Sam and Crowley just an observation?

Sam was born human and the rest of the story we know that when he was six months old Azazel came and bled his blood into Sam’s mouth. We also know that Crowley was once human turned demon and now has human blood within him again. So Sam was human addicted to demon blood, and Crowley became a demon and is now addicted to human blood. I think something wired is going on here. Something very parallel and Sam also injected some of his own blood back into Crowley.

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Both are/were junkies, addicted to the highs of their addictions. Why is season 9 mirroring this? Is there a reason why this type of story line is re-surfacing again? Any thoughts …… Is it this obvious that Crowley really needs to be high on human blood? In what relation does this purpose really serve? Other than mimic Sam’s blood addiction story? Or could there may be down the line a connection between these two stories. About how either of them struggled with the addiction and how it manifested and clung onto them for dear life. I found Crowley’s junkie story line wired if I’m honest. What real purpose did it serve Crowley in the long run. Just to prove a point to us that he has human feelings, that he was once human and remembers what it felt like? Can he have the best of both worlds, and be that human he once was blended with a spice of hell to remember who he really is.

Crowley Inject Himself

I don’t know if Crowley’s addiction was as serve as Sam’s. How it tormented Sam and took over his sanity and spreed like wild fire. Is there any real resemblance in these two addictions or am I reading too much into it? Blood has been behind both of these addictions but for different effects on the individual so what path do you think Crowley will take, how far will the blood sensation take him? I originally thought him injecting the human blood was to help him escape the bunker dungeon, but that theory was wrong. Was injecting the blood just pure entertainment for Crowley, or is there something more sinister going down?


7 thoughts on “Sam and Crowley just an observation?

  1. I think Crowley being addicted to human blood is something that’s going to play out in the finale. A couple of synopses went up about the next few episodes that imply that Crowley still has some role to play in the Heaven and Hell Endgame, just as Sam’s blood addiction had a role to play in Armageddon. I think Abaddon is going to blackmail Crowley to betray the brothers or something like that and his humanity will have a part to play in whatever decision Crowley finally makes regarding that. He’s already shown that he’s willing to side with humanity against Lucifer, so I’m not too anxious about it. I do know whatever decision he makes will benefit him in the long run, so…
    Crowley is no idiot. He’s lead Dean into this right from the jump. So he wouldn’t have gone in to this lightly, Crowley only ever goes into a deal if he benefits from it. If there’s nothing in it for him he wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble in fixing Dean to do his bidding. There is some master plan afoot still, he’s working behind the scenes all the time. You have to give it to Crowley, as he is so on the ball, and always one step ahead.

    His situation seems to be closely paralleling Sam’s back story but it’s Crowley so the outcome may not be anything like Sam’s outcome of sacrifice, love and redemption. I would love to see that happen though. Crowley has done some really skanky stuff but I really do like him and want a better ending for him. He’s become as much a part of Team Free Will as Castiel and frankly I’m not surprised that he’s been given a character arc similar to Sam and Cas of temptation and redemption. It’s time now for Dean and him to have their arcs too. I feel confident about Dean’s arc in a way I don’t about Crowley though.
    This is what I thought for ages too, that they both had an addiction, and when you think about it Dean has this addiction also. I adore Crowley even though he is a rotten man there is something about him that draws me into him. Mark has this knack of pulling you in. I hope they don’t ever give him a bad ending either like they did with Cas. That was so lame. I think Crowley’s character has come a long way, and he’s grown into himself. He’s not wavered at all. I agree with the arc’s Dean deserves this time we’ve waited long enough for it.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. I think a beautiful end to Crowley’s story would be for him to choose to finish the Trials and become human. It is after all the only way he could fully experience the love he seems to need. Choosing to become human and finishing the Trials would leave Abaddon in charge of Hell but it would also close the Gates of Hell, trapping her and all of demon-kind in there. Or so I desperately hope. Crowley would achieve what he not so secretly wants, Abaddon could be Queen of Hell, just like she wants and the Gates of Hell would be closed, just like Sam and Dean want.
      I think its way to early in the season to close the gates. If this was the end of the series I would say yes to all of this. But I think Crowley is top dog of hell, and I don’t think I would feel happy with Abaddon running loose down there. Crowley isn’t much cop either, but better the devil you know. I think they need to gank Abaddon and get the curse of Dean so he can be freed. I think that story also needs to be closed, so Abaddon really has to go. I am surprised its taken them this long to finish her off. I don’t like the idea of Crowley permanently human as he’s been corrupted along the way too much, I think he’s too far gone. It didn’t work for Cas being human, so doubt it will for him either.

