Are there any distinct differences between the brothers?

Many of us watch the show because we love both brothers or one brother more than the other. So Over the years and this evening being a rather special night moving forward into season 10, how do you really see the brothers? A question I feel I have thought about for sometime now, and wonder myself what differences there are or even how alike they are as brothers. What appears to be missing from their lives as apposed to what they do have currently going on in their lives.

Jeremy Carver has recently stated in an interview thatΒ regular Dean, if he’s anything, is loyal to a fault.Β I think you’ll see a Demon Dean who is a much more questionable moral character than regular Dean, even though regular Dean has his moral failings. You’ll see definite distinctions. I think the interesting part which we sort of explore is how much real Dean is still in there in terms of how much control does real Dean have over Demon Dean. And that’s something we deal with head-on in certain circumstances and in some ways we leave it open to interpretation.

So taking into account that Demon Dean is so very different from regular Dean how will he fair going into season 10? Dean has as JC said you will see distinctions between the two characters as to see how far off the rails DD will go. How different will DD be to when Sam didn’t have his soul for example. Will the stories be similar in the fact that they are both not themselves, and not human any longer? Is this what makes the boys distinct that they are human, and having to deal with these unusual supernatural interference’s that as a viewer we have a hard time deciding how far this non human character goes before we think that’s bad, the writing has crossed the line. Do you fear for your character going so far dark that it might put you off them because of that particular story being told?

So after nine full on years, how do we really understand these boys? what is in their make-up that makes them stand out, and appeal to us that we can’t put the story down and say that was a horrible story, or that was a great story? As far as the writing goes I have found that Dean has the purer story behind him where as Sam has this dark cloud over him virtually from the jump, or at least end of season 3 where Sam started to change in personality. So when we look at what the boys have been dealt, do you sense any real differences that no one might have noticed that appealed to you or didn’t?

So here we are going into season 10 on this amazing mile stone and this Blog’s 2nd birthday on Thursday how do you feel the relationship will pan out and develop. Do you have any nagging doubts that the boys won’t be on even terms or that they will struggle to be both heard throughout their nightmare of a story line. I wonder where the second half of the season will take us, as Carver tends to split the season up with two separate arc’s once Deanmon is over following on from the MoC story where will the back end of S10 go, do any of you have any clearer ideas?

So remember the drill as usual guys, please give me all the juicy details of how the episode went and I will look forward in reading them tomorrow. I hope its a cracker of an episode premier’s usually are. Thank you all again for sticking with me and this blog for another year, your all amazing everyone of you! I’ve also been looking through some talented fan art and I think these drawings are amazing. Hope you like them.

Hope you all love the show Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 ‘BLACK’

21 thoughts on “Are there any distinct differences between the brothers?

  1. As for Cole and a few clues about his vendetta. We now know several more clues about him.
    #1. He was a Marine, possibly special forces / Green Beret.
    #2. He had a brother that is the key to unlock this vendetta, though we have no clue if the brother was his twin, if he was younger or older. The clues lead us to believe that the Brother’s death is what set this in motion. Otherwise why bring him up when he captured Sam.
    #3. He has a young son.
    #4. The woman/wife/GF know what’s up. Enough to be really upset when he got a confirmation identity fax of Dean.
    (That someone , I believe to be Crowley)
    #5. He has a network of contacts to suss out Dean and Sam’s whereabouts. Enough information about both of them to track them.


    1. This long ago brother of his wouldn’t happen to be the Hunter that Meg killed when she possessed Sam, would he? I can’t recall the Hunter’s name, although Cole says his brother’s name was David or Davey.


      1. Although, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that Davey is quite possibly one of the many hundreds of demons the brothers have killed or tortured in the past nine years. What was the name of that guy from Repo Man that they tortured and ruined his life?
        And I’m pretty sure that to non-hunters, the brothers just look like psychotic serial killers.


