Was Sam Jealous or Angry over Dean in season 8?

Often the same topic continues to come up on the message board that season 8 wasn’t a great season for Sam in general. And I must admit I tend to agree with this statement. But there is one nagging quote that still continues to play on my mind. Which is when Dean came back from Purgatory, he came back with Benny NOT just BENNY but a friggin’ vampire. Now since those episodes aired I recall watching a convention clip of Jensen answering a fan this very question. Was Sam angry or jealous that Dean had bought a Vampire back with him and kept him a secret? Jensen replied to the fan he thought Sam was angry and saw Dean as a bit of a hypocrite since Sam went off with Ruby which angered him all that time ago. I could see why this angered Sam and triggered off those emotions within him, and in the season 8 finale he called back those very words who are you gonna turn to next time…. instead of me? Another angel, another — another vampire?

What had started all this off in Sam's mind?


[DEAN with his hands up walks slowly towards SAM.]

DEAN: Easy there. Okay. Just take it easy. We got a slight change of plan.

SAM: What? What’s going on? Where’s Cas?!

DEAN: Metatron lied. You finish this trial, you’re dead, Sam.

SAM: So?


SAM: Look at him. Look at him! Look how close we are! Other people will die if I don’t finish this!

DEAN: Think about it. Think about what we know, huh? Pulling souls from hell, curing demons, hell, ganking a Hellhound! We have enough knowledge on our side to turn the tide here. But I can’t do it without you.

 SAM: You can barely do it with me. I mean, you think I screw up everything I try. You think I need a chaperon, remember?

DEAN: Come on, man. That’s not what I meant.

SAM: No, it’s exactly what you meant. You want to know what I confessed in there. What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. I can’t do that again.

DEAN:  Sam —

SAM: [beginning to cry] What happens when you’ve decided I can’t be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another — another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just –

DEAN: Hold on, hold on! You seriously think that? Because none of it — none of it — is true. Listen, man, I know we’ve had our disagreements, okay? Hell, I know I’ve said some junk that set you back on your heels. But, Sammy… come on. I killed Benny to save you. I’m willing to let this bastard and all the sons of bitches that killed mom walk because of you. Don’t you dare think that there is anything, past or present that I would put in front of you! It has never been like that, ever! I need you to see that. I’m begging you.

SAM: How do I stop?

[SAM squeezes his hand as blood drops out onto the floor the orange glow is a little brighter but then starts to fade.]

DEAN: Just let it go.

SAM: I can’t. It’s in me, Dean. You don’t know what this feels like.

[DEAN wraps a bandanna around Sam’s cut.]

DEAN: Hey, listen, we will figure it out, okay, just like we always do. Come on.

[DEAN grabs SAM and pulls him in for a tight hug.]

DEAN: Come on. Let it go, okay? Let it go, brother.

[The orange glow in SAM’S arms starts to fade. SAM backs away from Dean to look at his arms as the orange glow fades.]

SAM: Hey, Dean.

DEAN: See?

[SAM Breathing shakily then Sam doubles over in pain. DEAN brings SAM outside the church. ]

DEAN: Sam? I got you, little brother. You’re gonna be just fine.

[Sam groans and falls next to the IMPALA in severe pain.]

DEAN: Sam, Sam?

DEAN: Cas?!

[SAM wheezing]

DEAN: Castiel?! Where the hell are you?




I get that scenes can be tough for fans to watch. But I always enjoy understanding other fans versions of scenes, which was partly why I originally decided to set up this blog. Season 8 Sam to me changed so dramatically, from the character I feel in love with. His grumpy, irritable attitude in the moment he confronts Dean the next time I see him maybe it will be me who Ices him! Now we all know Sam’s anger has always been a strong issue. But why had Carver decided to radically change this character? I still find it hard to watch season 8 and that scene in particular haunts me. It’s like Sam had a total personality transplant.


This scene bugs me out of most of season 8. I know in the past we have discussed sections, but those thoughts still nag me today. Why did Sam ditch the phones? Can someone please give me an answer as to why he thought this was “Mature”. It doesn’t add up logically. Sam just wouldn’t jump ship and disown the family business just at the drop of a hat, for no reason? As many know I am a HUGE Sam fan, but this really does stick in my core as to why the writers thought Sam would do something so irresponsibly without good reason? I have gone over and over this chain of events in my gut and heart to find answers and I can’t. I just don’t think in all honesty this is something Sam would have done which is why I think it was so out of character. When Dean questioned him, and continued to do so, he flat out denied it and almost didn’t give a damn about Kevin’s welfare or safety. Why would he abandon the phone a life line to saving people, which is primarily the family business? His whole attitude didn’t impress me and was concerned for him. Thinking that maybe he’s still in shock, or not well. But nothing led to this conclusion.


