through this mind field and think why am I here? why am I doing this and allowing this crap to happen to me? So will killing Abaddon really change Dean and push him in a whole different direction. How can he fight this. Look how demon blood pushed Sam into a dark corner that he had a job to break free from that darkness, into the light again. What it took Dean to get Sam back to full strength. All the struggles he went to, to see that Sam was Safe from the supernatural.

So how different will Dean be to Sam’s earlier plight. How will Dean struggle mentally. How will the mark influence him and brainwash him to the point he can’t break free from it on his own. Dean is the one on the show who remains the HUMAN one. The one with the moral compass to keep everyone else in line. So when this begins to fail, and his leadership takes a turn for the worse what state will the team be in? If Dean’s humanity is compromised where does this leave Dean’s persona? Eventually his personality will rub off, and he will find it harder and harder to push himself away from this curse. Addictions are hard to break, so how different will this one be. Dean has left himself open to all sorts of temptations. Just as Sam did on demon blood. How will the mark really affect his humanity, will it change him completely for ever? Dean saves lives, he doesn’t unless under duress take them away. So this curse will be hard to shake off, but the human taint may after still remain. What damage will the mark do to Dean’s humanity. We know when Sam died in season 2 that Azazel teased Dean that did Sam come back 100% Sam. So we have these dilemma’s to face again. So how bad will it get for Dean long term, and how dark will it get for Dean long term? Will the story line allow Dean to go on a killing spree and be just like a member from the A-Team! Bad can get so BAD that Dean will have his humanity tampered with, but will that taint be with him for ever. Just like when he struggled to cope with hell. The signs are there clearly that Dean is crumbling under the surface, but what is around the corner that might change him into a mad man who can’t be controlled.

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Dean is the human one, the hero who knows his goals, and is fearless and driven. But without his humanity has the Dean we know begun to drift away from us, that we don’t know him any more? That he’s lost to the supernatural curse that has clearly taken him for a ride just for a means to an end, but will it be the end for him if he continues down this road? When will he slam on those breaks and quit the mark of Cain and regain his humanity. When does the darkness stop and tread into the light and be back to full strength. In Blade Runners Dean killed Magnus and stopped, but who’s to say that charm won’t persist and continue on this path of destruction for the foreseeable.  seeing a huge shift in his character is scary, but has it passed the point where he can’t come back and this is the end of the line. Will Dean end up being bad and we will notice that shift in his character. How far do you think it will go can the show allow Dean to be dark full-time and loose that humanity trait for ever?



10 thoughts on “Difference between dark and bad?

  1. Hey Belinda, I didn’t see a good way to contact you, so that’s why I’m posting this comment :p
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    Hey to you too. Thank you so much for voting for my blog. It really does mean so much that people think of it, and think something of my work. I just love this show so much and its a huge part of me. I put work into this site, but my posters do here too. I wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for them contributing. Also its coming up to the Blogs second birthday next month, so its a great present!!

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Congrats Bella!
      I am off to bed and then The NJ SPN Convention in the morning! If I hear any good spoilers I will report back 🙂

      Thanks honey, I know how excited you’ve been for months. I have been thinking of you all weekend. I bet your like the cat that has got the cream!! Have fun and enjoy every precious moment.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. IMHO…the role reversal is a cunning way of fixing this rift between the brothers, The thin man episode juxtaposed the Brothers rift about one lie and the ramifications of it and the break up of the two brothers by choice Ed and Harry of the Ghostfacers. A very humbling experience for BOTH brothers as they both saw what the other couldn’t understand. How some choices that on the surface seem harmless & selfless on one hand, can cause great harm later on. Even when these choices are chosen out of Love or great need, they can have ramifications that can not be foreseen till it’s to late. Dean chose to let the Angel beguile Sam into giving permission to possess him; as with Harry doctoring evidence about the Thin Man so Ed stayed in Ghostfacers. On the whole both story lines are about two totally different situations, but in a sense both situations gave the real brothers food for thought. Dean saw what his one lie had done..IE Gadz fully taking over and trapping Sam in his own mind, killing Kevin using Sam as the weapon. Harry doctored evidence and tricked Ed into staying on the road which gave the perfect opportunity for two psychopaths to go on a murdering spree using Harry’s lie for a cover. Sam saw that even as royally ticked and hurt he Still was, he loved Dean, and he saw first hand the aftermath if he choose to never forgive. IE..Ed leaving Harry forever and choosing not to forgive or forget.