  2. From the glimpses of other episodes yet to come, I have a feeling that Dean is just enjoying this unfettered lifestyle. For once he’s just goofing off; there’s no catastrophe to stop, no niggling worries. He’s enjoying howling at the moon, like a virgin Frat boy on his first run to the red light district with burning money in his pocket.
    He doesn’t go looking for trouble, in that convenience store Dean didn’t cause trouble, he was just looking at his preferred Busty Asian Chick’s mag, and didn’t move a muscle till Crowley’s minion caused a ruckus. IDK …I think Crowley bit off more than his mealy, lying mouth could chew. Dean doesn’t give two cents about going to Hell and becoming Crowley’s henchmen or Knight. Dean even told him straight out, he doesn’t care, he is busy having fun for a change, and plain out said bugger off if he doesn’t like it. Also I think Crowley is afraid of ticking him off. Dean was scary while he was human. NOW, he’s a freaking powerful Demon because of the MoC and positively terrifying. But I noticed Dean doesn’t kill, just for the thrill of the kill. He still has some checks and balances left. The Mark doesn’t have complete control of him. He’s still Dean but like someone said on here (sorry, no credit, I forgot who said it 😊) Dean is a concentrated and distilled version of himself. This demon side is selfish, it’s distilled down to wants and needs only. He wants to drink till he’s drunk, sing badly and screw till his balls fall off. For once he is Only thinking of himself and his wants and needs. For 10+ years give or take he has only thought of Sam, Bobby, Cas and the world. For this once he tabled all those worries, heartache, pain, & sorrow. He took a long overdue vacation from it. He left Sam relatively safe, though emotionally wrecked and devastated. Dean’s major worry and sole obligation was always caring for Sam. Since the age of 6 Dean has always been Sam’s protector, caregiver, and parent. For this once Dean has the opportunity to be totally selfish.


    1. On this I wholeheartedly agree. I like to contrast this Dean with the version I just saw in Sam, Interrupted. That other Dean carried the weight of the world. this Dean carries nothing but himself. He’s free in a way he’s never been before.


      1. At the close of 10:3 I saw behavior that I had never seen before. Sam and Cas were discussing Dean’s demon reversal and Cas told Sam the Mark remanded and Sam retorted he could only deal with one problem at a time.

        Sam was the functioning adult with a critical brother to care for, a brother currently unable to make rational choices for himself. Suddenly Sam and Cas are talking like case workers dealing with a difficult patient, or parents about injured minor child.

        Dean’s wants, goals, wishes did not come into the consideration as the elder Winchester’s mental and physical health and care was determined. Cas left, promising to return in few days or immediately if Sam called.

        Sam is now the ‘elder brother’ caregiver and Cas is treating Sam as the adult with final say in Dean’s care. This time when Sam walks away to (1.) get food as adult provider deciding what his brother needs, and (2.) announcing to a fellow adult he is going to then get drunk, it is the actions of mature man dealing with a crisis, not an immature Sammy over eagerly talking about how now his older brother is back and can now resume the role of the oldest whose job it is to care of Sammy and bear the majority of the burden of being the adult.

        It just hit me, in all the horror films I have seen, nothing compares to the sheer horror of seeing the Demon flash across Dean full force raving for control. I saw this twice, once when Dean was first in the chair, and fully again when Cas grabbed DemonDean from behind preventing the full attack on Sam. An exhausted Sam took this all in stride, seeing Hell manifest out of his brother and carried on, seeing this horror as just another burden he must carry. It is Dean who is the most shaken by his own demonic murderous attack on this little brother.

        How can Dean and Sam return to their former relationship? They cannot even if Dean wants and tries to return to this parent/child relationship, Sam has grown up past that point. If Sam returns to letting Dean take the bed by the door it will be only to humor a child he know protects.


  3. Okay, guys, the site is up. There’s only two articles and a reblog of a much weightier topic than I’ll be discussing. I’m still tweaking things as I learn, cuz this is my first blog. It’s at:

    There’s a lot of other stuff I plan to post besides Supernatural. If I’d known it would be so easy I would have done this a long time ago. Now let’s see if I can keep up the momentum.

    Hi Bella,

    Add me to your site if you like, I’d much appreciate it. And a huge Thank You 😘 to everyone here for encouraging me!


  4. Spn Season 10: Black

    Review of previous seasons with Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker over credits. I love that song. It brings back mems.
    Sam is torturing a female demon and asking about Dean and Crowley.

    Backtrack to 4 weeks earlier: Sam is alone and hunting leads over the phone and by computer. His arm is in a sling as he visits Deans room, eats alone, searches for clues. He calls Cas on the phone. Cas is asleep which he’s not supposed to be because angels do not sleep he’s and considerably weaker than when we last saw him. So weakened that Sam, concerned, decides not to involve him in his lead. References to an earlier incident with Cas and some demon hurting him. Cas says he misses Dean. Sam blames Crolwey and they both suspect Dean is a demon. Both of them saddened by this.

