The Men of Letters, a forgotten story?

This set was introduced three years ago. When it was first introduce the fandom embraced it, and its become a real talking point since. The Men of Letters to me felt it stood for something, something important to the Winchester Dynasty that has almost become a trade mark of its former self. Henry Winchester has become the only descendant to make himself known as a Man of Letters, and lost his life for the cause.

We’re preceptors, beholders, chroniclers of all that man does not understand. We share our findings with a few trusted hunters – the very elite. They do the rest.

Henry Winchester, 8.12 As Time Goes By

Rowena in the last episode after torturing Olivette, finds to her amusement indicated that the ‘Men of Letters’ had bunkers “all over the world” and that they were too well protected by spells for the witches to enter. The Coven is aware that the American chapter had been decimated, but recently inhabited by the The Winchesters.

10.16 Paint It Black

Olivette reveals that the Men of Letters used their political power to whip the church and people of Europe into a frenzy over the Grand Coven, leading to many of the Grand Coven’s best being burned at the stake or forced into hiding. The Coven’s most powerful spells and potions were plundered by the Men of Letters and hidden in their bunkers across the world.

So what is Rowena wanting to find from the Men of Letters. How to conjure up more spells. For what real purpose? Is she going to use Dean for some grand master plan or both Winchesters?

Are we also to believe that none of those Men of Letters never had children. What of them? What role have they to play in The Men of Letters? It is such a shame that the writers might not even go here, and another potential story line wasted that could be so interesting. What happened again to all those other branches, they couldn’t have just disappeared without trace? Men worked in there, maybe descendants of Sam and Dean, who might be able also to remove the Mark of Cain?


5 thoughts on “The Men of Letters, a forgotten story?

    1. It could work as a spin off only if Henry Winchester popped up from time to time to keep the tie-in. So far, the MOL have been pretty douchey except for Henry who seems to be sincere. The others have not been seen in a super positive light. So a bit of re-con would be necessary. The international MOL proposes more plot lines and would not involve the boys since they do not fly . Good thought!


  1. The information that there are MOL bunkers all over the world is new to the mythology. Now, we know the boys only went international once- to retrieve Crowley’s bones, so don’t think the show will go there again ’cause it is a show about a journey thru America and the budget just doesn’t allow for travel. Spin off


  2. The Men of Letters decimated the coven, but collected all of the spells. Rowena would want that knowledge as well as revenge( which urges on most of the SpN characters). Vengeance of the Winchesters for two reasons: They are MoL who she clearly wants to decimate any remainders and her son’s “affection” for these do gooders who interfered with her induction of new witches at the beginning of the season/ She is wearing Red. Not a good sign.


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