Sam is crying in the finale?

First off sorry for neglecting you guys I have not been well with my poorly old back, but am edging towards our finale with trepidation. I still haven’t seen last weeks Stair way to Heaven so any comments on this episode from you all will be warmly received.

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I have been gathering some thoughts over the weeks, and I still have a heavy hunch that its Dean’s turn to die and he will. I think Sam will be the one to end Dean because he had no other choice, because Dean was probably gunning for him and it was self defense over the Mark of Cain. I did here something on the grapevine that Cain is coming back for the finale, so whether Dean finishes him off remains to be seen. Many are hedging bets that Metatron won’t survive and Dean will kill him. Crowley is on the fence they think he will survive. Simply because of his popularity and the very nature of his character. Gadreel is the gamble, will he be saved and redeemed or will his fate lie in the balance too. We know how this show loves to kill off characters for effect. I also think as some have that Dean might be resurrected because of the strength behind the Mark of Cain. Jensen has hinted at Wow they went there, so this is anybody’s guess also.

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Jared reported to the Asylum convention in the UK this weekend that we will cry buckets, and will need plenty of tissues. So this was my hint that I think Sam may well have killed Dean but not deliberately. Jared also mentioned about his line in the purge, when Sam said he would let Dean die he was lying, he wanted to hurt Dean because Dean tricked him. They love each other the same. 

– Jared feels the same way about the bros as we do! The finale is really cool “and you WILL CRY” 
– When Sam said he would let Dean die he was lying, he wanted to hurt Dean because Dean tricked him. They love each other the same. 
– we’re going to see Sam and Dean’s situation come to a head in the finale 
– we are going to see the Cain story come to an end in the finale 
– Jensen is rocking it this season with the Mark Of Cain story 
– Jared at first knew Zeke had a secret but he didn’t know what it was 
– Jared thinks Zachariah chose heaven memories without dean to create tension (I’ve always believed this) 
– Sams tattoo will come back probably in s10 
– Fan: “How many tissues am I gonna need in the last five seconds?” Jared: “Lots in the last five /minutes. Pay attention to – the last 5 minutes of the ep, it’s really cool & I think you’re gonna cry. 
– When asked if he would direct again; Misha said he would love to before the show ends but not during season 10. (shame – wonder why)

-Jared said he didn’t like that none of Sam’s memories in “The Dark Side of the Moon” were about Dean. He believes Zach manipulated what memories they experienced to add tension 
-Sam doesn’t want Dean to die and he doesn’t want to let him die 
-“Sam loves Dean as much as Dean loves Sam, they just love each other in different ways” -Jared.

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So how do you suspect the finale might go. What are your thoughts on our summer cliff-hanger, who will live and who will perish into dust. If Sam is crying, why? Has Dean died or could it be for some other traumatic reason that we’ve not even thought of. This show always creates a fantastic finale which captures are mood, and tosses with our emotions on such an unbelievable scale that I can’t imagine what the boys must have gone through to film it all for us. I just hope that the relationship is on a new level playing field and that the boys are in a happier place no matter who dies. If Dean does die I will be shocked even though I had a hunch. But I hope he comes back to life in some spectacular Dean style that’s fitting to the character and not some lame deal. I hope Sam has more sense than this to encourage a supernatural deal. Don’t forget also that Gadreel’s grace is still floating inside Sam, so does this have some effect. If Sam is crying over Dean’s dead body what if Sam’s tears bring Dean back to life? Could Gadreel’s grace be Dean’s saving grace? Drop me a line as I’ve missed you all.


7 thoughts on “Sam is crying in the finale?