    Dean singing I’m too sexy and getting booed off stage. Cut to sex scene with Annemarie. Crowley busts in and annoying affectionate exchange between the two. Crowley and Dean playing Foosball? Dean beating the crap out of Anne Marie’s old boyfriend. He’s about as violent as he used to be so I’m not shocked.

    Cas gets a visit from Hannah. Angels are leaderless. Metatron still in jail. Hannah and Heaven needs Cas. most of the angels have returned but some are rogues. Cas is asked to bring them in.

    Sam investigates a lead. Sees Dean on video killing some other guy and turning out to be the demon Sam is hunting. Sam notices the demon eyes on Dean in the video. Meanwhile Dean and another demon who wants revenge for Abaddon face off. Dean pulls out the FB.

    First shot of Cole with his family of son and crying wife. He’s just received a picture of Dean from an unknown source. Cole loads up and springs into action.

    Cas is till driving that auto-boat. Hannah is cute. She gets car sick. Hannah confronts Cas about his health and he dismisses her concerns. She seems to really care about him. The two argue like an old couple.

    Sam meets Deans biggest fan or either the guy is on drugs as he questions him about Dean. No, the guy is just sarcastic. Has Deans phone though, so yay!

    Sam calls Crowley. Crowley tells him the truth about the Mark. Sam vows to save Dean. Crowley is totes in love with Dean and is happily smiling about how Dean belongs to him and is his bestie, which sounds totally gay, but alright. He tells Sam he’s jealous. Sam vows to kill him for what he’s done. Luckily the GP’S works just fine and Sam now has Crowley’s location.

    Cas and Hannah are hunting a rogue angel out in the boonies (countryside) who likes fly fishing.they confront him. The angel says some important stuff and exhibits free will. Hannah wants to kill bit Cas talks her down.

    Crowley admits sending demons to kill Dean to keep him sharp, so they can go back to Hell. He still kind of treats Dean as a useful pet. He’s getting tired of howling at the moon, and he’s ready to buckle down and be all demon like in Hell but Dean ain’t having it. Crowley confesses talking to Sam. Tells him Sam knows where they are. I think he hopes Dean will kill Sam. Confesses he’s getting tired of Deans attitude and expects gratitude for the things he’s done to Dean as he’s put a large investment in him and he expects cooperation. But again Dean ain’t having it. The two of them are not as chummy as they seemed at first. Yeah, Dean is as disrespectful of Crowley as most demons are to each other.

    Cole captures Sam by tricking him with a stolen vehicle and offering help.

    Dean is singing again and very, very drunk. Anne Marie saves him from himself for a minute. They talk. Ann walks out on him.

    Cas and Hannah sit with the rogue angels under the stars but Hannah doesn’t even understand the conversation. They argue for their freedom and Hanna wants to kill again. Cas kills one of the angels to protect Hanna.

    Cole ties up Sam and interrogates him about Dean. He talks about his brother Davey and he knows who Sam and Dean are. Sam tries to warn him against hunting DemonDean. I’m pretty sure Cole doesn’t know about demons or hunting based on his reactions to what Sam says.

    Cas and Hanna discuss what just happened. Hannah is not very flexible when it comes to the rules.

    Cole calls Dean on Sam’s phone. He’s holding Sam hostage unless Dean comes for him. Dean says he ain’t coming and Sam will have to save himself. Threatens to kill Cole later.

    Overall this was a slow, low key episode. Nothing I didn’t expect happened tonight except for them introducing Cole so early. The writers are going to give us answers a little more slowly as we have to wait til next week to know why Cole is hunting Dean (I suspect it’s bc Dean killed his brother), what’s going to happen between him and Crowley.

    Next week Sam and Dean meet and they fight.

    Thank you very much for the hard work Ikeke. I still haven’t seen it yet, and the wait is killing me. I have read poor accounts of the episode and that they have found Deanmon to not be as fulfilling as they had hoped he would be. I get the feeling that it was all too easy for Sam to be kidnapped yet again, for the umpteenth time in how many years. They were also less enthusiastic about Dean not having much screen time. Also the remarks between Dean and Crowley in the bedroom were below par and not what they expected. I think they were underwhelmed which was the response I felt. Which is a bummer as Premiers are always so strong. I love how accurate you are in writing your summary and that you never moan about a character in mid flow, and your sentence flow effortlessly. You should take this up for a living!!

