Did Dean MEAN to kill Death, or was there more to it?

Did Dean MEAN to kill Death, or was there more to it?

Over on IMDb in a thread I posted a comment:


But was it Dean killing Death, could the MoC have had something to do with killing Death. By that look on Dean’s face I still don’t believe he had anything to do with it. There was something very supernatural going on there that I haven’t fathomed out yet. Whether the scythe was pulled towards death or the mark wielded Dean’s hand….

Bella I felt that way too!

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Now Barb here agreed with me, so I think my suspicions maybe correctly founded here. Ever since I saw Dean’s expressions it really made me think. Did he have anything to do with killing Death? I honestly don’t suspect that he did. I believe and still do that something supernatural was at work there. I think Dean was about to kill Sam, and he was convinced he was going to do so. The strike of that scythe came so fast, I really had to slow the speed down, and watch and watch it slowly. When you see the blade fly it rises above Sam’s head. If Dean would have struck Sam in the usual manner I believe the action of the blade would have been level with Dean’s shoulders and not raised in the manner it was.

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So this is partly why I think there was something supernatural at work here. One of two scenario’s keep playing out in my head which are a) That the Mark of Cain is on the suspects list. That it told Dean what to do, and it acted on Dean’s behalf forcing his hand to swipe Death, and NOT Sam. The second scenario b) Is that the Scythe is Death’s own instrument. I wonder if the supernatural is pulling itself back towards Death and killing its own Master so to speak?? Was it Death’s own words to Dean that made the Scythe act the way it did, or a bit of both?

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If it is the mark at play, then does this fault lie with Dean? If it is the Scythe acting up, then does Death’s fault lie with Dean?? To me I don’t think it was his fault. Just by retracing his steps, he’s not guilty in murdering Death. If Dean was in a court of law, would he get away with it if something Supernatural was behind the death of Death??

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So what is your verdict jury? Do you find Dean Winchester guilty of murdering Death? Answers on a postcard … No kidding!! But how do you see Dean wielding the Scythe against one of the most powerful supernatural beings? Was it Dean’s own actions in wanting to kill Death so as not to kill his own brother with the instrument, or something supernatural at work, what are your findings …. Do Share!


6 thoughts on “Did Dean MEAN to kill Death, or was there more to it?

  1. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the emotional arc of the season, though? tFirstly, the mark really, really wanted Sam’s blood. There’s no evidence or reason why it’d lean towards killing Death (that we know of). Plus it’d invalidate the idea that it was the Winchesters’ love for each other that damned the world, which for me has been the whole point of the season- watching their relationship rebuild itself to the point where they’d rather let the world burn than each other.


  2. It was not wise to stand in firing ranger of a person whelming a deadly weapon as I was repeated warned by my father and grandfather. You never know little girl when a tromping cow, or biting sow will get you. I am sure John only have had to warn his boys once. No threat could outdo John Winchester’s bitch face in deadliness.

    So, if Death is so foolish to stand in the way of the business end of a scythe, with a Winchester swinging it, and of all of the Winchesters, Dean, all I can say is that Mr. Death should have listened to my father and my grandfather and John Winchester and stayed out of the way.


  3. Great question.

    I’ve been asking myself this since the season ended. Can Death die? I know that Crowley said that only the scythe could kill Death but one has to keep in mind that Crowley is an unreliable narrator.He’s been known to plan far ahead, and manipulate things to his satisfaction

    .If Death isn’t dead, he may need a new host body because I know that most of the incorporeal beings in Supernatural use human hosts.

    My biggest questions are, How will this Darkness affect Hell, Crowley and all the other demons, if at all? Can it be contained and who will do the containing? Will it be like the Croatoan Virus and will this lead us even closer the The End episode, even though Sam has been cleansed of the demon blood (we hope)?
    If Lucifer was the one who created the Mark of Cain to keep the Darkness locked away, does this mean Lucifer will come back (probably in a new meat suit)? And if another Cain (or key) needs to be created, who will it be?

    Of course ,Carver many not chooses to go this route. he may have completely different questions to answer than the ones I’m asking.


  4. Dean was determined to not let further consequences happen which meant that Sam had to die and Death had to banish Dean.(Dean did not know about the spell removing the mark and whether it was going to work). This would fulfill Cain’s words of his story in reverse with it ending with brother killing brother and clearly what the mark was driving Dean to complete and then add in the re-con about locking up the primordial darkness that was harnessed by the mark. So, one could think the killing of Death was the darkness( an amoral force) controlling the mark because it wanted to be free again. The parallel between how Dean pulled Sam back to being Sam and saving the world in “Swan Song” to how Sam pulled Dean back from the brink with his family pictures is too strong to ignore. I weigh both possibilities and cannot ignore the parallel. This line of thought places the brothers on the same path after several years of pursuing their own issues with each other. Time to ‘stow that garbage” and move together- the universe has told them they are better together than apart. In the only home they truly know, the Impala wraps around them to protect both from the darkness. She may need some repairs, but the brothers seem to be repaired…for the moment.
    The consequence of no Death is something that Dean will have to rectify as once again he has screwed the natural order of things. Now Death is older than God so one would think since he knew about the Darkness, he may have preserved himself in some form, maybe in anticipation of Dean’s move. Only the scythe could kill death according to the lore given by Crowley, so open question and theme for season 11, although the darkness is going to vomit up many unpleasant, amoral beings. IMHO Dean chose to not kill Sam as he remembered the good, the love, the hope.


    1. Death himself has said in the past, “Everything dies, Dean…Well, except me!” I don’t believe Death is dead at all. Does the first ‘evil’ mark have power, even over death? The very thing the MOC gives its bearer the power to bring? Yes, Death also said he would reap God one day too, which I thought was quite interesting. I think these two entities, by way of universal balance, are ‘forever!’ If “Death” is dead, do things still die? Crowley did give Dean a weapon that was supposed to kill this ‘horseman.’ Even Lucifer had to use a powerful spell to control death! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Death at all. But you’re right. It didn’t seem like Dean was behind the wheel of that ‘fatal’ swing.


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