  1. everyone saying that we need to carefully watch the last few mins was exciting. but now with all the hype and people’s expectations and Jensen saying in the CWUpront about oh okay they went there with the script and Sam crying it is going to be sad. Jarpad also said that it is not like the way he expected Sam to be. But he is only angry for being tricked by dean, he loves his brother and they come to terms. The finale (already shown and i have not seen it) probably ends where dean and Sam exchange their roles. Dean the demon and Sam the savior(trying to like dean always does for Sammy).
    I’d not actually read this bit any where. The clips I have seen I thought Jared was spot on, he didn’t over act and it really moved me. He was very quiet and withdrawn something that we’d not seen before. I thought he acted it beautifully with compassion and it was heartfelt. Jared yes said this at the convention last weekend that he’d lied to Dean he didn’t mean it he was lashing out he was upset. wishfheart welcome to the group by the way, we love seeing new faces. I hope you love it when you see it, the wait is driving me nuts now.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    The Supernatural Season 9 Finale Survival Kit;
    #1. 1 Giant Box of Tissues & Plastic Grocery Bag at the Ready.
    #2. Alcohol…LOTS of it…Any of Your Choice…Stronger the Better, Highly Recommended!
    #3. Throw Pillow, Significant Other, Child, or Pet to HUG. * Special NOTE: Pillows don’t Yowl, Cry or Squirm when hugged tightly!
    #4. Access to All Your Internet Friends’ Shoulders to Cry On.
    #5. 3 Tylenol PM’s & 1 Glass of water so you can Sleep after the Episode.
    #6. Supernatural Season 1 DVD on the ready to Play for Solace and Remembrance of Better Times the next day.
    #7. Appointment with Therapist; if necessary.


  3. We can only try to find some logic in what has been said during the Show until now, and try to deduce some kind of outcome…my thoughts are going like this: It has been said that Sam wouldn’t save Dean, that he would let him die, and often has been repeated this phrase from various characters: “I did what I have to do”. These three instances, in my opinion, hint at the finale scene. I think that Sam will find himself in front of this crucial decision: act like he said he would (save the world over his brother), or act by hearth (save his brother over the world). Personally, I think that Sam will do exactly what he said he won’t do, ergo he will save Dean. But! What does “saving Dean” mean? Save his life or his soul? Will Sam save Dean from becoming a demon/monster/psycho-killer by killing him? Or will he save him from death by letting him become exactly that? Thinking about the often used: “I did what I have to do”, Sam could:
    Jared said at the convention this weekend that he was lying to Dean when he said those words in the Purge, he felt hurt that Dean had tricked him. As I sussed early on I thought this might have been the case that he didn’t mean those words, he was lashing out in anger. He wanted to hurt Dean like he’d hurt him. Those words had worked on Dean. I think we all no that Sam would always save Dean even though last season he thought Dean were honestly and truly dead which was why he never looked for him.

    1) Do the right thing (what he said he would do), ergo “kill Dean”, free his soul from the MOC, send it to heaven before it becomes consumed by hatred. In this case he would act like Cain, who killed Abel before he fell into darkness. Or

    I think this is too obvious too much like the real story. If they are branching away Dean cannot die, die. As he’s a lead character. So the writers I wouldn’t think would go here. But there is nothing to say he won’t be bought back to life.

    2) Not do the right thing, but the one that feels best in his heart (the one he said he would not do). In this case he would act like Dean always did for him in I think the past. he will chose his brothers life, even if it means letting him become evil, just in hope to find another way out later…
    I think if Sam knows he can save him, he will do his BEST to save him. Last year was an exception to the rule. Every time Sam has done what’s been expected which is why I have HIGH hopes he does so tonight. Since it appears he’s crying, Dean may already be dead which is a worry. Have the writers got this far and are leaving it until the premier to show us Sam did save Dean.