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Great synopsis and #Supernatural was the number 1 trending topic on Twitter in the USA and #Deanmon was trending worldwide! Supernatural rules!!!!!!
      Great stuff, only goes to show still how strong this show is. I love this sort of news. πŸ˜‰

      Love Aunty B xxxx


    2. Now, I have to confess that it’s really difficult to give a rundown on what’s happening in real time and this is my first time doing this. In Ohio the show airs at 9PM, just after The Flash. Next week I’m going to watch it in real time and then watch the recording and do the rundown from that. I think that might work better for me.
      All this time I’ve known you Ikeke and I didn’t know where you were from πŸ˜‰ I know a few in Ohio. I want to watch The Flash too wonder how that went down. You can only but try.

      Overall I liked it but it didn’t WOW me and it wasn’t a spectacular episode. I leave that for later on in the season. This one doesn’t get a grade cuz I usually don’t grade the very first episode of the season. I usually place it in the middle and the other episodes are graded according to whether or not they were better or worse than the first episode.
      I know I am similar to you, I tend to take it at face value until I’ve seen it pan out. But I was disappointed in the overall feeling from the board, how doom and gloom the feedback was. There were a lot of boo’s in there more than wow’s. I love premiers on the whole so I feel a bit sad reading those threads. I hope Demon Dean doesn’t turn out to be too cheesy.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Seriously though, I need my own blog or something.
        Ikeke seriously do it. You were talking about this last year. Us all here would follow you religiously. You are great at writing, and mixing in with us you would do a superb job. WordPress is free and so easy to set up and make your own mark on it. Blogging is hard work though. I have found it harder this season because I knew where the story was going so my imagination had dried up. I was bothered in case you guys deserted me, and you haven’t. You’ve stayed with me the long haul and I am so proud of you guys and if I could hug you I would. So for me, do it and really think about it. It is fun too!

        Love Aunty B xxxx


        1. Do it! There is always room for more Supernatural blogs!!
          I second this Ikeke DO IT, you will be brilliant!!!

          Love Aunty B xxxx


  5. I think the character that’s changed the most, and I mentioned this in another post, would be Sam. I feel like Hell and the Apocalypse really changed him and he hasn’t been right since he found out he was the Antichrist and then again when he got his damaged soul back. He’s less affable, he smiles a lot less he’s more focused and businesslike and he has/is retreating into his intellect more. I think doing that is his way of coping with strong emotions – most introverts do that.

    Demon Dean is, I think just going to become a distilled and more violent version of the Dean we already know. All of his faults will be right out on the surface for anyone to see but he simply won’t care. Every bad impulse HumanDean has ever had ,DemonDean will just give in and do it.

    When Sam was soulless he was cold. DemonDean runs hot with a bit of a temper. SoullessSam was cool, ruthless and pragmatic. A creature of pure intellect with no moral compass at all, very much like an insect. Demon Dean is fiery and emotional, no matter what those emotions might be, maybe. It’ll be interesting to spot the differences.


  6. Garth describes Dean as starting a fight in a room by himself but being a teddy bear inside. Garth calls Sam rightfully insecure. They are 2 1/2s of a coin. One is impetuous the other thinks too much. The lines have been blurred of late. Both are kick ass and vulnerable at the same time. The jaw line and the hair are intimidating to bad guys:-). Hey, I have been watching the marathon of season 9- can’t expect to be too witty today.
    Are you watching Southern Comfort blinderd8? Garth irritates me so much, I don’t understand what people find fascinating about him. I just sometimes feel like punching him. That’s not like me but he really winds me up.
    Happy watching. Man that fight between Sam and Dean was tense, I hate to watch them fight. Sam looked hot in that scene.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  7. Wow, that’s a lot to think about. Sam has changed the most from season 1 threw season 9. His journey from the very beginning was tinged with tragedy. He has been the victim throughout the journey; always the one that had something happening to him. Even though I have not always appreciated JC’s story concerning the Winchesters, I think that his version is a truer depiction of what Sam and Dean would really be like today. I think both brothers would be very traumatized by the lives they have been forced to lead and the constant violence and loss they endure. During seasons 8 & 9, Sam was allowed to vent his frustration with the life he never wanted but stays in because of his loyalty to Dean. Dean, on the other hand, has always embraced the hunting life and stays in it because it’s his choice to do so. Dean is always portrayed as the loyal one, the protector, but I see him as manipulative and controlling. That is an aspect that JC will probably explore with Demon Dean. Based on the show’s history, demons are not that different from who they were while they were alive and human so I expect Dean’s less positive attributes to become his demon core. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dean and I understand who he is; I just see him differently than a lot of the fans. As for season 10, I hope that the show goes as dark as the network will allow. I am actually looking forward to this season and the continuing adventures of the Brothers Winchester. Also, congrats on your blog’s second anniversary!
    There are some very valid points Supernatural_Forever that is a distinct difference between the brothers that one knows he’s a hunter and is passionate about the life and wants to live it to its full no matter what. Dean would never really leave not totally. And we found this out fully in Purgatory and whilst in hell that he enjoyed the feeling and the buzz that it gave him. Where as Sam on the other hand is very different that he doesn’t enjoy the life that was thrust upon him by his father and to some extent brother. Dean was proud of Sam for trying to make it on his own, and couldn’t make that break. He knew in his heart he wouldn’t last five minutes away from hunting, where as Sam has had that chance at normality and come back into the fold for Dean. So I don’t think for Sam the pull is hunting its being with Dean that keeps him going. Thank you for the anniversary nod, very sweet of you. I can’t believe its been two years.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


