Dean’s Journey into Demon-hood?

Thinking back to ‘First Born’ and Dean meeting Cain I keep wondering what Dean’s thoughts were when he decided to jump in and do a deal with Cain and transfer that Mark? What was Dean really thinking when he decided to think first and ask his usual questions later sort of style. The Dean we really know. Thinking prior to this, and how Dean really got to the point where he wanted the deal that he felt so bad after allowing his brother to be possessed by an angel, and trick his brother into letting him in. Did Dean think he was poison that everyone around him gets hurt. Had this deal gone so badly wrong that Dean wanted a way out. A passage back to normality before the possession ever happened. Had he sunk so low that the recklessness of taking on the mark would cure his other pits of despair. His brothers rejection and his own toxic self loathing. What a cocktail. Had this really damaged Dean that when faced with the mark that he saw it as a way out, that in fact he wanted to try and do some good even if it meant on taking something so bad and evil that would change him long term.

What really pushed Dean over the edge and be reckless enough to take such a risk, that he was pre-warned by Cain that it does come with a terrible burden. Which we are now learning that if Dean doesn’t kill the mark will kill him. So he has to keep up the ritual of killing. So why did Dean not stop for one brief second, rewind and just wonder if this risk was worth it. Dean did deal without even thinking is my point of this story telling. Was he so blind that the adventure ahead would be paved with something so horrible that he didn’t want to be. If he had stopped to think would it have turned this story on its head and gone a different way? Is the story telling proving that Dean doesn’t think before he acts that he is so gullible and it is his very nature to just dive in and create his own problems later on. Is this the very core of Dean Winchester? If our Dean is so bright, why was he so damned stupid to take the risk, such a risk that could possibly destroy his very existence. I can’t believe how this writing makes Dean look, that its landed him in such hot, bleak mind blowing depths. How could he have been so stupid.


So my question is, if you were Dean would you have hesitated and thought about the consequences of what might happen to you if you did take the risk?


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  1. In honor of season ten on CW In the States the cable channel TNT will be having a marathon showing of all of season nine, leading up to the hour of the premiere broadcast of season ten.

    I’m very much looking forward to this.I think this is the first time TNT has ever done anything like thi, although they’re usually pretty good about timing episodes in such a way as to coincide with things going on in the current season.


      1. all night watch. Admit I have been dozing in and out. Currently up to the Garth episode where he explains he explains how he got bit in “the process”. Of course, having seen the gag reel, I can’t help but lol. Luckily i do not have to work today. It’s like an epic movie. Some bad eps but makes u realize how hard J2 and co work to produce an overall great product.
        Couldn’t agree more!!

        Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. Oh man, the hot news is Claire Novak is making an appearance this season. I cannot wait to see the daughter of Jimmy Novak and Castiel meet up. That’s going to be awesome!
    Claire Novak, Sheriff Mills, that one Sheriff from The Purge and of course, Charlie, are all going to be on the show this season, plus another female related to Crowley.


    1. “Oh man, the hot news is Claire Novak is making an appearance this season. I cannot wait to see the daughter of Jimmy Novak and Castiel meet up. That’s going to be awesome!”

      Definitely awesome!


      1. Incidentally ,I saw that clip of Dean in bed with that young blond lady. I’m still not sure if she’s a demon and if she knows what Crowley is bc the two of them seemed very familiar with each other.

        I also didn’t like the bitch-jerk thing that Dean and Crowley did bc that’s strictly a brother thing and I don’t like Dean referring to Crowley in a brotherly manner. In fact, I hated it and I’m not going to watch too much of him and Crowley being so chummy without getting pissed off, I don’t care if they are demons.


        1. the bitch-jerk thing is supposed to piss you off since it is the brothers’ thing from early days. It hasn’t been done in recent years as the writers attempted to mature the brothers. Crowley is Dean’s bestie as we start season 10. This is the new brother-ship. So it is supposed to re awaken the former relationship of the bros and make you scream at the t.v. and wish for former days of Winchesters on the same page. So, it is working on us even before it’s aired on t.v. Great salesmanship.


