Dean’s Demon ranking?

This has been quite an amazing turn around for Dean, and on the board we have talked about what Rank of demon Dean will be. I felt it was a bit of a cop out showing us Dean’s black eyes. Considering he is a Knight of Hell as we predicted, why are his eyes not foreshadowing this higher ranking colour? So with this information below, how do you see Dean’s eye colour. Considering he is a Knight of Hell, as Cain was. I presumed he would have red eyes wondered if you agreed?

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Seeing Dean’s eyes black, makes me very nervous. Is he more powerful than we think?

The Hierarchy of Demons (according to SPN-WIKI)

  • White-eyed demons – The demon chiefs of staff.
  • Yellow-eyed demons – Some of the first  handpicked by  to become demons. – The demon army generals.
  • Knights of Hell  – Some of the first souls handpicked by Lucifer to become demons.
  • This doesn’t give us any indication as to demon’s true eye colour, but then later below I find that SPN-WIKI have found The Knights of hell to have Black eyes. 
  • Red-eyed demons – The demon deal-makers.
  • Black-eyed demons – The soldiers, thugs, henchmen, minions.
  • How can two sets of ranking demons both have Black eyes?


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According to this shot, she has black-eyes?

The Knights of Hell are black-eyed demons who were amongst the first fallen humans, handpicked by Lucifer.  They were rumored to have all been killed by the archangels. They all have the powers of other lower-ranking demons, but at least one has shown abilities and powers far beyond that of any other demon seen so far.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Can kill demons with a touch.
  • Telekinesis
  • Can render someone mute.
  • Ability to transport other beings.
  • Can nullify demonic powers.

7 thoughts on “Dean’s Demon ranking?

Add yours

    1. He probably has higher rank than Crowley. Remember Crowley is a demon made from a deal and not directly from Lucifer. Abaddon was a direct make from Lucifer as was Lilith. Dean is a demon from the MoC which is older than Crowley. It isn’t rank that counts at this point, but what you do with your demonism. Dean is going to make up for lost time he put aside his hedonism when he had to be on the job.
      This could also come into the equation why Crowley might not be able to handle Dean. He’s higher ranking and much more powerful than little, old Crowley!! Demon Dean is very exciting as he is a different type of demon altogether. It will be interesting to see which way Jensen will play him. After that Comic-con clip in the week my heart is already pounding. I can’t contain my excitement, and the crowd loved the clip. Fans reckon this is the scariest its been in a long while, and the best comic-con clip since season 5 and I agree.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


  1. Most demons are possessing a meat suit and smoke in or out of it- even Abaddon. Even Crowley (if he is a true demon as his eyes have yet to flash). Remember when Crowley smokes out and then into a shady antique dealer in the park(s9) to locate the blade? His meat-suit seems to be unable to animate. Not so for other demons who vacate- remember Kevin’s girlfriend Channing? With possession, the human is sometimes aware of what the demon is doing but cannot prevent it. Even Abaddouche possessed her WoL meat suit at the convent with Henry. Dean is not a possessed meat suit.. Cain and Dean are set apart as a new class of demon in the lore, as far as I can tell. Both accepted the Moc and made choices which also distinguish them from run of garbage pit demons. Cain was capable of true love so is Dean as well? Crowley wanted to be loved. Think about Meg’s feelings for Cas. Does love cure a demon?
    One thing I remember seeing during season 7 when Crowley possessed Mrs Tran, he had red smoke and red eyes, also during ‘Road Trip’ Crowley leaping in and out of Sam we see red smoke. So to me we now know of Crowley’s rank? Unless of course its later revealed it was all smoke and mirrors. And he was a fallen angel all along. I get Dean wasn’t possessed by a demon it was the blade that bought him back to life as a demon. But Cain was in all tense and purposes a Knight of Hell. Dean proved he was worthy and took full responsibility of the Mark. Which to me Dean’s eye colour should I feel of been a different colour to show his ranking. He’s more than a black eyed demon, surely?

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. No, I’m in agreement with the lore on this one. Knights of Hell have black eyes and I believe Dean is a Knight of Hell but not the way Abaddon was a Knight, as she is possessing a meatsuit. Cain and Dean are in their own bodies and both have the MoC.

      I think because of that, the two of them will be capable of the full range of human emotions but just be uninhibited in the display of those emotions. Cain himself was a very tightly controlled person but he got like that over thousands of years. Abaddon was wilder and crazier and I’m not sure but I think, although she was chosen by Cain, she doesn’t have the Mark.

      Also I don’t think Crowley is A fallen angel. The canon clearly states that Angels need permission to possess a human being and at no point did Crowley get permission. Not from the Artifact smuggler, not from Ms. Tran and not from Sam. He acted very much like any other demon,except he’s red. He doesn’t even seem to have a great level of power compared to beings like Azazel, Lillith and Cain.

      I was always of the opinion that all the different demons have differing levels of power and that as they got older and learned new things, they got stronger and more powerful. The older and more powerful they became the eye color would change,but this is just my head-canon. Meg was definitely a low ranking one but she was learning new things and becoming more powerful even as we saw from the first season. She was able to enter a church, she learned new spells, etc.

      I think some of the demon rules are totally out the window for Cain bc he’s an entirely different order of demon than any of the others,we’ve seen. He got his power directly from Lucifer (an Angel) and so his abilities seem a lot like Lucifer’s and Castiel’s powers (like the ability to smite, for example).

      It’s possible that Dean may not have any of these abilities because he’s so new.

      But this is all just imho. I’m mostly just thinking out loud here.


      1. I think I was trying to say the same thing as you. Dean is a KoH like Cain in his own body. In that, he differs from Crowley and his humanity may still be there to some degree as was Cain’s. Abadddon was in a meat suit and was forwarded ahead in time without fully understanding humanity. Crowley so wants to get of the hamster wheel at times and now he has a buddy with whom he can go howl at the moon- which is open to interpretation. What path the writers give demon Dean is the big reveal.


  2. Do we know for sure he is a knight of hell?
    I assumed that if Cain was Dean would be. We talked at length here also, that it seemed to follow this natural path. As he’s from the same cloth so to speak. He took on Cain’s mark. If he’s not one, others please explain away.

    Love Aunty B xxx


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