What the HELL is that!!

Okay, now a month in during the hellatus, I thought it time for a new blog banner to carrier us up to the premier. So welcome banner!! Picture courtesy of ‘The CW’

I am finding it increasingly hard to find something to write which isn’t like me. So I thought about trying different ways to conjure up conversation, and get us talking again. I know you love my questions so how about you giving me some answers back, here goes:

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1. ) What do you think the darkness is?

2.) What threat do you think the darkness will be?

3.) What was the lock and key that Death mentioned?

4.) If the Darkness is so powerful and been locked away because they were a danger to mankind, why has it taken them so long until now to surface?

5.) What do you think has happened to the boys?

6.) Do you think life will carry on as normal, now the Darkness is upon us?

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7.) Do you think that the release of the Darkness will allow us to see God on this show?

8.) The new season will introduce us to femme fatale named Amara. Who do you think she could be, and where is she from? What is her purpose??

9.) Spoiler from Entertainment:


According to speculations, Amara was summoned to Earth when “The Darkness” was unleashed in the final episode of season 10. Death (Julian Richings) warned Sam (Jared Padalecki) that removing the Mark of Cain from his brother Dean’s arm could release the amoral being, as well as several other evil entities.

What OTHER evil entities could LURK within???

Would love to know your thoughts on the above and can’t wait to read your responses wondering if you have similar thoughts…

5 thoughts on “What the HELL is that!!

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  1. I suspect that perhaps the Winchesters will be twisted by the Darkness somehow. Wouldn’t it be great if it seemed to have passed over them and then over time we saw them gradually turning darker?


  2. I’m not keen on the Amara character, but percysowner is right about one thing, I don’t want the Darkness be embodied or possessing yet another human body.

    It would be far more interesting if it affected people the way demonic possession or soullessnenss affected people with people just giving in to their darkest impulses.

    That’s much more interesting than yet another avatar of darkness like that Mother character who turned out to be a complete waste of time and not even the “big Bad” for the season.

    Also I’m sill in favor of shortening the number of episodes, because really, there are just too many and the season always has at least 5 or 6 filler episodes (no matter how entertaining they are) that don’t mean anything to the plot and just give the feeling that the writers are sort of vamping until they reach one of the more important episodes.

    Other than that. I’m cautiously optimistic about season eleven. I don’t believe in hate-watching a show. When I’m done watching a show, I’m out. I’m getting old and I don’t have the kind of time to be sticking around bad entertainment in the “hope” that it will get better. If it ain’t pleasing me, I’m gone.

    I don’t see that happening with Supernatural in season 11, if they tackle it with the same attention to certain details that they had for season ten.
    Does it have problems? Yeah. its had problems from day one but I still find it compelling enough to stick around.

    As for the Darkness. I got nothing. I can’t even guess what that might mean for the characters on the show or how it will affect Sam or Dean.
    They do need to make some kind of decision regarding the Angel story line though. I found that the least interesting section of season ten. For Gob’s sake, get rid of them already. They’ve been less than useless.


  3. 1. ) What do you think the darkness is? I think The Darkness is a huge, huge mistake story wise. Once Sam, Dean and whatever allies they have defeat a force so overwhelming that it took God and ALL the Archangels to defeat it the last time, how can anything ever again be threatening? Once they do better than GOD could, what can really defeat them?

    2.) What threat do you think the darkness will be? If Carver’s record stands, it will be something they talk about, but doesn’t do anything for the most part. Oh it will do something bad in episode 1, maybe episode 2 then it will lie quiet until the midseason finale. Then somewhere around episode 20 we will see consequences. It would be interesting if they had the darkness start overshadowing people and influencing them to be more chaotic, or murderous, but I don’t know if the writers will go that route.

    3.) What was the lock and key that Death mentioned? I think it was supposed to be The Mark, but it wasn’t clear if The Mark was the lock, the key or both. I’m guessing that The Mark was the key and the lock is still hanging around somewhere and eventually they will find a way to make another key. In other words, eventually we will have Swan Song 2 Electric Bogaloo.

    4.) If the Darkness is so powerful and been locked away because they were a danger to mankind, why has it taken them so long until now to surface? I guessing the MOC was strong enough to keep the darkness back.

    5.) What do you think has happened to the boys? Probably not much.. The Darkness will pass over and they’ll be fine.

