Has Sam set his sights on setting Lucifer free?

There is talk on IMDb after Wednesday nights episode that Sam is still continuing to find away to help Dean. Some are really keen on the idea that Sam will break into Hell and the cage to have words with Lucifer. Of course if there is anything left of the man after all this time. I wasn’t sure at first if there was enough evidence of the writers going in this past direction. But now it feels more and more likely that it might happen. Sam hasn’t really gone dark yet as such to save Dean, so maybe this is it. What risks will Sam take to carry on finding away to get rid of The Mark of Cain? So if Sam contacting Bobby didn’t work what is Sam next real move, what is he planning to do?

Will it be so cut and dried for Sam just to be able to walk back into Hell. Last time he needed the help from the reaper who Crowley killed. So how will Sam find the evidence he needs to get back down into hell via purgatory of course, if canon remains the same from ‘Taxi Driver’. Sam had to be transported threw a false wall with help from the reaper. Not only this, he needs to gain access to the cage, and we all know from past experience that it took Death all that energy to get Sam’s soul back let alone for Sam to break in and even get near the cage itself. I can’t see Sam getting this far. But according to Metatron it ends at the source, Lucifer created the Mark, so it ends at his door. He must know how to free Dean from his Curse. If of course Lucifer wants any part of it. What will he want in return. Sam after all is his true vessel,  and I think Sam is putting himself in terrible danger again. Will he succeed? Will this be the cliff hanger for the summer to end all summer’s. Sam is Lucifer’s pet again?

So how do you think Sam will find a way into hell. Do you think he’s got the where with all to pull something as dark as this off to help Dean? Do you think Lucifer will want anything to do with Sam after past events and Sam ending up locking him away to put up with endless torture in hell? Most importantly if Lucifer does decide to help Dean and remove the curse what will Sam have to do in return? Lucifer won’t be so obliging as to do this big deed for Dean with no pay back for himself? So any guesses as to what his request will be?   I am not looking forward in finding out what Sam might have to do in return for Dean’s clemency?


5 thoughts on “Has Sam set his sights on setting Lucifer free?

  1. Dean is a semi-monster. Would he go to Purgatory while Sam goes to Hell? And how would Crowley feel about letting Luci back into his old territory. Strange allies. Here comes Benny- for back up for Dean. The recent episodes have taken us back to the old formula of one brother saving the other at his own peril, unforeseen consequences, lying to each other, but is has also afforded the writers to bring back fan favorites: Bobby, Benny, and even Metatron. You know Crowley is going to get mixed up in the save as well if it involves saving his own status as King. I loved how Sam got to drive the Impala a few times, how Dean pranks Sam’s room, how Dean hustle’s pool and how the hint of separate interests of each brother seep through at times. Luci in Sam’s suit wearing that white suit-“It will always end up here.” Now, I know that was before “Swan Song” changed the destiny Luci thought would happen, but I guarantee the writers haven’t forgotten it. While that episode was mostly a Jensen episode where he acted both roles of Dean, and did a fantastic job, Jared’s scene in the garden as Luci in that white scene is most memorable. So how dark can Sam go? Jared can handle this role as he has portrayed Sam as cold blooded before: he killed Jake, he shot the x road demon, he shot Metatron without a flinch. Don’t be so sure that Dean is the only one painted black and of course Luci just loves the dark since he is “light giver”.


    1. Yes, Sam continues to be quite focused and ruthless in his endeavors to save Dean. I wonder where this will go and how far it go.

      I still think maybe Crowley will give up or sacrifice the throne. And I also think, he’ll do it for the Winchesters. His behavior towards them this season is very complex and so are his emotions, I suspect.

      True, the writers have been very focused this season and making a lot of callbacks to earlier seasons. I wonder how they’re going to spin the finale this year. We are getting a little tired of one of them dying. So there’s going to be some kind of change up, I suspect.


    1. He said he would meet up with Dean again, in the episode The End. I remember that. He said he would meet Sam and Dean in Detroit, where Sam would agree to host him. After possessing Sam, I don’t think he said very much beyond threatening Dean. Ill have to go back and rewatch, to be sure though.

      Which is not to say that it still couldn’t happen, just not exactly like that episodes maybe. They don’t even need the old actor to play Lucifer. So very few humans can host him, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t find a host. ( Has anyone ever noticed his original host’s first name is Nick?)


  2. Well, they have shown Sam making some very questionable and take charge decisions, since the beginning of the season, especially in the last three episodes. (They even showed him driving the Impala.) He started the season defying Deans order to let him go and in the last few episodes he’s been deliberately disobeying his orders and saving Dean each time. He’s on a roll.

    He has very much learned his lesson from season seven when he obeyed Dean, didn’t look for him and Dean got mad about that. In his mind, he let Dean down, as he said in Sacrifice, in season nine.

    Now, he seems to have swung in the complete opposite direction and has just decided he’s going to openly defy Dean, as he stated in The Things They Carried and the episode before that. He’s determined to find a cure and if he has to go hit up Lucy…I think he will. I think he won’t hesitate to sacrifice whoever or whatever to save Dean.

    What if things go horribly wrong and they both end up in Hell?


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