Could Death be the Darkness?

This thought came up on IMDb over a week ago and have since forgotten my source, so I can’t cite the person where this thought came from. But it stayed with me over a week later, so there is something niggling at me deep inside. Could Death be the Darkness??? When you weigh it all up, could it be possible? Which was why he turned to dust when Dean killed him with his OWN weapon?

Death in the past has mentioned to Dean that he is VERY old, VERY, VERY old. And even he isn’t sure whom is older God or himself. So in Dean killing Death, has this in turn released the Darkness?

I still cannot believe that Death is really Dead, DEAD!! Can anyone??

Its just him going poof into nothing that made me believe in this statement from a poster. The more I think about it the more it might come true!

So what do you think folks, do you have any shred of evidence that Death might be in fact the Darkness in disguise? Let me know would love to read you’re comments…


2 thoughts on “Could Death be the Darkness?

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  1. I don’t think Death is the Darkness. I think The Darkness was imprisoned as long as a bearer of the Mark of Cain walked the Earth (that’s the only way I can explain it being released while Lucifer’s still wearing it in Hell). With Cain gone and Dean freed thanks to the spell, the door was open. The Horseman didn’t have anything to do with it… unless, Carver decides to change his own canon in S11.


  2. I do think there is going to be a problem b/c
    1. Crowley said way back that the scythe can kill the very thing(death) itself . RUMOR OF COURSE.
    2. Dean has once again messed up the natural order of things-lesson not learned.( Where is Kevin anyway? was he let into Heaven through the play ground?)
    3. In the beginning there was darkness and it covered the Earth- seems to predate the genesis of light
    4. Death may be older than the Judeo/Christian belief in God but there are many other god systems that pre-date-( time to give them an airing) and those belief systems had Death as part of them.
    4b. Death indicated there were other worlds in existence for Dean and his mark if only he would kill Sam to prevent a recall
    5. Death may have to come back such as characters are prone to do on SPN to re-store order.
    Jury is out.


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