Questions about season 10?

I thought this blog entry might be a little different, I thought about putting questions to you guys and see how YOU answer them. I adored the last episode and there were so many highlights. I think the episode had to go to Jensen and Tim! They were dynamite!! It was a FULL 10 from me…

On IMDb I passed a few questions which still confuse me and others so here goes:

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After reading bits on the internet, there seems some confusion as to if Cain still had the mark when he transferred it to Dean. A number are saying its a copy as Cain still had it as it light up when he wielded the blade again. So my point to this confusion is, why did Cain want to pass the mark on to someone who he deemed worthy? What was the whole point in him just copying it over to Dean and not letting it leave his body? I thought he wanted rid of the curse, totally and be free of it?

All objects with powers so far in the stories when broken like Gods Tablets all lose power when broken. If Dean brakes the Blade would it lose its power, so that would get rid of the Mark.

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IIRC Dean didn’t lie twice. He didn’t lie about giving the blade back to Crowley at all. He said something along the lines of TFW and Crowley having a much bigger problem on their hands depending on whether Dean gave the blade back or not. That isn’t a lie, he never gave Crowley an answer.

Also Dean has reason now not to want Crowley around. It might have been cruel to ‘lie’ to Crowley about the kill list but his motive is not to kill Crowley. Dean might be reasoning that if he doesn’t kill Crowley then Castiel and Sam are safe?

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So I guess Cain isn’t the source as dean killed him and still has the mark. Now that Cain is ruled out what do people think the source may be? Lucifer, god or something else entirely.

Me personally, I feel it comes back to God. If you read up on the history of Cain and why he murdered his brother because he was jealous of what he offered up to god as a sacrifice it doesn’t even mention Lucifer as the creator of the mark of Cain? So how have the writers switched this, or is this the twist later on. That the boys do in fact end up searching for God to find answers?

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Why did Cain say it was Dean’s DESTINY to KILL Sam.

Any thoughts on this one? As I am still wondering …..

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Was Rowena right in saying that Crowley was the Winchesters bitch?

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Was the boy used as bait, real or just an illusion to lure Cain out of hiding?

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It was a wired kind of ending, but thinking back to the purge speech from Sam, he is totally different over his brother this time. We understood he was lying in the purge, and his face at the end of the episode said it all. He was scared for Dean, as Dean himself was. There was no getting away from the mess they are both in. My real burning question is, do we see a light at the end of the tunnel? Is there any way out of this nightmare for Dean? Is this what Sam’s face is portraying back to us?

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18 thoughts on “Questions about season 10?

  1. Using the young boy as bait for Cain was appropriate. It was an illusion- that is why the writers dropped in the illusion spell with Rowena at the beginning of the episode. Dean and Sam needed Crowley not only to bring the blade, but also to bring the illusion spell to draw Cain out with the bait. Writer Berens nicely wove things together in this one.


  2. I think these comments have great analysis. One thing I wanted to add was that i think it was somewhat implied that even without the mark, Cain was still forever tainted by its power, which is partly what caused his thirst for blood and the subsequent killing rampage even long after passing the mark on. I think in his final speech with Dean, Cain was insinuating that Dean was forever cursed just as he was for centuries. This adds an element of doom in Dean’s story and will be interesting to see how it has to be overcome. It feels different than the “destiny” the brothers faced with the apocalypse, and feels much more hopless. It’s a fresh take on what Sam and Dean have dealt with from day one: this time, they did it to themselves (Sam was really prodded into his demon blood thing and I’d say he’s at much less his fault than Dean’s mark/blade deal).


    1. ” One thing I wanted to add was that i think it was somewhat implied that even without the mark, Cain was still forever tainted by its power, ”

      I didn’t hear, or feel, that this was implied-especially since Cain still has/had the mark.


      1. Well Cain gave the mark to Dean last season right? It was transferred, so while Cain no longer has the physical mark itself, he’s still tainted by it. So I just mean that now we know even if Dean finds a way to remove the mark, he won’t be free from its curse, in theory.


        1. “Well Cain gave the mark to Dean last season right? It was transferred”

          No it was reproduced not transferred-Cain still has it..remember when he touched the Blade and the blade reacted?Also rewatch and you will see he still has it.


    2. Abaddon was a KnightofHell without the mark and so Cain continued to be KofH with or without the mark- demon- and he started to kill again so Dean and Crowley could get away in season9. Dean was a demon and as fully human he has a number of kills under his belt( mostly evil things), so does the mark simply bring what is inherently or nurtured in as a way of life to the forefront so that Dean can have some control or is Dean fooling himself into remission?


    1. I have a gut feeling you are correct about the end(not that i want to see it ever end but…). Jared said at the convention in AZ that he would like to see season 12. Budgets,salary demands, keeping it fresh- all considerations. Of course, the writers are a creative group. As long as J2 want to continue and the stories are solid and the network likes the ratings, then why not. Of course, there may be other professional interests the J2 which to pursue, but there is a genuine unique love between them and protecting the quality of the stories. One hiatus at a time.