    6.) Do you think life will carry on as normal, now the Darkness is upon us? Pretty much. The boys will angst over the fact that The Darkness is out there and they should do something about it. We will have 3-4 episodes where The Darkness does something to make it worth worrying about and then we will get another cliffhanger to take us to season 12.

    7.) Do you think that the release of the Darkness will allow us to see God on this show? Boy I hope not. That is one thing that would drive me off the show. I mean there is no way God will be anything other than the Christian God. Frankly, I was appalled by the way other religions were treated in Hammer of The Gods, so I’m not looking forward to the Christian God is the only true God anvils again.

    8.) The new season will introduce us to femme fatale named Amara. Who do you think she could be, and where is she from? What is her purpose?? No clue and this early in the game, I don’t think we have enough information to guess. Last year Anne Marie was touted as being important. I still have people asking me who Anne Marie was (she was the waitress Demon!Dean was mean to), so she wasn’t that important in the scheme of things.

    9.) What OTHER evil entities could LURK within??? I don’t know. I remember at the end of season 2 when hundreds of demons were released from Hell and were supposed to wreck havoc on the world. We got the Magnificent Seven and maybe Sin City and then they all kind of faded into the background. And that was with Kripke who had an idea of where he was going.

    Basically I wasn’t thrilled with seasons eight, nine or ten and ten fell especially flat for me. So I’m not holding my breath for anything great.


    1. Yikes! I kind of felt depressed after reading your reply. I always enjoy reading your comments tho– I just am more upbeat about season 11. I have to think about how I would answer these questions. I am encouraged that what I’ve read about the writing team indicates that they are planning ahead and have 8 episodes mapped out. I’m optimistic! I’d like to see the Amara character be someone who sticks around all season and be a kind of female Crowley character– but not working with Crowley. Not sure how that would work with Rowena still in play, tho. – still thinking….


    2. Great questions, lots to think about. Amara is a name in a few cultures that means eternal or unfading, some think it has the same name root as Mary and Maria which both get translated as bitter So being an other world being with a tongue that can cut steel could mean that her name holds clues to her character; maybe not. It’s suggested she is a sexually commanding character so she may have a sucubus type element to her nature. Controlling, stealing soul energy or breeding?

      My biggest wonder about ‘The Darkness’ is wether Rowena now controls it by breaking the spell, she seemed to be suddenly juiced up at the end. Plus a big bad of that all encompassing size and strength without some kind of achilles heel or person controlling it would end s11 in the 1st 5 mins just wiping out everything. So it will be interesting to see wether the dark cloud is just everything being released or if it will continue to feature through out s11. I think Sam and Dean will be passed over by it kind of like when the demons came out the devils gate and in s7 when Dean and Bobby get passed over by a demonic cloud when they are in Baby. It’s the people and circumstances they meet in the after math that will unfold the story. Who knows maybe Amara gets dropped into the back of Baby or where they are, maybe she comes later?

      The whole Death or (lack there of) is a sticky wicket within it’s self. Last time he went on holiday the mortal coil went into constipation. So if he is dead (big IF) what does that mean for mankind? a world where you can suffer and be wounded but never die? sounds like hell on earth. Back to the ‘IF’ of Death’s death. Is he really dead or just teaching Sam and Dean one of his lessons. wouldn’t be the first time he’s led them into a sticky situation to teach a lesson or get an other worldly level of heroic job done using the boys as players.

      Many have poo poo’d the possibility that Dean didn’t miss Sam on purpose but what if Death’s scythe powered by the mark took on a life and power of it’s own in Dean’s hands, what if Death knew this and also knew he could not be reaped by it and his alleged death is all a hoax.

      That could be the bro struggle of 11 Dean powered by mark didn’t over come it and choose Sam. What if he intended to make his and Sam’s sacrifice but the scythe decided for him. that would explain his shell shocked face and create a really juicy bro scene in 11 when a guilt laid Dean admits that contray to what Sam thought he had been willing to sacrifice for mankind and Sam forgives him anyway because they have both been down this road so many times and felt guilty about the deaths around them. So it wouldn’t be a bro fall out it would be an emotional grow moment for Sam and Dean. Dean would see he doesn’t always have to be the hero big bro all the time Sam loves him regardless and understands.

      Just some random thoughts. Really looking forward to 11 great to get back on the boys fight the big bad track.


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