Is Metatron writing the new Winchester Gospel?

A new poster here yesterday popped this thought into my head, so I hope she doesn’t mind me talking about her idea as I think its superb. I am also jealous I didn’t think of it myself;)

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Could Metatron be behind everything. He is writing a new gospel in which the Winchesters are not supposed to be the heroes as he said himself. That is why Sam did not look for Dean, he could not as Metatron did write it so, that is why the scenes with Amelia were so unreal, dreamlike, Metatron did not know any better as he knew humans only from the books he was reading, maybe poorly written ones. That is why Sam is suddenly not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel anymore, but wants to die. That is why he said all this awful things to Dean, but did not really mean them, as it that was not what he, Sam, would have done, had Metatron not written it that way. And that is why Metatron wanted Kevin dead, as Kevin was the true prophet and he might have been an obstacle. And it makes sense as Jared recently said in an interview that Sam figures out that somebody is to be blamed for what has happened and it is neither Sam nor Dean. 

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It does feel strange that we did mull over things here about the picnic scene and other scenes with Sam and Amelia. I do remember us mentioning that we also thought it could have been some alternate universe that had been created. So I could believe this write up to be allowed to unfold. It could be a spell of a creative genius at work and that would suit Metatron down to a tee. I could see his character putting Sam and Dean threw hell and putting them in a world like the trickster did, its all possible. Also Metatron always said and told Dean that it was always about the stories. He told Cas to have babies and come and find him and tell him his. I also keep thinking about Naomi, why Metatron really killed her. Was she a real threat to his story telling? My only one negative thought perhaps is that why is Sam looking for Dean now? If Metatron has placed the boys in this fantasy world, how will this be addressed?

Let me know what you think about this new Sam and Dean gospel that Metatron could be behind. Our are writers up to this level of fantasy a world created for Sam and Dean that doesn’t make them appear very nice heroes.


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  1. I think this theory is far to convoluted for this particular set of writers. It’s not that the theory isn’t interesting but these writers are a lot more basic in their plots than Kripke ever was. Their plots are pretty straight forward and not as intricate or confusing. This sort of plot is much deeper than anything they would be able to pull off.
    I don’t know so much we had changing channels which I explained earlier. I think also the writers have also thought of demon Dean and Sam being possessed by an angel to heal him from the inside, which I thought for them was rather clever. Also the story about the ghosts in the veil which went down really well with fans. Metatron always said its about the stories and I wouldn’t put this past him. The sly, old weasel.

    Also I don’t like this theory bc I really, really, really hate Metatron and I think that this is giving far too much power to such a weak character. I don’t think Metatron is that important and I think people pay far more attention to him than he deserves. I think the most important characters are probably people we’re not paying close attention to, like Crowley’s son, whom we all dismiss as unimportant. I think the Metatron story is closed and we may or may not be seeing him in the future but as far as being a major player again, I don’t think so.

    This is one of the reasons why I think he could be dangerous because he appears weak. He’s killed Dean, so he can’t be that weak. Even though he used the power of the tablet to do so, which is another cool story by our writers by the way. I was surprised in how long they had kept his character going, but he’s just the sort of Character that I would expect to pull something sleazy like this off. Its right up his street.

    I think the Big Bad this season will be focused on Hell and Crowley. At least I hope so, because the Angel story line is getting pretty boring to me.
    Both angels and demon stories are boring and have been for ages. Crowley being a season regular this season for the first time ever, means a lot, as they are willing to create more stories around Crowley. So this is a good sign that he will have more screen time which I think he really deserves any way, but that’s another story. I think Crowley working alongside Demon Dean will be a hoot to watch and I can’t wait. Only downside is that Sam and Dean are apart more this season 😦

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. I 2 have had enuf Metatron. Let it be. Just watched Dark Side of the Moon. Joshua tells us that God is on Earth, just not thinking any of it is his problem. Maybe he/she is writing. I prefer to think we write our own stories as do Sam and Dean and Castiel and Crowley.


    2. With all due respect:

      Changing Channels was back in the days of Kripke and we have a lot of new writers since then some of whom are not very experienced with writing very intricate story lines. I see how they struggle with basic story lines. So far, they have not impressed me with their ability to write very complicated story lines that go follow through the entire season. They have gotten a bit better at it since season 8 and they do know how to write some compelling story lines as I’m greatly interested in some of the things that have been introduced in the past three seasons, but they have a lot of work to do.

      And second, Metatron was only able to kill Dean bc he had the tablet. The tablet has been destroyed, so he’s not even half as powerful as he was when he had it. And three, I don’t consider being able to kill Naomi all that impressive a trick. She was just another Angel that he tricked. In fact Metatron is so powerless, he pretty much has to rely on speeches and trickery and getting others to be his muscle and do his heavy lifting. Until he finds another tablet or another dupe like Gadreel, he’s pretty much going to stay powerless.

