I deserve to be LOVED ….

On the message board the topic of Rowena came up once again, and made me think about this connection between her and Crowley. Virtually since she appeared on the scene I’ve been racking my brains as to wonder why is she here. and what is she underneath up to? There has to be a motive no matter how small, doesn’t there?

So after reading the rest of the threads it got me thinking about Crowley’s moment with Sam in the Church in the Season 8 finale. Sam was turning Crowley hour by hour human with the demon cure. Crowley’s true feelings were beginning to emerge that underneath that tough, hard exterior lay a gentle, soft kind man. So the more I think about it this is what Crowley has always deep down craved. His emotions told us that he wanted someone to love him. That deep down he wanted people to give him affection and not ignore him. Deep down he wanted affection from one specific person, his own mother.

Crowley told us in Season 8 that he had a fling with Naomi, I think this got to him when she blatantly tore him off a strip and put the ball back in his court. He felt wounded by her rejection and thinking she thought that of him made those wounds go even deeper into that already twisted soul of his. So the more Sam continued to make Crowley human, the more those feelings came to the surface and much more apparent to us. Know one had ever really shown him any love. He didn’t know what it was like to be LOVED…. Had Crowley even had a relationship? No one knows much about Fergus’s past if he’d had any acquaintances that lasted where any woman had shown him any affection. That speech in the church was said for a reason. It had been brewing within him for years. So are we still any the wiser as to why Rowena has turned up after all these years?

Rowena coming back into his life is what he’s desperately been seeking, all these years. His mothers love, and acceptance of him. He wants her to be proud of him, and if he doesn’t ultimately receive this, he will end her days quicker than she can say ‘Son’… And she knows this too. Which is why she is giving him what he wants.

So do you feel that Crowley has been lacking love in his life. And this is ultimately what he’s always been craving. Has he been so lonely that know one has ever really shown him what its like to be loved. What interaction with women has Crowley ever really had. Had Rowena deserting him, and more of a profound affect on him that he has been hankering after his mother all these years. Now that she is in his life, do we think its what he’s desired and been missing all these years!! Is she living up to his expectations?


14 thoughts on “I deserve to be LOVED ….

  1. Rowena reminds me of Lady MacBeth. She wants to rule. Her motive: to to take over Hell and make her son less relevant if not dead. Oh, he is so going to need Sam and Dean. Family!


    1. I’m pretty sure Crowley knows she’s not to be trusted but he’s so desperate for affection and so unwilling to admit it that he’s allowed to snake to get much too close to him. All last season we saw him trying so hard to have Sam and Dean be his companions,which was especially pathetic after his declaration to Sam that everyone needs to be loved. Rowena didn’t love him then and doesn’t now but Crowley is so desperate that he’s going to give it try.vhe wants to give her a second chance to get it right.

      He knows she’s a liar and manipulator, but I don’t think he knows just how far she wants to go. Wouldn’t it be shocking if Crowley voluntarily stepped down from his. Kingship and gave it to her?


      1. And Rowena casts spells on Crowley to make him paranoid. This works on a demon because possession would be impossible and the writers want to maintain a bit of integrity with the demon lore. IMHO Crowley doesn’t trust her, but then there is that family thing the show is all about. Dean didn’t trust Sam, Sam didn’t trust Dean, Dean didn’t trust Cas after Bobby and Sam pointed out a few things, so it is a consistent theme of family, trust, etc. Did you love Crowley’s selection of ties in his wardrobe? The small things make me chuckle. The big things make me cry.


    2. I keep wanting to think that its more than this than taking over hell. I want the writers to surprise me and make me think that Rowena is after something else than just her son’s thrown. It seems an easy way out if this is all they have created her for. She is going to great lengths in finding out what he is up to, and I am surprised that Crowley has allowed her into his thrown room so easily. She is in the best place to stir up trouble for him in a big way. I want a bit of excitement from this mother and son duo!!

      Love Aunty B xxxx


  2. I think the actress is overdoing the scottish accent. Its annoying. I don’t really like her. I also don’t like how they are making Crowley seem stupid-and we all know he’s not. But I think you may be on to something. Crowley misses affection. He just “broke up” with Dean and is feeling lonely. So he is in a fragile state of mind. I think deep down he knows the mother is playing him-I sure hope so.


          1. It might appear heavy, but accents and Scottish in particular can be heavy. Particularly the Glaswegian accent which I think this is what she is trying to portray. Perhaps she is trying too hard.

            Love Aunty B xxxx


          1. “Some Scottish accents do sound like this depending on where you go. I didn’t think it was too bad because I’m used to hearing it over here.”

            One of my favorite actors (after Jensen of course) Is James Mcavoy-he has a Scotttich accent and it’s no where as annoying as hers-maybe its the faces she makes when she speaks?? I just find her in all ways (not just the accent) EXAGGERATED. Hey different strokes………..


    1. I get your point, but I still like her for some strange reason…
      I think Crowley is just binding his time, he wants to be sure of what her motives are before he dives straight in. Crowley has always been a slow burner. I still wonder how much more human he is since Sam injected him. And how much more the other way he’s gone. If he’s more human it could answer why he’s letting her lead him astray. But when Crowley pounces it will show us his demonic, ruthless ways have come back to full strength. A number are saying they miss the Crowley of old, and that Rowena is playing him for a fool, but I think Crowley is wise beyond his years. I may be proved wrong.

      Love Aunty B xxxx


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