Your thoughts on season 9?

Not much really to talk about, as the season has come full circle on us, and are not far from hitching a ride with season 10 on this current road trip. So how do you all really feel about season 9 so far, and have your thoughts differed along the route? Living up to your expectations feels such a boring phrase these days, but did it? Was it too easy perhaps to work out the story that was looming? Could we sense what path Dean was about to take from the jump. Signing a deal with the angels to save Sam, and then ending up in a deal himself. This season hasn’t bode well for Dean. In the dog house with Sam over the possession, and Gadreel. I thought Gadreel was the bad guy, but I was proved very wrong. I still find he turned out to be the real hero, who only wanted to clear his name. Thus sacrificing his own life to save his fellow angel Cas who could save the bigger picture, killing Metatron.

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Is this season all about those shady, unflattering deals that we know by now result in a horrible ending that never get fully resolved. Do we sense tension in camp that the deals are coming between the boys and not doing them very much good mentally or physically? Many have found it increasingly hard to forgive Sam for his words to Dean that Sam could be so cruel and actually say it. I felt I was right in the fact that those words were heading somewhere, that yes Sam would save Dean by supernatural means. I feel I’ve been here before!! That marching into season 10 Sam will find a way to save his brother. He has already made a start on his quest to summon Crowley. But was he too late, as Crowley already appears to have found Dean.

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So onto my next port of call, which is Crowley? I still feel Crowley is as guilty as hell, in pushing Dean into taking the mark of Cain. I explained this fully on Supernaturally Devoted for those who have not seen it. I also feel that Crowley must have met up with Cain previously as would Cain so easily pass on his crest to someone he’d only just met? Crowley being so scared of Cain, the father of murder, was all an act. It was a cover to show off Dean and set him up for the fight against those demons. Dean had previously informed Crowley that he had clocked him that he had worked out Crowley had set him up. Why was Dean so damned stupid? Why did he accept the mark so willingly just because it gave him a free ride to kill Abaddon? Yes he was mission oriented of course he was. But not to question it fully in his own mind. Just to have a few minutes to contemplate this deal. But no, in true Dean style he wades right in and is on the receiving end of this nightmare. So what am I saying that it made Dean look stupid? I thought that Dean was smarter than this, I thought it would have registered that working with Crowley would only bring him grief. That he should have knifed the Son of a Bitch in that bar before he’d even met Cain. But Dean continued to listen to Crowley and look where he is now?

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Crowley is a plot device to move the story along, without secondary characters our heroes would certainly be boring. I think using Crowley as the lynch pin the writers could have perhaps made it less obvious that he was trailing Dean for his destiny, his new project pet whatever we wish to call it. Did Crowley perhaps think he was too old for the job, and needed a younger, fitter model to do his bidding? He certainly had it all planned out one would like to believe….. If Crowley is innocent and he was telling us the truth in the finale that it was fundamental. Then I will roll around the floor screaming and cursing. I don’t believe for one minute that Crowley is as pure as the driven snow. Dean certainly had an incline of what Crowley had been up to.

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I think there were some strong elements this season. But I found it sad that so many characters had fallen by the way side. Kevin, Abaddon, Gadreel, Tessa, Garth even though technically he’s a werewolf and of course not forgetting Charlie who also isn’t technically dead. But were all these deaths really necessary. I felt bad for Kevin, Gadreel and Tessa who I fear didn’t deserve the fate they received. It was like the writers think what do we do with these characters this season. Are we all in agreement that we’ve come to a dead end, shall we kill them off. Without any real rhyme or reason a life is no longer useful that the story telling no longer requires them, or to even come back in the future they are just slaughtered.

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What has Sam’s part been in all this story telling? That since he found out about the possession has Sam been an ass for treating Dean the way he has and regretted it later? Has he been so badly hurt that he felt it were warranted that he be so miserable to his brother that he cut ties with him only to remain as his co-worker. Had the pain of the possession been too much for him to really bear and cope with mentally? Was lashing out at Dean his only way of bringing some normallacey back into his life? In the finale he said he lied, and Dean appeared okay by this confession that he was relieved that they were at least back on track and on speaking terms and that their bond had merged again and were united as one, as corny as that phrase sounds. Did the possession really shake Sam up that much that he couldn’t really open up to his brother, that he felt badly betrayed that Dean had gone against his wishes that he needed time to process the extend of what had gone down, that he was alive and kicking because a creature had possessed him from the inside and that Dean had tricked him into agreeing with the ordeal. Had the brothers come to some place in their minds that they were both okay with the past that had really shaken them both up. Could they see a way through this mist and be what they once were, or is it a little too late? Has the bond suffered through these supernatural deals that it’s burnt its bridges and it can’t be un-done, even if Dean does come back human, where does this leave Sam. If Sam tries the spell to cure a demon, will he die? Crowley is already half way there.

