The Prophecy according to Cain?

As in Executioners Song, Cain reminded Dean of the future and what was about to   foreshadow him. And what Cain envisaged would fall onto the eldest Winchester that eventually he would kill Crowley, Castiel and then finally his brother Sam. So if this prediction is to come true, and judging by canon it is more and more likely…. Crowley is the first on this list. So tart it up any way you want Crowley is gonna die. We can’t get away from this fact. This is like a gruesome tale of how many bodies will Dean drop before someone drops him.

As the season finale approaches I am, don’t know about you beginning to get a better understanding of where this season is heading up to our usual cliff-hanger come May. I think Dean will go utterly berserk and go on an ever ending killing spree. He won’t be able to control himself. I think according to spoilers Ruth Connell said on her Twitter feed in three words that ‘They go there’ So we assume that Hell is on the cards. We see Dean in purgatory in Book of the Damned when Benny returns. So I am confused at this point in time as to why Dean is alone without Sam back in Purgatory with his old PAL Benny. Also we have confirmation this week that Death is back on the scene. So has Sam’s attempts at Witchcraft FAILED??? Did Rowena plant Dean back in Purgatory? If this is the case it means he is finally out of her way and her sons.

So why do we think Dean engages in fisty cuffs with Crowley? What beef sets Dean off that sparks fly and the worst happens that the King of Hell is dead???? Does this leave the door open for Rowena to come back and save her son? Will she bring him back to life. We know that this is the shows tradition that people die and are resurrected. Crowley has NEVER died in five years of him being on this show. So how dramatically will they tart this up and follow it with a good enough send of, and conclusion….

Click to view full size imageWhen it comes to Cas’s death, this is a different kettle of fish altogether. Cas has died more than once and season 7’s death was very under whelming and lacked that decent send of Castiel so deserved. If Dean does the second worst deed possible considering how close the pair appear to be, what can we assume from this death, if Cas of course dies at Dean’s hands… I am worried for Dean through this chain of events. What the strain will have on him, the state he was he when Kevin lost his life still haunts me. Dean went to pieces and to a degree, still blames himself over Kevin’s exit.  Dean will not have any control over the killings, as we are aware it will take over him and he will loose all his ability to stop it from happening. Cain knew this was going to happen, and pre-warned Dean so Dean knows and what he’s about to face…. If he thought his battle with Cain was anything to go by, he ain’t seen nothing yet.

Click to view full size imageCatapulting this story down the line, like a set of standing domino’s falling one after another. I fear for Sam the most. If Sam looses Cas he has lost a connection and supernatural power around to help him if and when according to Metatron Dean goes nuclear!! This season reflects upon season 1/2 remembering what John Winchester whispered to Dean ‘If you can’t save him you will have to kill him.’ The reverse has and I think may happen. If Dean goes down into that final descent and battle all his wits and body strength, pitting himself against his brother to their deaths what will eventually stop this charade…. Jared has recently pointed out to us that this finale is on par with Swan Song and we all know how that ended. Will there be some huge sacrifice on Sam’s part. will he prevent Dean from killing him and take his own life. So Dean doesn’t go through with it. Or how I thought very early on, that Dean will not be able to kill Sam and turn the knife on himself. Imagine this as a cliff-hanger!!! We don’t know if Dean is with us or not.

Dean cannot die, as long as he has the Mark of Cain on him and the blade on him as in the season 9 finale Dean will come back as a demon again. Dean is fearing this situation having asked Cas to throw him to the sun if he turns into that thing he doesn’t want to become….

So how do you think Cain’s prophecy will turn out. Do you think the writers will go through with these multiply deaths and have three of our main characters dead leading into the summer. Who will LIVE and who will DIE by Dean’s hands. How will Dean prevent these deaths from happening if he is so overpowered by a supernatural force. What do we really know about the mark and what do we understand about its very make-up? How powerful is the mark, and to what lengths does this power go to and behold… In the bible God put the mark on Cain to show villagers not to kill Cain and that it was a lesson to all that God was not happy that Cain had killed his brother. So Lucifer’s mark in the bible didn’t exist. Metatron lied as to the source ending at the river… So how will Lucifer fit into this story. Is Lucifer going to show up, and put an end to Dean’s long battling curse. Has he the power to end it, will he again be so obliging to remove it. I could go on and as ever would love to know your thoughts as to where you think the finale is heading.


6 thoughts on “The Prophecy according to Cain?

  1. Crowley has the most to lose should Lucifer be set free-his whole domain and position(let’s not let what humanity will lose into this equation). I feel Sam will go down the rabbit hole with Rowena and perhaps he will need a rescue from Dean. As long as Dean has the MoC, his vessel is immortal. However, as a “monster” wouldn’t he go to Purgatory or perhaps the answer is there since there is a stream near the entrance of Hell in Purgatory. Ruthie Connell’s tweet that “They go there” is wide open. I am hoping the writers are creative enough to set up the season 11 arc in a way that will hurt us in the feels so bad that it does rival Swan Song. This is a hard task to do and one never knows if an actor is just saying the studio hype or if it will be that good- I want to believe Jared P. Too many possibilities to come close to a guess since the writers always surprise us, but Carver penned the episode and he usually pulls it off well. I just know that Dean has always defied his fate and destiny as predicted by others.


  2. There are so many ways this could go! If I were to guess, I think the finale cliffhanger could be a final shot of Demon Dean standing over a dying Sam who probably stabbed himself to prevent Dean from doing it to him. We will be unable to tell if Sam killing himself in front of Dean will somehow remove the MOC s power and we won’t know for sure whether or not Sam is truly dead. Ugh!


    1. “There are so many ways this could go! If I were to guess, I think the finale cliffhanger could be a final shot of Demon Dean standing over a dying Sam who probably stabbed himself to prevent Dean from doing it to him. We will be unable to tell if Sam killing himself in front of Dean will somehow remove the MOC s power and we won’t know for sure whether or not Sam is truly dead. Ugh!”

      Any scenario I can think of is Ugh! 🙂 Better stock up on kleenex


  3. So far Dean has been controling the MOC really well. I can’t see them having him g on a killing spree as regualr Dean. I have to say I really have no idea whats going to happen at the finale!

    Dean and Benny-wonder if its a dream sequence? Wonder if Dean went there himself-When she said they went there maybe she meant purgatory?


    1. Maybe Dean finds a way to go to purgatory so he can use the first blade there without harming humans. In the preview he says the Book of the Damned tells him to use the blade, not hide from it. ?????


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