Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Three

Allow me to deluge you with Season Three feels. Warning: Mystery Spot trauma dead ahead.

1. Mystery Spot

I like to say that the best thing you can do with a story is make it both funny and sad. Mystery Spot- hilarious, dark and shocking by turns- is the best example I can think of of this. ‘I’m supposed to wake up.’

(Damn. I literally just deleted the old Mystery Spot shots I had saved. This means an extra trip to screencapped.net. See the things I do for you guys?)


2. No Rest For The Wicked

God, what a pile of nastiness and manpain this episode is. It didn’t really kick into gear until the final scenes, though; Dean getting ripped apart while Sam screamed for them to stop was one of the most harrowing things they’ve ever done, not to mention that shot of Dean in Hell. I hereby award this finale the Wrencollins Certificate Of General Disturbingness.


3. A Very Supernatural Christmas

I love this episode, even though the fingernail-pulling bit makes me shudder. Kripke’s delighted analysis of the scene where the kid sees his parents get abducted is so funny. But my absolute favourite bit was the flashback in which we discover where the Samulet came from, because for me a huge piece of the Winchester puzzle fell into place right then. (I always tear up at that bit. I must be very sentimental.)


4. Sin City

There are two wonderful scenes in this episode. The first, which makes me laugh my ass off, is when Sam thinks a businessman is a demon, breaks into his office, and points a gun at him- only to realise his mistake, awkwardly apologise, and walk out, grimacing.


The second is the conversation (and chemistry) between Dean and the (scarily hot) demon Casey. Great actors, great writing.


5. Bad Day At Black Rock

I’m not even going to bother quoting this one.


Honourable Mentions:

Red Sky At Morning. I’d actually have liked to squeeze this onto my top five. It’s not generally liked, but I love the whole damn thing. Also:

‘Can I shoot her?’

‘Not in public.’

Ghostfacers is my second honourable mention; it’s one of the first examples of the creators screwing with format. Plus, Sam and Dean have such filthy mouths in it. So realistic and so silly.

Fresh Blood, another very disturbing episode. The last appearence of Gordon, and with some wonderful closeups from Kim Manners.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me, for being exactly as surreal as it should be.

And finally Jus In Bello, because I love Henricksen’s gradual turnaround. And Sam and Dean’s bitchfaces when he says they’ll never see each other again. Precious.

So, guys, this is where you sack up and do your bit. I don’t get paid for this shit, you know, so leave a comment and tell me what your top five are. Seriously, it’s good discussion material. Also, if you’re interested, I’ve done a top five list for Season One and Season Two as well.

Oh, and Bella- sorry for clogging up the media library with my screencaps. At least they’re pretty, huh?

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48 thoughts on “Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Three

  1. Top 5 Season 3…
    Grrrrrr….only 5….again.
    Though there’s only 16 episodes, it still kill’s me to only type 5. Because hey it’s SPN. Though there’s some that are not my fave’s, I still love all episodes for the fact it’s SPN.
    That’s said…here we go.

    #1. No Rest For the Wicked
    The season finale…
    Just take my heart, I don’t want it…. It hurts.
    You stomped on it, stabbed it, burned it, and repeatedly punished it.
    Just take it…
    Where to begin, the punishment that was bestowed on me while watching that end, I just can’t.. it hurt to watch and even after watching it more than what was warranted safe for my health I still get all thick throated {yeah I made that up it’s a Great word.} and teary eyed.

    #2. A Very Supernatural Christmas
    I LOVE this episode because though they both never had a traditional festive family Christmas. I love that even while he was still really young, Dean always tried his damnedest to give Sam a Christmas. That to me is why I have such a large squishy soft spot for Dean. I love Sam too! Don’t misunderstand, my Mother’s heart get’s all squee {Yup another word , still it’s a great word.”) } for just the Giant Loving Heart he has. He shows qualities every parent would be DAMN PROUD and would Rejoice to the heavens having a son like him. He’s just Amazing! The sheer loving heart of Dean for his brother is just… I just don’t have words to describe it.
    When Sam went out of his way to give Dean a Christmas, I was overcome with sqee.

    3. The Kid’s Are Alright
    Two words….Lisa and Ben.
    Yeah, yeah, I know, I know she said Ben is not Dean’s kid.
    I CRY BS!! Just BS!!
    Ben was a dead ringer for Dean, had all his mannerisms, taste in music, wardrobe, Ladies and even his very personality. Come on it’s a freaking No brainer…that kid was ALL him? His? Whatever…you get it. “)
    I mean they BOTH stood there ate and leaned the very same way. Even Dean picked up on it. I really don’t care that she “Supposedly” had a DNA test done, that kid is Dean Jr. I wonder, if she told him that because she never thought she’d ever see him again. Obviously he made quite an impression, the neighborhood ladies all knew who Dean was by name. The whispered. “OMG, He’s Dean…You Know That Dean!” HA!
    Yeah, I know Dean had himself removed from their memories, like he was never there. :'(( Which means it’s even more sad now.
    For some reason the rest of the episode doesn’t register…just Dean jr, Dean and Lisa the liar. Hehe

    #4. Bad Day at Black Rock
    Hilarious, it’s a funny so I love it for all the laughs.
    I’m Batman.
    I lost my shoe.
    Don’t touch my Jesus.
    Oh Wow… Look! It’s my first sawed off, made it myself. Sixth grade.
    Anyhoo, this has been charming, but oh look at the time…looks as if your not the only one with sticky fingers. It’s any consolation, i think you’re a truly awful person.

