No one EVER puts Baby in the corner.

I thought I had to include some spoilery  information, which I have no doubts that some of you may ready all be aware. That a whole episode DEVOTED to BABY the Impala and Robbie Thompson is penning it all! Jensen Ackles recently posted some way off wrecked photos of Baby, in a very miserable state. After reading some of the fans comments on his time line, I have to agree with them. This SO reminds me of ‘The End’ Season 5. The derelict position Baby is in, and how  I have to use this word again, mirrors those earlier season shots. Its like looking in the mirror and a different but the same you, looking back at yourself. He mentions in his notes below that this is the original car from the season 1 train wreck 10 years ago. And they still have it. So are they using this dummy car in some way for the Baby episode???

While filming yesterday I noticed an old hollowed out car sitting off in the background. I wandered over and there she was. 10 years later. The ORIGINAL Impala from season 1. The one that got hit by the truck in the finale. That’s right, we still have her. I had no idea. It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen this car, and yet she’s still here…hiding in the shadows. I guess you’re never really dead on this show. ‪#‎Nostalgia‬‪#‎Baby‬

By the man himself Mr Jensen Ross Ackles ,,,,,,

From his own Face Book time line.

How SAD she looks, unloved, miserable as sin! Why oh why and WHERE is this LEADING>>?

And the Man himself, takes a break in the wreckage to bring us these amazing shots!!

She is so unrecognizable its just too much, the PAIN is getting to me. Hardly NO black paint work showing, Looks like she’s been in this HEAP for sometime. I can’t wait to find out how she got there?

Oh my BABY! What have they done to you…. SHE Sobs uncontrollably!!!

The wreckage looks as though its getting much worse each view we see. Looks like a train wreck has surely happened. I suppose will Dean end up fixing her, as per. Or do you have any ideas as to what may have happened? If the Baby catalogue  is about to invade our minds, how will the story develop. Are the boys permanently going to be ducking and diving out of the car. Will they use Flashbacks, or will it be told in the present day? Its all gonna happen in the car, but WHAT, you’re guess is as good as mine. Enjoy the photos and have fun guessing, since this is the first real hint of gossip we’ve had of any filming this summer.

Is Eye of the Tiger about to start again Jensen> Are you doing another re-make??

EDIT: NEWS SCOOP Shots on Location!

This link from Shoot Supernatural came in this morning on IMDb, and thought I’d add new scenes of episode 4 hot off the press. Baby has blood on the window, and Sam is shooting at the Impala at a Gas station WHAT>>?

Thanks for reading,

Love Bella xxxx


5 thoughts on “No one EVER puts Baby in the corner.

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  1. Oh, man! You guys have to warn a person first. I got my email update and clicked on the icon and started yelling NOOOOOOOO! At my computer screen.
    You guys nearly gave me a heart attack. 😊

    Wow! That’s an incredible image. Seriously though, Baby makes the quartet of this group. She’s as much a character as Castiel and the brothers, and I’m surprised at how much it hurt me to see the impala in that condition.

    Did anyone notice that Castiel has his own vehicle. One he always drives. It looks a lot like the old boat from all of Sam Raimi’s movies. I’m starting to like Cas’ car too.


    1. I did mention Spoilery information!! Sorry if it shocked you, I think it did most of us. Least it was Baby 10 seasons ago. To me baby has been that third cog in the wheel. The show wouldn’t be the show without her. I so missed her during S7 when she was off the road, and then Dean pulled the cover off her and she was back, as bold as brass. Like some other shows, the car has always played a prominent part, and baby sure does that! I must admit I was shocked when Jensen posted those picks but once I read his text, I sort of realized what was going down….


  2. I love Baby! The pictures made me so sad *sniffs* but I think it’s exactly what Jensen says…he noticed it laying there all mangled and realized it was the original Baby. Such a cool story. And to think he wanted to share it with us!


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