  3. It seemed as if Cain still had the mark as well. He went nuclear when he had to kill Abaddon’s demon army and got the taste back. He thought he was saving people while killing them and said so when Dean confronted him. He was attempting to wipe out his entire lineage including Dean. Did Cain plan to trap Dean all along in order to kill him or have Dean keep his promise to kill Cain when they next met? Or was it to regain possession of the blade? The blade seemed to respond to Dean’s will not Cain’s so did the transfer diminish Cain’s influence over the blade? Cain did seem to still have the mark’s glow.
    The blade gets its power from the mark as others touch it and it has no effect- such as Sam, Crowley, Cas. Surely Crowley would have used it if he had the power but lacking the Mark, he needed Dean to wield it. Or is it like the demon blood in Sam when Ruby said he didn’t need it because Sam had the power all along- the Dumbo reference she made. Is this a parallel story? Both are addictions which both brothers attempt to control for a greater purpose.
    Rowena calling Crowley the Winchester’s bitch shows she does not understand her son at all. It is part of her manipulation to have him as her bitch and do her bidding against the coven. It is a clever way for the writer to expand the Crowley arc as well as Rowena’s. Crowley always looks out for Crowley and gave the blade to Dean to save his own arse not to help Deam. In effect, they would have been his bitches, again, by fighting what he perceived as a threat against him. In the end, Crowley may have to choose between the Winchesters and Rowena.
    Dean did not have to tell Crowley he lied about Crowley being on Cain’s list. Dean is in to confessing much lately such as he is scared, he is at peace with the mark. Usually he wants to have Crowley on his own hit list, Sam even more so, but now he wants to save him? I think Dean wants to keep him away so the murderous streak Cain predicted as Dean’s destiny won’t start. Did Cain say these things about Dean’s destiny to provoke Dean into killing him or does he speak truth as he knows it based on his history of having to kill Collete to free her of Abaddon’s possession?
    As far as changing the biblical version, well that’s the manipulation of the show runner and the writers. It has been a perfect set up for the brothers since the beginning of the series.
    As I tweeted to Robert Berens, the writer of this episode, this episode cut open veins of story lines that will continue to drip in our thoughts during hiatus and perhaps into season 11. He favorited the tweet so I must be on to something.
    The performances in the episode as usual were top notch, however the interaction between Jensen and Tim were outstanding. The directions, sets, lighting and use of music to highlite the emotional moments just spot on. While Jensen had emotional and action scenes, let’s also applaud Jared for a quiet yet potent performance as Sam. Sam who will attempt to save his brother from the mark and Dean who will try to live with it. Sounds much like the symmetry of the story back in the day when Sam was the one who needed saving. And yet, the writers have twists in store I am sure of it.


    1. I agree. This is very well stated, There are clear parallels between Sam’s demon blood story and Deans Mark of Cain story line. Suffering from an addiction, aided and abetted by a demon they think is on their side or believe they have a use for and are unable to kill. I think, just like with Sam raising Lucifer from his cage, Cain ,by having Dean kill him, has set in motion some apparatus that;s is going to require a great sacrifice from someone, later on,to put a stop to it. That would be a neat touch back to the end of season five.

      Every instance that Sam has brought up killing Crowley, Dean has looked distinctly uncomfortable about the idea. Dean is, now, in that space where Sam used to be about Ruby.

      Jensen and Tim had great chemistry, didn’t they? Just wonderful. It was so much fun watching them work together again.

      And a shoutout to Jared, for his quietly intense performances all season. Jared’s script this season is a lot quieter, its not as flashy. Just as Jensen is getting to do a different style of acting then before, so is Jared, His love and fear and concern for Dean, while not as showy, has really shined through this season.


  4. I agree with Barb.

    Cain wanted to die. He was retired, and tired and needed to die. He can’t kill himself as the Blade only incites a person to kill others. Once he came in contact with the Blade he wanted to kill others with it and not himself. The Blade won’t allow a person to commit suicide with it.

    The only thing that can kill him is the First Blade, but used by someone else. The only person who can handle The Blade, is someone who has the Mark. In order for Cain to die, he needed to pass on the Mark to the one person capable of being reckless and relentless enough to kill him. That was his criteria for assessing that Dean was worthy. Dean would keep his promise and never give up. It why he made Dean promise to do it. Dean was his insurance that once he started killing again, someone would be around to stop him.

    What he gave Dean was not a copy of the Mark, but the real deal. Dean is now a potential Knight of Hell. In order for Cain to die he needed also to find someone to take his place, and like Yellow Eyes with Sam, he bet on a Winchester to accomplish his scheme.

    So Dean’s story neatly parallels Sam’s story with Yellow Eye’s scheme to get Sam to release Lucifer from his prison. Just like Castiel and Sam, he’d been tricked by a Higher Power to accomplish some goal that Power couldn’t accomplish on its own.


  5. I am sure Cain still has the mark-if all you have to do is transfer it then Dean could get rid of it. I think he gave it to Dean originally so that Dean could kill him finally-cause only the blade can kill him?? But it doesnt work if he kills HIMSELF with the blade. Its confusing!

    I have no idea how they are going to cure Dean-IF they are going to cure Dean. Maybe they find a way to get Metatron to tell them how to get rid of it?


    1. I think Metatron has, in his roundabout way, told Dean that the only way to get rid of the Mark is to end the situation the same way the situation began, with the death of one or both of the brothers.
      Saying the River Ends At The Source is a roundabout way of saying events have to come full circle and end as they begin. The death of a brother began the curse. It will only end when one of them kills the other.


      1. “I think Metatron has, in his roundabout way, told Dean that the only way to get rid of the Mark is to end the situation the same way the situation began, with the death of one or both of the brothers.
        Saying the River Ends At The Source is a roundabout way of saying events have to come full circle and end as they begin. The death of a brother began the curse. It will only end when one of them kills the other”

        Ikeke35 I hope you are wrong-I didn’t read it that way but hey who knows!


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