Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog?

Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog?


Yesterday I learnt of some sad news, that a close friend of mine whom started up Supernaturally Devoted almost two years ago, has decided to close the blog down. This came as quite a shock to me, as I went into this project with Lou and was flattered at the time she liked my work, and how I write. The blog had come a long way, and it was a great seed that Lou had created in asking different authors on to her blog. Some authors we got we had for a long time, and then their own personal lives got busy and something had to give. Sadly Lou has fallen out of love with the show for personal reasons. And real life getting in the way. I hope one day she will embrace the fandom in the future and come back. This struck a cord with me, and have already set the seed in motion. We all will miss you Lou!

I am finding it increasingly hard to find something to write about, and I hate leaving my readers whom I’ve gathered over years with nothing to read. So this was where my idea came into play. That I thought about putting up this advert to ask readers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, any social media which I’ve forgotten about, to come and write for me here at Sam and Dean brothers in Arms. So if you can write clear, concise articles about this show I would love to hear from you. I would like to invite authors who specifically want to write for each character, so you can write it from their point of view.  So if you have any burning story to tell about Sam, Dean, Cas, and Crowley or any cast member then drop me a line ASAP.  I have already asked Debbab and Ikeke whom have stayed with me from the beginning of this blogs life to the present day. Ikeke has kindly accepted, and am waiting on Debbab’s reply. So if you would like to write articles please leave me comments in the reply box and I will respond to you.

Kind regards,

Bella xxxx

4 thoughts on “Would YOU like to write for me on this Blog?

    1. You’re welcome Ikeke. You’re a good solid writer, so don’t ever loose site of that…
      I have asked Debbab and Barb too, and they are both considering it.
      You mentioned the other lady any idea’s what her name is so I could contact her?

      Love Bella xxx


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