The picture and discussion for today’s entry is from ….

I am now beginning to get bad writers block and at times I find that I can’t fight it. So because you guys are so loyal to me I thought of an idea to keep us going. I have a feeling where most of the show is going so I am drying up. I hope this will alleviate the wait between articles. Articles take a lot of thinking and I am not as fresh with ideas as I used to be. So I hope this works out better. I will try and post a picture or a you-tube window for you all to exam and ask you questions and you can chat among yourselves also. You seem to thrive on analyse so here goes.

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2 Reichenbach

Sam Meets Deanmon

1. Why did DemonDean NOT last more than three episodes?

2. Has Jensen the knack for playing EVIL, is there nothing this MAN cannot do?

3. Is Whisky Dean’s BEST friend?

4. Had Sam dried up and was at a loss as to how to bring the REAL Dean home?

5. Dean was determined NOT to rip Sam’s throat out, but what really stopped him. Was it more than just Sam being his brother?

6. Did Dean sense this was a trap. Did he know that Sam was on his way. Had he pre-empted it? If so what sort of fight would Dean have put up if Dean didn’t really want to go home. We know demons like to aggravate the situation which Dean was clearly doing. Using alcohol to intensify the situation. Could Sam have coped so easily with a broken arm and a wayward brother?

7. When Dean cut himself with the blade, his skin regenerated which showed us that Dean can’t die as long as he has the mark and the blade. So could he take on Lucifer if he re-surfaced?

1. Cole had a better idea that if he let his bro go, that Sam would lead him straight to Dean. So has this scenario been played to death before? Are the writers being a tad lazy here in not thinking up something more original? Was it dumb to lead Sam to the spot of the fight, as when Sam awakes he would intervene and STOP the fight? Its so obvious.

2. June 21st 2003 was the day that Cole lost his father Edward Trent, who Cole suspects that Dean is his fathers killer. In 12 years was Dean supposed to remember, or even more so since his become a demon? Demons don’t have souls, so how can Dean remember what he thought? What it felt like for Cole to loose his father?

3. Cole thinks Dean is good, well good. But does he know at this point what he’s up against? That he’s destined to FAIL big time. Once Dean’s skin heals in front of him he’s horrified to learn what Dean really is? But at the time Dean in his eyes murdered his father Dean back then wasn’t a demon. So is Cole not seeing this? We know that at this point Cole doesn’t know what Dean does for a living, so does this make any real difference to the plot?

4. Why did DemonDean decided to change his mind in NOT killing Cole there and then? Was there some spark that Dean had, a more human side peaking through that evil exterior? Or did he suspect it was more fun this way that he thought Cole might come back for a second shiner?


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