10.22 The Prisoner

Explorers the newly tangled family relationship produced by the Mark:


A normal family has a mother believing her baby is always part of her body, a baby believing he is always a part of his mother, a brother forming a new family unit and a new father becoming more tender and kind to his family.  Then there are The Winchester Brothers mixing, dashing and mashing all of this up into their family.  Suddenly the Mark strikes Dean and knocks every thing into a new dashed; mashed, tangled mess. Added to the new mess is the loyal cousin Cas, their murdered sister Charlie and Uncle Crowley a black sheep that no one can decide if he is an uncle or not.  Do help the new Social Worker write up a Family Plan for  Dean and Sam.

By: Southeast


4 thoughts on “10.22 The Prisoner

  1. Every psychiatrist one or both of the brothers has “consulted” during the life of the series suggests the unhealthy, co-dependent relationship between Sam and Dean. Sam has anger issues. Dean has abandonment and self loathing issues.Far be it from me to create a family plan that would break up a relationship that works for millions of viewers even if it keeps two brothers in a bind. Let’s face it, this bond keeps them both alive and keeps the “real world” of our series somewhat protected,(even though the boys have brought on much of the darkness as of late). As in any great epic, the heroes are imperfect so we common folk can relate.
    The writers have separated the brothers and we have learned that even if they are each others Achilles heal for evil, Winchesters are better together than apart when fighting the bad.
    If Dean and Sam are placed in separate foster care(Lisa, Carmen, Amelia), Sam may be less angry as he is able to pursue his education and find love. Dean’s self esteem might be better in tact as he gains the family unit he craves. Cas would have no play mates and might find his own family. Maybe Cas can apply what he has learned from his cousins to his own family in a healthier way. Uncle Crowley would retreat into the dark corner from whence he came and either become the true black heart that he is with no humanity(Winchesters) to keep him likeable or he would lose his mojo because of boredom- just another bureaucrat doing a mindless job. Charlie and other relatives who have passed can be grieved properly by the Winchesters without a second agenda on their minds. As Dean said to Zachariah,”Naw”. So I decline the invitation to remove the angst, dysfunction, and other flaws from Sam and Dean. They wouldn’t be the Winchesters.
    In this case, the dysfunction gets pushed down and makes them the heroes of Supernatural.

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    1. Thank you for your comment that was thought and and showed inside into the Winvhester mind and the danger of using sweeping cures for ills that are not capable of being understood as the reality of the brother’s lives is considered delusion.

      It is difficult to accept the truth of a witness whose world view is alien to you. Your reply opens up the idea of how alien the life of s hunter is from s three dimensional reality. Such isolation is a dreadful burden

      Thanks against n for reading, thinking and writing.


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