DEAN is going through a box containing phones.

SAM: You want some dinner?

DEAN: Pass. [He puts an earphone into his ear.]

SAM: Okay. [He stirs something on the stove.]

CUT TO: SAM is at the table eating. DEAN, who had been listening to phone messages through the headset, turns to look hard at him.

Click to view full size image

SAM: What?

DEAN takes out the earphone and puts the phone on speaker.
Sam Winchester, its Kevin Tran. Crowley had me in this warehouse, and I just escaped. I don’t know where I am. And I don’t know if he or – or any other demons are still after me. I need your help. Call me back. It’s Kevin Tran.

SAM: When was that?

DEAN plays another message.
Sam Winchester. It’s Kevin Tran. I called you a week ago. Call me, please. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing out here, man.

SAM: puts down his spoon.

SAM: Okay. [He stands up.] I get it. So, what, you want to… strategize or something?

There is no underlining guilt here in Sam’s expressions. I can’t read him or begin to understand him. It’s like he didn’t understand what Dean was getting at. Why he was angry and playing back the messages. I so wanted to SLAP Sam at this point and shake him!! He had obliterated Kevin from his mind, and basically didn’t care less about him. There is something very ugly about Sam not wondering what happened to Kevin. Where Crowley took him and that there was no follow up, rescue attempt. Sam just abandoned Kevin. This whole set up concerned me because of his OOCness. That Sam DOES care very much about people, and their safety. Its paramount to him which is why I could never understand the writers going there, can you? What within this parameter of MATURITY were they aiming for? What is mature about walking away from a person in mortal danger?

DEAN: plays another message.

Sam, its Kevin. I’m… Whoo! I’m so good.

SAM: Is he…drunk?

Three months since you ditched my ass. Haven’t slept for more than four hours a night. It’s all good in the hood. [clears throat] Uh, if you’re still alive, eat me.

DEAN plays another message.

Eat me!

DEAN plays another message.

Sam, it’s been six months. I can only assume you’re dead. If not, don’t try and reach me. You won’t be able to. I won’t be calling this number anymore.

DEAN stands up.

DEAN: He was our responsibility. [He tosses the phone at SAM’s chest.] And you couldn’t answer the damn phone.

Dean’s words said it all, that Sam didn’t pick up the phone to see if his friend was even still alive ….



DEAN and BENNY are in the boat approaching the dock. BENNY is steering and DEAN is standing at the bow with rope. SAM waits on the dock. DEAN throws the rope to SAM and tosses his and BENNY’s bags onto the dock.


DEAN steps off the boat. SAM looks past him to BENNY. BENNY joins DEAN on the dock.

BENNY: [to SAM] I’m Benny.

BENNY offers SAM his hand. SAM takes it begrudgingly.

BENNY: Heard a lot about you, Sam.

In slow motion, SAM looks at DEAN as SAM undoes the cover of a knife holster at his side with his left hand. SAM’s fingers flex on his knife. BENNY watches. DEAN shakes his head and SAM loosens his grip on his knife. BENNY lets go of SAM’s hand.

BENNY: I can see you two have a lot to talk about.

BENNY pats DEAN on the arm picks up his bag and steps between SAM and DEAN as he walks away. SAM and DEAN look at each other.


Supernatural 8×06 ‘Southern Comfort’ Ending – Sam stands up to Dean


SAM closes the trunk of the IMPALA.

SAM: For the record, the girl – her name’s Amelia. Amelia Richardson. She and I had a place together in Kermit, Texas.

DEAN: Look, man, I don’t even remember what I said, but, uh –

SAM: But what? But you didn’t mean it? Oh, please. You and I both know you didn’t need that penny to say those things.

DEAN: Come on, Sam.

SAM: Own up to your crap, Dean. I told you from the jump where I was coming from, why I didn’t look for you. But you? You had secrets. You had Benny. And you got on your high and mighty, and you’ve been kicking me ever since you got back. But that’s over. So move on, or I will.

DEAN: Okay. I hear you.

SAM: Good. [He walks towards the passenger seat and faces DEAN over the car.] You know what? Hear this, too. I just might be that hunter that runs into Benny one day and ices him.