I also keep thinking about what Jeremy said about the three years connecting as a mini arc. I wonder what might be in store for season 10. Season 8 we saw a different Sam, hot-headed and angry about Benny and still craving for that normal life. Sam also ends up with trial tuberculosis and going through a suicidal phase that he’d let his brother down. Sam ends up in hospital where we see Dean contacting the angels in a bid to cure his dying brother, of the trial sickness. Gadreel then takes over Sam and ends up ejecting from Sam mid season by Crowley. I did put up a thread today, and some think the tablets could be a connection to all three seasons. Some also think that the tablet that was broken might have been fake.

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Did the writers tie up all those loose ends? That so many appear to talk of. Are they right in assuming that loose ends needed to be tied up? The one area I did find annoying that they didn’t overly talk about and clear up was getting the angels back into heaven. It was like they took a whole season to finally bring it to our attention and just use Metatron’s backdrop to pump out the story line. Some still say it was rushed, that it’s still one last struggle to fit everything in and that it appears to be a regular fault with the fans. I think the ending was climatic even though we sussed out earlier on where it might end up. For once we were not far wrong.

Two areas’s also bugged me and that was Abaddon’s death and Cas’s human story. Both displeased me. Many felt that Abaddon’s death lacked lustre and that it didn’t hit any emotional content. They knew it was coming and felt so flat and a bit forced. Cas’s human story infuriated me as I didn’t want to see Cas having sex; to me he lost his mystique and charm. Kevin’s death also saddened me and hoped he may make a return. Also I thought Magnus was executed well before his time, just to appear in one episode. I thought he could have been a real threat to Dean, and Crowley could have honed in on his skills and used his power to his discretion. I was also angry over the death of reaper Tessa.

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So how did you all feel about season 9? As ever I would love to know your deepest lurking thoughts, as to what season 9 was really all about,  have you worked out if there is a connection to the three seasons, and if we have a mini arc looming. Is it something big as seasons 1-5 were with the boys being vessels to Michael and Lucifer?



6 thoughts on “Your thoughts on season 9?

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  1. The angel war fell flat I think do to time constraints so it was cut short and used as a vehicle for Metatron line which was not as strong as the MoC story. Originally I thought there would be more of a show down btwn Abaddon and Crowley, but how many threads can a series pursue and in fact it was the vehicle which Crowley used to get Dean to take on the Moc. Always thought Sam had his PTSD from the Kevin kill as I remember he had a bad reaction when he killed Steve Windell when Sam was possessed by Sam. His trouble sleeping was not from the trials but from his memory of his hands around Kevin’s neck. As far as re-watching- yep. Better these repeats than some of the junk that is played on TV during the summer. Even the newcomer, Dominion- which has the archangel Michael as a good angel helping man fight against Gabriel the badass who leads angels who act more like demons and who are out to destroy mankind. Talk about being off mission. So far, SPN in repeats is preferred.
    The angel stuff I almost fell asleep through, I found it uninteresting which is usual for me, as I love my mythology. I am still not 100% sure about Metatron as a character, whether I like him or not. I never did care for him in Moonlighting either. I agree with you about Crowley and Abbadon. They were good together and strong characters which dominated our screens for a while. That’s a good point about Sam and his PTSD, I hadn’t thought he was suffering from this. I knew he was angry but it never entered my mind about PTSD. I remember Steve Windell and how cut up Sam was, which I guess is your favorite word again, symattary. We do notice how they do, do their homework. Some think they don’t even bother to research the past. But you do notice those similarities. Yeap, I hate the summer for this reason as TV is so boring, full of sport which I really loath. SPN repeats are worth their weight in gold. I am currently watching ‘Fallen Idols’ S5. The one I am waiting to see come back is Under the Dome which has Colin Ford, Young Sam in it, and its a Stephen King novel. Its been really good. Second season starting in August.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. As I re-watch season 9 looking threw the rear view mirror I’d say there were some darn good episodes presented and few clunkers. Season 9 was also about rounding out the secondary characters such as Charlie, Garth, Kevin. SPN cleaned house and prepared for another mega tale. I see the series in larger slices. Season 1-3. 4-5, 6 and 7 both stand alone. 8-9 mesh together as S+D seem to have matured the most and had the most growing pains with each other.. Each time I pause btwn the groupings,, SPN reinvents itself- which after season 6 and 7, was so refreshing. Overall, s9 is quite good, more so when you know what the clues are that are deposited in the episodes so you know what to look for since you know the finale. Season 9 is most useful in getting to season 10- again a new take.
    I agree with this^^^. The boys have matured, and sometimes not in a good way either. I am appalled at the way Sam has been written, and feel like they’ve put him through a meat grinder and he’s come out a different person. The angst has been a bit much for me, and hope S10 brings change in this area. I think Sam could have forgiven Dean much sooner, and that Kevin;s appearance might have bought them closer, and it failed. I have loved so much about this season – The possession and the MoC stuff. Both boys were amazing in telling the story and putting across to us how they were feeling. I just wish that Sam could have shown more feeling towards Dean with the MoC. I understand he was traumatized over the possession, which has probably worn off by now and his ass is kicking into gear. I need to see the end of this season to see where its going to be able to mark all three, as they are an arc. But on the whole, this season out-bid last for me. S8 had some strong stuff thrown in, but this year felt more together and not so bitty.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. Things I really loved::
    The entire MoC story line.
    The “who is Zeke” story line.
    The First Blade and its effects on Dean – I really got into that.
    I liked seeing Cas as a human and what it was like for him. I liked seeing him be a bada** again.
    I liked seeing Sam and Cas get close to each other this season.
    I liked that Deans decisions drove nearly every plot point this season, which made the fandom completely lose its sh**.
    I really enjoyed seeing lots of Crowley. I really love this guy even more than before.
    The destruction of Abaddon.

