A Notice To Supernatural Fans

The lovely Faye Elizabeth has created a new site, Supernatural Fandom Bloggers. I’m working with her on it, and we’re hoping to make it into a hub where SPN fans can start threads to ask questions and discuss shipping, fanfiction, fandom, and basically all things SPN-related.

It’s not going to be a site on which to post essays and the like, but reblogs of fics, essays, reviews and other stuff are all welcome. If you’d like to become a writer, apply to me or Faye; either way, I hope to see you there.

Read my Vivisecting Supernatural series at https://cobwebqueen.wordpress.com/.

21 thoughts on “A Notice To Supernatural Fans

    1. Sam regards the Bunker as any temporarily place they have stayed, even less home than Bobby’s house. Will he change his mind and the Bunker become his home?

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      1. Hmm, have you seen episode 9×4, Slumber Party? I think Sam did acknowledge it as his home in that- and then there’s the part where he says to Demon Dean ‘because you’re my brother, and I’m here to take you home.’


        1. Thanks for the information. Now, when Sam hears Dean scream out in the middle of the night and Sam rushes down the hall, gun waving, to save his big brother, they are both home.

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            1. When that scene was taped static electricity crinkled off of Sam crackling around Dean in the grip of Hell and zapped the cameras making the cameramen jerk their fingers back, shaking off the cracking sparks.

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                1. What would it be like if Cas’ mojo fly us invisible to the Supernatural set and we watch one of those moments when Jared and Jenson brought forth Sam and Dean completing a scene that brought us to our knees ?

                  You know one, each of us have that scene that haunts us, more than one scene too funny or hellish to be forgotten. Sam looses his shoe, Dean’s eyes turn black, or they die bloody in such grief I hope to be spared, we have a decade of scene after scene I will not list.

                  What would it be like to be there?

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                    1. Oh gawd. JP said that he got too emotional about the scene in Croatoan and had to be taken aside to calm down.


                    2. When every human that touches Supernstural is touched to their core we are striking so deep we connect to eternal principles, that is touching Myth. Those who are creating Myth, especially writers, have replaced bards, and need take care. No wonder their writing sessions is done behind doors and if you go you can hear the yelling going on.

                      When we are touched, and many other things in our life do this, it is time to ponder the Greeks, because their philosophy is one of the corner stones of the West .

                      Imagine a T V show about make believe monsters and really cute guys ending up being discussed along with Plato in a blog! Who would have thought it!

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                    3. SPN is a very personal show, I’ve found- those who get hooked do so because it affects them in a way that few other things do. That’s how it was for me, anyway. It’s the foundation of the entire thing.
                      And hey, this show is DEEP. I mean, The French Mistake, The End, The Monster At The End Of This Book… that’s some real philosophical shit right there.


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