Sam and Dean: Brothers in Arms Debbab at a crossroad

Hello SPN family,

Let me say that I am thrilled that Bella wants me to continue my writing about Supernatural, the T.V. show, for this blog, Sam and Dean Brothers in Arms. As Debbab, I had the opportunity to contribute to Lou’s blog and always appreciated the feedback to my thoughts and the discussion that followed. That blog has gone silent for now:-(.  Bella, you yanked me from the darkness of blog oblivion, you are an angel. Feeling a bit rebooted like a recurring character in a series. At a crossroad and making a decision to follow Bella here.

As a bit of background, I have watched Supernatural since the pilot episode. And yes, I have watched all episodes multiple times to the point I can quote scripts. I try to find something positive in every episode but I also acknowledge massive fails. I also attempt to be bi-brotherly and not show favor to one or the other as I find that over the years, I just root for family- dysfunctions and all. And yes, even Crowley. Sometimes I pen a review, sometimes an essay about an aspect of said show, sometimes a WTF did the writers do comment, but delivered in a respectful manner.  One of the messages the brothers have always sent is to keep fighting( even before JP’s campaign), so the show’s varied themes often resonate with me as I travel through life events.

I hope you, reader, will interact  through this blog about Supernatural, past or present. Yes, you should feel okay about challenging my ideas or sending along notes that dispute or farther my thoughts on any specific subject. As family, we can disagree and it is safe. If there is respect, I will  respond.


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