Researching a case, how easy is it?

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Google and other search engines have taken over our lives, its so easy just to key in data into a search box to find information at our finger tips. In the past on the show we have remembered seeing the boys buried in many of Bobbies books from his very own library. So now in present tense we have the best of both worlds. Of course a number of Bobbies books were burned in the fire during Season 7 and I have often wondered if Bobby had saved those precious manuscripts for safe keeping, or even scanned them and stored them on his computer some where safe?

when you think of how much time the boys spend researching. I have often wondered what sites they visit, and if sites are specifically set up for the purpose just for the show? But would that eat into the small budget the show has? Have any of you actually tried to tab into those sites that you see Sam and Dean leap into at a moments notice?


How much of the case is worked out in their own mind, and how much of it is computer/book research? If you were a cop, how orderly would you be in working out those finer details of a murder? Being a detective isn’t easy, and with working out what the monster is, their next plan of action is deciphering how can they kill the monster. This in each weekly story of the show is its basic premise, so logging onto the computer is key to the investigation, and how they deal with the beginning and end of that particular case. Time is a big deal in solving the case, so within a short window time frame, what time is spent surfing the net for clues?


How do you think the boys solve a case, and what time is spent solving that case. We only see 42 minutes of each episode, so when you total that up we hardly see that researching very much taking place. So give us a clue into as to what time do you think is spent grafting on the computer, or head down looking into books. Can’t wait to read you’re comments …….

Bella xxx


16 thoughts on “Researching a case, how easy is it?

  1. I’ve always assumed that Bobby had someone set up a program on all their computers, most likely Frank Devereux. All they had to do was key in certain words or phrases that would pull up whatever they would need to know or the program would alert them to any of the unusual, strange or particular criminal activity they would be interested in as Hunters.


  2. As far as I remember, Bobby had every manuscript scanned and stored in a unit somewhere just in case something happened to the originals. There’s an episode in season 7 where they do find all the manuscripts (Time After Time I think. When Dean goes to 1943). They probably do do a whole lot more read watch for a whole lot longer than they show us because to parse through every combination ( like in the pilot when they’re researching a woman in white).


    1. That’s what I thought, but was it ever made canon? Did the boys actually say this was a lot salvaged? The fire must have taken some stuff? I think we’ve guessed that much that they do seem to do much more research than we actually see on screen. Maybe the Baby episode will expand on this, and we will see what they do between cases?


    2. Bobby had stashed copies and books in several places. Jody Mills even had many copies of his stuff cause she brought them to the guys at Rufus’s cabin. More of his unusual and irreplaceable books were copied and the originals hidden. Since the guys have the MoL bunker, the guys haven’t looked for most Bobby’s other hidey holes and stashes.

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  3. I haven’t comment on anything in awhile, but here I am again! As for this, I think a lot of it comes from hunters themselves being sort of like college students (or take how for example Cole in s10 went out a researched all he could about demons after meeting Dean)…I agree that I think we’re supposed to assume a lot of the research would happen off screen. But I just keep thinking how in the reality of the circumstances how if they were without a the Men of Letters bunker; how long it would take to track down resources. A long time. I mean these aren’t run of the mill books. A lot of the books have to be from other countries which means they’d have to be translated as well…it’s really an interesting thing to talk about. As you can see its sent a spark off in me, haha. But anyway, I also think of that episode Weekend at Bobby’s. Apparently, he needed a book and was able to actually break into a university library for said book/research?? Honestly, I don’t think that a hunter could get by with the Internet as research. I’d feel better knowing that my way of killing said creatures or things came from some ancient book. The Internet feels to unreliable and all of the place (see the #thinman episode for an argument on that) which is pretty ironic. Okay, yeah, sorry for the longwinded response, but this post really got me thinking!!


    1. I think its probably 50/50 internet and books. The books are great for the lore but you need the internet to look up recent stuff and tie the two together jmho!

      Its probably a very interesting job (being a hunter) I would like it except for all the stabbing and shooting and blood and death!!!!!!!!


      1. Of course. I think in that case you’d be the Woman of Letters? The one who does the research in the bunker, hands it off to the hunters who in turn do the dirty work?? ;]

        But you’re right. They’d probably need the Internet to remain up to date. And I guess what I really mean is that they could USE the internet. It’s just we see them visting these sort of crack-pot looking websites and they supposedly give them information on how to gank the creatures. Pretty good websites I imagine. I want there to be a case where they cannot for the life of them find a single shred of anything on the Internet. This may be for s11 with the Darkness, but they haven’t fully explored all of the information in that bunker…so who knows?

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        1. “”Of course. I think in that case you’d be the Woman of Letters? The one who does the research in the bunker, hands it off to the hunters who in turn do the dirty work?? ”

          I guess you are right! I didn’t even think of it that way-the only difference is I wouldn’t put down the hunters I would respect them and appreciate and all they do for us everyday while risking their lives.


    2. SPNFANGIRL91 I remember you, welcome back. Please stay around this time 😉

      I agree with you those are not everyday books, they are extremely old manuscripts and I remember a while back about Bobby saying about one of the books was made of human skin yuck! I remember that over Bobby, breaking and entering just to find information what they will do to find that information and crack that case! I don’t know, I think they could get by without the net. Imagine what The men of letters stored about the supernatural and got by. All that information hasn’t all been tapped into yet. So my guess is there is still a wealth of knowledge to be discovered. I don’t think they make the most out of the bunker, considering what is at the boys disposal and how rare some of those books are. Its a fascinating subject when you get down into it. I like you’re style 😉


      1. I am really hoping they make the most out of the bunker for season 11. Perhaps hidden in the depths of research/information there is something that can help with the Darkness. (spoilers, sorry). But I really do hope that they put the bunker’s supposedly endless resources to use.


        1. I don’t think sometimes they don’t make the best of the bunker, as there is an awful lot we haven’t seen in there yet. So many rooms hidden away. I expected so much more. There has got to be something to help the darkness, considering how much supernatural knowledge is in there, stuff they haven’t even found themselves yet. Some of those manuscripts are so rare, and very old there has to be something of use.


  4. I am sure they are researching A LOT more than we see. It would be too boring for us to watch them do all their research. But I think between Bobby’s books, the books at the bunker and the internet, I am sure they research each case for many hours.


    1. I’ve always thought so too, its surprising what we don’t actually see which is what’s always interested me. How quickly these days in which they solve a case. How quick they are in finding the relevant information. I would probably say its about 50/50.

      Bella xx


      1. Bobby had copies of all of his books- he said so. The bunker’s files contain many interesting items that are useful in the research since John’s journal was not infinite and the boys keep finding new types of monsters not encountered by John. Sometimes, the brothers are seen scouring the internet in the motel rooms. Like true detectives, they string up and connect the dots.


      2. I don’t think they solve the cases in a few days, some I believe they couldn’t solve for weeks or months. Since the episodes are between 45 to 52 minutes long each. For the sake of continuity and the time restraint they regulate the time spent, researching, solving the riddle of the right culprit and doing the family biz to the bare minimum. We’ve seen the guys do research and come up against a few culprits that have stumped them. For the most part the first season they relied heavily on BigDaddysuksalot’s go to Journal of Monsters ,Ghosts, Demons and Boogeyman with occasional calls to Bobby when BigDaddysuksalot didn’t have a clue.


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