I had an idea where this arc was going, did you?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who remembered we both had a strong feeling where the story was heading. But I can’t remember how far back I had begun to piece it all together. As you know many of you may remember how I felt about Sam not looking for Dean back in season 8, and I thought that someone had given Sam a transplant that he wasn’t the same person. (sarcasm) Who was this man before me who came into my heart all those years ago, as a young man who would do ANYTHING for his brother, who looked up to his brother no matter what or who got in the way. Just as Dean has always done for Sam there was never a dividing line between these boys until the very start of season 8. Me personally I was dreading tuning into the show that autumn because of the spoilers I had read and the interviews that Jared had conducted over those months.  I was petrified how it would turn out and in what ways they would change my darling Sam.

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I recall writing on this blog that I was angry over certain things, that not looking for Dean was a sham and what was JC thinking. Then we began to get further into the story and that Sam was turning into this ‘MATURE’ Sam who continued on with his life without lifting a finger to save his brother. In my mind I began to work out if this was a cycle that JC was trying to break that every time they do die the boys do look and turn up every angel and rock until they find a shed of evidence as to where it might lead them. I was horrified to find that Sam had hit a damned dog, and it also involved a woman. We then began to think about that picnic scene whether it was real, as I recall us remembering Lisa’s picnic scene in Dream a little dream of me. There was so much talk of the scene being hazy and that it didn’t look real. Was Sam in an alternate universe, had something happened to Sam. Amelia turned out to be disgusting, and our worst nightmare. Then we noticed the mystery man who was outside the lodge when Sam left Amelia, who was he. From a tweet from Jim Michael’s it was revealed to be Don. What a let down, reality check OMG I thought it could have been an Alpha Vamp seeing if Sam had kept to his deal? The thoughts that went through our minds at the time left us with shades of grey tinged with a bit of blue for hope that it would all turn out.

Season 8 was a real hotch potch until we saw the finale, but even now I don’t think we have seen the full story unfold. Sam felt bitter and confessed that he had let his brother down so many times and that he couldn’t do it to him again. Was this leading some where? I gather my thoughts once again and move forward. Season 9 Dean does a deal to save Sam and allows him to be healed from the inside by a dodgy angel who we thought was at the time. Some still think he is (Gadreel). Dean gets Gad out of Sam with the help of Crowley and Cas, the mission is successful. The we get the famous ‘First Born’ which kicks Dean further into this grey story. The boys separate as Sam’s anger eats away at him and finds it hard to forgive Dean. Dean is still pissed at himself knowing how upset Sam is takes it in his stride to take on the MoC via Crowley’s interference. Cain see’s Dean is the worthy one, who can pack a fight and signs over his mark to Dean who is now the soul bearer. This go from bad to worse for Dean. In the finale we see Dean fight Metatron who kills Dean. Crowley insists he’s innocent in all of this and resurrects our Dean into a demon.

Now most of this I felt coming, and I sensed that it wouldn’t all end with killing Abaddon which was why I thought they didn’t kill her off in the finale. That Crowley had something else planned up his sleeve for Dean. He said to his demon Jake ‘He’s ready’ which was a big clue for me. Crowley knew that Dean was ready to be turned into a demon.

JC said that at the start of his tenure as show-runner that his stories would be told over a three year period, giving us a three year arc. The start of this arc we see Sam not looking for Dean. Last week on the Winchester Family Business I found an article which talked about season 9 being about betrayal and someone mentioned here that they thought it was the opposite that season 9 is about redemption. And this is exactly where I am leading up to with all this. JC is famous for writing regimental Sam from Mystery Spot and I know what you did last summer. I have read recent interviews this week which prompt me to think that Sam as we know no will save Dean. But its the way in which he goes about saving Dean. Going about it by unsavory means has been one phrase that springs to mind. But yes I think the link between all these three seasons has been a slow build up to Sam’s redemption in not looking for his brother. We’ve seen this journey unfold and how the boys still help each other out in times of conflict even though they have been through tough times themselves. I think JC needed to break that cycle and I was right to think this, that Sam not looking was sort of a diversion away from the good old Sam who always would look. We needed to see that break down in communication from the boys and this was a clear way to do it. It may have wrecked some fans views of Sam but at least JC’s plan had a clear beginning, middle and what I hope to be a superb end of the brothers reuniting on solid ground. They both need this, and they both need time apart to be able to achieve it.