    The fact that is hinted that Sam will cry, makes me wonder… will Sam cry over Dean’s life or Dean’s soul? Or will he just cry over the difficulties of taking such a decision? I have no clue…
    Me neither. When I think back to season 3 Dean was already dead when Sam was crying over his dead body. He said to Bobby he would never burn Dean’s body. So which way will it go this time. Dean maybe okay. Sam may have saved him and Dean wakes up just as Cas did when he Dean thought he was dead. But it does sound the obvious that something traumatic has happened to Dean that makes Sam cry. I think to me his life and soul are part of the same thing. But I guess it determines the part of the story telling as to why Sam is seen to be crying 😦

    Moving on… Sam killing Dean will be hurtful but not very surprising, and Dean dying won’t be a new ending (when the producers said it will be new!), and! it would mean that he will come back in some way… these are too many things to push in the last 30 seconds of the episode. On the other side… Sam letting Dean walk away (maybe with Crowley), because unable to kill him, would take very few screen time and would show that Sam loves his brother so much that, even when Dean is evil, he can’t bring himself to kill him. Sam would realize Dean’s past difficulties and tribulations, and get face to face with his point of view!!

    So that’s what I think will happen: Dean will go dark-side and Sam will let him go because he has no other choice at the moment. But, who knows! Maybe Dean gets killed by someone else! But such a thing would save Sam the problem! And the show would miss the point in my opinion… Sam has to take this crucial decision and prove himself to his brother!! Only this way, Dean would later realize Sam’s love for him *_*
    Dean:”Thank you for not giving up on me. For your trust!”
    Sam:”I couldn’t fail you again Dean! I had to save you!”
    The end (of season 10) ❤
    Stella I am crying now 😦 I just hope that the fans are not too hard on Sam no matter what way it goes, as he always appears to come off rough no matter what way. Last season it was thought he threw it back at Dean, so I don’t want the same thing happening again. I want fans to realize he does mean it, and he does love Dean, he always has. The writers never allow him to show it. He’s been written really poorly lately and he needs to be redeemed and in a powerful way that helps him as a character.

    Love Aunty B xxx


  4. Hi Bella-
    You have my sympathy on your health issues– I’ve been having some also. Bummer. Hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you honey! The pain never goes away it just aches all the time. I can’t walk far and feel stuck to the house. I can’t do what I want to do, its so frustrating. Like the convention this weekend I would love to have gone, but I couldn’t have coped. Knowing Jared is in this country makes me go all wobbly. The weather is perfect today too, to boot.

    After I watched Stairway to Heaven I wrote a comment-under a previous thread here- that I thought Gadreel was still alive, but his host very injured, so that Sam may allow Gadreel to repossess him in order to save Dean. I don’t know now because the promos are causing me to rethink things. I’m not sure Dean can kill Metatron with the blade. The CHCH promo makes it look like Dean is throwing Sam across a room, but when I paused it, I see the person throwing someone seems to be Metatron and the person being thrown is Dean. Maybe Gadreel plays a part in saving Dean but Metatron will be back in season 10?
    I’ve still not seen it yet only the odd clip on you-tube. I saw the ending and Tessa falling on Dean’s knife 😦 RIP Tessa!! I love the sounds of this, it would also redeem Gadreel in some way too in their eyes. Nice idea! I bet he will give it a damned good shot though, those promo pictures the way he’s gunning for him, wow. I did read that some think Cas is in trouble too. That Dean maybe possessed by Cas as his vessel is decaying and his mojo is running out. But the force of that throw yes, it did make me wonder if someone else was behind it. Your on top form tonight AB/C. 😉

    No matter what, the brothers need to be back “together”. I don’t think I can stand to watch the separation anymore. It was easier for me to watch the short physical separations in previous seasons, than the brothers physically together, but so divided emotionally. It’s killing me and I am usually not like this!
    According to those notes they will be back on track and will have resolved their issues. Hurrah!! Its killing me too, as then we have the summer to look forward to the dreaded hiatus. It has got me in a frenzy I must admit. It just shows its working on us. I hope Dean and Sam are both okay and they come out of it alive.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Oh wow! As much thought as I had given it, it never occurred to me to think Sam may allow Gadreel to possess him in order to save Dean. That would bring everything full circle and it would definitely put Sam’s earlier statement to the test regarding what he would and wouldn’t do for Dean.

