Some details about the finale?

Brandon T.: Give us some scoop on Supernatural, would ya? 
Prepare for a Supernatural first and a major cliffhanger in the finale. “We l eave our guys in a situation they’ve never faced before, which after nine seasons, it kind of narrows it down a little bit,” supervising producer Andrew Dabb teases. “I think once they see the last frame of the last episode, I think people are going to be incredibly excited for Season 10.”


So what do you all think? Not much to go on but I got one wish, to have a cliff-hanger. We leave our guys in a situation they’ve never been in before. So does this mean there might not be a death? Or one of our boys might die? I still keep thinking about the souls as this appears to be a re-occurring feature lately. Was Tessa appearing for a reason, we no she’s coming back. Is it all to do with the veil and the ghosts who are trapped? I also have a feeling that the boys might get trapped in Heaven as Hell and Purgatory have been talked about lately. Cas needs to get his grace back, and the boys need to finish Abaddon and Metatron. I can’t see them killing off Crowley at this point, he’s too good these days to kill. The words that Andrew uses when fans see the last frame will this be on par, and as epic as season 8’s clearly was. We all doted on that final scene for a long time after. So I hope we are offered something similar. I also hope they do another cracking little church or some made up building like they surprised us with last season.

Not much to talk about lately, my imagination hasn’t kicked in as much as it did last season. But I feel I have a pretty good idea of where it all may head. Which I guess is a reason for less posts. Filming has now finished for the season, so the boys have acted out our finale. So I wonder how brilliant or disappointing it may happen to be. I wonder what text might be cut and what scenes might not even appear on our screens. This finale I hope is going to be something pretty special with the MoC. I wonder if the writers envisage this story becoming so popular? Just hope they don’t take it away too soon. Has this been one of the best they’ve ever come up with? My other concern is that it doesn’t permanently hinder Dean in any way, we all saw what the demon blood did to Sam and what pressure it put on him. How mighty this mark is, and how dangerous it is. I keep on wondering about what happens when Dean does finally kill Abaddon, what effect it will have on him and Sam too mentally? Will that final serge of killing Abaddon send him over the edge? Or create something entirely different for Dean? He is the one with the magical story line, the one with the gift that holds no mercy. So will it be so easy to break free from? Is this what Andrew is hinting at? Sam and Cas have a lot of work on their hands if this is what is in store. Will it also be a strong learning curve for Sam, will he kick into action when he has to? Does he know what could lie ahead?

Drop me a line, as I would love to know your thoughts no matter how little……


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  1. I think it would be interesting if Sam and Dean are trapped in Heaven and try to look for their parents, because we have never seen them in the afterlife. I mean in Season 2 John crawled out of hell then disappeared. Then when they were in Heaven in season five, they bumped into someone they knew and he said that he had not seen Mary or John, So where are they?

    NMC Welcome to the group, another new face, wonderful!!
    It would be interesting to see them trapped in heaven, as I have thought this, that Metatron seals them in just for shear devil ment. That was Ash. Its possible they may see them. But I think that’s too soon, as I would love to see this during the final episode of the series. I’ve been dreaming this for so long now.

    It could also be important for Dean as far as the Mark of Cain goes, cause the blade tunes in to Dean’s anger, and most likely a lot of that anger comes from John.
    That is possible, both boys have anger issues which do appear to stem from John. I can’t wait to see Dean hold the blade again, and where it will take him. How far he’ll go.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Maybe the last frame will show Dean with black eyes (becoming demon)! That would be brand new and quite unexpected! Or Sam going back to heaven with the fallen angels since he has some of Gadreel grace left in him, leaving Dean alone and in need of help. Anyway, next season, I think we’ll see Sam finally trying and succeeding in saving Dean. That way they will be even and at peace again with one another. 🙂
    P.s. sorry 4 my poor English its not my first language.

    Hi Stella, thank you for joining us and posting. Its always lovely to see a new face. 🙂
    Your English by the way is commendable. I think your spot on, with your thoughts. They are both cool idea’s. I’d never thought of Sam ending up in heaven I think I mentioned probably both of them up there and being locked in unable to return to earth. Heaven has never really been on the show that much and it will be interesting to see what they do with it. I think the angels have to get back home, and think with the title name ‘Do you believe in miracles’ I keep thinking maybe Sam saves Dean with Gadreel’s grace. But that’s all the idea’s I have for now.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. “Maybe the last frame will show Dean with black eyes (becoming demon)! ”
      I just don’t think that will happen only because canon is that it takes years in hell to become a demon. But you never know with these writers. I’m personally against demon!dean, I like Dean being human.

      I am not totally sure they will take Dean all the way to Hell again. We’ve been there and done that. I think if Dean does die, he may as some have said come back as a Knight of Hell if he’s Abaddon he may appear to replace her. Which will make him immortal. When Jensen read the scripts I read this on the message board. He said, ‘Oh wow. Oh wow. They went there.’ So its obviously something huge. As he doesn’t say this openly that often. So I am excited.

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Maybe not a Demon, although that does sound pretty cool to watch, but horrible to contemplate, too. We’ve seen the brothers die multiple times, so I don’t think it’ll be death of one, maybe both, maybe neither.
        Its Dean’s turn to die though. Its like its clock work. We know its more or less cocha that its in the bag. Its been five years since we’ve seen Dean die from memory, so its long over due. I think these writers love to dramatize and death is always their trump card.

