The Winchester’s essential Tool KIT?

In Homage to Baby in my post before last, I often wonder what the boys keep in the boot of The Impala. So as a little sort of test for fun, what items do you think the boys would carry. If we list weapons for example what and how many different types of weapons can we list, that they might store in the car? In the old days before the bunker I can imagine Dean would also carry tools for the Impala in the event of any break downs. When you think about the days before the bunker the boys would also carry clothes and any personal possessions they might own.

When you actually see the empty boot, its pure genius what they actually cram in there. I can see at least two extra compartments which I presume John Winchester must have designed at an earlier date.


14 thoughts on “The Winchester’s essential Tool KIT?

  1. Though it looks neat…it’s a deep trunk…and I bet there’s more under the top sectional too. Don’t forget they also have 2 shovels, their suits and shoes, a box for Fake Creds and ID’S, including a box of anti possession necklaces, charms, juju bags, hex bags, almost all of the stuff that would cause problems at motels are kept in the Impala. Their gear in the back seat could be already in the room…we generally don’t see much in the back seat true, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.


    1. That’s true too, we don’t see under the seats in the back its probably loaded with box’s. Since they don’t carry many visitors in the back these days. But both boys appear to be tidy guys though, they don’t leave clothes around their rooms and they are spotless. I bet both are almost considered OCD freaks. Lol! You’ve got a good list there, its interesting what they do carry when you think long and hard …

      B xxx


  2. That looks way to tidy for the hoard of stuff, crap & weapons the guys have. I mean they have like 8 freaking DUFFLE Bags full of stuff in there. Anytime they needed to fight something they ALWAYS got 2 large bags of crap from the trunk of Baby. Here it’s all tidy and in a spot…what doo doo…anytime he puts something in there it was tossed in. He even got all prissy with Sam when Sam drove his car around and everything was just so, neatly put away; even John had everything just so in his truck. Not Baby though…it was a cluster fruck of death and destruction. No neat stash to go to…just a mess of stuff haphazardly thrown in the pile till next time when it’s needed. Who knows what all is in there…I can name a few things I know for sure is in there…
    Holy Oil, gas, matches, lighters, knives, machetes, the demon blade, assorted revolvers and shot guns, ammo, wooden stakes in a variety of woods, flare guns, most likely vials of dead men’s blood… just to name a few.


      1. We call them torches over here in the UK, I was picked up on a while back about this whoops! Different countries have different names. They sure couldn’t be without a flashlight they need to see in the dark when going into a dark un-lit, gloomy house. Spooky!!

        B xx


        1. And let’s not forget the 100 pounds -US DOESN’T do Metric, we have to be different we have pounds, miles, gallons 😉 of salt they must carry.
          Baby’s trunk is like the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts…it can be as big as required, and has everything they would ever need or everything they had needed.


          1. You tend to forget about different weights in other countries, good point! They probably have shares in the Salt manufacturers can you imagine the supermarket trolley oh Sammy salt, don’t forget the salt. I wonder how many times they’ve actually run out of SALT?? 😉

            B xx

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    1. Jenks I agree with you regarding you’re list. I always saw the boys as tidy guys because you never see anything on the back seat of the car, its spotless. No bags, no computers, no jumpers, jackets or books. Just empty. I often wondered if they did store a lot else where like Bobbies, or John’s locker for important books and stuff, artifacts and so on. I know the boot is big, but you’re talking of a house load of stuff in one boot. Its just not possible. So where do they store excess stuff? I mean just thinking about clothes the amount of shirts and trousers alone must need large wardrobe space. They sure did travel light on these road trips if we are lead to believe everything was taken with them! I think as you say they are obsessive about tidiness.

      B xx


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