    I agree with most of your love’s, except human Cas, WHY did they decide to bring up this story again. Okay the angels fell and lost their mojo, but could they have done it a different way. I didn’t want to see Cas working in a store, or settle with homeless people. I wanted to see him help his fellow angels and get them back home. He never made any contact with any that fell. They just scattered. Regards Dean and the fandom, I think the fans tried so damned hard to get Dean a story line, and it happened their dreams were answered, they got it. The only problem is now even Jensen has said that he doesn’t want them to drop it too soon, as its a story that has such potential now our Dean is a demon, YIKES!! As for Sam and Cas, I’m not sure on this one. I felt it were a bit forced, like they were put together to see if they worked. Dean was doing something and had a role to play. Lets see what we need to do for Sam, oh yes lets team him up with Castiel. They need to bond. I don’t know it just didn’t feel right some how. I agree with you 100% about Crowley, I adore him even though he’s pure evil.

    Favorite episodes, that I will re-watch:
    Dog Dean Afternoon
    Road Trip
    First Born – gets an A+
    Blade-runners – another A+
    King of the Damned
    Do You Believe in Miracles?

    I would have given Road Trip an A + also. I would have put I think I’m gonna like it here and Holy Terror too. I think the premier deserved an A and so did Holy Terror. I also loved ‘Mother’s little helper. You’ve also missed off ‘Bad Boys’ Sam finding out about Dean, and finding his initials on the bed post and Sam thanking Dean was adorable. I also really enjoyed Devil may care.

    Episodes I absolutely hated:
    Rock and a Hard Place – Gets an F for Fail
    Sharp Teeth
    Meta Fiction
    Bloodlines – this one gets a straight F
    All the rest are somewhere in the middle as far as my feelings.

    I enjoyed Meta Fiction, as it moved the story along so I would have swapped it. I would add Dog Dean afternoon; Slumber Party and Thin Man.

    Things I hated this season:
    I got tired of the Angels and Cas this season. It was boring.
    I got very tired of Metatron – but I loved to hate him.
    I hated the depiction of the Virgins and the consent issues in Rock and Hard Place.
    Kevin getting killed.

    I agree with you. I also didn’t enjoy Gadreel and Tessa being killed off.

    And on a side note:
    The general stupidity and obtuseness of quite a few of the fandom. Yeah sure, anyone can have an opinion and everyone is entitled to have one but that does not make a person’s opinion right. I’m sorry but some of the fans are just plain DUMB and I’ve just about had enough of their stupidity to leave fandom all together. I spent the entire season arguing sh** that should be completely f**ing obvious to any human being with eyeballs. There was just way too much Sam-hating and fan-wanking for me to like the fandom this season. (Present company excepted, of course! I love you guys, but elsewhere online…WHEW!)