DEAN: I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, won’t we?

SAM: Yeah. Yeah. You keep saying that.

There is a whole ensemble with what is wrong with Sam’s personality during season 8 and into 9 which I feel can’t fully be explained by anyone given fan. People say they know a person when they are out of character, and to me this just stinks OOC with Sam. I have dug deep into my soul, and have had numerous headaches trying to work out why?

I recall when Sam went to retrieve Bobby from Hell as part of the Trials Bobby was shocked to learn that Dean had come back from Purgatory with a Vampire. So even my guess would be that Bobby would have been mad at Dean not just Sam in bringing home a monster, the thing that they’ve hunted for years. Bobby had a hard time getting his head around it, not just Sam. But even when Sam first met Benny he was hostile. Sam hadn’t shaken Benny’s hand at this point so how did Sam know, instinctively know what Benny was at this point? By the look of him, his pale complexion perhaps gave him a sign. But to seal those thoughts I guess it was the hand shake that confirmed it to Sam that he was a vampire, because he hands would have been cold to touch. Considering his body is dead.

So how do you remember how you felt when you saw those scenes pan out? Where did your head canon go when you first realized that Sam had issues with Benny and acted rather strangely over Kevin’s disappearance and the phones? Do you still struggle with the concept that Sam acted hostile or is it something instinctively that you’ve come to expect with Sam? How did you read him, and what did your own conclusions draw on re-watch? If the writers were trying to achieve angst/drama they certainly succeeded in creating some. But for what real purpose, just to draw an even bigger wedge between the brothers?


23 thoughts on “Was Sam Jealous or Angry over Dean in season 8?

Add yours

  1. I think Sam was truly lost…..however this was totally out of character for him to not even look for Dean. They ALWAYS look for each other. I can totally see why Dean was hurt by this admission as Sam would’ve been if the situation were reversed. He explained the situation to Ameila but not to Dean….he never really gave him a clear answer. As for Dean keeping Benny a secret it was probably because of the whole Amy situation…..that would be my guess. Also I am so down with Sam having a life and being happy but as much as the actress tried she just didn’t have chemistry with Jared. I don’t care how talented you are, you just can’t fake that. It’s the casting people ‘s fault. As much as they put Sam through (and I’ve been a total Sam girl from the pilot episode) they could’ve given him some smokin’ hot chemistry with someone for just a damn minute.


    1. I am so with you Allison, and welcome, thank you for your comment. They always do look for one another which is what’s so special about their storytelling, and that’s why for me it felt so awkward, out of character and so wrong of Sam. He wasn’t in his right mind after he lost Dean and drove we get that, but I thought at the time why didn’t he even try when he came too and snapped out of it. A number of fans talked about him and mentioned that he was grieving. Again I am with you about Amelia not having any Chemistry, I seem to remember that Jared never had a screen test with the actress so they never got off to a great start. I think this time the casting department got her very wrong. Sam hasn’t had that many relationships that have meant anything. It would have been nice for him to have some real bond with Amelia which he never really got. I found her so rude, and a bit condescending towards Sam if I’m honest. She didn’t have any depth or layers to her character. The only time I really felt for her was when she came back to meet Sam in the room and he’d wasn’t there he went back to Dean. We knew he would go back, it was predictable, but that’s the only time her acting came across as warm.

      Thanks for the post,
      Bella xx


  2. IMHO Sam was not out of character in season 8. He never needed the demon blood in season4 to make his choices according to Ruby. Sam is an adult. He makes choices. He honored Dean by doing what he said he would- to leave the life of hunting- He disposed of the phones to do just that as he knows that you cannot have a foot in both worlds as was pointed out in season 6 opener Exile on Main Street. It is symmetrical to give Sam his chance at a normal life on screen. It proves that neither Dean nor Sam can aspire to that way of life. Sam holds on to the possibility of a dual life throughout season 8. He is recommitted by season 10 once the is free of all possession and can make that adult choice. He also makes the choice to leave Amelia for hunting. He puts his own normalcy on the back burner. It took a few seasons and a possession for Sam to be that mature and committed.
    As a younger sibling he is always looking for approval from Dean. Despite Dean’s mistakes, Sam still looks up to him as an icon. He has an inferiority issue that is voiced when he has the fever-he never felt pure enough to be the hero. In his poor state of mind during the trials not to mention the physical debilitation, he is at a low point and doesn’t want to fail Dean….again. His greatest sin has been to disappoint his brother with poor choices. He wants the mission to succeed, to be that hero, for Dean to see him as such. Dean puts away all of the disappointment and let’s his genuine love of Sam have a voice and save him just as it did in Swan Song. And as an earlier episode shows us, Dean had to give voice to his disappointment -the coin gave him the leeway to express himself as Dean would never say these things aloud. Dramatically, they had to be said to give italics to the situation between the brothers and to formalize that each character has thoughts of his own and to balance the Dean speech in the church in the finale of season8.
    Sam’s feelings towards Benny IMHO. He has been trained to kill monsters. He knows Benny is a monster. He has accepted that monsters revert to their natures and he had to accept Amy Pond’s death. This “friendship” btwen Dean and Benny shakes his belief system, especially when it is Dean who has always not wanted to give an slack to monsters-save Kate the werewolf-twice now. I think it would make him angry. It would also feed into his inferiority issue that he isn’t a good enough brother/partner for Dean.
    That all being said, there isn’t anything Sam wouldn’t do to save Dean in season 10 and that I fear will have nasty consequences.


