I started a biography and may have loaded up much to my surprise, so if this is a duplicate please pardon.

I am a 65 year old retired history teacher from Kentucky. I have published a novel about World War II and a workbook for male juvenile offenders. I also write lesson plans for an on line computer company.

My Supernatural adventure began when I watched the show’s pilot and was taken up with the drama and horror of what suddenly and without warning attacked the Winchesters. As the story unfolded and I was sure Dean would not go to hell because TV programs did not work this way. I was wrong and horrified to see that final scene of Dean in Hell. So it went until now we are all linked to this new American Myth.

It is my good pleasure to accept the offer to write on this blog as best as I can for each of you who are on this journey with me.

Karon (Southeast)


15 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I love the image of a guinea pig race around in his ball behind Dean’ s back. What Dean/Guinea pig adventure comes next? Blaming Sam? Sam declared a guinea pig is no a dog but it is a start. Vet trips in the Impala? My question is would Dean find himself carry a diaper bag with said guinea pig sticking its head out?

    Guinea pig challenge: List 3 more until we have 50, 100 or even 200 and counting.

    Passes the time until season 11 has us all glued to the seat.

    What! Dean rolls over on guess who? Bonus: What happens next? Remember the animal rights groups are watching!


  2. Dean has been let down by Cas who joined Crowlry, John who told him to kill Sam if he turned , and Sam who as Souless Sam turned his brother over to fairies, and set him up to be turned into a vampire then failed to look for him while he was in Purgatory. Did Bobby ever let Dean down?

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    1. “Did Bobby ever let Dean down?”

      Depends how you look at it. Some would think Bobby not telling Dean Sam was alive for a whole year was Bobby letting Dean down. I didn’t. I honestly think Bobby didn’t like or trust the New Sam and thought Dean would be better off without him, which is why he agreed to keep quiet about it. In his mind, Bobby was protecting Dean and giving him the gift of the civilian life. Sure, Bobby knew Dean was in a lot of pain, but he thought Dean would get over it eventually and move on, with the wife, the kids and the picket fence, which made it worth it in the end.

      So, no, don’t think Bobby let Dean down.


      1. That’s funny. I had the complete opposite take. I was horribly disappointed that Bobby didn’t tell Dean that Sam was back. I remember being quite angry about it too. Admittedly I didn’t think of the protecting Dean angle on that, though. It never occurred to me that he could have found Sam unsettling too but didn’t know why, of course. Hmmm. I’m gonna have to think about this some more.
        I know what Bobby said at the time. I just didn’t believe it though.


        1. ” It never occurred to me that he could have found Sam unsettling too but didn’t know why, of course. ”

          I guess the way I look at it, no one who knew Sam, and especially knew him as well as Bobby did, would have been comfortable with Soulless Sam’s persona after meeting him.

          I only really started chasing spoilers after season 7 (because the finale worried me) and I knew nothing of S6 coming into it. I had an instant distrust bordering on dislike for Soulless Sam, and that’s a testament to the quality of Jared’s acting as far as I’m concerned. E-very-thing was OFF.

          When Dean hugged him, I kid you not, I said in my mind, “get away from him, Dean, you’re not safe around him” lmao. Then I was silently kissing my teeth when Soulless Sam let Dean get vamped up like, “what did I tell y’all?””. As you see, I’m serious about this show past the point of sanity (self awareness is the first step lol).

          In consequence I took for granted that Bobby thought New Sam was trouble and since Bobby didn’t want Dean bothered by trouble anymore, Bobby hid the news underneath his baseball cap, took a swig of rotgut and went about his business.


          1. Yeah, I get it. All season long I was really put off by Soulless Sam. When he hugged Dean that first time, I wasn’t very alarmed but I do remember thinking, that was not Sam. He just looked and felt wrong and I had no idea why. It never occurred to me that other characters on the show besides Dean would really even notice. I had the impression that Bobby hadn’t .

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  3. Hi! I wanted to know if I could come on as a guest blogger or part time blogger? I am a HUGE Supernatural fan and I do love to talk about it. I am busy these days which is why my blogging is suffering but I will be free in the later half of September onwards.


    1. Hi Susannah thanks very much for responding to the add. Of course I would be delighted to add you down as a guest. I will get in touch with you via you email address here if that’s okay. Welcome to the family!

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