    Good to see you back again Jenks always good to see familiar faces. I got the whole point of the story, but what bugged me more than anything was why the friggin ghost-facers. Those guys so annoy me. They are nothing like Sam and Dean, in fact total opposites and jerks to boot. I’m not mad at you just the writers for bringing those pricks back just to say ah look Sam and Dean are having a tiff, and a really big one this time, lets bring in a double act to prove a point to the audience that the boys really do have a problem that’s not going away any time soon. To top it all they wind us up by saying oh look The facers are parting company FOR GOOD. Jeez writers I hope you not going to do that to our boys. What are you trying to say here. I was a bit peeved with this story looking back. It wasn’t done as well as it might. We are rooting for the boys to get back together not separate for good. I will be saddened if Sam doesn’t find the heart to forgive Dean, I hope he acts better than those two numpties. Sam could have come to this conclusion on his own without involving others into the equation.

    Dean and the MoC is another juxtaposed situation. Dean is now the Brother in danger of being condemned to eternal damnation. As when Sam was the one that was damned by starting the Apocalypse and by being Luci’s Earthly vessel. The role reversal can not be lost on both of them. Sam has mellowed his anger towards Dean, You saw it in the Purge when Dean called him for help when he drugged himself and Sam ran to look for him. Yet again it was seen in Captives, when he hesitated at the door to his room when Kevin said to quit fighting and forgive and forget, You saw it again when the busboy held the knife to Deans throat in Thin Man and though he is taking his own sweet a$$ time about voicing his forgiveness, he had already fully forgiven Dean by the end of First Born when Cas was retrieving the lingering Grace of Gadz and was told that to remove the last of it would Kill Sam. And though Sam said go for it that he doesn’t care if he dies, Cas refused, knowing that Sam is lying. Sam is going to eat those words he spoke to Dean in the Kitchen that day, if not already.
    Dean blundered when he didn’t ask Cain what the heavy cost or burden that this Mark would have and would later have to be paid.

    I know there is so much more still to come from this, and the adventure has only just really begun, they have a mountain to climb in seven more episodes. Its a tall order to fill. Sam has slowly come around and bit by bit we can see Sam gracefully given in and learn to forgive Dean, eventually that day will come and he will be able to talk it through, just as they’ve both done in the past. But with each argument/upset they’ve always come back to who they know, and who they both love, each other. That’s why I am always positive that Sam will work this out even though he has a grip with family. He has to know Dean loves him even though he occasionally stuffs up, but at the core the heart is always in the right place.

    But then again this is the reason we love him, Dean has a heart of a Lion, He’s courageous and brave, so unwilling to give up or give into fear and despair. I find his Love infinite, cuz once you’ve breached his thick wall he’s erected around himself, you find he is fiercely loyal and self sacrificing when protecting those he love, His Blind willingness to overcome any obstacles, withstand all pain and absorb any suffering is simply amazing! Then when you find out he finds himself worthless and nothing…oh that is just Earth Shattering, heartbreaking. {BRB…*sobbing* “) } Do I imagine Dean will become obsessed or turned to the Dark side…No!Why? Because of the simple fact; Dean is Worthy and will fight it. He is actively fighting it as we speak.
    This is one thing in my own mind I have always said about Dean and use this word Loyal is is threw and threw, until someone pees him off then its all guns blazing. He is self sacrificing even more so out of the family. The lengths he goes to to protect Sam has always been amazing. He never gives up hope that Sam will be okay and by his side again. Season 9 was always a reminder of this. I think he’s tempting it. His regressing back to the feel of it and the tug it gave him to break free from it. As Purgatory, it felt raw, this I think will have a similar effect. Its like a drug that will be so hard for him to kick. That twist will come if he’s able to kick it or not, how far those urges will go. Sam so has to be there to get him out of this nightmare. Or I will Scream from my lungs if he doesn’t.

