The difference between Sam and Dean’s transformations.

Most seasons the brothers have both struggled with monsters in their real world that they had to go out and face together. For example like Dick Roman and the Leviathan’s, Azazel, Lilith, The Mother of all, the Alpha’s and so on. Most of which were heavy on monsters. Threatening, foreboding creatures that took an age to understand and kill. Yet from their own strengths they conquered that beast, and was no more.

Having looked back, many hated demon blood/Sam; Soulless/Sam and Lucifer/Sam and Gadreel/Sam. Fans became tired of the ‘What’s wrong with Sam’ trope that continued on for many a season, up until last season when Dean had his chance to shine with an internal struggle which turned him into a demon. Both brothers hating demons, not wanting to become this inner thing which brings them nothing but misery and a total transformation that we never saw coming.

What has surprised me about Sam’s transformations into monster-hood is the fact that he has done evil acts even though his demon blood for example thought that it was for good intentions. Sam believed in this the whole time and still the darkness took a hold of him, and changed him into some hideous being that he never wanted any part of. Soulless Sam to me was the worst part of Sam, because it wasn’t him. He persisted on doing heinous acts that went against the grain for many. And the writers continued to push Sam in a bad light. Lucifer Sam still remained dark, distant and very edgy in his tone of voice and is actions in killing future Dean in ‘The End’ which ripped me to shreds. How brutal Sam’s characterizations have been, and how Sam continued on this bleak, dark path of destruction every where he went. Causing Dean heartache, not knowing whether he was coming or going. Knowing the angels were not happy about Sam drinking demon blood, and where Sam’s future might have ended up if they hadn’t of stopped him. Both boys have a good heart, a strong decent one with principles and boundaries that even they find hard to cross, but in this supernatural world finding they can’t do jack squat about it. Eventually the worst happens that they have NO control over. Even Dean tried to cure Sam by locking him in Bobby’s panic room detoxing his brother from Demon Blood. Hoping this would be a cure, and bring his brother back.

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So with this wrap up thought, why has DemonDEAN not killed ANY innocent people. All he has done was stabbed Lester who didn’t really deserve to die. Crowley feed Dean demons to fuel the mark, to see how well his new Apprentice was coming along. So why hasn’t Dean gone whole heartedly into the kill? Why haven’t innocents been mascaraed. Does it have something to do with Cain’s legacy, that Cain didn’t kill any innocent folk? That he was just jealous of the gift his brother gave God. What connection do Dean and Cain really have? What power did Cain really have as a demon, that Dean hasn’t yet shown us?

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So what do you think the differences really are between Sam’s transformations and Demon Dean? Can we pass any similarities that the writers have penned for us to view? I am more interested in finding out DD’s drive, what fueled him, and what made him very different from regular guy Dean Winchester? Do we have a feeling that Sam never cured the Demon, and he still lurks within Dean some where waiting to pounce!!


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  1. I think the issues have more to with who the characters really are. Sam comes across as the levelheaded thinker, and Sam as the impulsive wild child when in reality that isn’t true. Dean knows normal and misses it. Sam has never truly been taught right from wrong the way a normal family would teach him, the way Dean has learned. If you ever notice when Dean does stuff to save Sam he tries to make sure no one else gets hurt or lays out the consequences. All Sam sees is the goal, all else be darned. Finally Sam is very attracted to power and control. He had none of that growing up, and no real responsibility since Dean took care of him. Dean gets consequence and sacrifice. Sam doesn’t.


  2. Souless Sam was Sam just that part that was unedited. It is all Sam-just not as dimensional. Like Dumbo he didn’t need the feather/blood to fly as Ruby says.IMHO, Dean is still Dean but with the MOC influence. IMHO these situations just bring out a certain aspect of each brother’s character to be more dominant/less restrained than without the influence of a supernatural issue. Basic story about 2 brothers on a road trip in a muscle car with family issues- yeah right! Both J’s have done portrayals of aspects of each character over the years-now back to the story of the brothers, their loss=motivation to keep fighting. Yes, the finale is going to get us…just wait.


  3. Why has Dean not killed any innocents? Well, I don’t think it has anything to do with any well planned out arc that contrasts the two brothers for some actually meaningful purpose. Sadly, I think that the current writers are just afraid of showing Dean in too negative of a light. For some reason they seem to move to always pulling back when it comes to the Dean character and “the dark side”. I suspect most fans will see Dean as avenging Charlie when he goes off the rails– heck, the writers even made the Stynes into Frankensteins so that there will be no doubt that they are the bigger monsters and Dean is the hero.

    Well okay, I love Dean, but there is no logic to the way Sam is always made so easy to blame, so easy to be seen as the bad brother. It’s just become WAY to twisted to make Hans Solo the untouchable good guy and Luke Skywalker the irredeemable bad guy.

    I’m sorry, but if voluntarily jumping into a cage with Lucifer to redeem yourself for making some terrible mistakes isn’t payment enough to receive forgiveness, what is?

    I am a huge fan and will stick with SPN to the end, but I am not happy with the way the writers are writing Sam and portraying the brother’s relationship. And I am losing hope that things will improve. Never thought I’d be actually writing this…


    1. Ive seen people make these statements all over fandom and I have a question.
      Everyone keeps saying they’re dissatisfied with the portrayal of the brothers relationship but won’t say exactly what it is they’re looking FOR, and I’m honestly confused about all this.

      it’s not that I dont see any of what they’re talking about because people give plenty of examples of things they don’t like but then they never finish the thought.

      What would make you happy? What do you want out of their relationship, specifically?

      I know what makes me unhappy about their depictions and I know what I hope for the future but I have no idea what anyone else wants for their future because no one ever says. Everyone just keeps telling the writers to stop doing…whatever they don’t like, but not telling the writers what they should replace it with.

      How would you like the brothers to be shown? How can the writers fix it?


      1. LKEKE35-
        I thank you. Your question makes me think. I have never really criticized the writers openly before and it’s a more than fair question. What I really long for is a Sam who has the qualities of his youth- empathy, superior intelligence, a “thinker”, loyalty, bravery, and good fighting skills, some anger control issues, and a longing for normal ness at least part of the time, who is tempered by age to be wiser and better equipped to accept the hunters life. Who is committed to staying with his bro but also has some other friends of his own. I would like a Dean who is still as brave and headstrong as ever, and as caring of Sam as ever, but who has matured enough to work with Sam as an equal, and to be able to forgive and to say he is sorry. I would like these two beloved characters to work together against evil and continue to show us how to keep fighting.

        I didn’t give this tons of thought, but it is heartfelt. Thanks again for asking!


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