Understanding Facial Expressions…

Over the years facial expressions have had me in a right tizz and don’t mind admitting it. So I thought for this article I would delve in deep to find those that made me dance with annoyance, wondering what are these actors trying to put across to me. Some of you are superb at this, in extracting what actors are trying to say. So with a photo Gallery what do you think they are trying to convey to us?

First off for dissecting this issue, is Sam coming back to Rufus’s cabin Season 8 – ‘We need to talk about Kevin’

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Okay, the door opens and Sam enters …… What’s he thinking?

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What is this element of? Surprise, contemplation, remembrance?

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Was Sam expecting to find Dean there, OR was he thinking Dean MIGHT be there?

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To me I suspect he suspected someone else might be in there and his cop actions were kicking into play>? Or do you suspect something else?

I SO wanted to believe that Sam was coming back to that cabin because he was contemplating about looking for Dean, and Dean had beaten him to it. It was just the look on his face that puzzled me and to a point still does because its not canon that this was what he was seen as doing. Dean was already in the cabin, but Sam didn’t know this. So how had those two met at the same place, at the same time? Sam had also just broken up with Amelia, and take those feelings into account on his face, that he was shattered and a bit bewildered and a lost puppy almost. Was he missing Dean and coming back to that cabin to think about him, and wanting to maybe reflect and set in motion maybe a plan to look?

What do you think Sam was putting across to you in those pictures???


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  1. On top of all that I was hit by how filthy the place was. A resort for Dean, eager to cook up a tasty treat. Want soon Sammy?


  2. The cabin was so filthy it stank which Dean ignored after filthy Purgatory, merrily cook up a delicious meal in that rot. Want some Sammy?

    All of your Sammy insights were right on the nail head, better than I could pick up. He seems unaware of the filth, and stunned, guilt ridden, shocky. All and worse off than what he felt approaching that hated door had happened. It was as if approaching that cabin he was in a nightmare too real to awake from, but too surreal to be real. Just recalling Sam approaching THAT DOOR scares me to my toes.


  3. To me, this is a Sam who’s till grieving. I see sadness and regret in his eyes, also apprehension. He’s spent this whole year running away from the memory of Dean and locking himself in a fantasy world to cope (I know Amelia was real, their love and what they were trying to build wasn’t).

    Going back Rufus’ cabin, where he spent a lot of time with Dean is ripping the band-aid off his wound and forcing himself to go back to reality. He knows he’s still fragile and not quite ready, but he chooses to face it nonetheless.

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    1. Going into a room that holds many pyschological ghosts of the past for Sam, ( Dean healing up from a broken leg, mourning Bobby with Dean and unexpected returns), coupled with his natural instinct to be cautious, it appears to be a look of don’t know what I’ll find, but must move ahead. It was never clear if this was the first time Sam had gone back when Dean first went poof or if he had been there before looking for an answer which he did not find, before he drove the Impala into the dog. He looks like he wants to find something familiar so he can recoup leaving Amelia with Don and yet his hesitation to move forward is understandable.

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      1. I love this dissection and has been one of my favorites and have read a number of different versions. Its amazing how many people see this shot in so many different ways. This was why it was so puzzling, because no one has the real definitive answer. But this is one of the best! There are a number of ghosts in that cabin but its also a place of refuge where he can go back and think, and have something in common with.


    2. Virile I get this too, and thought the same, he is still in shock. He does look unsure doesn’t he… Good analogy of fantasy into reality! Ripping that band-aid off is a superb thought. He’s basically grabbed the bull by the horns, and forced himself to do what he doesn’t particularly want to do. Good thinking, I like!


  4. I think it was bringing back memories of Bobby and Deana and Rufus etc. I don’t think he had any idea that Dean would be there. One of my most disappointing moments in the series comes right after that when he sees Dean and doesn’t really seem happy to see him…


    1. I think that expression was one of surprise. He didn’t know Dean was there. And knew in his own mind had he thought once maybe Dean was gone for good and might not ever see him again. Was it shock, was it dumfoundment? I think once he realized it was Dean, and DEAN his face had changed, and was pleased to see him. I think that first initial look was shock.


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