    For every time Dean has been thrust into a impossible, dangerous positions he has bounced back. He may not come back unscathed but he does come back. I find it unfathomable why others see him going all dark and evil. WHY? This man went to HELL, he was tortured, and flayed by the very best demon in Hell for 40+ years and then made to do unthinkable acts for how many years after. Did he Break? No..This is the man that went through gut wrenching pain, suffering and grief to stop the Apocalypse. Did he break after losing Sam? No…
    This is the man that went to Purgatory for a whole year, and on the run from every single monster he has ever put there in his 20+ year reign in the Family Biz.. Did he break in Purgatory? Nope..He NEVER broke. He never broke when he LOST EVERY SINGLE PERSON he has EVER Loved…Mom, Dad, Sam, Jo, Ellen, his real Father Bobby, Lisa, Ben the list goes on and on…
    But NOW you believe him so weak that he would succumb to a Mark? Cain may have succumbed to the power and Blood lust the Mark gave him initially, but he wised up and fought the urges for years and lived peacefully in seclusion. So the Mark isn’t as powerful as we think.. Also
    That’s why I believe Cain was WILLING to pass the Mark on to Dean. He didn’t have the condition or law to pass it on. Luci didn’t say hey when you’ve had enough just pass the Mark on and we’re square. On NO! The distinction was in Cain’s Words, he said; HE was only willing to pass it on to another, IF they were worthy.

    I think fans want to see Dean go dark, because Sam did in Season 4. They/we also want to see how Jensen tackles it. How he will deliver the darkness inside him. If he will take on Abaddon or if she will possess him which has been a contender for ages. This show is about the supernatural. For Dean to go dark all the way is exciting, dangerous and fearless for Dean all rolled into one. Dean has suffered they both have, but this is the nature of the show. Its been a while since Dean has been in the major spotlight all season and many have banked on this action, now they have it its wonderful to read their enthusiasm and intrigue. I think seeing our heroes in some danger is all part of the shows appeal. Seeing they come back to normal and recover from something so horrendous. Its all power to the actor who can seamlessly pull it all off. I can’t wait to see Dean go fully on dark as Sam truly did. Perhaps it may help both of them understand what each other went through.

    The season finale is called “Do you believe in Miracles”… I know it is suppose leave us twisting in the wind, just like this past Walking Dead finale, with a major cliffhanger.
    IMHO…Dean is what God really envisioned when he first created the Angels, and that is the reason the Angels loathe us Humans. It’s not because we came last, and we’re inferior it’s because God really loved us best., for the fact we love blindly, faithfully and damn the cost to ourselves. Our lives are not short and meaningless our souls is our Saving Grace and with Grace comes infinite power. That’s why we keep going back to the power of the Human Soul and how mighty it really is.
    I know, I guess that feels apt with the direction its going in. I love the stories the souls keep giving us, and the ways they weave them in. The soul is something of wisdom and great power, and to be able to understand it more is all the more fascinating. Seeing Sam without his soul for so long was horrible to view, even now I find it hard to re-wind and understand his actions. I don’t think at this point the writers fully understood what it was like not to have a soul, maybe this is their reason for returning to it so often. Power to them for trying again.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. It’s not that I think Dean is weak and can’t fight the MoC. I know he can but…

      I’m of two minds on it. On the one hand, I’d love to see him fight this and win (and he probably will) and another part of me wants to see him fight the Mark and lose, because I know Jensen will totally own that role and I’d love to see him bring his “A” game to being a total BAMF. I love seeing Dean go dark because when he has done that, Jensen plays it so damn well and that makes for some exciting TV. Ultimately though it doesn’t matter to me which one happens,as long as it’s exciting. I have faith in Dean but I still want to see Jensen do this.

      But you’re dead right about who Dean is and what Carver is trying to do here. In every episode since First Born Carver has been laying down the foundation for the finale for this season and what will happen between them and I’m enormously confident that the brothers will reconcile by the last episode. I think this season has been very cohesive and a lot of the things that happened in the earlier part of the season will see some play, from Cas’ stolen grace, to Crowley’s blood addiction.

      We’ve got multiple themes this season, actually. Lies and deceptions, people who are not who they seem , parallels and role reversals. An angel and a demon become human, a human becoming a demon, demons trying to redeem themselves through love, Sam and Dean trading places. This season has been very complex and provided some great insight into both the brothers and the supporting characters as well.

      Also ,do you think Crowley’s new humanity allows him to love the brothers? Even just a little? And whether or not that is something that will come into play later? It’s obvious that he waffles back and forth between some strong emotions for them ,which one can catch tiny glimpses of,but are those emotions enough to redeem him? And what does that mean for the Winchesters.