        2. I found it hilarious that Dean just doesn’t give a poo, and as much as it “Seems” they look to be besties and all chummy with each other. I have a feeling that’s furthest from the truth. First, they (Dean & Blondie) were screwing in Crowley’s room & in his bed (eww). He had sex in another man’s bed, that’s not something a friend would do. Dean just doesn’t give a flying rat turd if he p!sses off Crowley, he hasn’t a care in the world. There’s no respect, no fear, he feels nothing towards Crowley. Also I believe his B!tch comment was more a kneejerk reaction to being called Jerk. We take umbrage to it because it’s something we’ve come to expect from the brothers only, but we don’t know for sure that it’s been said to others. But I don’t get upset by the Jerk, B!tch…that’s just semantics.
          The only thing I would be highly upset about, and I have a gut feeling either of the guys would be too, is if Crowley were to say or call them Idjits. Idjit is more a term of endearment, used exclusively by Bobby for the guys. Idjit means many things to them; It can be a adjective, a expletive, a endearment, it even means I love You and over all the years the Only one that’s ever used it was Bobby. I believe if anyone tried to use that word, the guys would lay a hurt down to rival the Luci/ Dean beatdown in Swan Song.
          I can’t wait to see how everything works out this season.


          1. I think Garth used it once and promptly got his butt handed to him by Dean.

            But I see your point. It did occur to me that I’m supposed to be mad and they really might not be that chummy. (You made an excellent argument, there.)

            So,in other words, Dean is pretty much acting as self involved and disrespectful towards Crowley (and every human else) as all the other demons we’ve seen on the show.
            Point made. Point taken.😐


            1. I wonder what would happen if Sam were to call Dean Idjit? Would it bring about a lighter mood? Would it turn the course of action in dean, or the pull of the Mark has done? Could the fond memories of all the better & good times with their real Dad, Bobby, change DemonDean to more of the HumanDean? Though the guys have never said it out loud, Bobby was truly more of a loving Father to them, than John ever was. Another thing that has always bothered me, is the boys Never really grieved his death or even talk about Bobby. That really, really bothers me.


              1. No they didn’t talk about it but I thought they grieved and did it pretty badly. Their grief permeated nearly all the last episodes of season seven. (Or maybe just my grief.)

                Sam was hallucinating. Dean was drinking himself to unconsciousness every evening. Dean handled it in his usual I want to get revenge manner, but the writers were really slacking on that front which is why that season was so disappointing to me and of course we have no f***ing clue what Sam was thinking outside of going insane, which we also didn’t get to see enough of.
                It was like the writers forgot how to write the show. Were they new? Should the showrunner be blamed?

                Speaking of which I just read an excellent Meta that laid out all the reasons that Bobby was their real father in a way John was not. Could not find the link, but if I do I’ll post.


              2. The boys did grieve. Weeks went by where they were holed up in the cabin. The screen captions says week one, week two, week three when Dean and Sam finally look for a lead for a new case or the Leviathans. Dean also dealt with Bobby’s death by drinking heavily. Sam internalized and said we want it to be Bobby but stuff never works out for us( I paraphrase). Everyone grieves in his own manner. WHen the flask had to be destroyed, you could see the pain in Dean and Sam’s face, but they stay true to what has to been done.


            2. Yeep. He is an Ahole demon douche. Dean always goes full throttle into a job so as a demon why would he be any different except he doesn’t have Sam saying ” Dean, now wait..: Loving that Ackles gets to play a different aspect of Dean.


  3. I didn’t think Dean was being stupid. He was being self-destructive, which is a defining character trait of his. Family is everything to Dean, especially Sam, and Sam disowning him is literally the worst thing that could have happened to him.
    Hi VirileManifotDivine are you the person I corresponded with the other day on IMDb. Welcome!! Its always great to see new posters. I get that he’s vulnerable and this is a strong point. I love writing articles where I really make you all think, and bring the greatness out in our characters. I know disowning Dean really hurt him. But Sam was also hurting to the point that he felt he had to act and remind Dean of his actions. Sam wasn’t happy with the possession and I knew as soon as he said those words in The Purge that he didn’t mean them and was lashing out, in the way he knew how. Its Sam’s coping mechanism too. They are both as bad as each other sometimes.

    I wasn’t surprised he took on the Mark and I didn’t think it made him look bad. It made him look vulnerable. He was isolated, desperate, he had nothing to hold on to and he was more alone than he’d ever been. When Sam was dead, he still had drive because he wanted to find a way to get him out. Sam being alive and disowning him was much, much worse.

    I still think the whole point of this story line as Debbab has pointed out in the past that I think it was part of the story telling that it was to try and draw a wedge between them as Dean had taken on the mark, and the writers wanted to show how desperate Dean had become, that he felt lonely, alone and at rock bottom. The mark suppressed the bearer. So I got the feeling that the writers were trying to divide the boys so that the mark would do its mojo so to speak. That’s the way it came across to me any way. Sam’s words were cutting and hurtful but they were meant to be. We later learn that Sam said himself he lied, it wasn’t true.