    1. I agree.

      Also people forget that Sam has really learned a lesson from being burned by Ruby. He is never going to trust another monster again, in his life. Once Sam has been burned, he carries that lesson forever. Like not looking for Dean in season eight. Dean gave him so much Hell over that, that he went to the opposite extreme this year, in looking for and rescuing him. Once Sam makes a mistake, he takes great pains to try never to do it again. Dean, not so much.Which, I think is the reason he was so hard on Dean last season. He was trying to get Dean to think and learn from his actions.

      Of course he was never going to trust Benny. And he didn’t want Dean making the same mistake he made of trusting a monster. its also the reason why he’s so unremittingly hostile to Crowley. He’s never going to give Crowley an inch, no matter how much Crowley reforms. Crowley would have to do something truly extraordinary to ever win his trust.

      Sam thinks Dean is the hero of this particular story, but I’ve always had the belief that it’s Sam who is the hero.It’s his story, as told through Dean’s eyes. I just like the poetry of it. And of course, Dean is never going to think of himself as the hero of anything.


      1. The world has room for more than one hero. The duality of each character adds dimension. Unlike Greek tragedies, our heroes tend not to suffer from the fatal trait of huberis. They know they are flawed human beings and make errors. There shouldn’t be lines drawn by fandom to one side or the other, but you can favor a character over the other without damning the other. Let’s remember family doesn’t exist to make it easy on us(paraphrasing Bobby).


  3. My two cents: Sam was ALL alone for the first time in his life when Dean went to Purgatory. Sam was not welcomed in the hunter community and all of his friends were dead. Sam had no idea where Dean disappeared to. For all he knew, Dean could have died and gone to heaven. If Dean were in heaven, why would Sam look for him. Don’t forget that Sam had just suffered a Pyschotic break during season 7. Just because Cas took away the crazy does not mean that Sam was whole. Speaking of Cas, Sam didn’t have any connection to heaven to find out where his brother had disappeared to. So, we have emotionally broken Sam left to look after a “prophet” that he had just met. Sam couldn’t and wouldn’t deal anymore and he moved on. It is terrible that Carver never explicitly told the viewers why Sam didn’t look for Dean and left hunting. We are left to speculate and heap more hate on a character that does not deserve such intense dislike.

    Dean and Benny vs Sam and Ruby are totally different and I cannot fault Dean for bonding with Benny. Benny had Dean’s back in Purgatory and did not abandon him like Cas. Ruby, on the other hand, lied to Sam from the moment she met him and used him to pop Lucifer from the cage. Sam’s inability to discern the difference was immature IMO. However, Dean should have told Sam the truth about what happened during his stint in Purgatory. Again, we are left to speculate that Dean suffered from PTSD which impacted his relationship with Sam. Sam may be justified in his Cas envy because Sam felt as if Dean trusted Cas more than him even tho Cas lied to them during season 6, worked with Crowley and broke Sam’s head. Yet, Dean still forgave Cas and trusts him implicitly, yet Dean put Sam thru hell during seasons 4&5.

    I agree that season 8 left a lot to be desired. There were too many plot holes, inconsistencies with established canon, and manufactured drama. I am watching Swan Song while typing my comment and while I am enjoying season 10, there is no comparison to the Kripke era.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. I don’t understand the confusion about this issue. I would call it being willfully obtuse, in favor of finding something to hate about Sam. It’s not hard to understand at all. After suffering one blow after another, a mental breakdown and then the deaths of Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Bobby and finally Dean,that was just it, for Sam. That was the last straw.