      It would be an interesting bookend for Gadreel to start the season saving Sam only to end the season by saving Dean through Sam And since Grace can be stolen ,what if the writers decided to throw a monkey wrench in our ideas and have Sam just steal Gadreels grace? Or have him possess Dean? (Although ,I find the last thought highly unlikely .)

      Well now I’m seriously on pins and needles for Tuesday.


  5. Hi Bella! Sorry about your back. Health problems are a drag, I know.
    Thanks Ikeke. I’ve been in so much pain and they’ve put me on a higher dose of pain killers and its knocking me out. The sciatica is terrible. Shooting pains down my leg. I’ve had this slipped disc two years and I am so fed up with it. Nothing has worked. I had acupuncture the last month I could hardly walk it totally ceased me up. And to top it all last week I was in a car accident, minor but that shock me up. 😦

    I am totally wiggling out about the finale. I have heard some very good things regarding the brothers relationship and where it’s going but thanks for the link bc I hadn’t heard that interview. I feel so much better about what’s going to happen there. We don’t need anymore brothers dying but I do predict the death of Gadreel and Metatron. Heck The writers might throw us for a loop and have Gadreel do it.
    I still think its Dean’s turn to die. Why would Sam be crying like this if he’s sobbing. He’s not done this since season 3 when Dean went to hell. I still think Gadreel’s grace in Sam will save someone. I think Metatron is definitely out but as I said I still have strong hopes for Gadreel. How many deaths will we have this finale?

    We so rarely see Sam cry about stuff. Dean cries more than he does, so I wonder what’s happening there.
    Its strange considering what Sam has been through, he’s not cried. Usually he’s the sensitive one when I think back to heart and Dean dying. He would cry over the softest thing. That was the difference between the two that Dean was as hard as nails and Sam was the opposite.

    It makes sense that Zachariah would do that. I’ve always believed that too. Those memories in Heaven were a set up.
    Yes, I did read a long time ago now that it was set up and that the angels were tampering with their memories to make Dean say yes to Michael so all Dean saw involved Sam’s unpleasant memories of Dean. Which was why he thought what Sam picked were odd memories. But the one I could never work out was who tampered with Dean’s phone message to Sam was it Ruby or Zachariah? No one really knows.

    Sam never said he wouldn’t save Dean. He said he wouldn’t do what Dean did under the same circumstances but I always suspected those words would come back to haunt him and now he has to save Dean from himself.
    Which Dean fans still don’t agree with! I think Sam will by accident end up killing Dean which will add a bit of tension we will all be wondering over the summer and we will go crazy wondering if Dean makes it. Which of course he will. I maybe of course totally barking up the wrong tree!!

    Unlike a lot of other people I’m actually a huge fan of this season. It’s been beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed it very much. I know a lot of people can’t stand it but I love it.and can I just say Jensen is totally rocking that whole Dark!Dean sh** this season. I’m loving it that the writers have made him so unlikable and violent. It’s fascinating to see his “under-face”.(But after this we don’t need to see it again.) I hope Dean keeps the Mark and learns how to use and control it maybe. Although if Cain shows up again, I’d love that. I totally fell in love with that character and hope he makes reappearances.
    I am up in the air. I have loved the two halves of the season and it being Dean centric. The first half dealing with the possession and Gadreel. Then Dean taking on the mark. But the monster of the weeks have let me down. There have been oh so many and not enough myth arc. I don’t think this season is as strong as last year. The finale may make more sense to the rest of the story of course. But what will this entail that Sam is sorry for his harsh words and Dean is sincerely sorry about the possession. The boys are back on track by the end of the finale. So I guess we do have a lot to look forward too. I adored Cain, and I did here he was back briefly. Jensen has been totally awesome and would never have expected anything less from him. He’s been a delight to watch. His aggression is really kicking in now and where for him will it end?

    It’s interesting that while under the Blade’s partial influence Dean closed down but now that he’s fully under the MoC’s power he has opened up and said what he really feels and thinks to Sam. Sam is still the key to saving him. He does love Sam, and it will be good to see things come to a head .

    Love Aunty B xxxx


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