    I feel a lot of compassion for him. I had the “Oh, dean, how could you?” reaction when he took on the mark but I wasn’t angry. I just felt sad that someone so lovable got to a point where he felt he had no one in the world who truly cared about him. And I just made myself sad now 😦
    I wasn’t angry as such, I just kept thinking that Dean is a bright man, not a child, and he to the point acted reckless, and didn’t hesitate to accept the mark. He never stood back and protested to Crowley and Cain, it was just done in a moments madness that he took in the end with his own life. Why Dean, WHY?

    Love Aunty B xxx


    1. “I feel a lot of compassion for him. I had the “Oh, dean, how could you?” reaction when he took on the mark but I wasn’t angry. I just felt sad that someone so lovable got to a point where he felt he had no one in the world who truly cared about him. And I just made myself sad now :(”
      You just made me sad too!


      1. I had the exact same reaction! I wasn’t even surprised when he got the Mark. I asked myself the same question when he did it
        It didn’t over surprise, me as I had a good idea by this point where the story was heading. I still keep thinking he could have just hesitated and blinked to say am I doing the right thing here. Most importantly why am I here. He must have known messing with Crowley would end up in misery or worse.

        I don’t think Sam disowned him but I’m pretty sure that’s what Dean heard, regardless. I think the saddest thing is he could’ve mended their relationship if he hadn’t let his pride get in the way of the two of them really, really talking. Every flaw in Deans character, which is normally something we all identify and understand, is what led to him becoming a demon. Only Dean can be blamed for making true one of his worse nightmares, although I argue that which nightmare is worse – being disowned by the last member of your family whom you love above all else or becoming the kind of thing you hate most.
        I think you’ve mentioned this before. I know disowning is a strong word, but Sam was so angry and it left a scar with him so deep. They were both hurting and Dean regretting what he did was again a real cocktail for disaster.
        Sam’s rejection in not wanting anything to do with him clearly got to Dean. Yes to a point where he wouldn’t probably be thinking clearly and he thought what the heck what have I got to loose, Sam doesn’t love me any more, what’s the point in me being alive. If the mark is a way out of this pit, then I’ll take it.

        Love Aunty B xxx


        1. In a way, Sam had “demonized” Dean as taking away his choice, acting impulsively and removing his supports from Dean. I don’t think he thought Dean would really die since he has an unrealistic belief in his brother’s successes. The MoC actually kept Dean from dying beyond renewal and it turned Dean into the demon. Cause and effect. Dean’s decision made when he was at a low point.


      2. Which is why family(even not blood related) is important in our maintenance of our mental state. Sometimes folks don’t think they have someone to share the bad times, but if you want to find them…they are there. Dean felt he had lost Sam and did not want to go on without the partnership and brotherhood togetheR. IF he had fleshed out what was going on with Sam’s nightmare…well then it would not have been our boys and Season 10 would not be in production. Neither brother deserves to be disliked so I don’t know why some fans like to put blame on one or the other.


        1. ““You just made me sad too!”
          Sorry :).”

          No worries-Ive been sad ever since Dean turned into the one thing he has hated all his life-and was willing to die not to become.


    2. I didn’t react with how could you Dean as it is part of the character to take on burdens, see killing evil to its end,, even if it has bad consequences for him. And all the time, he remains true to Sam by protecting him from the final show down both with Abaddon through misdirection and then again taking Sam out of the final show down with Metatron with a strong punch( like Sam did to Dean when he went after Lilith in season 4 and how well that worked out).


      1. I think Sam was trying really hard to change their dynamic. Hell really changed Sam on a fundamental level. In the past Sam never had a problem telling Dean when he’d done something stupid. He never had a problem yelling at him or screaming at him. This time his approach was the exact opposite.

        I got the sense that he was mad as Hell but he took the quiet approach and held his anger in and I think part of him was experimenting to see if this new approach to Dean would make him see reason. I also I think he understood Dean’s reasons but couldn’t really take out his anger at him. He understood that Dean did what he did from a place of love but disaster was the result and I think he was trying to make Dean see that every time they choose each other like that, someone dies horribly. I also think he took this approach bc he knew that any other way of approaching Dean about his anger would get a predictable response.

        Dean would get defensive, there’d be a fight and Dean would say something Sam hated, and Sam would stalk off. That’s the way their fights always happened. This time, he stood his ground and held his position by Dean’s side but withheld his affection from him instead of his physical presence and Dean ran away. So it was an interesting try but ultimately a failure.

        (Sigh) maybe Sam can save Dean THIS season. There’s always hope that he can get a win someday.


    3. Disclaimer: It’s my second time commenting and I’m a little confused because I can’t seem to find my original comment so I’ll reply to your reply to my comment lol.—–

      Hi Bella, yes, it’s me, VirileManifestationoftheDivine from IMDb 🙂
      I wasn’t dismissing Sam’s hurt. I only focused on Dean’s because we were talking about his decision to take the Mark.