How do you still feel about the last two seasons going into season 10. Is this your take on JC’s plans leading up to next May’s finale. I am guessing next season we won’t have many demon Dean episodes as by episode 5 it appears they are back together. Do you think my predictions were right this time, and let me know of course why you might not think I’m right. What are your feelings about the whole three arc’s?

3 thoughts on “I had an idea where this arc was going, did you?

  1. I still believe Metatron is behind everything. He is writing a new gospel in which the Winchesters are not supposed to be the heroes as he said himself. That is why Sam did not look for Dean, he could not as Metatron did write it so, that is why the scenes with Amelia were so unreal, dreamlike, Metatron did not know any better as he knew humans only from the books he was reading, maybe poorly written ones. That is why Sam is suddenly not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel anymore, but wants to die. That is why he said all this awful things to Dean, but did not really mean them, as it that was not what he, Sam, would have done, had Metatron not written it that way. And that is why Metatron wanted Kevin dead, as Kevin was the true prophet and he might have been an obstacle. And it makes sense as Jared recently said in an interview that Sam figures out that somebody is to be blamed for what has happened and it is neither Sam nor Dean. Just my own little explanation for everything 🙂
    Hi Hot, and welcome to the group. This is an amazing thought. It would answer all the mess behind season 8 and would be believable. Metatron also want Gadreel to kill Dean as well as Kevin, then he ends up doing the deed himself. A number of us did realize the picnic scenes were peculiar and rather hazy. Which answers this. That bit really had me puzzled about Sam seeing the light, then wanting to die. It just didn’t make any sense. I love this whole feel and how you have woven these thoughts together and come up with this conclusion, bravo!

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Sam and Dean can be reunited even if Dean remains a demon for a while. Dean was loyal to Sam even when Sam was possessed, demon driven etc. He is what kept Sam human. Now it it Sam’s turn to keep Dean on that side of the line. Those famous words of Dean’s may have to be spoken by Sam”If It didn’t know you, I would have to kill (hunt)you”. So part of the season will be Sam finding Demon Dean, then they will work together on cases and perhaps cure Dean, although why not work with a demon. Meg was a demon and did some decent choices. I truly feel we are going to get a fleshing out of Crowley this season as MS contract has been upped in order to give the character more screen time. The series has always centered of the brothers and Carver’s interview hints that the expansion time for Crowley and Castiel is now. If he does it correctly, we won’t mind but if it is just to stretch out weak writing, well. Carver will have us questioning which one of the brothers is a monster as this is a theme that is often played with in the show. Do I dare believe that we will see another example of fine acting- of course. Let’s just hope the writers keep the arc interesting. I too feel this is the 2nd season of this arc. Redemption. worried about the musical episode 5- when the brothers see Carver Edlund’s books made into a play. Oh Chuck=where are you? I never bought into it that he was God. And he must be dead if Kevin replaced him as a prophet so… did he have a twin brother who sold the rights to the books? Rob Benedict play that tune again- nope doubt it.
    Yes, but if Dean is this far gone how could he work with Sam, would Dean know what to do. Jensen has said in recent interviews that Dean is like an addict like he’s on steroids, and can’t easily control himself. By the sounds of things in recent spoilers and I was right in thinking that Crowley can’t handle Dean, does he contact Sam? Is this how they reunited because Crowley can’t howl at the moon any longer with his buddy because he’s out of control. I wondered if Dean would end up caged like some crazy monster. So Sam could very well say again If I didn’t know you, I would want to hunt you. To this day those words still give me the shivers, and chills. I think JC means that Sam will act all crazy and appear a like a monster to us in trying to find Dean. Not that they are both monsters literally, just Dean is.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. I’m glad there wont be many Demon!Dean episodes. I know I am in the minority, but it hurts my heart to see him as a demon! The one thing he has always hated and hunted.
    I know how you must be feeling barb. Its not easy watching him, but look on the up side if your not keen he won’t be like it for ever, we’ve seen it before so don’t worry. Dean will be back safe and well, who ever saves him.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


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