Spin-off’s are they worth writers time?

Okay since the show aired on Tuesday evening, I have not had the delight on viewing this episode so my knowledge is limited. Many of you now no that I had my doubts and they were very strong doubts that this was going to be awful. Was this far from the truth? I have sensed from the fandom and my local haunt that it was not well received, so are our writers wasting their valuable time on this project when they could be putting their expertise to more use within  the show they are already penning? I wanted to expect so much more from Andrew when I think of what he’s succeeded in writing in the past. He has give us some great episodes. Starting with Yellow Fever during early season 4.

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4.06 Yellow Fever with Daniel Loflin

4.13 After School Special with Daniel Loflin

4.19 Jump the Shark with Daniel Loflin

5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future with Daniel Loflin

5.11 Sam, Interrupted with Daniel Loflin

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon with Daniel Loflin

5.19 Hammer of the Gods with Daniel Loflin

6.04 Weekend at Bobby’s with Daniel Loflin

6.07 Family Matters with Daniel Loflin

6.13 Unforgiven with Daniel Loflin

6.18 Frontierland with Daniel Loflin and Jackson Stewart; teleplay with Daniel Loflin

7.03 The Girl Next Door with Daniel Loflin

7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! with Daniel Loflin

7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie with Daniel Loflin

7.22 There Will Be Blood with Daniel Loflin

8.02 What’s Up, Tiger Mommy? with Daniel Loflin

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

8.14 Trial and Error

8.22 Clip Show

9.02 Devil May Care

9.10 Road Trip

9.20 Bloodlines

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So  my argument really is where do Spin-off’s really steam from? Is it really worth the effort when we new in our own minds it was doomed to fail any way. What is the point of continually producing spin-offs if the worst usually happens. Do we really want to see another Supernatural as it will never ever be on par with its authentic original piece. So what is the fascination of them? Why do they think fans really want to see another type of show similar to the one which is well established? Can a spin-off actually get any worse without even trying? Why all the necessity for creating such a base of young, gifted kids who morph from Sam and Dean into something completely new. Do they need to expand the universe they already have? Isn’t the one we have good enough material to expand on without creating more symmetry. I don’t understand why they need to hash out an already functioning show when they could continue to do so now.

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So what did you think of the episode and the episode as it stands, how its been created, and crafted around the brothers and their supernatural journey and experiences. How do you think it will fair, and develop, do you think it has a future? Did you love it or was it a complete turn off? Did the cast impress you, the stories did they hold any water? Were they meaty enough or very diluted. Would love to here your views…..


12 thoughts on “Spin-off’s are they worth writers time?

  1. While I will maybe give Bloodlines a chance, I was not immediately hooked in like I was back in the day when SPN premiered. The only character I feel a connection with is David… Maybe the others will grow on me but I’m not seeing it. Bloodlines strikes me a little too close to The Originals to be worth the time investment. I also felt that the parallels to Sam and Dean were a bit forced, done just to try to connect the two shows. A bit disappointed overall, but not surprised.
    Hi Candylew, great to see another new face. Welcome!!
    I totally agree with you, David was the only one I really connected with. I found it hard to gel with Ennis. Again I don’t watch The Originals, so I have nothing to compare this with. I have heard this about it being forced, and think it put others off too. I found it okay, but I don’t think it was anything to rave about. It felt weak, and as though we’d been here before.

    Come again!
    Love Aunty B xxx


  2. Yes, I was also disappointed by Bloodlines. If the show is based on Supernatural canon, then it does not make sense to change fundamental depictions of the monsters. Also, I do not like the idea of becoming sympathetic with the monsters and rooting for them instead of the hunters. The scene where the young man killed the “hunter” that killed his girlfriend was all kind of forced. Sam and Dean didn’t even try to stop him, which was out of character for them. I was hoping that lightening would strike once again, but without the original creator’s vision and input, this spin-off is probably not going to fare well with the SPN fan base. Angel was a very successful spin-off from Buffy because they siphoned original cast members from Buffy, introduced new characters, but remained true to the core theme of the show without becoming a carbon copy of the original show. This new show needs a popular character to bridge the gap between SPN. Too bad most of the supporting characters have been killed off. Kevin would have been great to send to Chicago, or Garth, or grown up Ben (Lisa’s son) or even a grown up Jesse. SPN has a very rich supply of characters whose stories have yet to be completed. Too bad the writers are not inclined to venture inside their own supply house.
    I am one of the few who has never watched Buffy. But I did see Angel, which I did enjoy. I get totally what you mean by bringing in a secondary character from the same show. Its daft really trying to venture out on its own without any firm connections to its mother. I think Kevin would have been an ideal person to bridge the gap. He’s popular and intelligent and could handle the pressure and understands the lingo. I think Garth is a pathetic buffoon, and don’t class him as a real hunter. He irritates me beyond words. I disliked Ben if I’m totally honest even less. So that would have been a turn off for me. Jesse is another smart move, he would have been a cool addition, imagine him grown up now! I think Cas or Jodi Mills would have been my top choice. I would love to have seen a spin-off with just angels.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. Exactly! A whole host of characters could have been used to send to Chicago. I personally like Aaron and his Golem, the history of Bobby and Rufus, the Campbell Family could have been featured. Krissy and her gang could have been featured as new hunters if they wanted to aim this at teenagers.