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. “Choosing to become human and finishing the Trials would leave Abaddon in charge of Hell but it would also close the Gates of Hell, trapping her and all of demon-kind in there”
        This is a great idea! I just don’t think the shows writers are smart enough to go that way! Although I would miss snarky kind of hell Crowley!

        I disagree, see my reply to Ikeke. I think Abaddon’s days are numbered because her story is tied to Dean’s it looks like Dean has to kill her so this story doesn’t really fit. Abaddon basically is a dead woman walking. The mood Dean is in right now, her end of days are closer than she thinks.

        Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Recently on a TV show, someone said that the lack of love creates true evil. Thinking about this statement, doesn’t Crowley want to be loved and is he 100% evil? Yes, he has done some horrific and deadly deeds, but he pales in comparison to Abaddon and other villains who have been denied love or have felt rejection by a loved one: Metatron to name one. Lucifer to name another. Gadreel. Now what about the Winchesters? Certainly Dean felt loved by Mary, but she traded Sam to yellow eyes to save John. Is that love? Sam, although in the end there was an admission that he was loved by John, felt scorned by John. Dean eventually called John an obsessed bastard and questioned how he, Dean, was his father’s tool rather than a loved son. Yet, these brothers have overcome “unloved” circumstances because they always had each other. Now, the brotherly dynamic seems to have shifted. Has Dean been rejected again enabling him to do darker than usual deeds? And will Sam be capable of making the tough decision that appears to lay ahead? Is anyone completely free of being rejected and what makes us human? Just some thoughts on a cold, spring day.
    To be fair to Mary I don’t think she fully appreciated what she let herself in for that day. She was over come with loss and did the deal, just like Dean has in the past. Gone in all guns blazing without thinking of the consequences later on. We new how worried she was when she found John down stairs in the living room asleep. I think love makes us do spur of the moment things which can end badly. I like the feel of Sam taking the reigns and making the decisions whether the writers will allow him. I just hope so. I want this so badly for Sam right now. Dean I think has felt rejected over Sam’s words about pushing him away only acting as co-workers and not as brothers really deeply affected him, yes the mark contributed in his darkness there is no doubt. Also Sam’s words about not saving him if the circumstances were reversed. These were all big powerful words for Sam to come out and say. But am sure these are for a firm reason which will come out in the wash. I really did feel Dean’s thoughts in the shower, which so reminded me of season 4 when he was worried about Cas’s hand mark on his shoulder. Jensen really is a powerful actor at showing his facial expressions. I wonder how many take it took him to do that scene. I thought we might have even got the one tear moment down his face. But also the moment where he felt the scar that really moved me. He really is scared and I bet he feels trapped and penned in now. I hope Dean gets out of this okay and intact.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Meg once said that humans often forgot that Hell was Hell for demons too, and that was the reason they hated going back. Bobby once said that demons were nothing but ghosts with attitude, which Hell had rendered into demons. That’s what he’ll does ,it renders a person, it purifies every negative aspect of a person’s personalty ,so that every worst trait gets amplified. In real life Crowley was probably a conniving, deceitful person and Hell just concentrated those personality traits.

      That said, is someone 100% evil? I don’t think so, though some people come damn close. At least I don’t think Crowley was ever 100% evil! not like Lucifer and Abaddon who made no secret of their hatred of mankind. Crowley, although mostly evil, was still capable of desiring good things, at least for himself, possibly as a result of being around humanity so much as a crossroads demon.

      Quite frankly if the brothers were going to choose a demon to turn human, Crowley would be the easiest choice as even when he was uncontaminated with human blood, he still had a lot of humanity in him and seemed to enjoy being around humans, if not actually liking a few.


      1. Lucifer was never human, but what do we really know about Abaddon? Was she once human as she seems to have little regard or use for them. Did Lucifer assign Cain the job of training knights of Hell as Abaddon is the first and last as far as we know. Any thoughts?


  3. I think Crowley is just addicted to human blood and the more he drinks the more human he becomes. However without Sam completing the ritual he wont ever become completely human. JMHO
    So either way he couldn’t get to be a human, and he also would struggle to get back to full strength demon? Has the human blood tainted him? He’s gonna come down to earth with a bump if he does try to stop, look what happened to Sam?

    Love Aunty B xxx


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