If it came to it, could Sam or Cas end Dean?

In Season 10 episode 3 ‘Soul Survivor ‘ 

CASTIEL: Sam, he’s not your brother. At least, not now. You have to be prepared for—

SAM: Killing my brother.

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Dean asks Sam if he is prepared to do what needs to be done, if the cure doesn’t work.

DEAN: Who cares what you meant?! That line that we thought was so clear between us and the things that we hunted, ain’t so clear is it? Wow. You might actually be worse than me! I mean, you took a guy at his lowest, used him, and it cost him his life and his soul. Nice work.

[Sam plunges the next needle into Dean’s neck, and he screams in pain. Sam tosses the syringe onto the table, leaning over it, pain and regret on his face.]

DEAN: Let me ask you this, Sammy: If this doesn’t work, we both know what you got to do to me, right? You got the stomach for that, Sam?!

At the end of the cat and mouse chase in the bunker when Dean goads Sam to kill him, Sam backs off, only to have Cas catch Dean from behind. Would Sam have gone through with it if Cas hadn’t have gone back to the bunker to help a friend?

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Season 10 episode 9 ‘The Things we carried ‘ 

DEAN: Cas, I need you to promise me something.

CASTIEL: Of course.

DEAN: If I do go dark side, you got to take me out.

CASTIEL: What do you mean?

DEAN: Knife me. Smite me. Throw me into the freakin’ sun, whatever. And don’t let Sam get in the way, because he’ll try. I can’t go down that road again, man. I can’t be that thing again.

So quite a way back Dean new that he would have to be put down at some point. He knew he was a monster at this point, and the demoness in Dean knew what Dean did for a living. Dean’s exact words to Cas were that – And don’t let Sam get in the way, because he’ll try. So does Dean think Sam might or might not be able to take him out, if the crunch came? My thought then comes into this equation if Sam or Cas couldn’t do it the terrible god awful thing could Dean himself actually go through with it, and take his own life? This is where I’ve been thinking this season might go. This has been at the back of my mind bubbling away for an what seems like an age already. But if Dean is mortal that could never happen in their real world? He would just be bought back to life? So what’s the point in even taking the story there? It just tickled me that it was bought up more than once on the show, and that it might even still happen….

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A human has to put a pet down if the vet thinks the animal cannot survive. This is being brutal here, but facing facts we know Sam couldn’t cope with that awful task, could even Cas? Cas is getting pretty close to Dean these days, and we sense in some cases just as close as Sam is. Could Cas actually pull that trigger, or stab that Knife in and go for it? Cas already sees Dean as a monster, and in his eyes he has to end that monsters existence. But knowing its someone he knows well, could he stomach that awful act just as much as Sam has to bare? Is suicide the only option that is open to Dean right now? Or is there another different direction this could totally go?


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  1. “If I didn’t know you, I’d have to hunt you”- Dean to Sam towards the end of season4. Dean later goes to save Sam. Neither brother ever gives up on the other, save season9 when Sam tried, but had no leads and at his wits end-thus Amelia. Clearly, the message has always been if you can’t be saved, you have to be exterminated like every other evil being. However, we know that both Sam and Dean have made exceptions to this rule. Sam seemed to back off in the cat and mouse game- would he have sacrificed himself to let demon Dean continue? We will never know as Cas interceded so that Dean could be saved. Dean knowing Sam as he does, doesn’t think Sam could kill him if he went totally dark and as we see Sam is still trying to save Dean from the mark despite Dean’s insistence that he stop. Dean is trying to save himself through his good deeds as a hunter, but purposefully gave the blade to Cas. As we know, Cas always makes good on his promises, i.e. to protect Jimmy’s family. He would be as tortured as Sam. Dean took him back into the fold despite his mistakes and betrayals. Dean’s judgement of what others are capable of is usually spot on- so that is why he picked Cas. Cas has become less black and white on issues over the years- he will team with Sam to save Dean, but does he have perspective to be able to kill his”brother”? He has chosen to kill his brethren angels. IMHO I think the writers will bring us to the brink of the decision and then twist us around.


    1. Idk. I don’t think Dean knows Cas as well he seems to think he does. Remember that scene with Sam. Cas gave this big speech about not giving in to despair and saving Sam’s life from his own desire for atonement and that Winchester willingness to destroy themselves, because of the time he spent as a human.

      I think it will be extremely difficult for Cas to kill Dean.

      And outside of the few instances when he was possessed or hopped up on demon blood, Sam has never deliberately, physically harmed Dean.

      That Sam is capable of defending himself and, in an all out fight, is capable of besting Dean, is pretty clear and Sam has had many opportunities to harm Dean. Dean has hit sam often, over the years and Sam could fight back but doesn’t.

      Of course, since the writers are attempting to switch up their dynamic this year, I’m not absolutely certain of this, just reasonably sure of it.


      1. Quite logical. Dean as Dean has shown his anger at Sam with the occasional punch in the face without Sam responding when he is just Sam. Sam has used his words to display his anger and frustration when he is just Sam. It was difficult for Sam to fight back at the end of the cat and mouse bunker chase- he wants to save Dean not kill him. IMO that is why Dean gives the blade to Cas. First of all, Cas can hide it in a place nobody can find it. Secondly, Cas made the promise to protect Claine. You are correct however, when you state that Dean doesn’t know Cas as well as he thinks he does. Cas’ attitude toward Claire shows that he is into atonement and making things right, but his conversation with Sam about change does resonate, The matter of Cas’ grace is still out there to be resolved and how pivotal he will be is unclear. He will IMHO team up with Sam to find an answer for Dean’s issue. It is too convenient for him to swoop in and “cure” Dean. Maybe Dean has to save himself and it will not resolve and bleed into next year or the writers have been quick to solve Dean’s changes n the past, i.e. vampirism,demonism, while Sam’s changes usually take all season.or more to resolve. Cas is still a character that could be further developed.
        I am also thinking that since the rebirth of Dean may be through a spell of sorts, Rowena may have a spell or two up her sleeve. Dean will gravitate toward her perhaps while Cas and Sam pair up. Just rambling on a bit. You are quite logical, however i that Sam does not like to fight his brother- he can take him, but makes a choice.


  2. “Is suicide the only option that is open to Dean right now? Or is there another different direction this could totally go?”

    Doesnt he become a demon if he kills himself???


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