      1. “”It’s not that I think Dean is weak and can’t fight the MoC. I know he can but…

        I’m of two minds on it. On the one hand, I’d love to see him fight this and win (and he probably will) and another part of me wants to see him fight the Mark and lose, because I know Jensen will totally own that role and I’d love to see him bring his “A” game to being a total BAMF. I love seeing Dean go dark because when he has done that, Jensen plays it so damn well and that makes for some exciting TV. Ultimately though it doesn’t matter to me which one happens,as long as it’s exciting. I have faith in Dean but I still want to see Jensen do this.””

        I totally agree, Jensen would bring his A game to the part if he went BAMF Demon Knight or King. I can even go so far as to say it would breathe some new life into Dean and the dynamics of the Brothers relationship. After all Jensen has been this man for 10+ years, it may be getting stale to be the Same man every year. A better way of saying it is Dean has ALWAYS been the savior of the Brothers, the one that saves the day. Sam has always been the Brother in Distress, the brother that is always in the need of saving. I’m in a pickle and like you of two minds about Dean going all Dark and gloomy. I would Love to see Dean appreciate what he has done, of who he is and what he as a whole, means to others around him. Going Full Badie might mean that he would learn to LOVE himself and not feel like nothing, as someone worthless and meaningless. But on the other hand, would going Dark have a reverse effect on him and give him more of a reason to believe what he has already made up his mind he is, a worthless grunt.

        “I’m just a Grunt, Sam. You’re not. You’ve always been the brains of this operation and you told me so yourself, that you can see a way out. You See a Light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel. I Don’t…never have, it’s good you do…But I’ll tell you what I do know, I’m gonna die with a gun in my hand, cause that’s what I have waiting for me, that’s All I have waiting for me.”
        He has always had two purposes…Only TWO..Protect Sam at all costs and kill the things that would make everyone howling insane. There has never been any thought for what he wanted for himself.

        “”Also ,do you think Crowley’s new humanity allows him to love the brothers? Even just a little? And whether or not that is something that will come into play later? It’s obvious that he waffles back and forth between some strong emotions for them ,which one can catch tiny glimpses of,but are those emotions enough to redeem him? And what does that mean for the Winchesters.””

        Yes, I think Crowley has a real liking of the Brother’s. I think he had a kind of begrudged liking of them even prior to the Human Blood thing. He has enjoyed being around them since season 4. He has always been willing to work with them, he still chooses to rile them up and even double cross them. But there’s a end game with Dean in Crowley’s plans. This MoC has set something in motion but just what IDK. But it doesn’t look to be favor bestowed to a friend. He has a real need to have Dean in his corner. IMHO…it’s a plan that would cement his reign in Hell, what better way to stay in power than have the World’s Best Hunter in your control.


  3. IN many ways season 9 is a flip flop of season 4. It is Dean’s turn to be “under the influence” of evil in the strong belief that something good will happen through this self exposure to evil. Sam has been so human this season once Gadreel was expelled. He makes a point in several episodes to tell us through words and actions that he has a heart, a conscience. He has started to notice that Dean is not alright, not eating, sleeping, even going out on a hunt- a man obsessed with research (Dean is not a fan of research. It is like Dean finally noticed that Sam was not right with Ruby. It also shadows season 6 when Sam lost his soul-now Dean’s humanity-his soul is at risk. We see how humans without good souls/energy are so prone to violence. So Blade runners and Mother’s little Helper are role reversals. It is now Dean who reflects on his “freak” status. And I think that is what we see at the pool table b/c he is not afraid of going after Abaddon. However, what is different now is that Sam has stated he would not act to save Dean, whereas Dean never hesitated to try to save Sam from himself. At season 4, the brothers were at opposing corners with a major physical fight and Dean saying (like his father before him to Sam), “If you walk out that door, don’t you ever come back!” Winchesters are at odds with each other now, but are united in a cause to kill Abaddon. Dean has been a righteous man whose soul was tainted by spilling blood in Hell. This trait was there (see his torture of Alistair) without the MoC. As Ruby said to Sam, It was in you all along, you didn’t need the feather to fly, Dumbo.(Disney reference). So, let’s see if the writers throw in another twist.
    At least we can say the writers do research their past, that the brothers do have a caring side for one another, and that all is not lost as regards the bond. This time has been particularly tough on them both, but when faced with danger we almost know how each of the boys will react, by now. I have said on this blog that more or less both brothers have something supernatural in them. Whether angelic or demonic badness appears to be looming again and we hope that goodness will prevail. The whole Ruby statement really always made me suspicious of this fact that they were both put on this earth just to be more than vessels. (The same with both Cas and Crowley) John and Mary were destined to be together, so the boys could be born. Now as if by magic Cain has appeared who the boys are decedents of. Is this spooky, all these years later that we have Cain on our TV screens promoting a softness for our Dean kindred spirits like a match made in heaven. All these stories I hope have a link, that by the series end we will have a better idea of this whole package. I love a good old twist that proves my old brain box right for once. We’ve had the Apocalypse on this show, what else could they throw our way? Make Dean a Knight of HELL!!!!