  8. 5 days to go–I would be devoured by a rogue lion escaped from somebodies illegal circus. More than likely, I would be the second person in US history nearly killed when a meteorite crashed through the roof into my house.

    Things did not get better, day 4, ran down by a bus crossing the street, broke my leg going down my front steps. It got worse, it could happen. Kidney stones and taken way in the ambulance having emergency surgery with complications, too loopy to watch only a TV blur hoping I was watching the right show on the right day, like the hospital had CW.

    Day 3, desperate to tell my husband my fears were reasonable and knowing Tuesday a near relative would drop dead. Barely escaping food poisoning from our Saturday Mexican where we are greeted as regular customers.

    <Day 2, knew being forced to stand in the cold wind waiting for a restaurant table at Cracker Barrel was going to push my cold and allergies into double pneumonia with only hours to go. Luckily, a double hip shot, leaving me doing the donkey walk to the car has spared me. So what that my 94 year old father-in-law wanted sausage and biscuits after church for dinner

    Day 1, what if forgot!

    THE DAY! Will the weather knock off the reception! Will my husband try to watch THE. SHOW with me! Will there be. Terrorist attack, atom bomb blows up a nondescript mid-west city and Marshal Law is declared!
    My supper is cooked for Tuesday night and I am not leaving the couch in front of the TV. Soon it will be time to turn off the phones! What if a lighting bolt knocks out our electricity? Hysterical Blindness!

    The boys will forever suffer from little brother disorder as Sam grows more like his father and Dean will never accept that he did not fail his father. God Is where He has always been, on His throne, hidden from view testing the boys and their angel Cas, proving humans can and did create new nobility from Team Free Will. One day when Dean is baking apple pie in the bunker while Sam is typing up his third book on "Dimensions Beyond the Third", they will almost notice love has been wiped into harmony like nectar into honey. Since Sam decoded the secrets of time and space Dean always cut the pie into extra slices since Cas was always bring company for dinner, Bobby had complained about the apple, but Dean had forgot again, so it was apple. We bear our wounds until they become our battle scars and day by day the scars are marks of glory we forgot to notice, like the fading of old hurts healed over by quiet devotion and certain love.

    Southeast there was some moving thoughts in there and it made me think. They both have daddy issues and want to be like him so much that it hurts like hell. They will never get the chance to tell their dad how they feel, and may still never get the opportunity. I love your thoughts on God that he has been watching over them and testing them. The story of God and his sons could still come true. That the boys are meant for a higher purpose just as Cas and Crowley are too. Beautifully put.

    Love Aunty B xxxx


    1. Southeast: you write the most entertaining and surreal posts I’ve ever read.
      I have these horrible fears too, that the electricity will be knocked out or I’ll have some sort of horrible accident and be unable to watch the show. It’s crazy how excited I am abut a TV show. I haven’t felt like this since Buffy.

      This summer has felt like an age for me, and I cannot relax and find it so hard when their not on TV. I really do miss the boys when their not on. At least I have my friends here to keep me company πŸ˜‰ At least we have computers now where we can catch up and watch on our local cable channels so its not all doom and gloom if we do get a power cut these days, not like it use to be.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


  9. First of all that artwork is just WOW!

    The first difference between brothers that comes to mind is that Dean is impetuos and Sam thinks things through-sometimes too much!
    I know I love their site, the art work is so strong and vivid. Anyone can post their artwork on there. they are so talented.

    Good thoughts on the brothers there barb. So one thinks things through too much whilst the other doesn’t think things through enough, interesting….

    Love Aunty B xxxx


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