      Ennis was too quick to adapt to the idea of monsters . He’d just learned that his entire view of the world is wrong and he just shrugs through it. The reason why most people become hunters in the first place is that they all totally lose their s**t after finding out about the world behind the world. I know I would. But he just goes right to revenge. I just wasn’t feeling it.

      The arguments ,backstabbing and goings on with the monsters I absolutely hated that. I hate soap operas in general and this didn’t even feel genuine. It felt tacked on from better shows. The only character I really liked was David and he seemed to have promising chemistry with Ennis. But Ennis looks like a child and there’s that tacked on Romeo and Juliet plot which is just insulting to SPN fans.


      1. Totally agree! Even that techie girl would be good to send to Chicago. I wish the show would re-hire Matt Cohen to play another Winchester, maybe a distant cousin. I think the show also needs an angel and demon couple to finish the story that began between Cas and Meg. I would prefer that sort of romantic entanglement over a shifter and were wolf. so much potential but they want to make a soap opera


  3. I think the purpose in creating a spin-off is to have a franchise, a whole series of shows based on the SPN universe would be the ideal. One of the ideas banded about was a spin-off featuring Samuel Colt and his back story in the old west, with creating the Colt. Or, I liked the idea of the back story of Bobby and Rufus and what caused their rift and Bobby’s abusive childhood and his trip to Japan.
    I love both of those idea’s I think I may too have even thought about in the past. I particularly love the Samuel Colt one I think an old west theme would really suit the show.

    There’s also an idea of doing a series of shows about the MoL and the artifacts in the Bunker and how they were procured, even touching on Henry and Josie’s back story. There was whole host of stories they could have told rather than this retread of shows that the CW already has.
    I know that’s a brilliant thought about the MoL there is such a wealth of knowledge stashed away in there, that they may never even discover. It would be amazing to watch.

    I didn’t actually hate the show but if it gets made into a series I’m not going to watch it because it’s just so totally not my type of show. It really does need a lot of work though. And they could also take the Supernatural out of the title because it doesn’t have much resemblance to SPN, really at all.
    I think it does, I noticed Ennis girlfriend died in similar circumstances to Sam. He’s alona and likes the hunting life style. I think it does have many similarities, and a supernatural vibe a young man hunting, and killing monsters. The only real loss is the road trip vibe and the motel rooms. Which I did think was part of the reason why this show wouldn’t work, because it was located in 1 town.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  4. Can’t really say its captured my interest I can’t really see this show being a hit as of now only interesting character I found was Ennis I don’t think the cw is going to get close to the same success they have with “The Originals” part with the 5 monster families sounds a bit corny hopefully the hunters Sam and Dean call into Chicago bring something more interesting to the show I see it going for 1 season as it looks right as of now
    I thought I did read that the boys may make a few more appearances if it gets picked up. I thought Ennis was a bit wooden, I preferred David out of the two leads. But that’s just me. I don’t watch ‘The Originals’ so I have nothing to compare it with.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  5. Honestly I didn’t mind the episode. I liked the main character Ennis (Innis?). There’s a little love story with the shape shifter and the girl werewolf which is different than SPN. I didn’t like the canon destruction with the shapshifter that didn’t have to have dna to change personas and didn’t need to shed his skin. that did disappoint me. Other wise it wasn’t that bad.
    I didn’t think it was awful either, I no many trashed it. But I think if shaped better it could have potential. I got where he was coming from. What peed me off was the five monster families in Chicago. Why wouldn’t the boys have noticed this before now, it just makes them look plain stupid again.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  6. If you watch the episode as though its NOT supernatural you will be entertained. I just feel that at this point in the season who wants another filler episode that doesn’t move the story line ahead.?
    Exactly!!! The story needs to move along, whats the point in a story otherwise.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  7. Honestly I don’t give a fig about a spin off of SPN from the Monster POV.
    The whole point of the show was Hunters, saving people and such. If they want to spin off from the show, why can’t they keep to what works. Why not introduce teen orphaned Sisters, and have Sam and Dean train them. I would watch that.

    That’s true it would be something different. I don’t think its going to get picked up any way I think many of us will be surprised now if it does. I think Andrew was trying to look at it from a different perspective. But the hunter line I think would have been a more realistic move to have made.

    Love Aunty B xxx


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