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Now the rumors are that they are going to wrap up as much of the plot bunnies this season as they can but that will still leave a HUGE cliffhanger for next season involving both brothers. I am totally psyched and can’t wait for them to stop stalling with all these vacations. It’s nerve-wracking! I’m still rooting for Sam to save Dean but Dean as a Knight of Hell would be Awesome!
      I’m back, we had a power-cut last night and everything went up the spout, started typing on this blog and lost a big post, so I was well annoyed. So sorry for not getting back to you guys. I have some catching up to do. The whole point of them starting the show in October instead of September was to cut down on the number of breaks, but to me it still appears the same. It still equals five weeks when you put the Winter Olympics together and the Spring break. We also had a week off for some major soccer fixture. So am I Ikeke I so want Sam to save him, and many are saying now they want to see Cas save him, as they feel Sam isn’t up to it. I could scream. I want to see season 3 Sam again the one who would charge in there like a knight in shining armor and rescue his brother. Its his voice that Dean picks up on no one else’s I think there is a big reveal in there some where. I also hope Gadreel’s grace is going to make a re-appearance maybe to heal Dean. This season is beginning to pick up nicely now after such a slow start that was full of fillers which were boring in comparison. I love a story with a bit of bite and action. I so need my fix and we have another week yet!!!

      Love Aunty B xxx


  4. I think he will become like he was in purgatory. Hopefully he wont lose his soul-been there done that.
    Your probably right, they said this on the board too, but I think it will be magnified and zoomed out so much, that he really will be different to purgatory. The mark is already taking shape imagine what he will be like when he does kill Abaddon. He has lost his soul, true. But I think this plot is a bit different. Its more supernatural than before. Its involving Dean’s body in a powerful way. Yes Dean was tortured in hell which was horrible. But the mark is doing the work this time which is a scary prospect. If he does loose his soul, how will he retrieve it?

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Maybe not become soulless so much as become whatever Cain is or something similar. Do you think he’ll start to develop powers too. Cain could smite and teleport, Abaddon can’t seem to teleport but can remotely control her body parts, and she can do the memory thing wit her smoke. Dean is so far, just a little stronger and faster and he’s not sleeping and can’t seem to get drunk no matter how much he takes in. (Do demons sleep? I know they don’t pee or get drunk, though.)
      Cain is a demon right? so Cain said with this mark comes a great burden?’ Cain has powers, so will Dean. I knew all along the boys were more than just vessels. We talked ages ago on the board about Dean having powers, I even copied the thread and may dig it out. This will make me doubly excited!!!!! You know where I go when I get excited, I go off on a tangent. I love the sound of this, control her body parts ….. She sure did when the boys left her on her own with her hand close by in a box. Duh boys! I know the drinking is really starting to spook me and fire me up now. The sleeping doesn’t over worry me. But then when Sam was soulless he didn’t tell Dean he never slept either which is another scary prospect. Is he eating, we know how he likes his food? Need to look closer.

      I wonder exactly what’s happening to Dean physically. We’ve already discussed the emotional stuff.
      I keep wondering if the blade is an addiction, like a drug. He’s already showing signs of it that he keeps regressing back to the point he held the blade. He’s in deep thought and not focusing on other stuff as much except for killing Abaddon, which is his end goal. He already appears depressed, inward and distant and of course moody. But I still get this feeling of a robot almost like the blade is in control of Dean and not the other way around.

