Could Sam make a deal with Lucifer?

As the finale approaches this time next week, we will be wondering how it will all come together and pan out. By tradition we know almost predict that one brother will die. I have for months now wondered if Dean would turn the knife on himself since the blade is the only weapon that can kill him. This thought hasn’t wavered much and I am positive it might come to pass. If this is the case, my mind today began to wonder the worst case scenario. I found some information which I posted on the board and said that Lucifer is apparently coming back.

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So if Dean does turn the knife on himself and commit suicide so he doesn’t have to kill Sam this means that Dean does return back to his demon status. Which won’t alleviate his problem because he turns back into that Demon that both Sam and Cas are dreading will happen. So by classic Supernatural style and with a military driven Sam will he descent into hell. Would Sam go this far? Would he go back into Hell, the cage where he was tortured brutally for so long and venture into the unknown?? He knows how hell works, he knows and is well aware of the back door into hell. But last time Ajay helped him in Taxi Driver, so how will he get transported back through the wall this time? If Sam reaches hell and gets into where the cage is. Will he make contact with Lucifer and make a deal to bring Dean back? If Lucifer brings Dean back, will this cure the problem of the mark? Will Lucifer allow Dean freedom from the mark and will it be part of Sam’s deal to bring Dean back without the mark attached?

Lucifer to me is the only one powerful enough to know and understand the mark that he originally created. So therefore, he is the one with the knowledge and where with all to remove it. But then we have Death coming into the finale, what is his involvement in all this. Does Dean ask Death to kill him, so Sam doesn’t have to. Will Death reap Dean Winchester without Sam’s prior knowledge? What do you think. And how do you think the finale will pan out. Will Dean kill all three men as Cain predicted. Deal’s are part of the boys make up since John made that deal to bring Dean back via Azazel. So they don’t know any different. Neither brother can live without the other. So how will this saga really end?? Last season Dean sent out an open letter to heal Sam and Gadreel took up the offer to cure Sam from the inside. So is this the sort of deal that Sam will have to undertake to get his brother back?


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  1. Sam is the brother that usually gets involved with the dark side. Death is going to extract something from Dean- I think- as part of his on going education of the Winchesters. He seems to favor Dean not that he doesn’t honor Sam. Death can remove the mark but at what cost to Dean- that means Sam suffers and Dean is so angry and full of grief he wouldn’t stop even if it harms Sam.


  2. If you watched the preview for the season finale, Dean meets with Death. Death tells him that he can remove the mark, but there’s a catch. Lucifer will have nothing to do with this, as I believe truly that dean will have to become “death” for a certain amount of time.

    Death has always liked Sam and Dean, had a “special place” for them in whatever heart he has. The reason he likes them is because they are basically reapers and remove unwanted “things” from the universe. So in the end i do believe Dean will serve as Deaths right hand man for a while into the next season. Until Sam figures out a way for him to come back. Maybe in the next season Lucifer will play a part in that.

    These are my thoughts and i’m sticking to it.


  3. After Charlie’s murder I see the one think I never thought I would see, remorse so deep and thick all the rest of their lives is dead and their existence meaningless as a dog rotting by the side of the road


  4. I have heard the rumor that Lucifer may return in the finale. I have also heard the theory that Sam will make a deal with Lucifer to save Dean. Now, it would depend on what the deal would be. If Sam agrees to go back to the Cage and be Lucifer’s chew toy, I would hate it, but I would accept it. The thing is, the only deal that I can see Lucifer wanting is for Sam to agree to release him back into the world, become his vessel and restart the Apocalypse. That would ruin Sam for me and would make him irredeemable.

    Another option is that Sam releases Lucifer because he uses the Book of the Damned to cure Dean. This puts him back into being stupid and raising Lucifer AGAIN by being an idiot and being tricked. The we get to repeat season five with Dean beating up on Sam telling him that “he can’t trust Sam”. The world blames Sam again for pain and destruction.

    In either case, how do then handle Lucifer? Try to find the rings again? Do another scavenger hunt to find the materials to stop Lucifer?

    I’m not saying it won’t happen. Lord knows we spent all of last season having every secondary character patting Dean on the head, telling him that tricking Sam into possession wasn’t that bad – it was just he trusted the wrong angel (Cas), or telling them they BOTH needed to get over things as though Sam being angry at having his body rented out to Gadreel was the equivalent to being angry at Dean for renting out his body (Kevin) or having Dean ask Charlie to not tell Sam about being brought back and Charlie not saying one WORD about how lying TO SAM reeked, to Sam saying that being inhabited by Gadreel who murdered three people using Sam’s body was really like “shared housing”, just having a roommate. This year we have had every minor character tell Sam how bad, wrong, awful he is to try and cure Dean if Dean would prefer to go back to being a demon. Heck they brought Bobby back from the DEAD just to let Sam know that he has no right to do anything without Dean’s express knowledge and permission. So yeah, I think it is quite possible that this season will end with Dean being all pure and saved and Sam being evil, evil, evil. If that happens, I think I would be out for good, because there will be no way to ever bring Sam back for me.


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