      While it’s now canon that Sam “lied”, Jared’s the one who changed the line so I don’t believe Carver’s intention was to show that Sam was lying in the Purge. Anyway, I’m among those who like to block out the whole thing because it greatly interferes with my ability to enjoy Sam and Dean’s relationship.

      Dean’s always been reckless. I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t blink. Yes, he’s bright. He KNOWS it’s not going to end well. He just doesn’t care because he wants to self-destruct.


      1. “While it’s now canon that Sam “lied”, Jared’s the one who changed the line so I don’t believe Carver’s intention was to show that Sam was lying in the Purge. Anyway, I’m among those who like to block out the whole thing because it greatly interferes with my ability to enjoy Sam and Dean’s relationship. ”

        I was under the impression he “lied” about saying he was ok with Dean risking his life going after Metatron.


  4. Oh, I just thought since Dean was so focused on feeling right about what he’s done to Sam and trying not to mend his bridges with him, that he was just focusing completely on the job. He became very businesslike and totally dedicated to getting read of Abaddon, which was his primary goal and of course, the ends justifies the means in Dean’s head.

    I think even if he’d be warned about the consequences, he still would have taken the Mark. I think he had a death wish and was just going to end up getting himself killed bc he was feeling sorry for himself being without his brother.


    1. I feel the same…even if Dean would’ve been fully informed of the costs & consequences. He would’ve still taken on the Mark, as I said the Good still outweighed the Bad in his book. He just wouldn’t have been flabbergasted when he started getting sick, and finding out it would Kill him BEFORE he fully did what he set out to do…namely killing Metatron.


      1. IDK, I think since going after Abaddon and killing her proved to be pretty easy, going after Metatron was just another way to kill himself. I don’t think he ever planned to kill Metatron at first but once presented with the idea that Metatron needed to die, he quickly volunteered to do the impossible, which was kill (yet another) god – something the brothers have been doing on a pretty consistent basis since season three (which is pretty f***ing awesome, btw.) I think going after Metatron was just another suicide run for Dean.


    2. As Sam so needed Dean to keep him human in season 6, so does Dean need Sam for balance. When Sam rebuked Dean, albeit for his own guilt and nightmare about kevin, it pushed Dean to be hyper focused on the job. Dean does not want to do the job without Dean, hence he went forward on his own and tried to keep Sam safe from Metatron. “I’m proud of us.” speaks to the necessity of “us”.


      1. Yeah. I don’t understand the immense hatred people have for Sam. Without Sam it would be a pretty short show maybe? Or Dean would be a lot less likable or relatable. Sam keeps Dean grounded and focused in a way that Dean doesn’t do well for himself. Without Sam, Dean is a lot more ruthless and reckless.


  5. As Dean, Sam’s rejection, coupled with the guilt of Kevin’s death on my watch, and the need to get Abaddon ganked. I would sacrifice myself without thinking it through. Without Sam to keep the focus on the future, the selfless act would be the only choice. Wouldn’t want to be caught with “my pants” down and would want to “tale the fight” to Abaddon and Metatron on the offensive rather than defensive- this has always been Dean’s strategy. Once Sam was back to brother Sam, it was too late for Dean to turn back, he had the MoC’s demands to fulfill.


  6. If there’s anything we know about our boys, is they always, always place their own personal safety and lives on the line for the greater good of all and for family. Dean has always taken the greater risks to get that job done, meaning he always goes with his gut instinct, he believes the end result always justifies the means. If he takes the Mark to kill and rid the world of Abaddon and Metatron it’s all good. Cain never explained just what the burden or cost would be. If you ask me he glossed over it, like a sleazy salesman and sold Dean on the idea of killing Abbynormal. The warning was put forth as a after thought, “Oh yea, some say with this Mark there is a cost or burden. It sounded more like “Oh it’s nothing major.” He could have said, “With this Mark you will turn into a cold blooded homicidal maniac, your Humanity will be lost, you will lose yourself forever in the bloodlust, you will become what you hate.”
    Not that I’m surprised, Crowley and Cain are both Demon’s. Deception, half truths, and invasions are their creed. Though, knowing what we do, I hoped that Cain would’ve been more upfront with Dean about those costs.

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  7. Would I have asked YES! But this is Supernatural, of course they don;t ask.

    I think that Dean felt he had to do something to redeem himself in his own eyes and in his brothers, after a season of lies and having his brother say the things he did to him. He feels his life isnt worth anything so might as well give it up to the cause.


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