Hi My name is Jenks4Dean!

Bella shockingly, but thrillingly asked me to share my thoughts on this show. IK.R!

Now y’all will just have to bear with me as I’ve never blogged before. Sure I’ve commented a plenty. even ruffled a few feathers, raised some hell hounds.. I mean Angels; their ages are 21,19 and 11{ Yeah, the youngest was a surprise for me too}, even had to get rid of a Demon from Hell,  but blog; nope can’t say as I’ve had the pleasure to share my written thoughts. “)
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Now don’t let the name fool you, I’m ALL about the SPN Family as a whole. I’m not too particular of my Winchester fix, though I do have more kinship or mushy soft spot for Dean and all his perpetual, irrefutable protectiveness of the innocent and Sam. I love Sam for his tenacious need for normal, though in his heart he knows it’s a sweet pipe dream.  That being said I’ve been a avid fan since the pilot episode, thanks to the aforementioned Demon, budgets were so tight I had traveled back in time to my childhood…so far back I was sent back to the unheard of Basic Cable era, which is like standard Televised programming but without the fancy wind vane antenna. I happened to flip on the WB/CW network as it was called, to when Sam was waking up hearing a sound, and I was hooked when Dean said Whoa Tiger.. it’s me. I’ve been watching weekly for 11 years, 218 episodes{and counting} on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and now we go back to Wednesdays. I’ve converted several to become die hard fans my sister and niece. I’ve unfortunately, inadvertently trained my youngest Lil’ Angel into a Probie Hunter. HA!
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Seriously I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts and  views. Thanks again Bella.

5 thoughts on “Hi My name is Jenks4Dean!

    1. Welcome to the blog. As a fellow contributor who has watched since the pilot. I look forward to sharing this experience know as SPN family with you.


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