Times are a changing… Welcome to the Family!!

In my previous post I mentioned if people would like to write for me on this blog; A Blog Devoted to Supernatural. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been writing to various posters, some have accepted, some have sadly declined, and others are still deciding. So from those 18 messages sent I have a grand total of 8 new writers wanting to write for me here! I am over the moon, and would like to thank you all personally for saying yes. Each Author will I am certain bring something magical to this site, and all have different likes in whom they follow and over the coming weeks you will notice little introductory letters which I have asked each Author to submit. Most posters who are on the list are from IMDb. Debbab and Ikeke have kindly posted and given you their own insight and thank them both. Here is the remainder:

Debbab: Is Bi-Bro straight down the middle no preferences she can’t decide who she loves more!

Ikeke: Used to be a Sam girl, but now loves them both equally!

Noblestromana: Don’t know her preference – not listed.

Tikistich: Cas and Dean girl

Virilemanifisationofthedevine: True Dean girl, Sam being her second favorite

Mddwbsst: Another True Dean girl, but will also write for Cas and Crowley too!

VMC2000: Is a bi-bro at heart, but has a fondness for Dean!

Playstationexpress: He didn’t give me a preference soon to follow!

Cobwebqueen: Wren Collins, I have tried to contact you in the hope that you might like to write for me. So if you see this message, please let me know if you are interested. We would love to welcome you.

Percy’sowner: The same applies as I’ve been trying to contact you to ask without fail!

Occasional Guest Authors:

LaCountess, TeddyDuchamp2,

Still deciding:

Alycat, Boopsahoy, and Parriepenn



Had no reply from:

nutz-14, Pondlass1, Geordiegirl1967, thefallenandthechoosen,

Again the offer still stands, if any of you out there on Twitter, Facebook and other social media think you can pen an article together, then get in touch I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Times are a changing… Welcome to the Family!!

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  1. I like this. It’s a really good mix of Sam, Dean and Castiel fans. I eager to see what the other writers will be submitting.

    This has got to be a very exciting time for you. I’m very happy about this.


    1. Thanks so much Ikeke, I am really looking forward to what my closer friends have to say. I did really try and get a broader section as I could. Not so many Sam fans out there, which surprises me. I know and appreciate IMDb is pro-Dean which didn’t surprise me. I did try to contact Cobwebqueen but there wasn’t any where on her website to contact, so I hope she tunes in and sees the message. I am a happy bunny, and with the blog coming up for its third birthday in a couple of months will be a lovely landmark. I can’t believe how many articles have been published since, and was looking over some today. Its epic to have you on my writing team!

      Love you, Bella xx


    2. I am still on the fence. I want to have the time to do a thoughtful article but right now I am to busy to really do the blog justice!


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