      As far as he was concerned ,everyone he ever knew and cared about, was dead and he was the last man. He “noped” the Hell out. He just wasn’t having any more of that sh**! And he left. Amelia’s father got one thing right. Amelia was nothing more than a stop-gap for him. He was suffering emotional overload, and severe PTSD. But I guess if a person has never experienced a long term trauma, they might not get it or understand it.

      Sam’s reaction was entirely in keeping with the reactions of lots of people to long term traumatic experience. Didn’t think it was irrational, at all. It’s a rational reaction to an irrational situation and all of seasons one through seven is one great big irrational experience.

      But hey, what do I know. I’m not surprised people are still stuck on this issue. It’s one of the reasons I’ve distanced myself from the fandom. This kind of obtuseness was really starting to put me off. I understand people having different opinions, but some people aren’t even trying to understand or even listen to any of the points of view presented and seem to just want to be mad at everything. So I completely understand “noping” out.


  4. Concerning Sam walking away after Dean vanishes after killing the Leviathan is too simply put, shock. Sometimes the blow is so staggering, so unexpected after a struggle so intense, a person simply hangs out of that reality like a rag half hooked on a limb twirling around in a bleached out world.

    The scene when Sam shook the hand of the man who had saved his brother and earned Dean’s friendship, finding instead of the warm grip muscle of a human, the ice steel of a vampire, was one of the most profound moments I suffered and Sam endured.

    It seemed everything that had happened to the brothers since Dean carried his baby brother out of their burning home was frozen and shredded in that one gesture to form a new bond of friendship. Never have I been as angry with Dean, not because of his friendship with a vampire, but because of the way he lied to Sam to keep his brother out of danger when Sam desperately needed to be a part of and share the battle. If ever Sam had the right to bust Dean in the jaw and do damage it was when Dean sent Sam on that wild goose chase believing the woman he loved and the second hope of a family he had lost was in danger. If ever Dean Winchester showed the worst of John Wincester running through his veins, it was then thinking safety was supreme in all cases for his little brother.

    Once again older brother refused to treat little brother as more than a bab-in-arms How does Sam put up with this? Finally in the empty chapel, finally Sam’s naked soul got through to that John Winchester’s son brother of his. Finally Dean cried out in deeper agony than he had ever suffered what he had missed and grieved him so to see from the eyes of his brother.


    1. Southeast, “Again I here you”
      But Looking at that text message from Dean’s point of view, I could see why he did what he did. He knew that Sam was going to kill Benny. Dean was putting Sam off the scent and sending him in the opposite direction to keep them both basically safe and alive. It was a cruel stunt that I think backfired for Dean. Sam should never have bought in an unstable man like Martin to help him either. That whole set up was a horrible story that was bad for both boys from start to finish, and tore them both apart in many ways. I don’t think Sam fully realised how unstable Martin was, and I don’t think Sam realised how unstable he still was. He was still grieving over Amelia clearly, and I really felt for him when he turned up at the house seeing the pair of them sitting watching TV and him looking in on them. It was cruel of Dean to make Sam see this, but he didn’t know what Sam would see at the other end. Dean on the other hand had premeditated that stunt a few weeks previous so he had an idea of what might lie ahead. So its a bit of both … It did take me a while to get over that text message too.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. “But Looking at that text message from Dean’s point of view, I could see why he did what he did. He knew that Sam was going to kill Benny”

        I think he did it to protect SAM. Sam hadnt been hunting and wasnt sharp-Benny on the other hand had been fighting day and night (did they have day and night in purgatory??) I think he was afraid Benny would have to kill Sam. He always puts Sam first.


      2. Dean deserves credit for thinking ahead to time when he might have to use Amelia’s cell number to distract Sam. He knows Sam all to well and when Martin entered the picture, well-good for the strategist in him. Sometimes a dose or reality is needed to shock one back from trauma. Not sure Dean knew that Don and Amelia were playing house when he sent that message. It simply got Sam out of the way of Benny and Martin(who walloped Dean).


        1. I just really didn’t like that season very much at all. It was full of unnecessary tension and drama for the sake of the brothers being at odds with one another. It was a meant as a deterrent that Dean pulled, sending that text message. Some might say a smart one. But once again I can see why he integrated that piece of intelligence. It saved both their hides. But I still wonder if Dean thought about Sam’s feelings over Benny that he was a vampire at the end of the day. And why Sam was so angry over Benny in the first place. I don’t no for certain if Dean knew about Don and Amelia when he sent the text, I might hazard a guess and say he didn’t. But it still felt like a damned cruel thing to do. Who knows, it might have sent Sam the other way and head long back into that trauma again. He was playing with fire. It could have gone badly wrong.

