Is Chris Angel really a Douche Bag?

Okay so maybe this is not the question of the century, but why did the writers choose this title for the episode about magic? Actually, I am testing to see if I am now registered to write on this blog, but thought a questions would be a good opener.

10 thoughts on “Is Chris Angel really a Douche Bag?

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  1. Hi Debbab!

    I think the show’s ‘Criss Angel’ is a wink at the real ‘Chris Angel’ in terms of style and showmanship. Chris has a flashy rock star style and appearance which they lampooned on the episode but I don’t remember him ever being a jerk on his show which used to watch on A & E. Now maybe there was behind the scene drama, but TV Chris Angel always seemed pretty decent to me 🙂


        1. Not from IMBd. I was writing for supernaturallydevoted which is on hiatus for the next undefined chunk of time. Once in a while I check in on IMBd, but don’t often go there.

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