    I understand this fandom has an opinion and they are very vocal and protective of it. I got the Sam hating too, and it hurt. The remarks that were coming back quite honestly stunned me. Sam can do no right and is always the butt of some fans. I often avoid these comments where I can as it upsets me too much, the Sam negativity can get you down. 😦 I Ikeke we love you too, and your very special to me. I love all my girls here and guys as I know some are posting now and its great to see new blood coming through. Some forums are not worth the time of day, as it can get a bit wild.

    Overall, there were far more episodes and things I liked than disliked so this season gets a thumbs up from me. Not as good as season 4-5 but it’s not too bad. I mostly enjoyed it, compared to season seven which I overall disliked, even though I enjoyed specific episodes and the beginning of season eight which was Hella-boring.
    I need to really watch it again, as I’ve only seen some episodes twice, I just don’t get the time to watch more than this. I am currently watching season 5 on DVD and Season 7 on the cable channel. And its surprising how the boys have changed. I didn’t find 7 too bad, it was 6 that I found a real mash up, it just didn’t gel and was all over the place.

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. As an addendum to what I just said:
      Sam was the aggrieved party this season. Sam was the victim. Yeah,he was a dick to Dean but he was a dick with a legitimate excuse for being one. He said things that needed to be said in the brother’s relationship. He said things because he was angry. He said things because he was trying to reach Dean in the only way he could. The fact that Dean felt butt hurt by what he said is completely beside the point. At no point in the season did Sam stop loving Dean or caring about him or watching his back.

      Ikeke your adorable, I wish you could come on the board and say these words in Sam’s defense. There are not many who stand up for him, and most have lost all respect for Sam since s4 when he tried to strangle Dean. He’s never got the respect back, and I fear sometimes he never will. If Dean turns nasty this season and tries to throttle Sam then what. Will those fans turn off Dean. Never, he’s the golden boy and in their eyes is always right. Sam was really, really hurt over the possession, and Dean knew how he felt over it, and still went ahead. Sam has never stopped loving Dean, and I love your words. I just wish others would see it.

      At no point during the season did he say Dean was no longer his brother or that he didn’t love him. That was Dean’s interpretation of what he heard and a lot of fans just adopt whatever Dean thinks because they love him too much to think clearly. Whatever hurts Dean, hurts them. Sam hurt Dean’s feeling and so Sam hurt their feelings, so therefor they hate Sam.

      End Rant!
      A lot of Dean fans are polarized and see what they want to see, and not the real picture. Sam had every right to be mad with Dean. What was he have supposed to have done, ignore it, push it aside and not address it. I was proud of Sam for talking to Dean, but I hate how they dragged the angst out, even Kevin addressing their problems didn’t really resolve it.

      Love Aunty B xxx


      1. Oh thanx for the reply Bella, I think that was building up for a while and you guys are free to ignore it, but that had to come out. Whew! I have to stop thinking too much about it too.
        Your welcome. You occasionally need to let off some steam, and if things wind you up then I don’t mind you doing it here. Others might help you out too. A problem shared and all that jazz.

        I have just been very frustrated at all the Sam hate this season. So much so that I’ve had to just pull back further and further from some sites and just leave others bc some fans just wanted to crucify him no matter what he did. ( I mean c’mon really! Sam shot Dean right in season one. Then again in season two, but they’re mad about him shooting him in season four? Really?😤)
        This season I think Sam has been getting hate since season 4, they’ve never let it drop. Well the situation might be reversed this season so who knows. Dean may end up injuring Sam in some horrible way under the influence.

        But you know .. I’m enjoying the re-watch a lot. I did forget to add Bad Boys as a favorite. I initially liked Sharp Teeth but on reflection, I don’t like it at all. I liked the premiere episode and Devil May Care, too but they didn’t make the A list for me. Those are just the top ones I liked.
        I re-watch most of the year, I never stop. All the channels on TV and I can find nothing I really enjoy or can relate too. Two shows last season I found have been axed so not much left. I started watching The 100 last night and that appears okay. See what happens. So when I have no shows or recorded TV to watch I put on my DVD and drool over my boys. Those episodes were really strong, and need to see them again. I can feel a season 9 re-watch coming on.

        Love Aunty B xxx


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