      The only problem I foresee is that he may be the key to getting Castiel’s grace back or at least knows where it is and might leverage that into some kind of power or freedom play. I could work with that idea.

      But really, I’ve had just about enough of his shenanigans and I’m totally not impressed by how smart he thinks he is nor am I going to give him any more credit than he is due. He doesn’t deserve any of it.

      Of course… I could and have been wrong in the past. The writers always surprise me at least a couple of times every season. So whatever they do with Metatron, I wanna be surprised. I hope to never see it coming.


      1. The Metatron-Nerd angel theme is pretty well worn. Castiel’ grace is hidden somewhere in Heaven from what we have been told. Naomi’s programming and arrogance made her blind to Metatron’s craftiness and turning the tables on her . People/Angels got sucked into his salesmanship(sorry to those of u who make a living selling). Metatron can out puff even Crowley. Now, he is a pathetic, former scribe, sitting alone in his cell. Leave him there unless there is some new angle. Hell and Heave both seem calm and uncomplicated. Crowley, Dean, Sam are complicated. Let’s go with that arc for a while.


        1. I’ve heard rumors that’s what their doing this season. They’re focusing on the brothers, with a couple of feature players stepping into episodes from time to time. I’d like that. I’d like it to go back to the flavor of the first three seasons, where the brothers had issues but they hunted monsters and the monsters they were killing had something to do with whatever issues they were facing. Kripke was great at doing that. The last couple of episodes that had that flavor was The Purge and Bad Boys. I don’t like The Purge very much but I love Bad Boys.


  2. Dear Bella, I am actually quite flattered that you even consider my little explanation for everything as a possible scenario 🙂 I will try and elaborate a bit more what I meant, which is not easy for me as English is, quite obviously, not my native language, so I apologize for all the bad grammar and my limited vocabulary. I do not think it is a fantasy world, on the contrary. Everything is quite real. But while Chuck wrote what he saw in his visions, being a true prophet, Metatron has been writing a story out of his own wicked mind. He plays “I am just the little scribe of God”, but I think he is a lot more powerful than we think. He can twist reality to a certain degree, push things into the direction he wants them to go, but sometimes his objects just do not behave the way he expects them to, which amuses him, as he considers it a challenge. He was powerful enough to kill Naomi. He could withstand the First Blade, drawing strength from the Angel Tablet. Now he is imprisoned and the Tablet is broken, so maybe this is why Sam is looking for Dean now, because he is the master of his own decisions again. So Metatron was playing God, while God was not in the building so to speak, knowing how to do it, having been there to watch, listen and learn. I am not sure though, if Metatron will stay a prisoner for long… How far Crowley is part of all this I am still trying to figure out 😉 Is he just another chess piece or a player?
    This is what I think too, that the story is a true event that is happening and not a reality, I perhaps said this the wrong way. You are correct in saying Metatron is a very powerful man and I can imagine him in a similar ways as to what Gabe did with the boys in Changing Channels, in that he was in charge of their role play and they had to do what he wanted in order to get out of the situations they were in. We only saw this for one episode but I can still see this being right up Metatron’s street that he can manipulate people and warp time to do it. Being the scribe of God makes him very old, and to have these tricks up his sleeve he can weave the story to his advantage and this is what he thrives on that things are going his way and that he is the one very much in control of the Winchesters and everyone else around him. I love your little theory!!

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  3. It’s interesting to consider that Metatron is conjuring up this fantasy world. It’s probably just me, but I think it would get too confusing and complicated if this were the case. Also, the amount of attention given to bringing back Crowley’s son and how his staying could affect/rewrite history makes me tend to believe that when/if current reality is altered, it may have more to do with the son.
    I have read this lately too, that Crowley’s son might have something to do with the overall story and that he might comeback. I think Metatron re-writing the story would never surprise me as he always said it was about the Stories and that he could have the power to tell his own and bring them to life in the shape of Sam and Dean being OOC.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  4. Chuck might have been Kripke but Metatron is no Carver IMHO. I hold out hope that God is around somewhere just not openly available. It would play into the absent father theme so more. God left Heaven, but that doesn’t mean he is gone, gone gone. Death still thinks he may kill God one day. Just a theory. It will never play out on the show as TV doesn’t roll that way.
    Are the writers brave enough to bring him back though, that is the big question. I never believed Eric’s version of God. As much as I love Rob Benedict acting the part, I felt at the time he didn’t feel quite right. I read later on the board that Eric left it up to the fans to decide if he was or wasn’t God. But then he did disappear. So how do we get out of this one? Do they replace ‘Rob’ with another actor as they have done in the past with Ruby and Meg.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


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