        I’d like to see Dean become King of Hell as that would be awesome to watch, whether he’s a demon or not. I’d like to see Sam sacrifice everything to be with him in Hell. But more than that I’d like to see them mend their differences and then no more heartache like this for season ten. Really, I’ve had enough. It’s time for them to get on one page and settle there. They are too old to keep doing this and it’s past time these things got settled between them.
        I so agree, mending their differences I think is priority right now. I think they need a few moments to hash it all out, and sing from the same page again. I am so tired of the angst, its not pleasant to watch these days. But maybe something drastic has to happen to Dean to make Sam come to his senses and snap out of it. Its like he’s on another planet right now. Yes we can see in his facial expressions he cares for Dean, but Sam offer a bit more comfort please!!

        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. “But more than that I’d like to see them mend their differences and then no more heartache like this for season ten. Really, I’ve had enough. It’s time for them to get on one page and settle there. They are too old to keep doing this and it’s past time these things got settled between them.”

          I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I’ve said to Ikeke it should be their main priority right now. Even though I think its heading for the finale, which will be make or break yikes!!

          Love Aunty B xxx


    2. Thank you for the welcome! 🙂
      About Gadreel’s grace, I thought too that Sam will sacrifice his life using it to purify Dean from the MOC. It has been said many times that Sam wouldn’t do everything, or give his life for Dean’s, and Cas said that extracting the grace could kill Sam… so, as you said, this could be a possible ending for season 10 (for season 9 it would be to soon! So I hope not). But I don’t like the idea of Sam dying again…that’s old! And the same story would repeat itself, because I can’t imagine Dean giving up on Sam and living a normal life, ever…it wouldn’t sound right (I’ve never got over season 5 ending, even if it was beautiful). Maybe if Dean sees (?) Sam in heaven, with John, Mary and Jess…maybe than he would let go. But he would always hunt (with Cas or Benny, I loved him by the way!!). Not this season, but the last, I’d like to see a definitive end for Sam&Dean, one that puts both to rest in peace (don’t like open endings…).

      Your welcome, I love to see new posters as well as my regulars. 😉
      This was what I had imagined a while back, that Gadreel’s grace might save Dean’s bacon?
      No I agree, Sam dying again is old hat. They can’t re-cycle that again can they?
      Season 5 in to 6 was heartbreaking I so agree, it didn’t suit Dean the domesticated life style he only went along with it to appease Sammy. Since it was his last dying wish. But he gave it his best shot. It really doesn’t suit him. I did adore Dean in purgatory I think he felt alive and free to be a hunter, and he so took to the climate. I am still on the fence about Benny, I think they used him as a plot device. So I didn’t overly care for him. I seem to grow in and out of love for Benny.

      Another idea that came to my mind is that Sam would save Dean with Gadreel’s grace, Gadreel self! After Meta-fiction and the last trailer for ep.21 I had the suspicion that Gadreel will betray Metatron at the cost of his life, help our heroes to save the day and thus earn a second chance at being a good angel. Anyway, I hope that we’ll see more of the MOC in season 10, because Sam didn’t show enough brotherly love for Dean this season! Sam has to sweat more than this to earn Dean’s next bear hug!! The poor guy has to feel the love and stop with the self loathing…
      I think I’ve grown fond of Gadreel, and I think deep down he is a good, decent angel easily lead, just like Cas. I would like to see him redeemed as I thought his sentence was rather harsh. He said to Dean he loved humanity, and I think he meant it. I think the lack of brotherly love from Sam to Dean has been for a strong reason, as its linking up to something later on. I’m pretty certain of this. Whether Sam saves Dean or not I think he won’t abandon him like he did last season. I think he will attempt to save Dean if something major does happen.

      P.s. Thank U 4 correcting my mistakes! ;-P
      Again you welcome, I like your style. 😉 Do come again …..

      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. “Gadreel will betray Metatron at the cost of his life, help our heroes to save the day and thus earn a second chance at been a good angel”
        I hope you are right -I would like that he could be redeemed as that’s what he wanted to do at the beginning.

        I think he’s a good guy, who’s been easily manipulated. I feel sorry for Gadreel now.

        Love Aunty B xxx


  3. We have always gotten cliffhangers but usually a lot of the major story lines are concluded-can’t imagine what could be a first for Supernatural!.
    Some are saying that they think fans might not remember stuff from the past, and re-cycle an old cliff-hanger and give it a twist. I hope this isn’t the case. If they mean what they are saying I think if its as grand as the season 1 finale where we didn’t see it coming, it will blow us away. I think if either Dean turns fully dark, kills himself, or Sam or something major that we’ve never even thought of. I think its Sam’s year to be there for Dean, and its gonna be a tough one for him.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Okay. After watching Stairway to Heaven, I have to say that I feel, at best, “uncomfortable” with the way the story lines are going. It is weird because I’ve never felt this way about the show before. I don’t like it.
      I do have a thought about the finale–maybe it’s more of a ‘hope’—I hope that Gadreel is not dead, even though his host body is, and Sam allows him to repossess him, working together , using their intimate knowledge of each other and their experiences, to defeat Metatron and save Dean.


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