    #5.Mystery Spot…
    Poor Sam, he had a terrible Tuesday’s. There was laughs, but the sheer pain that Sam went through is awful.

    Honorable mentions…
    Jus In Bello
    Malleus Maleficarum
    Red Sky in the Morning
    Sin City

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    1. “3. The Kid’s Are Alright
      Two words….Lisa and Ben.
      Yeah, yeah, I know, I know she said Ben is not Dean’s kid.
      I CRY BS!! Just BS!!”

      I will join you in crying BS! 🙂

      You know, Dean, best night of my life Dean..

      If shes gumby does that make me pokey?
      omg what a great episode

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    2. The only episode I actually cannot watch is Bloodlines. I just… hate it. I can even watch Bugs if just for the cinematography, but Bloodlines? Nope. Nope.
      Haha, I think even if Ben wasn’t Dean’s biological kid he still kinda… mentally adopted him. I hate the way the Lisa and Ben thing ended. Dean, Dean, Dean. Not polite to steal people’s memories from them.
      And yesssss AVSC is so squeey. I just die of cute every time I watch it. (It’s also very gross. Perfect balance.) My large squishy soft spot is for Sam, but I love Dean too 🙂
      Love your BDABR quotes
      Ugh yes Mystery spot. Paaaaain.


  2. You hit all my favs in your top 5! To me Mystery Spot is one of the most memorable episodes of the entire series. Enormous roller coaster between the funniest moments (“Sam Winchester cries his way through sex”) and absolute rock bottom (I’m still not okay about Sam ordering a hamburger for his dead brother and sitting across from it while he eats his spartan chicken patty in that depressing motel room).

    Jus In Bello was tied for number five for me. My second favorite Ruby line- “Anyone got a breath mint? Some guts spattered in my mouth.” Although it killed me to see Henriksen die, the scene when Lilith came in that police station was truly frightening from the low camera angle showing her child level view when she walked in to everyone’s smiles at her when she asks about the boys. Such an unexpected sucker punch.


  3. Again, I agree with most of this list. Here’s mine.

    1. Mystery Spot: THE CLASSIC. The diner scenes, the infinite loops, the 101 deaths… A first glimpse at RoboSam, or whatever Sam becomes when Dean’s “stolen” from him. Single-minded, cold, focused. The mission, the mission, the mission. Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean’s burger next to me while I eat <3.
    Second appearance from my beloved Trickster. Sam breaking down and the Trickster throwing up his hands like, "did you even listen to me? Blood, pain, destruction? Let your brother go?… No? You want Dean? Sheesh. Okay Travis Bickle in a skirt, way to suck the fun out of my evil schemes with your teary puppy dog eyes (they're deadly lol).

    2. A Very Supernatural Christmas. Lovely episode. Watched in a million times, never seen the nail scene. I'm squeamish. Love the creepy Ozzie and Harriet MOTW. The childhood scenes, the samulet!!!

    3. No Rest for the Wicked. Great episode. You're right, it really becomes intense toward the end. Sam's desperation, his willingness to throw his soul in the darkness to save Dean (Sam knows whatever Ruby 1.0 has in mind, it's demon related and will cost him but he doesn't care). Dean firmly bringing Sam back from the brink. "Remember what I taught you." The silent good byes. Sam's last ditch effort to shield Dean from the hellhounds… I'm gonna stop now. I'm getting emotional.

    4. Bad Day at Black Rock. All around fantastic. The rabbit's foot, Dad's storage room, the hex boxes. Introducing Bela Talbot, one of my loves. "Freshen you up?" The amazing Lauren Cohan, everybody.

    5. Red Sky at Morning. From the tuxes, to Gert Cougar Case, to the towed car, to Dean eating canapés while Bela's passing out, to the ghost ship, the spell casting in the rain, the back and forth snark, the hand of glory, I love, love, love this episode.

    Special mention. Casey from Sin City remains in the top 3 of my favorite female demons. She used to be number one. She now has to share the spot with Queen Abaddon.

    Keep em coming Wren, I really enjoy your articles 🙂

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  4. Okay you asked, here I go again!!

    Bella’s top five of season 3. Which has by the way been my least favorite season of 1-5 and second least favorite out of the lot. And considering we only had 18 episodes due to the writer’s strike I wonder what we would have had happen in its place?? Good choices Wren!

    1. Mystery Spot
    Sam centric, and very frightening for Sam… This is one reason why I don’t like Gabe for what he put Sam through. Keeping Dean from him for six months was shear torture.

    2. Dream a little dream of me.
    The first time we get to find out what dream root can do. That it can allow you to get into someones mind and help them, cool thinking writers. That one was a little creepy.