          Love Aunty B xxxx


          1. ” But it still felt like a damned cruel thing to do. Who knows, it might have sent Sam the other way and head long back into that trauma again. He was playing with fire. It could have gone badly ”

            Yes it could have. But if he didnt send it Sam might very well be dead-in his mind he wpuld take the flack from Sam over losing Sam. IMHO I thought it was pretty cruel to tell Dean he was going to kill the guy that got him out of purgatory, helped him save Cas and eventually saved Sams life. Again jmho.


            1. I know, but at the time it just seemed a cruel trick. I get that Sam is hot-headed and can rush into situations, and rushing to meet Benny I think was going to run into disaster any way, who knows who would have ended up dead. I also got that Benny did an amazing thing in the end and was very gallant in saving Sam and I admired him for doing this it was credit to him. But from the get go, I could see why Sam was angry, it took me an age to warm to Benny and I still even now have my doubts about him.

              Love Aunty B xxxx


                1. Again the scene that was cut is when benny tells Dean he fell off the wagon and so can’t adapt to life up top. It made it easier for Dean to take his head, but that was edited out. Probably a good edit as it made Dean’s decision even stronger and more difficult and left the door open for a return Bennny- although I can do without him..


                2. IMHO the chemistry is not on screen for Sam and Amelia so the whole story is bleh! Sam did look for Dean initially but had no clues to follow, thus he was so out of it, he hit a dog and well….


  5. I did not enjoy how Sam was written that season. I thought he was a real d*ck. I understand he was traumatized, and I could almost forgive him for not looking for Dean-but to leave Kevin hanging like that. Unforgiveable.


    1. Its all connected barb. If Sam’s mental state was affected and he did have a break down he was traumatized and I guess wasn’t functioning as well as he would be NORMALLY. Sam’s mental state as SPNMONSTER pointed out to me again isn’t brilliant. He hasn’t coped in the past when Dean’s not around, and this was a nightmare for him to deal with again. I just wish it was better explained and told in more detail how Sam’s state of mind really was.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


      1. Amelia’s Dad has the proper description on the Sam and Amelia relationship. I think it had more depth once Dan re-appeared. The story line is not equivalent to Dean bonding with Benny. It did lead to a great scene in “Southern Comfort”.


  6. Yes. Short answer, I think there was manufactured drama. That being said, a lot of issues went into Sam’s reaction to Benny — Dean called Sam a monster in S4 like it was the worst thing imaginable and he killed Sam’s friend Amy, but here he was palling around with a vampire. Dean really did nothing but fuel the fire by comparing the two and suggesting Benny was a better brother, the only one who’d never let him down. Sam already felt incredibly guilty for not looking for Dean and abandoning Kevin and hunting, which brings us to your other question.
    Let’s consider what Sam said: His world imploded and rained down around him and he fixed up the Impala and drive. Consider what Sam had been through — the demon blood addiction, Ruby’s betrayal, that conflict with Dean, fighting Lucifer, the Cage, Hallucifer — and then Dean died, again.
    “Hunteri Heroici” shows Sam’s mental and emotional state just before he left Amelia, a year after losing Dean, and her dad saw immediately that Sam was suffering from PTSD. One can only imagine what he was like in the immediate aftermath. Despite what he said, There was nothing rational or mature about Sam’s behavior regarding hunting, Kevin or not looking for Dean. He was traumatized and he ran.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. spnmonster, you raise some interesting pointers here. I hated that Dean called Sam a monster and it caused the worst fight in the shows history, which still angers me. I was also cross with Dean for killing Amy. But again I saw why he did it. Sam was okay with it in the end, but I felt for Amy because she killed her own mother a monster, to save Sam, Dean’s brother. Had it been worth it for Amy. Then Sam wouldn’t have been alive.

      I also here you about Sam bolting. This is why I get angry with the writers because I feel they don’t draw out the story enough. I so wanted to see Sam leave the lab, the state he was in. We get his history his mental health. But this wasn’t canon, and felt it should have been more clearly spelt out to us. If Sam had a break down, show us! If Sam did up the Impala and drove for days and hit a dog, SHOW US!!

      Love Aunty B xxxx


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