Hello world!

This was my first ever article almost three years old come October. I would love you as a fan to come and read other posts with me!

A Blog devoted to Supernatural

Why did I start this blog!

The most obvious reason springs to mind is because I love this show, I adore the pants of it.  As a rule I never tuned into horror shows, so I to this day can’t figure out why I even tuned in.  Mid season 4 was my time becoming hooked and drawn in and I think if ever there was a time to become hooked was during season 4 I think I picked wisely as it is my favourite season.

A number feel they hated season 4, but to me the show needed to reinvent itself to prevent it from becoming stale.  I remember the show then being on ITV2 and remembered the thought na these boys are just models they can’t act. Why did I think this?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Most Sundays I flicked through channels as you do, and…

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  1. I adore this format. It’s beautiful, clean and open. It’s only August and I don’t have anything to submit just yet but I will soon and I think…I know, we are going to have a great season,chiseled year.


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