    3. Long Distance Call.
    Now this one has in the past got bad press, but I like it. Dean thinking that it really was John making contact, and it was a monster on the other end of the line. Poor Dean, when Sam tried as hard as he could to warn him.

    4. A very Supernatural Christmas.
    Now this one took me a few watches before I got my head around it. But now I love it, and Sam’s fingernail being ripped off him, makes me squirm every single time. I loved how they got their own backs on those monsters.

    5. Malleus Malificarum
    I always have to look this one up because I get confused with this and Metamorphosis both beginning with M< I guess… It was creepy and those book club women my what they get up to in their spare time. Ruby intervened and helped out, like she knew what was going down. What did she know that the boys didn't. The boy King moment by the demon always spooked me. Oh and we know Dean hates Witches ha!

    Honorary mentions:
    Jus n' Bello
    Bedtime Stories
    Sin City
    Bad day at Black Rock

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    1. I think S3 was patchy- some fantastic episodes and some weak- but I don’t mind patchy, so I liked s3.
      Yeah, I never got the Trickster love until Season Five, after which I adored him wholeheartedly.
      Long Distance Call I like. Thought the MoTW was awesome. And the role reversal regarding faith.
      Uuuuuuuugh the fingernail scene.
      I like Malleus Malificarum. Ruby being awesome. And tough lady witches. I don’t get people who go on about the show being sexist, I really don’t. Sure, there are more male characters, but that’s bc it’s about masculinity on a deep subtextual level. And all the female characters have been very strong, I thought.

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      1. “. I don’t get people who go on about the show being sexist, I really don’t. Sure, there are more male characters, but that’s bc it’s about masculinity on a deep subtextual level. And all the female characters have been very strong, ”


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  5. Okay, you must be psychic because those are my favorite from season three. Especially A Supernatural Christmas. I tear up every single time I watch that one.

    Have you ever watched an episode that’s so good you hate it and cant bring yourself to watch it? That would be Mystery Spot. There are only so many time I can watch that one.

    Creepiest thing in Jus in Bello, is Hendricks death, and the first time we meet Lillith. Loved Hendricks gradual turnaround and the introduction of Ruby’s Demon Killing Knife.

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    1. Ikeke, of course I’m psychic. What did you expect? :p
      And Mystery Spot and No Rest For The Wicked are both like that for me. Especially NRFTW. So painful.
      And yes to Lilith! This one was classic SPN indeed.


    1. Jus In Bello is such a great episode! I love Hendrickson and how pissed he is that there’s all this supernatural stuff going on while he’s wasting his time being a regular cop.

      I actually really like Red Sky At Morning-and not just for the tuxedo scene-don’t objectify me!

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        1. I love the whole scene at the party-with poor Sam and the older lady (a very attractive older lady I may add) and Dean with Bella. Dean always eating LOL
          I never understood the hate for Bella as a character. Yes she’s a “bad” guy sort of but shes enjoyable. How do you sleep at night-in satin sheets rolling in money (paraphrased).

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          1. I didn’t like Bella becasue she was always showing the brothers up. But otherwise she got some great lines and I really wished she hadn’t been such a d*** to them becasue Dean was right. They could’ve helped her if she’d let them in.

            That said, I do love/hate Bad Day at Black Rock. Once again, she showed them up but the episode is hilarious. It’s one of the funniest episodes in the whole season.
            “I lost my shoe.”

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            1. Its fitting though that she always messed with them (without her we wouldn’t have had Jus In Bello!) and they would have been able to help her. Serves her right!

              I would have loved to see the “angry sex” after the party LOL

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            2. I loved that she could handle them so well without even trying. I just really like seeing them out of their comfort zone. And how they were both kinda uncomfortably attracted to her.

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          2. I loved that scene too! The boys in their nice tuxedos. Sam trying to keep Gert (I agree she was gorgeous) under control, Dean eating canapés while Bela was fake passed out in his arms. Priceless.
            I love Bela. Stylish, cultured, opportunistic, sharp as a whip and cold as a snake. “I had that car towed.” lol!!! Lauren Cohan did a great job with the character.

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          3. Reminded me of the cougar in Ask Jeeves. ‘I’m lactose intolerant…’
            She is SO enjoyable. But I liked the development on her too. And Sam and Dean never even found out what we know about WHY she killed her parents.

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                    1. sen·ior mo·ment
                      a temporary mental lapse (humorously attributed to the gradual loss of one’s mental faculties as one grows older). LOL

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                    2. Haha, I don’t think they’re necessarily restricted to the older generations. I haven’t remembered to hand in homework since 2012.


                    3. “Haha, I don’t think they’re necessarily restricted to the older generations. I haven’t remembered to hand in homework since 2012.”

                      Good one!

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                    4. Senior moment is when you’re memory hits a blank spot. If you walk into a room and you wonder why you are there? Or you do something you wouldn’t normally do? I occasionally get one as I know I have a terrible memory its not fun. You’re too young to be thinking of those 😉


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