      Love Aunty B xxx


  5. Hi! Bella,
    All I can think is that in season eight, Sam promised to show Dean the light at the end of the tunnel. That Dean doesn’t have to die in this job. Well Sam showing Dean the light is not happening the way we thought it would. I think Dean is losing his soul along with his humanity. I think the Mark is changing him on some fundamental level just like the Demon Blood changed Sam.

    Hi Ikeke, I was thinking back to this script too. That it isn’t running true that they have appeared to have added a twist along the way. So fans are right in the assumption about this then about his soul stripping away. Poor Dean, this road doesn’t look good.

    You can see that Sam is really starting to worry deeply about Dean. He’s going to have to step up and save him. He can’t sit back and do nothing like when he didn’t look for Dean in Purgatory. That’s not an option. Nor is failure. He has to do this or his brother will be lost to him and I’m confident that in time he will, although I do wonder if the writers will take this into the next season and if so, will we get a season 11.
    I think this time might be different. I think Sam feels like he did during season 3, I think those emotions will kick into place once he see’s Dean in difficulty. Its built in him. Last season was different as he was struck down with grief and seeing Dean poof out in front of him sent him off some where else in the land of nod, god knows what. But give Sam a chance to kick in, and see if the writers do it this time. Put it this way I will be pissed if they don’t allow Sam to save Dean. I think there is a debate going on about Misha as he doesn’t know if he’s coming back for season 10 or not yet. The board went nuts over it, just like season 7.

    Sam is going to have to step into Deans shoes and one hopes that by doing that he will understand what Dean’s life is like and why he makes the kind of decisions he makes. Dean, for the first time, is getting to know, up close, what life has been like for Sam, fighting supernatural forces that have always been trying to control who he is.
    I think it will do them both good, and to be able to see both sides of the coin pan out will be fascinating to watch. I fully hope Sam will perform and how we expect and hope to see him perform and prove to Dean he is up to saving him and retract those words, as I think he would save Dean. I think at the time he was in such a state over Gadreel, in all honesty I don’t think he meant what he said.

    Sam has always had to fight to have an identity. To know who he is and what he wants. Dean has never had to do that because he’s always known who he is and now he has to learn how to fight to stay human. So their positions are now completely reversed from season four although I prefer The Lord of the Rings analogy better. With Sam as Samwise, Dean as Frodo with the (Precious) First Blade, and Crowley is Gollum.

    Hopefully Dean will listen to what Sam has to teach him about remaining his true self in the face of forces that are trying to turn him into something he doesn’t want to be. And maybe by going through this struggle Dean will come to a better understanding of why his decision to have Gadreel possess Sam makes Sam so angry.
    I think something good nearly always comes out of something so horrible. We know that the boys bond is strong, and that its in there some where and they are trying to reach one another. Seeing them struggle with this evil is so painful. I think the enormity of the mark will eventually dawn on them both. When that does kick in, we will see if our thoughts come true. that the power of the event will eventually make them see sense and at least talk to one another and get around it some how. We’ve know the boys in worse set ups than this, and they’ve always come through. As they say, blood is thicker than water!

    I’m very excited about where this is all going. I still feel really confident that Sam will step up to the plate and save Dean and that will help him grow up in a way nothing else has. And hopefully this same situation will teach Dean things about Sam and the two of them can reach a better understanding of each other. I think that’s what the past few episodes, since The Purge have been showing us.
    We moan about the writers a lot of the time, when at times I sense they are very knowledgeable and put a lot of thought into the scripts that we sometimes don’t notice how clever they really are. Like I said when I worked out it was all about the deals, what struck me was the history of the show, how they do weave the relationship along. The boys do squabble but its the effort they put in behind the rifts that amaze me. How different each fallout really is. The boys are growing up, and with what they’ve faced will only push them closer in the long run together. Because they can come through it and fight another day.

    They’ve purged their feelings and now they are building a foundation of understanding each other in each episode, little by little Carver is making his point. Each episode is a reflection of where the brothers are in their relationship, IMHO. Seeing each other’s point of view in Thinman, and then reversing roles in Blade runners and Mother’s Little Helper.
    That’s a good way of putting this, wouldn’t of thought of that! I think this season is getting a bit confusing when we thought about perception last year, this year is all about role reversals and Debbab’s favorite word symmetry. These writers do enjoy keeping us busy and working out their story telling. There’s a lot to think about. 😉

    Love Aunty B xxx


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